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  1. eric67

    How to say fall down

    Obviously both ล้ม and ตก have several related meanings. But I’d say ล้ม is the general word for falling when you are standing up, walking, riding a bike, etc. พลาดล้ม “to fall by mistake” could be what the OP is looking for. For ตก you really have to fall down from something. The RID gives the examples ตกบันได to fall from the stairs, and ตกต้นไม้ to fall from a tree. What this girl is doing is ล้ม, if she fell off the stage down to the floor that would be ตก Then there are more specific words like สะดุด to trip over something and fall, or idioms like จับกบ, lit. to catch a frog (imagine the position you’re in when you try to catch a frog and you’ll see the connection :) Hadn’t heard of พลัด before, apparently it gets used in Central Thai too. I’ll look out for that one, see if I hear it somewhere...
  2. eric67

    How to say fall down

    It depends on how you fall... ล้ม lóm is to fall from an upright position, to tumble (it's got nothing to do with fainting, that is เป็นลม bpen lom), you use this one when you stumble and fall down walking or riding a bike ตก dtòk is to fall straight down from a certain height, like when you fall from a tree
  3. eric67

    What is this word in Thai?

    If you don’t mind a bit formal word with a Buddhist background then you could go with อบายมุข It has a negative feeling to it, so it probably wouldn’t work if you actually consider sleazy to be a good thing
  4. I know her better than you, and I can assure you that the only one doing the demeaning here is you.
  5. eric67

    Thick-skinned In Thai?

    ล้มละลาย lom la-laai = bankrupt It’s standard Central Thai btw.