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  1. Anti-Yingluck activists to face prosecutors

    Ha, you forget your Yellow friends killings, or you just cheat it out of the memory..... oh sorry...... they block the game and say that it never happened. And 'their' Ref agrees with them.
  2. You can call them corrupt criminals or maybe victims of a corrupt system. I think that any civilized country would love to host them both, so you better stop flying ......
  3. That sound like a proof that they had contact with each other......
  4. Thaksin’s son accuses Prayut of witchhunt

    Justice in Thailand ? Dream on ......
  5. Probably decided this after Prayut's visit ....
  6. No, as there is no legal system , how can you compare ?
  7. Thats exactly what happened with/after the coup, the economy collapsed and still not a sign of recovering
  8. What a Joke, He is the court or the court is him.......
  9. The more Chinese cross the border, the better for the numbers of quality tourist entering, so what is the problem.......
  10. con·sort1 noun ˈkänsôrt/ 1. a wife, husband, or companion, in particular the spouse of a reigning monarch. synonyms: partner, life partner, companion, mate; More verb kənˈsôrt,ˈkänˌsôrt/ 1. habitually associate with (someone), typically with the disapproval of others. "you chose to consort with the enemy" synonyms: associate, keep company, mix, go around, spend time, socialize, fraternize, have dealings; More
  11. The operation was called "bring back happiness to the people"
  12. What A Joke, the Thai FDA need to be reformed at first..... They have no clue about food and food safety at all so its not possible to grow a country food industry with the current FDA.
  13. Flooding sweeps Thailand

    Your right but only its not Somchai , its Prayut
  14. Never knew how to make a bomb, now we all do ..... they ask the public to not show clips on the web, but they post the names of the suspects and the ingredients of the bomb....... how stupid can one be...