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  1. But that cannot be, Belgian, as a unified country does not exist. Two languages, different media for the two parts. In fact I’m reliable informed that the people of both area dislike each other. What they do have is a unifying head of state, and the knowledge that the E.U. Is spending a great deal of German and British money in Brussels.
  2. Why be ruled by Westminster, where you are over represented. Much better to be ruled by the Bureaucrats in Brussels. Who will just ignore the Scots.
  3. No mention by the remainers. That the fault of Deutsche Banks problems, including the recent news of the banks recent announcement of thousands of redundancies, is caused by Briexit.
  4. In addition to writing off the vast amount of money that Germany should have paid to the U.K as war reparations after WW2. And why did our government keep quite when they did wrote off this debt in 1990? Though I do agree with those poster who keep on about, how there has been a economic miracle in Germany, but why did they not mention it was financed by the U.K and the U.S.A.
  5. Do not the Swiss have many referendums, restricting those to important issues.?
  6. Rising support for the hated E.U. I think not. You only have to notice the increase in votes for anti E.U. Parties. Be they in France, Holland, Austria,Italy etc., Will other countries follow the U.K’s lead, I‘ve no idea, though I suspect it’s causing many sleepless nights in Brussels. That and the prospect of losing the U.K’s charitable contributions.
  7. Many of us do not want to be part of a larger federal state. And in 1975 the British people were never informed that this was the ambition of certain people in the establishment. We ALL thought that we were voting for membership of a Trading Block. O.K we were well and truly conned. Come 2016 and we thought “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me”. we want our sovereignty back. That’s why we voted for Briexit, so that we could make our own laws,control our boarders and leave the single market in order to take advantage of an ever increasing world trade.
  8. nontabury

    UK pensions

    Expect the numbers for India and Pakistan to greatly increase over the coming years. When this happens, there will be more pressure placed on the Government to upgrade all frozen pensions.
  9. Please supply a link, to show these figures are correct,and also proof that it’s the result of Brexit. Otherwise we can be forgiven into thinking it’s Another one of your made up scare stories.
  10. Come on think positive, after all you are an ex sprog, and I’m sure you don’t want to be like the remoaners,who always seem to be negative. There is but one certainty in life, the thinking British people will never accept the E.U.
  11. Oh, so they’ve had another referendum in Nth Ireland, Well that’s news to me.
  12. So you beleive in the media and the scare stories from the remainers. Well thankfully the Majority had the ability to think for themselves.
  13. Fair enough, I’ll Support another referendum in 2057.
  14. I think you’re correct, as he is the most knowledgeable Brit, regarding how the E.U is mismanaged. It’s just a pity that remainer Teresa May din’t appoint N.F. as the chief Briexit negotiator. I wonder why.
  15. I understand your reasons for moving from London to England.