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  1. Maybe the driver was afraid the black bag contained a bomb or anthrax so he took it to police to open instead. Or perhaps he was looking for a publicized deed of merit. And 10% is an insult in the US. Try 20%.
  2. You're joking right? NO girl wants to hang out with some fugly old dudes, putting up with their garbage in a girly bar just for free drinks. Those girls are there to make money. They make money off lady drinks in exchange for entertaining you. If you don't want to pay lady drink prices, go to a regular bar. Why would you go into a girly bar and expect the girls to work for free? Are you daft cheap Charlie? You're going to tip the bartender or waitress, so why shouldn't the bargirl get paid for smiling at your lame jokes and (gag) flirting with you? Welcome to life.
  3. Without knowing all of the facts, you can't really blame anyone. Maybe the parents should have been supervising their three-year-old child more, and maybe the dog owner should have been supervising their dog more. But you can'T always predict what a child is going to do before it takes the action and you cannot expect an animal that does not understand English or logic in human, to behave like a human when it has been attacked. I have three dogs all of whom are very loving towards me and my house cats. However, if a strange Child were to enter my property and proceed to bite one of my dogs, I am more than sure that my dogs, been animals that they are, would perceive this as a threat and defend themselves by biting back. Easy to point the finger at a dog when a child has been hurt, but even as a level headed human being, I would certainly slap the crap out of anyone who bites me unprovoked, child or not. Anyone is in the right to defend their own flesh, even a dog.