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  1. I agree 100%, The only cases that hit TV are 1 in a million tourists that come with 0 funds and get seriously hurt. Insurance company's and the government want to cash in on it. I would be willing to bet the insurance company's are pushing this, and the lobbyists are paying off the politicians. Winners here will be the insurance company's. As usual. I have seen posts where guys have had triple bypass surgery for 100,000-200,000 baht and it came out great.
  2. I've been in two, one in Fang for cutting my leg really bad with a machete. Had to go to the emergency room. Get stitches stayed overnight. Grand total, 2500 Baht. Once for food poisoning after leaving Phechaburi. Small town hospital, private room 600 Baht, had a drip in my arm all night and antibiotics for one week. 2,300 Baht. That was with a room, a weeks worth of pills, excellent service. If you don't have a million baht in the bank IMO you need to get your priorities in order before you travel. Regardless, medical in Thailand is excellent and extremely cheap. I have a friend that works in BKK at a private hospital. That is where you will be taken to the cleaners. I have a feeling they are pushing for the insurance rules. That and allot of foreigners think the health care in public hospitals is substandard.
  3. What idiot would go with it is my opinion. I have been in the hospital there several times. Private room in a Thai hospital 600-800 baht a night. Total cost to me was about 1500-2500 baht a day? Less than a top end hotel!
  4. After 10 years visiting Thailand. If I am after that sort of night life, I avoid Pattaya and Puckett like the plague. Actually I would avoid Pattaya and Puckett like the plague even if I was not into the night life.
  5. Exactly, anyone rich or not that does this is not in there right mind IMO. A no nonsense mutual fund can draw you 400-500 dollars a month dividends for 90K. Although I have known several guys that as soon as they departed the plane their sense departed with them...
  6. I am in the process of getting a quote from Cigna for my international travel insurance. I will let you know what it will cost next week. Yes medical, health insurance for me. Last quote was over 300 US dollars / month. Been in Thailand for the last 9 years. Want to travel to South America Ecuador especially. As I can easily afford any medical mishaps that happen to me I am reluctant to buying a monthly plan. Luckily in Ecuador a tourist does not have to have the insurance. But, that is only for 90 days. So I may just go for the 90 days and see how I like it first. Not sure. As far as Thailand is concerned. If they have a state insurance that is inexpensive I will go back. If not, personally I have seen all of that country I wish to see. So no big deal for me.
  7. Ecuador just changed to this. I was about to buy a ticket to check out the country and then learned of this rule. My understanding is that is if you arrive at the airport without 3rd party insurance you are turned away immediately? Am still trying to find a way in with out buying it. It is expensive.
  8. 10-1 The air pollution here kills more than cigarette smoke! Nothing is done about it!
  9. Anyone reading this thinking of selling all, and moving to Thailand or S.E. Asia needs to STOP. Move over here for a few years and see if it suits your lifestyle. I am sure some really love it, but you need to live over here for a while to really see if it is for you IMO.
  10. After about 10 years in Thailand I am coming back home to the U.S. more and more. I only stayed a few months the last hop. I own a home here, and it is not any more expensive to live here than in Thailand. And it is clean. The park fees are the same after the 10 fold increase for Thai parks. Government censorship, I personally do not see why anybody would want to live there full time. It was ok for the first few years exploring the country and country around Thailand. IMO it ain't what it is cracked up to be.
  11. Dream on. How many times have I heard this nonsense.
  12. Govt approves 10 year visas for foreigners over 50 

    It is going from bad to worse here very fast IMO. I feel for anyone stuck here. In the next few years it will get increasingly hard to get a visa here.
  13. I'm am not political in the least, but what is the difference in a Military run country and Communism, or dictatorship? Anyone have a link so I can read the difference? Thanks
  14. Big bombs explode in Pattani

    I have lived in the deep south. Near Bala reserve. I am a birder that enjoys the wildlife there. I asked several people there what was going on and it all came back to the ex- PM. I'm sure most have heard the stories about the killings. I think that started it. The roads have improved immensely over the years. Thailand has poured allot of money into the south. IMO it will stop in the next few years. Not sure why it is still going on actually. Some very nice folks down there. I lived in a cheap house right on the fringes of town and never had any problems. That being said. While birding in the sticks I have seen guys armed to the teeth. And not military. Years ago when I first started going down. It was really bad. With gun ships patrolling the roads and heavy convoys patrolling the roads. Last year is was not that bad.
  15. LOVE somtam, but when i order it, mai nam tan , mai poo, chili sam,,,,,, aroy makkkkkk. I eat it daily and will not give it up. It is addicting...