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  1. ThaiTrav

    Desperately Seeking: Owner Of Victory Monument

    Whos been spending money on its upkeep??
  2. ThaiTrav

    Order threatens Bangkok’s charm

    Do you honestly believe Thais will listen to what Farangs think or recommend???? Of course not !! Why waste your breath, what you or I think is irrelevant, they know everything !
  3. ThaiTrav

    Inmates clean Pattaya sewers

    garbage .....sorry
  4. ThaiTrav

    Inmates clean Pattaya sewers

    another brilliant idea , picking all the garage and litter up around the place . Then round up all the street strays for the markets!
  5. emmmm.I was thinking like putting the 3 stooges theme under it!!!!
  6. Was that a person or elephant??
  7. ........"and this is the sort of person enforcing the thai laws......unbelievable ,the clown uniform would be far more appropriate dress. From the hand movements whats goin on go left ,right ,up down ??? Is this a fit?? The other members of the force of course consider this perfectly acceptable and normal ,meanwhile the numbers of deaths on thai roads are at there highest peak even to say worlds no1 most deadliest. Easy to see why. Great to see the Thai government cracking down with such serious actions to the problem . Thank god my kids arent growing up in an area where policing and administrating directions to save lives are taken with such seriousness!
  8. What about the health of all visitors who frequent bars and restaurants and nightclubs I see no smoking ban there and the're all confined spaces unlike the beach! ..............................bunch of muppets!
  9. In reality sure its a mess but when all the stuff is picked up it is not so bad , yes clean reset the bed and micro clean the areas where liquids have been spilt . I think the initial shock is far greater than the actual damage as I had the same done to me only in Western countries we had carpet which had to be replaced but apart from all the rubbish and shit which can be picked up and disposed of there is nothing that can't realy be easily fixed , sofa curtains fridge ....what else . Peraps the landlord will be more astute to the quality of his tennant . Admittedly 30k is off the wall .I had a 3 bed with 3 ensuite 9k /mth . 20 but be creeping up but 30k can rent a whole house !!! 30k for that small refined space obvious they were oblivious to the thousands of rental bargains out there. Perhaps the tennants were expecting a rubbish removal service that they thought came with the letting!
  10. ThaiTrav

    Why is Songkran disliked by so many Expats?

    First time in Pattaya Songkran enjoyed and ever since then 5 later , Now hate it with a passion!!!! Would be so nice if just a calm polite wet not a dangerous loud soaking . I have lost 3 good people to the stupidity of this festival I think its developed out of control , Why cant it be done in one or 2 blocks where the idiots can be idiots 24 hrs if they like why disrupt other decent folk whom dont share the same idiosy. Love great tunes but man I can't get myself anywhere round the menotinous beat and horns sounding garbage they dance to.It is "[email protected]##$$5!!!! Top it off with the your empty headed stupid mentality the looks and motions and drunkedness ,the deaths and you start to realize just how wired differently the people of this place really is . I am of the belief that this race of polluting self centered selfish and most of all STUPIDITY can never change for anything better and I am really saddened to say that . It cant change as the majority don't and no fault of their own have any education to know any better. But on the other side some folk enjoy the wild lawlessness side and who cares if people die or get injured.
  11. ThaiTrav

    Road safety rules now in full force

    Hey Bad news for those folk hoping to get and wear one of the new electronic bracelets that are in fashion this songkran. The Govt underestimated the number ordered only 5000 and rumour has it that around 2700 were snapped up on the first day of issue by now there are only few left to be handed out only to those who manage to blow highest scores. So cheers and usual driving everything back to normal!
  12. ThaiTrav

    Road safety rules now in full force

    Think of all the easy revenue they are missing????