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  1. Sounds like a very inexperienced rider... accident waiting to happen... Learn to take the local transport and give it up for the taxi service high fees..
  2. Scum leave him in the cave next time..
  3. ...what the ministry of culture does not manage the movies deals from this story as well?
  4. ... certainly not the salary of many English teachers especially not from BKK international sectors..
  5. Yes kudos to those responsible for organizing and problem solving the issues that arose...but now the money is to be made....555
  6. Cha Ching Ba Baht... sad True colors.. no learning English, no learning to read in Thai or English, no attention to following directions.. Let's see how long will it before another Group pulls something off like this again in the hopes and rationale of making money.. ...any more works in progress of the Chinese Tour Boat Splash... RIP..but it is Cha Ching..
  7. ... so in the Thai Way, they find him, he gives the High Wai Flying BB and all is forgiven...
  8. The windshield last two holes don't match up, so had to order another type through the shop that tried to install the tinted windshield for the CBR 300R..
  9. ... aw.. in praise of older women....
  10. Rhys

    How to break up with thai girl...

    man up do the right thing.... pay her an amount that relieves your conscience....then move on that learn a little more about Thai culture.. and the places you meet Thai women... you tend to experience what you expect!
  11. Sounds like a bit of prejudice..only just because they can...