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  1. Agree, he and his side kick Gordon Bigot Brown have much to answer for.
  2. And the problem now is due to the Political wing of the IRA, demanding that the ancient Irish language must be imposed on the Loyalist population. Why would they do that, when few people in the R.I. Can speak the language. Better they demand that people learn Chinese, at least it’ll be useful.
  3. Well many mistakes there. For a start I don’t remember having to apply for any visas before traveling to the continent before the E.U. Or even the E.E.C You’re assuming that we will automatically have to follow their rules, after Britexit, or did you mean during the transitional period. Again you’re assuming that all of the younger generation are pro E.U. On this you are certainly wrong, plus those younger Remoaners, may with experience realise as they grow older that Brexit is the way to go. Unfortunately I have to agree with you that the Unelected Bureacrats are the deciders, or at least they were before the British electorate decided otherwise.
  4. Another non Brit, telling us we should obey the Bureacrats in Brussels.
  5. Most of what you write is correct. However it is Not a legal requirement for a child to attend school. It is only a legal requirement that they are educated. We returned to live in the U.K early January. After a 10 day period the education authority, allocated my son a place in a local school. He attended for only 3days, by which time, we realized how low a standard the school was, and so we withdraw him. We now home school him until we can enroll him in a decent school.An official from the education department visited us last week, to make sure that he is being educated, and while here, she did mention that there are now Many children who are home schooled, probably due to the fact that while there is support for those children who are not making the grades, those who are above their level are held back.
  6. There are exceptions, unfortunately they do not apply to Tax paying British citizens.
  7. Nice to see,your keeping up with your bigoted Irish nationalistic views.
  8. He could go back to the U.K with his son, assuming his son is eligible for a British passport. Then the U.K authorities would more than likely consider it best for the child, to put him in a foster home, until, if ever his father could take care of him. His mother would not receive permission to enter the U,K solely due to her child residing there. Her husband would have to prove that he could financially support her, without resorting to state support.
  9. You just don’t take your family back to the U.K. There is a very detailed proceedure that you must go through,and unfortunately it’ costly, but the main stumbling block is that you must be able to provide proof, that you can support your non British wife. There are exceptions, Mainly for non-Brits, but from what we know, he would’t be eligible or suitable to take advantage of that route.
  10. I think your in dreamland if you think that all E.U.countries have the same clout.
  11. Well I don’t think that Russia is threatening the U.K. Yet I do know that the E.U bureaucrats in Brussels are. Perhaps now is the time for the U.K to leave NATO. Let the E.U defend themselves, and in so doing, save the U.K lots of money. Then that money could go towards the 40 billion that the U.K is expected to pay the E.U. after Brexit is finalized.
  12. Source please. Now this will be interesting.
  13. Nobody knows for sure. It’s quite possibly that after Brexit is completed, the British economy will further improve, when it’s no longer shackled to the orders of the dictatorial Bureacrats in Brussels.
  14. Does he say that was the only reason he supports Brexit, NO . Was it part of the reason he supports Brexit, YES . It may also be of interest for you to know, that one of the biggest critics on TV, of immigration from Islamic countries, is a very prominent Remoaner. Therefore according to your logic, the reason he’s a Remoaners is because he opposes Immigration of Muslims.
  15. British PM May to set out 'Road to Brexit' in speech

    According to one report out today, the ones who are playing hardball are the E.U. Commission, France and Germany, while 10-12 of the other countries are wanting the E.U side to relax their demands. This I can quite understand, as after Britexit is finalized, Germany and France will have to increase the amount they pay in, to cover the loss of the U.K charitable contribution. And as for the E.U. We all know they are looking after themselves, and are afraid, that if The U.K makes a success of their newly found freedom, then this will encourage others to get out of the E.U straigtjacket.