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  1. I am 65 and my wife is 42, we have no problems and are accepted here in the US without any problems...
  2. The 10 year Maintence payment would have been around 130K for a double unit....so I am told.
  3. Use Shopandship out of California, friends have used them they will deliver from warehouse to door. Decent rates
  4. I have had my BBQ from Doc for 4 years now, it is as good today and the first day. It gets used daily by myself or wife, or her mother. It has been used as a oven many times. Great Product from a Great company....thanks Doc
  5. wild oats..for some reason i can not relpy to your post..i am looking for a boxers pup not sure if you still have any or if you maybe know where i can get one..i am from issan i live just outside khon kaen any info ver gratefull

  6. that is a nice ramp..
  7. Would like to see pictures, my bike is about 291 KG
  8. Very true, you would have to have it made here.....
  9. OK I understand that you need a license and all for a motorcycle trailer, but if you just want to be able to haul you motorcycle in your truck do you need anything special. something like this http://motorcycletrailer.com/rampage/