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  1. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    I wonder when someone will come up with the idea of tying some jet engines up to "blow" the smoke away. It worked with the boats on the Chao Phraya, right?
  2. Coffee Worowat Market

    Kasem Store. They have a good selection. Hilkoff stuff is a few Baht more than buying from the Hilkoff store, but not enough of a price hike to worry about.
  3. Line Mobile Internet Packages Unlimited

    The guy was asking about using Line mobile as an alternative to a fiber connection. Do you two start talking about the chemical structure of different ester molecules when asked if you want orange juice or grapefruit juice?
  4. Line Mobile Internet Packages Unlimited

    My download speeds with Line have been about 70Mbps in country, and 20-40Mbps to various other countries. I've not got the unlimited plan, so don't know if they throttle if you use it excessively. However, there is no minimum term contract, so give it a go, hotspot from phone initially, and if it's no good, cancel.
  5. Montclair has a 20% increase!

    Saw it (2 litre Mont Clair) in Big C (Lamphun) for over 700B. Went to my trusted supplier, 449B as before. The Thais had better start making some drinkable wine. The stuff they produce is worse than what I make sticking some yeast in some grape juice.
  6. I'm looking for anyone who was on flight QR837, scheduled departure January 10th 01:35. The flight was delayed, passengers were flown out the following night. If you were on the flight, please get in touch. Thanks.
  7. Exports aren't going to fall by 50%. That charts suggests they are going to grow by 4.5%. Growth is down, but 4.5% is still good growth.
  8. Mae Hong Son Loop options

    You like Lamphun then? Back at the Thoen Thong? Last month I was in Mae Sariang. Several guesthouses on the river. Took a trip (in the truck) out to the Sarawin River. Take the 1194 just south of Mae Sariang. You can take a boat trip up the river, 600B/hour or make a day of it for about 1500B. It's very isolated, mix of people in the village/town on the river, some Rohingya, some Thai, some Burmese, some hill tribe, some military. And if you're stopping in Lamphun on the way back, send me a PM. There's a place to have a drink just down from the Thoen Thong and I'd like to have a look at your CRF.
  9. Chiang Mai has several schools, but fees have been pushed up in recent years. You're looking at 200,000-350,000B/child (depending on age) in an accredited school (or twice that at the school that offers IB).
  10. LINE Mobile packages

    Been with them nearly a month. Moved my number to them and apart from it taking a little longer than I expected (about a week) for the number to move, it was all fairly easy. All my customer support (so far) has been online though their web chat support. 170B (181B inc VAT) for 5GB of data and 150mins of calls is excellent value. Net is about 80Mbps down and 70Mbps up. Tempted to get the unlimited for home for 850B/month.
  11. IGSCE Question

    A lot of western universities in Asia do "Foundation" year courses and "Pre-University" courses. Students can get onto these with IGCSEs, for example, The University of Nottingham in Malaysia generally asks for 5 or more IGCSEs at Grade B or above to get onto the foundation year course.
  12. Desirable qualifications: Sufficiently corrupt so as to be terrified of identifying corruption in good people. Hates Thaksin.
  13. Problem: Thais need to charge foreigners as much as possible, but Thais are not happy of the cost. Solution: ส้มตำ ยี่สิบบาท Papaya Salad 200B
  14. Us 100's to Thai Baht

    Had some tatty notes. Girl in the local SCB took them off me, on the condition I left my number with her and agreed to buy them back off her if there was a problem. Unfortunately, the pretty young lady hasn't called.
  15. House uncomfortably cool

    Put a jumper on.