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  1. Don't tell they cheat ???? They not register unemployment , i think a right number would be around 6% if they would register .
  2. Cocaine is widely found in rivers, with particularly high concentrations near London’s Houses of Parliament, National Geographic reports. Was this tested before or after Thai Pm visited the UK ?
  3. I pay my Thai far over the official rate, and if I would have Burmese or Cambodian and they work harder i would pay them even more. The story of your friends daughter is unfortunately very common in T.
  4. People like to work for CP, airconditioned shop, no push on sales etc. so yes thats a job they all want to do. I have 150 Employees , i need more, I pay exactly as CP, but very difficult to find new staff, reason our Thai management gives : People to lazy, they don't want to work.....
  5. Oh, you overlooked one problem, Thai don't want to work for 10K.... Oh, are you familiar with hiring Thai Oh, i guess not....
  6. Look into the story of the emerald Buddha.......
  7. They should charge the government for negligence in education !
  8. I'd venture to say its all about EDUCATION !
  9. Not, and I totally disagree, but if there was no social media, this would pass without notice...
  10. Un-social media will ruin our lives.....
  11. If there is one department in Thailand where the most uneducated and stupid people have a word, its the FDA...... useless uneducated group of people that need to control food safety and dont have a clue at all about food safety....
  12. ikke

    Police suspected of bias towards Premchai

    "the public would lose faith in the Royal Thai Police, the government and, most importantly, the legal and justice system" There is no faith in the "system" so what could harm them or it more..... idiots...
  13. Amazing , he spend all reserves, bankrupted the country and now he say a next populist government would bankrupt the country.....
  14. Cockroach is the right description for this power hungry criminal, you beat me on it !
  15. Oh yeah, muscle training against brain training, go for it........