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  1. No. He underwent a bad experience about 30+30 year leases being declared void in the courts. He was lucky to have sold off his property before the court decision.
  2. The logic - when you can afford to smoke, you can afford to pay.
  3. I recommend pattaya-addicts.com forum, its far less negative than thaivisa, people aren't looking for handbag fights all the time. Some knowledgeable guys there on property There may be coming good news on RE in certain locations in Pattaya, after the next couple of years. Like I say, investment is timing. I am still waiting for clearer development on the migration of Japanese companies to be near the Eastern Sea Port, and the new economic zone being set up. Couple this with the bottoming of the property downturn for Pattaya.
  4. Coldest time of the year expected next week

    I would not take this advice lock, stock and barrel. Cold spells could well prolonged into end January, as China's cold air flows southwards. The Chinese New Year, which is always the coldest time of the year in China, will be on February 16th.
  5. Just telling you I don't need the Force. Just a little observation, analysis and much reading to anticipate the market trends.
  6. I didn't need to be Yoda to cash out before the sub-prime fiasco and acquire my condos here in 2007-8.
  7. You came on here a little late. If you only came here in 2009. I sang a different tune then, as I should be, at that point in the property cycle.
  8. Difficult to avoid when one personality views this OP (It's official - Thai real estate bubble pops) is outside the definition of this forum section.
  9. Sorry. People who buy condo to invest also fall in this category of the forum. Or did you spot a more appropriate section for them in Thaivisa? Perhaps you can petition the owners of this forum to award badges to only those you deemed having the rights to advice.
  10. Ask all your practical questions here, regarding buying a condo. And are questions on investing in a condo practical questions?
  11. I offer advice. They decide. I don't point a gun between their eyes. Bitcoins or bank stocks are alternative form of investment or speculation. Principles of investment apply. You sound unhappy, or rather, furious that people in this forum are giving advice. Note, I am not saying don't buy anything. I am saying, look at the fundamentals, in particular, the rental yield. A few days ago, I even suggested hunting for bargains in old condos that can give reasonable yields. My only comment against buying, since last year, that there is no capital gain at the peak of a property cycle, when developers still cannot sell off their unsold units years after construction completion.
  12. Loads of sections to read about Thailand and its culture and happenings. This section is about Real Estate, particularly on investment, the costs, and the buying and selling. I wonder why you would even want to dwell in this section as you have already bought a happy place to past your happy time, with no particular interest to buy or sell any more real estate.
  13. The meaning of nominees is that they are selling their names for use as shareholders, while the source of funds is from some other person(s). You can set up a legitimate Thai company if you can find rich Thais who actually come out funds from their pockets to own the majority shares. Still such a company would make no business sense just being set up to hold only a piece of land, or to build a building for the exclusive use of the minority foreign shareholder.
  14. Depends on where you are. Already occurred 5-6 years ago in places like Pattaya and Phuket. Chiang Mai followed a couple of years ago. Bangkok has a larger condo market for the locals, expending outwards from the CBD. It's this sector that is predicted to peak in 2019. The locations in the Bangkok condo market with much foreign buyers has already peaked last year.