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  1. The 10 year Maintence payment would have been around 130K for a double unit....so I am told.
  2. Use Shopandship out of California, friends have used them they will deliver from warehouse to door. Decent rates
  3. I have had my BBQ from Doc for 4 years now, it is as good today and the first day. It gets used daily by myself or wife, or her mother. It has been used as a oven many times. Great Product from a Great company....thanks Doc
  4. wild oats..for some reason i can not relpy to your post..i am looking for a boxers pup not sure if you still have any or if you maybe know where i can get one..i am from issan i live just outside khon kaen any info ver gratefull

  5. that is a nice ramp..
  6. Would like to see pictures, my bike is about 291 KG
  7. Very true, you would have to have it made here.....
  8. OK I understand that you need a license and all for a motorcycle trailer, but if you just want to be able to haul you motorcycle in your truck do you need anything special. something like this http://motorcycletrailer.com/rampage/