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  1. Probably just discussing which ones going to play the girl!!
  2. They have to go to the scene and do the reinactment so they fully understand what went on!!!!
  3. Don't you think considerable speed may have been a attributing factor as a car doing 60 - 70 k surely wouldn't have propelled that far in with a force to tip it. So sad to see this thai society so backward in their attitude to road use and safety!
  4. Yep Keith I agree with you , I have seen 3 blow up in my time here ,One was opposite Lucifer night club when walking street was quite active about 8pm ,The noise and sparks hot metal frightened everyone . another went off near the condo I lived in on cosy beach hill 6am ,I swear the ground shook. Whats in them that makes them explode?? Doesn't seem to occur in western world least I never heard of it. You would think being bomb like they should be caged or well away from the public . Imagine walkin pissed one night and having that go off above you it does appear to be a common occurance .
  5. Quite obviously not fast enough!!!
  6. I don't get your post either . Thailand beaches are already a dump pit!!!!!
  7. Are you still allowed to breathe here???? Or is that a crime too??
  8. Hey thats the answer a great idea!! They should put the prices well up , that will cut the numbers going there give them less work and have more or least same amount of revenue to fix stuff! not that they really do fix in reality but it should least line the same pocket whilst solving their overcrowding problem . Obviously is too affordable as is.
  9. Bangkok soon to be a megacity

    I thought Bangkok was supposedly sinking and was predicted to be underwater in years to come ? mabey they're setting it up for the fish or diving community!
  10. Four months smoke free!!!

    Yes well done!
  11. 5000 = $160 approx way too light being American they had the opportunity to fine 50,000baht which would have been more the appropriate rate plus the owner could then afford a new wall painted. What a joke! yes i agree kick them out r suffer a strict penalty, this country jus aint got it!!!!!
  12. In Muppetland anything and everything is possible!
  13. Who pays for the chicken stock????