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  1. With a majority of nearly 16,000 in 2017, Warman knows he’s fairly safe. As the majority of his constituents, will support him,against Labour. Though he needs to be aware of UKIP, which in 2015 got to within 4.000, thanks to many Conservative and Labour voters switching to UKIP. However since 2015, Nigel Farage and others have left UKIP, so perhaps not such a threat to him. Fairly similar to Yorkshire where the majority voted to leave, only to see most of the Labour M.P.’s go against their constituents. This was emphasized again this week, when a poll in Yorkshire of 60,000+ Resulting in 60%+ declaring their wish for a clean break Brexit.
  2. The Bureaucrats in Brussels, certainly think we are their slaves.
  3. Perhaps he thinks these people are concerned about the younger generation.
  4. Perhaps you can convince the Greeks,Italians and the Spanish,because they don’t think so, especially the young unemployed, who can see their unemployment rate reach 50%.
  5. Perhaps as a typical Selfish remoaner, you can share with us how that can be.
  6. Well it’s quite obvious what kind of democracy you beleive in.
  7. That’s exactly what has occurred over the last 40yrs, when we were lied to and conned,into voting for what we thought was a trading group called the EEC. If people today are worried in which direction our masters in Brussels, have taken us. The future, these tin pot Bureaucrats have planned for us in this so called Union, will terrify them.
  8. The main problem we have,is remainers intent on stabbing their own country in the back. As for project fear:-
  9. No,they’d have been down the Gay soi.
  10. Fair enough, except it’s not Brexit. We would not be able to leave, unless our master in Brussels give the O.K. Plus while in the transition period, we would not be able to negotiate trade deals with the other 170 countries in the world. In other words, similar to 1975, it’s a big conn.
  11. But surely you should implement the decision of the first vote, before holding a 2nd vote, otherwise people could be forgiven in thinking your a bad loser, who selfishly only wants Their way.
  12. I don’t have the time or inclination to discuss all the points you raise, especially as you have such a closed mind. And more importantly, it’s not directly related to Brexit. But you have made one glaring mistake. Those 7 members of a Muslim grooming gang, are those convicted IN Rotherham. Where 1500 cases of white non Muslim girls were groomed by Muslims. Mainly those from a Pakistani background.
  13. I do hope as an ardent remainer,that you are not trying to muddy the waters. In that you are not including E.u citizens, as being immigrants. Because I can assure you they can,and do frequently go to the top of the housing list in Lincolnshire. Requirements for social housing. Residence in Lincolnshire for the last 6 months; or Previous residence within Lincolnshire for 6 out of the last 12 months or 3 out of the last 5 years; or Born in Lincolnshire; or Permanent employment; or A need to move to receive support and this support cannot be provided within the current location; or A full homelessness duty has been accepted by a Lincolnshire Housing Authority You will notice that one of the requirements, is to have been born in Lincolnshire, however I personally know of one such person who was refused social housing on this ground. Although I am happy to report that I also know of a local person who recently obtained social housing after being on the list for 16yrs, during which time he has suffered two heart attacks, while witnessing none British citizens jump the so called queue. You are correct that in stating that Jayne Seymore helped to expose the Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham, where 1,500 young white girls were sexually abused. This was in spite of all obstacles and threats aimed at her by the P.C. crowd ( authorities) Who preferred to ignore what was taking place. At the moment only 7 have been successfully convicted out of 430 suspects. The same of course could be said of the Muslim grooming gangs in Huddersfield, Rochdale, Bristol, Oxford, Peterborough, Aylsbury, Etc,etc.etc, Just a few Muslim organizations have come out to acknowledge the problem in the Muslim communities, including the Quilliam Foundation, whose founder and leader Maajid Nawaz was very happy to share a platform with Tommy Robinson. Perhaps that is because he has an open mind and is a none bigot.
  14. And what % of the population of London is made up by Native Brits. Or should I rephrase that as people who can trace their British ancestry back a mere 70 yrs. And did not the Labour Party, in the Blair era, purposely encourage immigration, with the intent to water down the opposition, by encouraging those immigrants, who would be more inclined to vote Labour.