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  1. Best try and ignore him. Always critical of the U.K. but what do you expect from a Bigoted Irish Nationalist. He’s obviously forgotten how the hated Brits got them out of hoc, a few years back.
  2. When civil servants are instructed to look at potential events, they generally side with caution, in other words they think in terms of the worst scenario. Nothing wrong with that, sort of better to be safe than sorry. This is what happened pre the E.U referendum, when Osbourne and his cronies predicted Armageddon.should the leavers win. I’m positive there will be government departments preparing for events,should an atomic war take place etc.However truth be known, none of us know what the economic impact of Brexit will bring. And I understand that some may be afraid of the uncertainties. But it’s not just about economics. Once Brexit takes place, then we know there will be certain advantages for the U.K. Control of our own boarders. Not being subject to the whims of Angela Merkel, in inviting one and all to our country. O.K some will say we have an extra boarder control already, being an island. Yet three years ago A.M invited many none E.U citizens to uproot home and come to the E.U. Theses same people will in two years, be eligible for a E.U. Passport, and should we remain in the E.U. they would be entitled to come to the U.K. Create and be subject to our own laws. I remember very well, that in the run-up to the referendum, the remainer side catagorely stated that there would be no E.U. Army. Well we now know that is completely untrue. What else do they have in store for the people of the E.U?
  3. Off course it’s related to Brexit. If Labour supporters have the opportunity to vote in those remain supporting M.P. Many will put their support aside. I consider Labour tactics of either sitting on the fence, or actually trying to overturn the referendum result, their most gigantic mistake in a generation. If J.C had declared his intention to support Brexit, as many beleive he actually wants, and had been able to take his party with him, then today we would be looking at a future Labour government.
  4. It will be interesting to read those “official” stats, and even more interesting to read who produces them.
  5. The trouble with your expectations is that many of the Labour M.P s are remainers, who think that they can rely on the traditional Labour supporters to follow them loyally and blindly. But times are a changing. Thankfully some Labour M.P’s do support their electorate.
  6. Interesting. Fairly similar to a person who has the same opinions on Muslim and Islam. Yet he’s been hounded by the extreme left.
  7. Then why did 3 leading judges quash the contempt of court findings, stateing that the sentences had been unduly hasty, and therefore not giving T.R sufficient time to prepare his defense. Although it must be said that his actions could have lead to a miss trial, and therefore he was in the wrong. One of the things I found very worrying regarding his impisonment. Firstly he was sent to a prison that contained a small number of Muslims, then for some reason he was transferred to a prison with the highest Muslim population in the south 30%+. Basically he was in solitary confinement, with his food prepared and delivered to his cell by Muslims, who seemed to take pleasure in insinuating that they may have contaminated his food. All this with the connivance of the authority. Compare this with the prison conditions enjoyed by Anjem Choudhry.
  8. Probably, Lets get real, he’d have been leading their negotiation team.
  9. Small sample,I admit, but this shows what two people who voted remain,now think.
  10. Actually many leading historians give another reason, why Hitler allowed the British troop to escape to the U.K. He was hoping to make an agreement( peace treaty), supported by some in the British cabinet and the establishment. And he quite rightly thought that should his army capture and or inflict terrible casualties on the British army, that this would scupper his master plan. While Winston Churchill refused to even consider a peace treaty with Hitler, correctly sensing the feelings of the British people. If this is true, I don’t know, however it would’t Surprise me, as we now have remainers in the present cabinet, backed by many in the establishment, who likewise are willing to take the E.U. side, against the expressed wishes of the British electorate.
  11. The anti E.U. Netherlands VPP led by Geert Wilder nearly doubled its vote between the Dutch general election of 2012 to 2017, becoming the 2nd largest party. So why would they want to leave the hated E.U. Could it be that they are now realising what the E.U. is mutating into. Look through most E.U member countries, and you will soon realise that there’s an ever growing surge by the people to ditch the E.U. by the way whatsupdoc, what country are you from?
  12. The world is a much different place to-day from 1985. Especially in regards to militant Muslims. Take a look at what Muslim girls were wearing in the 50’s Cairo. Now a days they wear far more conservative cloths, otherwise they could be attacked and probably sexually assaulted. My first Muslim experience, Libya the early 60’s.
  13. This is exactly what the Bureaucrats in Brussels are afraid of.
  14. Pre the referendum, the government and the establishment were so arrogant in their expectations of the People rejection Brexit, that no preparations for our exit were put in place. And they have consequently been rightly criticized for their stance. Come 2018 in expectation of 2019 Brexit, the government has quite rightly instructed the civil servants to draw up plans,in case a bitter E.U. attempts to cause havoc at U.K. ports. This should lead to the civil servants preparing a strategy to cope with the worst case scenario. This does not mean it will happen,just it may. The same as the civil service will already have in place contingency plans in place in case of an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the U.K. So what we have now,is that some remainers are trying to use these contingency plans to scare the population, in a vain attempt to make the British people change their minds and accept rule from Brussels. Will they succeed, only time will tell.
  15. nontabury

    UK pensions

    You were told wrong,as simple as that. Within a week of returning to the U.K. I presented myself to the doctors surgery, having never been there before, and told them I had been living in Thailand for 20yrs.Booked an appointment for 3 days in the future, seen by the doctor. By the way, we were staying in a holiday cottage,that was well known by the Dr.