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  1. "This unnecessary and repressive action does not reflect Thais’ understanding of mercy and kindness" We all know that Thai don't have understanding of mercy and authorities are never kind to migrants, so how could it possible reflect ?
  2. ikke

    Baht expected to strengthen by year-end

    Indeed strengthen if from 33.5 to 32.5...... why the question ?
  3. Yes they do ! Why people think they know this matter better than a professor who researched this matter..... I ask to simulate a loan at SCB , they stated 7,5%, but they forget to tell that they don't cut on capital the entire time of the mortgage , So a simulation on an loan of 3.400.000 on 25 year ended up it monthly payments of 41.000 for 300 Month SO EASY CALCULATE........ 300 % or 1%/month SO YES the do charge the full 12 %.
  4. Stupid answer, if there is one to blame its the government to not close the cave if they knew it was this dangerous, but you know what ? They didn't know it either , maybe you did ???? or also after the facts......
  5. Don't tell they cheat ???? They not register unemployment , i think a right number would be around 6% if they would register .
  6. Cocaine is widely found in rivers, with particularly high concentrations near London’s Houses of Parliament, National Geographic reports. Was this tested before or after Thai Pm visited the UK ?
  7. I pay my Thai far over the official rate, and if I would have Burmese or Cambodian and they work harder i would pay them even more. The story of your friends daughter is unfortunately very common in T.
  8. People like to work for CP, airconditioned shop, no push on sales etc. so yes thats a job they all want to do. I have 150 Employees , i need more, I pay exactly as CP, but very difficult to find new staff, reason our Thai management gives : People to lazy, they don't want to work.....
  9. Oh, you overlooked one problem, Thai don't want to work for 10K.... Oh, are you familiar with hiring Thai Oh, i guess not....
  10. Look into the story of the emerald Buddha.......