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  1. I don't think this woman's actions can be used to describe the rest of the Thai people. :)
  2. Dunno how real they were but I used to put on Special live music nights in my old bar as a warm up for Burapa Bike Week and I remember one year there were Bandido's, Mad Dogs etc and also a few Foreign Hells Angels, I remember my Thai Manager turning to me with a worried look on his face lol. Thankfully we never had a problem, I've seen a few really scary looking ones though. :)
  3. Agreed of course it wouldn't be paid.
  4. Well I lost both parents in the last 18 months. one at 71 and one at 74 and it wasn't through any fault of their own.
  5. I'll win the Euromillions first. :)
  6. I lived there with my family, had a clean business and followed the rules, there are lots more like me. Its not all bad there. :)
  7. Best post in the entire topic. [emoji16]
  8. Trouble spots? As mentioned by someone earlier common sense is needed that's all. I dare say the same as late at night in samui, Phuket, bkk etc. I lived there 13 years and personally never had a problem. :)
  9. The seedy dangerous side to Thailand is hardly limited to Pattaya.
  10. Social workers? With guns? 🤔
  11. Same but only lived there for 13 years. Also a non smoker (although not sure what that has to do with it?) :)