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  1. Don't take what isn't given - or screw the boss paying 310B/day We also need to be mindful of how we treat, and compensate, our employees. The more generous we are with our suppliers, co-workers, employees, and clients, the more bountiful our life will be in both spiritual and financial ways.
  2. I'd encourage the employees to do this to the likes of McD's, BK and KFC. Huge multinationals making money off the back of hard working employees on 310B/day. Especially on the soda stream drinks that cost virtually nothing to pour, are sold on huge mark ups and aren't, in my previous experience working for a large PepsiCo outlet in the UK, monitored for stock 'losses'.
  3. naboo

    Android boxes now illegal in Thailand

    Iflix for 100B/month and/or Netflix for 350B/month.
  4. naboo

    Android boxes now illegal in Thailand

    Loads on Lazada sourced from Thailand. This one, for example. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/1-dual-wifigadgets-guru-2018-216gbs905x-quad-core604ktx5-pro-android-tv-box-h265-hdmi-remote-adapter-aaa-4-i100101985-s100121312.html They also sell two types in my local Big C (both rubbish).
  5. Davis lives in fantasy land, alongside all the other Brexiteers. May has compromised too much? Any compromise is too much for these idiots. It's either cake and eat it or toys out of the pram.
  6. Very easy to get 104 on that boat. Likely to be seating for more than that inside. The issue here isn't overcrowding, it's that the boat(s) sailed in 5m waves.
  7. There are 3 of these places in my town. One appears to be a hobby operated out of the front room of the house, one is in a shack by the side of a busy road, tables and chairs on the street, rent about 3000B/month and the third is a buffet, 139B a person, 20 or so tables, again cheap rent. 10,000B/month, you'll need about 25 customers a day to cover rent. Find somewhere much cheaper as selling at 89B base price just won't sell unless you're in tourist central.
  8. I thought Grab and the Songthaews had teamed up?
  9. Which victim? The one who was murdered by the civilian, or the one murdered by the state. If someone commits a crime, there should be consequences. The consequences should cover several goals. 1. Protect society from the criminal. 2. Take steps to ensure the criminal does not commit crime again. 3. Deter others from committing the crime. 4. Protect the criminal from revenge attacks by the victim or any other member of the public. Re. Point 3. State executions offer no additional deterrent over life imprisonment. Re. Point 4. A state execution is revenge by the public. Life long imprisonment is a far greater punishment. Once you're dead, you're dead, punishment over. 40, 50, 60 years in jail with no chance of release is much more suffering than lethal injection.
  10. And neither does the second.
  11. Are they the killers? Do you trust the Thai justice system?
  12. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  13. The state has no right to take a man's life. A sad day.