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  1. He has the audacity to return to Thailand. Probably thought that he had gotten away that first time.
  2. Zigzagging for 6 years without complaints. This innate apathy of the locals is the reason why government officials don't develop common sense, and never will.
  3. At least they used photos of western men as Facebook profiles, and not those of western ladies...😀
  4. A walking Christmas tree would always be ripe for a picking, whichever city you live in. Dress humble and act humble and you will be fine.
  5. Seven arrested, assets seized in fraud probe

    Why would anyone share their Golden Goose? Suckers!
  6. Only shows one vital character in this politician - Opportunistic.
  7. Not since 2015. What is propping the developers is cheap money looking for positive yields by buying debentures, when the bond market in developed countries are giving negative yields. Negative Yields
  8. When you need a beach, you better choose a city that does not view the fronting sea as a huge sewage pond...
  9. Capital Control stamping capital outflow Money was leaving China at up to US$60b a month.
  10. Capital control - The New Great Wall Not that the Chinese doesn't want to invest in residential properties overseas, the unbridled amount of capital flowing out is draining the country's account surplus. Chiangmai is just one of the victims across the globe.
  11. Dirty and dusty glass do age a building, doesn't it. That's the trouble with most of these high-rises here lacking the budget for monthly window cleaning.
  12. Not really. My method of calculating a lower rent is simple. Discount agent's commission and a month's vacancy rate from the market annual rent, and divide by 12.
  13. Old condo units in good locations are rather resilient to price fluctuations. That's why I say they are bubble proof. Price increase generally follows general inflation of 3-5% pa. So, rental yield at the selling price is an important consideration in your bargaining. When I started in 2007-8, my expectations on yield was in the 7-9% range. After a decade, yield range now would be in the 5-7% range to reflect modest price increases on a flat rent condition.
  14. My advice for those who has bought in the past couple of year is to formulate Plan B. Lower asking rent to attract long-term tenants and juggle personal finances to wait out for up to 2 decades for the next upswing of the property cycle.