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  1. naboo

    Car advice please

    Another Pro Auto fan boy here. Recommended him to others, everyone happy with work and price.
  2. A family friend died of it in 2007. His mind was gone 10 years prior. Nasty disease, but I'm not aware of any proof that it stays 30 years in your blood without showing symptoms. I'm willing to take blood from a Brit. And Brits in the UK do regularly without any recorded cases of transmission through blood transfusion.
  3. They also won't take blood from Brits who lived in the UK through the CJD outbreak.
  4. Not sure, the one on the right looks like she got the dates of Miss Tiffany mixed up.
  5. naboo

    Street corner cameras in CM

    Don't worry, the contract to install would have included so many backhanders, there would've no money left for quality. Broken, if not, easily broken with no maintenance budget. Thailand doesn't have the motivation to become China.
  6. When something makes no sense, it's usually because someone is hiding something. My guess is, The OP's wife was away for the night. He's managed to hook up with some chick nearby (who has Hello Kitty jym jams) who's stayed the night. Morning comes and OP cleverly figures he needs to wash the bed covers - these women can smell another woman from the next town, and let's not mention the stains. So he quickly bundles his laundry and bedding up, rushes downstairs to put it in the laundry and remembers how important it is that his wife comes home to a clean place, so pops out to get some cleaning stuff. Wife comes home early, spots the laundry, goes to grab it and sees the Hello Kitty jym jams. She sends him a photo. Now he posts this odd story on Thai Visa to show his wife how utterly confused he is about the whole situation. Good luck!
  7. Beats the alternative - low quality, medium alcohol brews - on offer in the country!
  8. No. And with only 1.5 stars on ratebeer.com, I'll give it a miss.
  9. Starting to enjoy the Tapper and agree, definitely inspired by the long gone original Chang. Must by a case and see if it delivers the traditional Changover which the green bottled stuff is simply incapable of.
  10. naboo

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I'm guessing Shell didn't run ads through the show, their marketing team had already done their job!
  11. Isn't that a contradiction? I'm pretty sure that has been the rule since I received my work permit in 2008, I can only work for the employer and at the locations listed in the work permit. What is actually new? edit: Is it just that now, if I go on training in Bangkok, I am no longer breaking the rules by working at another address? Or should my employer have locations all over the country, I can now work at any of those locations without breaking the law? Looks to me like that is the change.
  12. The OP need not worry. I'm sure his gf will make sure those funds need never return to Sweden.
  13. naboo

    Best place to buy Android box

    That depends on your agreement with them. It can be by dish, but more frequently now people view via the internet. (and technically, the dish relies on the internet to work).
  14. naboo

    Best place to buy Android box

    Given this question, I'd probably recommend not getting an Android box. Yes, most boxes will be able to run Chrome. However, it's not the same version as runs on a PC/laptop.
  15. naboo

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    Excellent stuff. Checked to see if there was a PWA app (called PWA1662) - there is, no English option, but we managed to register our meter and it too has details of past bills (goes back one year). Not sure if there's a payment option yet as we currently have nothing outstanding.