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  1. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Thanks for the link! That is very telling. Wow
  2. 10-1 the other two will be charged and sentenced and he will walk! Can't wait to see how this turns out.
  3. If anyone knows where he will be let me know and I will go by and pay my respects. I know a few locals here I will ask around. Thanks
  4. Is he in Chiang San? I am doing some birding here. Will be here for the next few days.
  5. I am curious also, where is the link saying he is dead?
  6. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    It's hard for me to believe people what to come hang out here in these conditions? I am amazed at the tourists that come here to endure this, wow
  7. I've got the money for insurance here, but I am getting up in age. Just went in for a blood screening and work up the other day. 150 dollars. Treatment about 6000 dollars! At my age the premium would be that or more a year. If I don't like the costs I can go home and get into a hospital. I have told my GF if anything goes wrong, let me die and scatter my ashes. Screw the insurance companys.
  8. I just left a police border station and when I was their, there was a foreigner guiding about 10 tourists threw the area. They stopped and ate lunch at the police station.. LOL . Police don't care what so ever unless pressed to do something about it. Internet business should be no problem what so ever here.
  9. It has started in the north, I went threw this last year. Never again. I am out of here until it clears up some.
  10. SURE, that will stop the problem... You would have to be out of your cotton picking mind to visit this country, Malaysia, Indonesia during the burning season. Malaysia and Indonesia are a health hazard worse than I have ever experienced in my life.
  11. Qatar U-Tapao to Doha Fast Track

    I will let you know when I leave if I go out on Qatar. Actually I have never flown out of U-Tapao. I will fly out of BKK and will let you know the skinny when I leave. Cheers
  12. Haha, i thought about that when he took my old starter. I had him give it back to me. I will get it rebuilt and have a spare.
  13. I was in Ford yesterday so I asked how much for a new starter. They quoted me 10200 baht. I had my local mechanic buy one for me at the local part's house and install it for me. Price was 4200 baht. I can't tell the difference in the way it works. I would think that the Ford starter would be better? But after market was over 50% cheaper. In case anyone is interested this is what I have been doing for several years now with no problems.
  14. Using a good local mechanic you should be able to save 50% up, And get personalized excellent service. Best of luck.