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  1. Bell's Scotch Promo'd at Big C b499L!

    Been about for a few months. Not the same as Bell's in the UK. Barely drinkable neat, OK with coke.
  2. My local Tesco Lotus, new prices. Chang no change, Leo up 2B (large bottles).
  3. No. The 1Mbps option is 23B/month cheaper than the other networks, the OP asked for cheapest. If he wants faster, the 10GB CAT package is excellent value. Why you're discussing whether 1Mbps is enough I don't know. It's already been posted that 500Kbps is enough for high quality.
  4. My CAT - 298B/month including tax for unlimited 1Mbps 10GB for 599B/month (+tax) (also My CAT)
  5. 2017 Toyota Yaris

    Does the Vios still exist in Thailand? Seems the Yaris Ativ has replaced it. Spoke to a salesman today and he seemed to confirm this, though I can't be sure due to the language barrier.
  6. Mickey Mouse museum opens in Lamphun

    It has been open about 3 years. The coffee shop infront does well, but the "western" food (Thai style) operation failed I think. Lots of customers, my daughter enjoys it, but its in no way worthy of any national news coverage or even any marketing in the neighboring province of Chiang Mai. About 10 minutes of entertainment for a three year old. You can draw your own conclusions as to how much entertainment that is for your average Thai adult.
  7. Can someone please confirm Bell's in Thailand is not the same as Bell's in the UK? Its not a great whisky, but I bought it expecting it to be better than 100 Piper's. I thought it was arguably worse.
  8. Big C today selling old stock at old prices, limiting sales per customer, two staff were at the shelf telling me how many bottles of each I could buy and someone was at the checkout checking I wasn't over the limit.
  9. Thailand has enough problems supplying electricity to the population without electric cars. This would work here, however, if the roof and bonnet were made of solar cells. Park up and it recharges itself. Its even recharging itself as you drive.
  10. F1 2017

    Clear to see who was at fault from this gif. One man drives across the track into the other two.