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  1. “All the international respectedeconomic assessment bodies” would these be the same people who failed to see the 2008 economic crash, or the people who predicted the complete crash of the U.K economy, including mass unemployment should we vote to leave the hated R.u.
  2. Over the last two years, we have had many conflicting posts,regarding Brexit, some good, some not so good. But today we have surpassed ourselves, we have been treated to probably the three best post over this period,in just one day. So thanks to - Jag post 9349 CanterbrigianBangkok post 9359 denby45 post 9360
  3. Not at all surprising that no more than 48 signed up, as we all know and can agree on is the fact that most MP are remainers. The problem will occur when we next inter into the ballet booth. Will voters support their M.P who did not implement their democratic decision. Or maybe they will abstain from voting altogether, realising that their vote is likely to be overridden and as such is irrelevant. Thus leading to an increase of the 33% who at present do not vote. Democracy U.K style.
  4. I think I’ll take the opinion of the Swedish CEO of Easyjet, who says otherwise,over your blinkered opinion.
  5. True, plus I don’t think the Spanish and Greek tourist industry would be too happy, especially with their youth unemployment rate being so high. What I cannot understand, is why the two British negotiators May and Robbins failed to take this and other weaknesses on the E.u side into consideration.
  6. It’s all part of project fear. The big question is, will some members of the public,be so gullible to beleive it. Probably so, as the remainers control all the media.
  7. Imports from the rest of the world would still have to pass the U.K's stringent rules. there would be no need to relax our controls. The same rules would also apply to imports from tne E.U. The main difference,is that we could help underdeveloped countries such as those in Africa, sell their products to us at a lower rate,then those imposed by the Bureaucrats in Brussels.
  8. Perhaps he’s like us Brexiteers, in that he does’t beleive her. And why should he. As she has shown herself to be an habitual lire.
  9. Plus the German and French leaders are now pushing for a Eurozone budget as one of their next moves to create a more integrated Europe. This and their now admitted policy to create a E.u. Military force, should wake up even the most committed remoaners to ask, where is the E.u headed. As I’ve Said for some time, it’s not where we are now,it’s where they intend to take us, even if we don’t want to go there. And unfortunately, they think that democracy will not stop them.
  10. Correct, however the French government pay very little towards the U.K treatment of French citizens. Though to be fair this is’t because of the E.u. It’s down to the inability of the NHS Bureaucrats to put into place a system, where the E.u countries are presented with the bill.
  11. You could be right, another attempt to expung the democratic will of the people. A document produced by whom exactly? I suspect colleagues of Ollie Robbins, if not himself.
  12. Is that how it was,before we got sucked into the EEC?
  13. I did watch a couple of Interveiws with University students, who were adamant that should we exit the E.u. that would automatically curtail their ability to go on holiday to Europe. Likewise we’ve had all these scare stories, that planes would not be able to fly between The U.K. and Europe. Well not so according to the Swedish born CEO of Easyjet. Who within the last 30mins has come out and stated on BBC news. That he is 100% that eventually will never occur.
  14. It’s already been said, perhaps his wife made that decision. If he made it, so what. I obtained a British passport for my children,within days of their birth. At the time I had no intention of returning to the U.K. And I bet,that’s what most farang do in Thailand, when they have an offspring with a non Brit. I also knew of instances with some children at the international school who had 4 Passports. Example British,Australian, USA, and Thai.
  15. Did you think of that yourself,or did you copy