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  1. Hey, if the dude can afford it and takes care of them well... the man rocks like a boss...
  2. Enjoy the ride... many have gone out before the work permit ended, and all went well. It all worked out coming in out a Tourist visa and then processing for other types...of visas.. Cheers mate on the pegs.
  3. CB 500 X Waiting list ?

    I thought the exhaust pipes were different. That was what I saw in some the photos.
  4. A bit hard in Thailand to test right?
  5. Prefer the CB 500 X... easier riding position....
  6. ...at least they did not drop a deuce in the walkway.
  7. when it is less the 2.5ml.
  8. off her .. on the plane ....
  9. Gents, What is the deal with this, seems this "so-called" popular bike is on back order at the Big Wings... what is the deal? Reality or marketing ploy?
  10. money transfering

    Thanks... Just found out about the swift code this AM.. then saw your post... Thanks. Thus the person sending will fill out the forms in the USA... It will be a bank to bank transfer. Cheers mate
  11. Cheated death again.

    Dang Papa, somebody is watching you on the pegs. Good that Papa is still on the pegs and the sage. My only accident on the bike was in Thailand.. Rear ended...over the bars, into the opposite lane.. NO CARS.. Thank goodness. I suppose it keeps us frosty... these reminders... Even with the car and bike, I have always remembered the training about Driving overseas, it is always a good reminder... Know where you going to drive, the road, and destination, focus on getting there, be in the now, and look the F out for potentials... Even on the little trip to the office, it is still the same drill.