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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I came back from the UK yesterday,never heard anyone mention rising prices,although this was in your old stomping ground in the north of England. It could be quite different in the far more prosperous south east.
  2. No. But I'M now trying to organize something with a friend. If we do, we will not actually stay with them. Just something to keep the immigration happy. Rather than tell them the truth,that we intend to stay in a hotel,at my expense.Untill we can arrange private rental accommodation. Another alternative is for my wife to apply and obtain a visitors visa,then stay with us in a Hotel,while we organize everything.Return to Thailand with one of my children, then apply for the settlement visa, thus resulting in unnessacary expense and the family being apart for maybe 3 months. What gets me is this is completely unnessacary, as someone has already mentioned, a bit of discretion and common sense on the part of the immigration department,and it could easily be sorted out. Thank god I have the resources to cope with this problem, the people I feel very sorry for,are the 25,000 British Skype children.
  3. Your list is not complete. My wife has also passed the language test. My income is well above the amount required. Yet we now have a problem regarding proven accommodation. The regulations regarding this requirement are very strict,that is why I am now visiting the UK to try and sort something out. The government says it's about people not being able to access state funds,<deleted> I say,as in my instance, I will also be able to provide proof of a 6 figure £ amount in the bank. who can claim benefits with these financies. It's all about keeping the immigration figures down,and who better than to target, than the families of British citizens. Read up on the Skype children.
  4. The referendum in 1975 was to confirm our application to join a trading block. The 2016 referendum was whether we should remain in a so-called Union.
  5. I wonder WHY Heseltine is so in favour of this so called Union?
  6. Sure, many powerful and influential Europeans would like us to remain in the E.U. along with our CONTRIBUTIONS. However more importantly the British people have decided otherwise.
  7. Sweden to deport 106-year-old Afghan woman

    I Think he was referring to the FIRST country that she and her relatives arrived in.
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Would the word "Blighty" be acceptable to everyone?
  9. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    You say that in 20yrs Germany will be no less German, and that France will be no less French. Can I respectably suggest that you take your head out of the Sand and watch and read the news.
  10. A full face mask,except while worn by a person on a motorbike. Likewise a ski mask worn by a person skiing. I can not see the reasoning behind a person wearing these head covers in other circumstances, especially in a bank or a court of law,where you may need to be recognized. Head covering, no problem. Full face covering should be prohibited. All though on second thoughts,should be allowed for extremely ugly women.
  11. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I don't know if you were around at the time of the 1975 referendum, but as someone who was, and who voted in that referendum to remain in the EEC trading block. I can assure you that I, and I believe the vast majority of the then electorate, would not have voted yes. If we had known that this would have entailed joining a political union,and with it, loss of national sovereignty. This I believe is the crux of the problem we now have.
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Do you think that the British people would have agreed in 1973, or at the time of the 1975 referendum to join a union which was not only a trading Union, but also a political Union, and that would have entailed loss of national sovereignty.
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Better than your ex G/F.
  14. I don't think those against the burka,are demanding that Muslim women must wear mini - skirts or tank tops. But is it unreasonably for people to show their face.
  15. So how much charity money should the UK give the E.U.