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  1. Guess the CEFR and special interest groups paid enough for this...Truly SAD.. what next an MD degree in 3 years? However, the ops for the wannabes will XXX
  2. ...she did not think it through.... better to just cut it off and feed it to the pigs...
  3. Trust all this works for her...she has put up with too much BS...have to admire her courage and cleverness.
  4. ...Speechcraft 101.... references, sources, creditability...All missing... Good one 45!.. Learn to grab some nachos...
  5. An interesting article in the BKKPOST about IT classes and Regular Classes. Of course, both have merits, the IT classes place the onus of learning squarely on the students. That is a plus. YET, self-directed learning, the motivation of interaction and group work, (not the Screen to Screen type), seems part of the college experience. As some teaching staff has noticed breaking students from using their cell phones in class during lectures for non-academic use is problematic.... However, the classic question remains, what type of student learning outcome is created? Technically savvy and knowledgeable students with extremely low-level people skills, and a low level of concentration? Lastly, mechanical English speaking voices.... 555 I would imagine the FAT administrators, fleecing construction companies would have an issue.... No more new campus buildings, study abroad trips Happy new years.