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  1. olsen

    Cochlear Implant

    I heard from a friend that the price in BKK is around 800,000 THB.
  2. Horrible story! I got goose bumps all over! Because I know this guy, Colin Vard.... I met him recently when he was looking for property for rent, but I never imagined that he was actually "on the run"....and as far as I can understand from the article linked to this thread, then he is on the run with his children from the mafia in Phuket. The mafia was/is behind the robbing og Colin´s property and money. To settle the case the mafia obiously want Colin dead!
  3. Photos.....Photos..... or it didn't happen
  4. olsen

    Suing A Thai Lady

    Sorry, haven't ready the full thread, but it seems nobody are aware that foreigner can actually own their house in their own name....and then just lease the land it is sitting on!! My wife owns the land, but I own the house in my own name!! What's the problem?