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  1. A proud patriot.

    A patriot is more acceptable that a nationalist. I am patriotic in many ways - I am proud that my home country, the UK, has become one of the leaders of multiculturalism in the world. We have the best, on a national level, health service you could come up with, and in the UK society takes care of its weakest. As a patriot, I need to recognise the problems with my country. A large number of the population hate foreigners, the NHS is not valued by the majority and the government is attacking the disabled, as if they, not the bankers, are the cause of all current troubles. As a patriot, I have to acknowledge, Britain is currently an absolute sh!t'ole, and with things as they are I won't be returning any time soon.
  2. Just read your blog, excellent stuff! Really good read.
  3. Can anyone translate this for me

    Ingredients 1-10 add up to 225g of the total 270g. The last line of text with no number says "and other medicines" - it could contain 45g of cyanide for all you know.
  4. My daughter is in a British International School in Thailand. It's not a top school, but results are far better than they are on average in the UK. The Thai students sit IGCSE exams in Thai, and achieve results in line with their results in Maths, Sciences English and other subjects. Being Thai, it is important she becomes proficient in her first language in speaking, listening, reading and writing. This proficiency would not happen in the UK. My daughter enjoys school. That is very important to me. I have considered returning to the UK, but the cost to rent and pay the bills on housing in a suitable location with good schools would be more than the school fees here.
  5. Just had a thought. 30B for a kilo of sticky rice. 20B for a bottle of ketchup. That's 6 meals. 2 days worth of fusion cuisine for 50B.
  6. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Wise decision, if you don't say so yourself.
  7. Great advice. Add fish sauce to the rice if you fancy a treat.
  8. Evidence needs to fit the story with most financial impact. Cameras don't always provide the correct evidence.
  9. My neighbour installed 3 cameras on his property, each constantly feeding video footage to cloud storage. Under 10,000B including installation. Could install 150 cameras for the price of one Pattaya government version.
  10. Which are the best highschools in CM?

    For Thai schools, Satit Chiang Mai University or Prince Royal College List of top schools in Thailand Montfort has fallen down the rankings since that list was published, large class sizes, living on reputation alone. If not possible, see which school your son feels happiest at. "Best" school is a personal opinion.
  11. Lifan KPT 200

    Launch date in Thailand is sometime in December 2017. Engine: 198cc Engine Type: water-cooled single cylinder four-stroke Bore and Stroke: 65.5mm x 58.8mm Compression Ratio: 11:1 Valve Train: SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder Max Power: 17hp/8000 RPM Max Torque: 12.5ft/6500 RPM Start: Electric Transmission: Six-speed, hand clutch Wheelbase: 52.4 inches Net Weight: 330 lbs Seat Height: 30.5 inches Fuel Capacity: 3.7 Gals Brakes: Disk/disk Front Tire 90/90-17 Rear Tire 120/80-17 Price should be around B75,000. Similar to the well regarded KPR 200. The only thing that needs fixing is that ugly exhaust.