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  1. Yes, And it was wrong. The same as many followers of Islam.
  2. Well what is real life? Here we have Nigel Farage addressing a conference for the media. Not the sort of people who have supported him. And I certainly don't support his thoughts on climate change. Yet is the media, such as the Independent and the New Statesman impartial.
  3. They'd already targeted many young girls, in Rotherham and many other towns.
  4. Since when did Islam or the followers of Islam become a race? There's 's me thinking it's an intolerant and deadly cult,masquerading as a religion.
  5. But I did ask for a pension statement. Again I never received any booklet from them. Was I treated differently from other pensioners, I don't think so,certainly not from other pensioners who where,or were about to live in certain countries.
  6. To those appologist. What action, if any would you suggest to counter this growing problem with the followers of Islam. Not only in the U. K. But in most parts of the world,where Muslims have now emigrated to.
  7. That's not correct. When I moved here permanently, I had no idea of this unfair policy. How the hell was I supposed to know. What I did after living here for a couple of years, I contacted DWP telling them where I now live. They just suggested that I pay two more years extra contributions, so giving me 44yrs.Again no mention of this unfair policy. Do you think that if a private insurance company such as Standard Life, had hidden such a clause in their policy, there would't have been an uproar. They'd have been taken to the court by the government itself, accused of mis-selling. I did have a pension policy with Commercial Union, they were forced to pay me and thousands of others a fairly large amount, not due to them keeping something quite/secret. But due to the way the policy had been written. Nobody picked it up,until the DWP noticed it.
  8. Correct, I recall one Muslim father, I think in Crewe or Stoke,who about 9yrs ago did report his son to the security services. Good on him. All we need now is the Majority of Muslims to take the same stance, and that would do more than anything else to bring the people together. If not, don't be surprised if this clash of religion/culture turns even more violent.
  9. Fair point. I have tried to find the link, but unfortunately failed, though I do remember seeing it. As I said before they exact numbers I'm not sure about. While trying to find the link, I came across these two articles. Daily Telegraph 35th Feb 2015 stating that 27% of British Muslim publically have sympathy with terrorist acts. International Business Times, Aug 26th. State that 22% of 25-34 yr old French Muslim are in support. Seemingly the younger Muslim generation,are the most supportive of acts of terrorism.
  10. After the recent attack on Westminster bridge that resulted in the death of 5 people. A poll was carried out amongst Muslims in France. I cannot remember the exact number, but it was something like 70+ % agreeing with the attack. As for turning the other cheek, and closing ones eyes, to what is unfolding. This was exactly what many people did during the 1930's. Those who dared to stand up and point out what was happening,including Winston Churchill, were often accused of war mongering.
  11. Is the renewal retirement visa different at a consulate, to that obtained at an immigration office?
  12. So who caused this explosion? Condolences are O.K until the next one.
  13. Asked that same question last week at immigration. Answer 1month.
  14. In defense of foreign aid.
  15. The chancellor could just as easily make savings, by reducing our Foreign aid contributions. Especially to countries that are spending vast amounts on their nuclear ambitions.