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  1. naboo

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    In other news, all Puea Thai candidates have changed their first name to Thaksin.
  2. Glad we can agree on some points and have no problem disagreeing on other's, agreeing to disagree is so with the new "why can't we all just get along" attitude here! So with that constructive attitude I'm also interested in your opinion. What statement of mine do you consider not valid and what are your thoughts on them? I didn't disagree with much, you were a bit picky about the tables arrangement and 3 menus, but other than that I wouldn't complain. The Hiso element I think is important, and explains the way it is. An educated, cultured westerner will be seen enjoying food from a variety of cultures, an Englishman who sticks to pork chops, mash and peas is seen as less cultured. The Thai Hiso knows this and doesn't want to be like the English pork chop eater, the Thai Hiso wants to be adventurous in their eating to be more like the cultured, educated westerner. But they have a similar problem to the westerner, who cannot sit and sweat through a spicy Tom Yam Gung, so goes for the River Market option. The Thai isn't into the taste of authentic western food and so seeks out establishments like Love at First Bite as it fits the bill of edible foreigb food. That is what Love at First Bite is doing, making the Thai Hiso feel like they are enjoying western food. All IMHO of course.
  3. The name says Bangkok Hiso all over it. The cars outside are Bangkok Hiso. It is Western food to Thais as River Market is Thai food to westerners. Acknowledging this doesn't make the OP's complaints more valid.
  4. Any shop that sells and fits satellite dishes.