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  1. Such a business model was adopted since the property market in Pattaya tanked 5-6 years ago?
  2. I would go for stupid. Not stupid because they left their gold and diamond behind. Stupid because they think that these items would dissolve in seawater...
  3. Marine scientists here seem pretty thin on curiosity... Would not the reasons for plankton blooms advance their scientific knowledge?
  4. Only Bangkok? We will be seeing OFO crash helmets soon, one helmet station at every police station.
  5. Next Thai invention to complement his achievement - unmanned parachutes.
  6. I think you got it wrong. It's Thai monks bashing the race of their worship... I was just pointing out the irony. But then, you don't understand Thai to hear that irony.
  7. Sixty percent are speculators, waiting to resell or rent out. Assuming 80% of new developments comprises mainly of studios and 30+ sqm 1-bed, we can say that there are over 50,000 units in the hands of speculators. Good luck to them. It's too late for recent buyers of such units to back out. But there is still time for potential buyers to stop their foolishness.
  8. He has been careful next year. He maybe asking exorbitant prices from undercover tax agents looking to establish land values... ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
  9. Hi-tech sniffer and tongue in the storm drains to check on the authenticity of Thai street food?
  10. Men may use the pages for their toilet...
  11. They seem to have forgotten that Buddha was also a bloody khaek too...
  12. Ahhh... the kind of characters being idolised in this time and age. No wonder they say we are approaching the End Time.