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  1. Out in border run on O class.

    Your question is answered, i only add my own experience. I'm currently on a NON-O A Visa. Walked over the border in Mae Sai last time at the beginning of April 2017. Very friendly officers at the border point. Ready to guide you for any questions. Tell the Burma officers you want to go straight back and you don't need to go any further then the checkpoint. Only pay them the "entry fee" 500 Baht. With valid visa it's very easy to do.
  2. Helmets, bike lanes, and other nanny state dictatoria

    I'm on my bicycle daily. Sometimes only 8 km, sometimes 30 to 50 km, more seldom more than 100 km and more. Most important is to separate the bicycles from the motor traffic. One reason is to avoid possible contacts with the motorised traffic because it's reducing the chance dramatically to have accidents with them. The other reason is, to avoid inhalation of the exhaust fumes. Stay on the traffic light and inhale the black cloud from a diesel truck is not fun and not healthy at all. A good model for bicycle lanes is Denmark and special Copenhagen, Denmark. A little bit more than 50% of the daily traffic to work goes with bicycle. Even they have cold winters and it's more uncomfortable to handle the clothes then. Much more easier in a country with "always summer on", like Thailand. Of course develope a network of bicycle lanes is a project over decades. The safety for the body, like helmet, is a priority for one's own responsibility. For a long time i've ignored the protective function of a helmet. Now i wear always a helmet, even for only some hundreds meter to go. A lot for bicyclist happens special in the last years. Much, much more has to be done in the future to bring more motorist on the bicycle and feel save. Not only for the own healthiness. Much more for our environment.
  3. Travel by car through North-Laos. Tips and photos.

    Thank you very much to make a lot effort for sharing your experience from this trip. It's very helpful!