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  1. Many who voted leave now wish to remain. You've got to be joking. I personnally know none. Though I do know people who did vote remain, who now accept the democratic wish of the British people, they are also appalled at the antics of those Beurocrats in Brussels, who think they can bully the British.
  2. About 20 yrs ago, there were approximately 5 white people in UK prisons, to every 2 blacks, and less than one person from the religion of death. Any idea what those figures are now?
  3. Certainly down to immigration in some areas. All though I think not in Manila.
  4. Regarding the raising of the state pension age. Do you think any other political party, would do differently?
  5. If you look through past posts on different TV threads, you will find that this gentleman is the local representative of Sinn Fein.
  6. Let's keep the IRA out of this, shall we.
  7. I've never met any true Australians and Canadians ( French excerpted) that dislike the British. In London alone there are 250,000 Aussies,very much liked by the British, even though we usually beat them at rugby and cricket. Probably something to do with having the same culture.
  8. Very true. Now let's depart this corrupt so called Union,and embrace the whole world,especially our commonwealth brothers.
  9. Would that be the 1975 referendum?
  10. A good idea,for many reasons. One being that in Doncaster you can get a decent pint of beer with a true true head, while in London, they only serve up soapy dish water.
  11. South Yorkshire.
  12. Did't the Pearly Kings wear Flat caps? Perhaps you can inform us if there are still Cockneys, with their distinct dialect, remaining in London.
  13. Probably because the people of Doncaster are far more astute and down to earth than those in London. Also another important fact, I very much doubt that she would prefer living in London, over living in Doncaster.
  14. Agree, and that includes, even if we stay in the E.U.
  15. I wonder if your LONDON market trader father,knew this guys father?