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  1. So, the stretch of brown water seen on Google Earth shall stretch from the mouth of the Chaophraya river to Jomtien...
  2. And Thailand aims to be a Hub of something. Such events will do well to make Thailand a world renowned Hub...
  3. You mean like this? https://www.cbre.co.th/en/Property/Detail/Buy/New-Project/Bangkok/Central-Lumpini/Magnolias-Ratchadamri-Boulevard Even CBRE dare not mislead by using the term Condominium, because it is not. Note: Lease Period - 30, denotes this project as a 30-year Leasehold Apartment.
  4. Nothing unusual. Just unfortunate to be the child of a man whose brains rest between his legs...
  5. More words on Phuket. I wouldn't call selling 30-year leases on condo units a scam. It is always 'Buyers Beware'. Anyone who buys real property must be fully aware of what property rights they are acquiring. Projects which cannot sell off their 51% Thai-owned quota may be priced at deep discounts and bring offered to foreigners on 30-year leases. But be warned. Such a buyer is only a TENANT, and not the property owner.
  6. No. I have not heard of any condo units in Bangkok being sold as leaseholds. But there are big apartment blocks built and being built on 30-year leasehold land that are being sold as leaseholds. And at the end of the lease, all properties belong to the landowner.
  7. A Condo project has freehold ownership, and all unit owners are collectively co-owners over the land. The developer must cede land ownership of the project in order that title deeds can be issued by the Land department for the individual condo units. Only an apartment building is on leasehold and the land it is built on belongs to a landowner. As such, apartment units have no title deeds, only lease contracts.
  8. Would be more believable to say he stole as gifts for his grandmother...
  9. Business must be bad even for streetwalkers...
  10. Came back from a funeral, and a rush to Nirvana by driving on the wrong side of the road...
  11. Went mental from rubbing shoulders with all those hotel occupants?
  12. Their brains can only process that if I can see them, they can see me... Can see many drivers here driving without lights or just parking lights in the twilight.
  13. A leech don't just walk away...
  14. And you don't expect responses on your comments from people your don't know? Thailand has over 40 years of elections. Show me an honest politician from the North.
  15. Sure is silly. And your comments to my comments, since you don't know me either...