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  1. Greetings Gents, Has any TV posters used one of these Expat Tax services that put your affairs in order? Are they reliable, what specifically do you check on the company? Generally, you see them on-line, with all the appropriate bells and whistles of credibility. Comments, stories, warning, suggestion welcomed.
  2. I tried this with university students, they liked it... and they quite clever....
  3. Thanks, very clever.... Have you tried Haikus or Tankas? 575 57575 Syllables Japanese poetry form?
  4. Oh where is the ministry of culture to protect us from such Thai sexual aggression...
  5. 5555... but is there such a rule of you don't file, the IRS, can access via the FBAR, and there is that 50% penalty based on the balance in the saving account? Notice a couple of time this is prominent in the adverts for Expat tax services....
  6. Just sit in the front seat...
  7. ...and still a x holster....