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  1. Order direct from Hillkoff - a major wholesaler in Chiang Mai, deliver all over Thailand and pries very good (220B/500g)
  2. What is it like to live in Lamphun?

    The power station is in Mae Mo, Lampang. About 100km from Lamphun! Nobody knows about Lamphun, and it's best kept that way. Stay in Chiang Mai.
  3. As a man, I am deeply offended at the degradation of the image of the male body in these photographs.
  4. cost of schooling in Chaing Mai

    Top Thai school is Satit Chiangmai University Demonstration School. It is extremely tough to get into, and if your kids are not fluent and literate in Thai, probably not possible. Not to be confused with Satit Rangsit Bilingual School, Chiang Mai which is a bilingual school and still going through the struggles of a new school. Next is Prince Royal College. Montford is well regarded but, from what I've heard, this is based on historical reputation and not the current situation. Prince Royal College and Montford will set you back no more than THB100,000/year. Satit I don't know. Be aware, if your children have been educated in the West, a Thai school will be very different, and the transition very difficult. Both of your children are at a stage where they will sink in school if they are not able to read and write Thai. Even in the English Programs they will struggle as at least half the classes will be in Thai. If they are not fluent in Thai, look at the international schools in Chiangmai, which range from THB300,000 to THB800,000 per year at the ages of your children - fees increase as the kids get older. Your first criteria to consider is Ameircan, British or IB Curriculum.
  5. The English on the side says the fare is 20B. The Thai on the side says the fare is no more than 30B. It is still 20B for short trips in the city and I have no problem getting it for that. Find a temple close to where you are going and give the driver the name of the temple. Hand him 20B at the destination. Works every time, though I've not tried Wat Loi Kroh.
  6. They were - it's the Thai thing, laugh when you're not sure what's going on and someone is upset. The story is too ridiculous to comment on. Has anyone started a Go Fund Me page to pay their fine?
  7. Go to immigration and ask them. Your situation isn't common so advice here likely won't be specific to your situation. If you're sure the situation is permanent, ask them how to cancel your visa and then figure out how you can stay longer (if you want to).
  8. No, the last of the old model, 2.5 Ranger.
  9. My Ford Ranger (2011) averages 12km/l around town and 15km/l on the highway. I generally stick to 100kph on the highway, just over 2000rpm. Works out at about 2B/km. I fill a tank for 1500B, and it gets me from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. For you old guys, 12km/l = 34mpg (UK) and 15km/l = 42mpg (UK). If you can't even get a gallon right, I have no idea. And l/100km - couldn't care less.