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  1. When i first came here years ago I was seriously looking into building a house. The more I looked into it the less I was interested. Now? I wouldn't give one red cent to own anything here other than a vehicle. And, happy as a lark... with all my funds still secure. What a concept!
  2. Not sure what actually happened. But, I have been in some of these vans where I was scared to death. Even the Thai's were scared. I avoid when possible.
  3. See it hasn't changed one bit. I was there about 10 years ago and the same nonsense. Pass
  4. Well, if you have the funds and haven't broken all ties with your home country then I would say if from the west, the smart thing is to head out and wait till things cool off. Better safe than sorry IMO.
  5. If living over here and have the funds. I would say a smart move would be to relocate until this blows over.
  6. United Airlines, board as a doctor, leave as a patient... :)
  7. Blowing up on the launchpad is loosing face. Loosing face over here is a major thing. I hope he doesn't do something really stupid! I am packing my bags and getting out of S.E. Asia.
  8. I thought Mexico and S.A. were unsafe places. This part of the world is starting to get really scary.
  9. I have a hard time believing someone could feel sorry for her. Most here lived threw the nonsense the red shirts caused.
  10. Little late now United! America is next I hope!!!
  11. Mine is about 2 to 1. If they are really beautiful I can push it to 3 to 1... :)
  12. Not just in Thailand. I live in the U.S. and a Thai lady and husband that lives a few houses down. It is disgraceful. Junk spilling out of the garage onto there lawn and the lawn and trees look like a disaster area. Poor next door neighbor has called the police countless times.
  13. Yea it has to be a win win situation IMHO to make it a good retirement destination. The mind set here is, 100% for me and screw you.
  14. I agree 100%. I keep a place in my home country, and I am finding it harder and harder to come back to Thailand. My honeymoon period is definitely over..
  15. I knew a guy from the UK about 8 years ago that threw a shindig like this in Pattaya. People flew in from the UK, Obscene amounts of money this guy spent. Millions of Baht. Gold + money for the dowery. Amazing.