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  1. Vending machines spitting out insurance to enter Thailand. Plus the banks charging 220 baht per transaction. haha
  2. I left there a week ago now. Came back to the US because of the air quality. It took mw a week to stop coughing.
  3. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I am back in America now from BKK and Chiang Mai. I was hacking and coughing in Thailand. After about a week now my cough is much better. The air quality in Thailand is extremely bad! I didn't know how back until I came back home.
  4. 10-1 The guys with him will be charged and he will skate.
  5. I always go for renting here in Thailand, so nice. Most here will let me rent for a min. of 1-6 months. I never cheat them and if they are a bad landlord I just move. Rentals are a dime a dozen here. They throw these places up so fast you can literally live in a new apartment every year. Great for me.
  6. I have a quick question for you guys. I have a retirement stamp in my passport, I went to get a re-entry visa the other day and before they gave me back my passport the supervisor was called over and they went threw my passport page by page. I have had a retirement stamp in my passport for years but have been traveling to other countries and have about 20-30 stamps in my passport for entering and leaving. When she handed it back she kinda gave me a bad look. Can they do anything as far as harassing me for not staying in Thailand much, I was only here about two months last year. Reading this thread got me kinda curious?
  7. What was the problem?
  8. I haven't smoked in 30 years. Every time I pass someone smoking they still smell good. Never put another one in my mouth though. Nasty habit.
  9. Haha, have the Ford. Maybe I will break something then I can have fun fixing it.. :)
  10. I like photography but didn't bring my equipment with me this hop.. ahhhhh Maybe I join a gym and start exercising.
  11. How long until you tied the knot

    10 years for me. Hopefully in another 10 will make a decision.
  12. Does anyone else get bored here in Thailand? What do you do to stay active and not get bored? Just curious.
  13. GF here says it will never happen! Interesting to see if it does?