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  1. Be a dude..
  2. Well, let's just we have heard this before, but if this time it turns out true, then more power to everyone, Do you recall the many programs that called for many new teachers to come with higher salaries? OF course, even with proper degrees, salary profile is low even for NESTs. The Debate was always if a western teacher made a higher salary, then they were expected to do more, and the Thai counterparts were happy to ensure that outcome. However, the PROBLEM will always remain, when at times, good intentioned administrator try to create educational forward movement in ELL, but have no business representing ELL.. A rationale of sorts is if the Thai can speak English then they have the Educational chops to provide leadership in ELL. NOT SO... They look to the quick fix....such as CALL Computer Assisted Language Learning, while it has merits, it is not a --one type -fix- all -solution. Comes down to motivation of the students and the ADM and teachers trying to match those expectations....but if Somchai is a box of rocks, then send him to the sand box, Another issue is the corruption and privilege factor of senior Educational Administration, there is a high probability when you see major campus construction, major contribution to Senior Administrators happens... Yet surprisingly, little Somchai has been taught well but meaningful Thai teacher who give a Flaming F..., however as expected these teachers flame out and leave teaching.
  3. ....still a Somchai...
  4. ...Just take him in to re-education camp, say for a month....
  5. a challenge for sure...motivation...at the age you force him he rebels...no progress..wasted time and money...Really want to enhance his English learning and all ...employ the geographical fix.
  6. sometimes....... speaking with them as they share their stories will bust your gut with laughter...
  7. Recentlly had it done.. yes, same profile Non-0 extenstion of stay based on marriage... last 30 days of the 90 days... got it on the second to last day of expiration..'
  8. oh really...sure it was not what somchai thinks....
  9. find the teacher and simply have the father return the punishment.
  10. Forgot to mention....culture, culture, culture.
  11. A tricky one indeed.... first you're doing the right thing in asking about...Well, you see the add on the web and the pop ups on FB. That is good for checking rates.. they are close and in range of one another for basic returns and other requirements..... Some working arrangements can be 50% now and 50% when the job is done. An issue that may pop up is ---time. Do they process your work timely, do they respond to your messages, do you feel a level of customer service provided? If something is promised, does it come through... These are guidelines to consider... Best to call them, get a hold of a former client...
  12. Still like the CB 500 X.... only to hit gravel roads and occasional dirt hills..but for in the dirt the 250.
  13. Q1: Resistance to Change... Q2: Resistance to Change... They had a trial with a populist campaign... computer tablet for effective learning... only issues, the tablets were of poor quality, key teachers did not like them and the kids played games... Of course, you would have to consider the appointment of Education guru is a political appointment, and many do not have a clue on teaching or learning approaches for ELL with CALL.