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  1. Reject all you want.. they still have you but your left testicle..sadly...
  2. ...bet he gets kicked off the plane for groping.
  3. Closing the ranks.... RIP Just sad
  4. ...the things and issues the MDs and Nurse, and all hospital staff put up with in doing their duty. However, I did notice once,,,, a patient came in to ER in pain, and a somewhat out of sort person, came over to the man and talk to him and tried to provide a friendy concern... The person on the gurney appreciated it.
  5. ... wait is the one with the bitcoin scam ... sends a email saying they have photos of you wanging off on your computer and will send it your coworkers, it you don't send a bitcoin...
  6. That time of year.. .licking up the chops...let it rip
  7. Rhys

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    Hm.. viva la differerance... return home soon
  8. Well some prevention activities...ok, good on them...
  9. That has always been a source of LOOK OUT when passing by these cranes... Sad.
  10. TReating a kidney infection with a beer... better check with your MD on that one... Or Sheryl might add her sage advice.