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  1. Anyone this neurotic was going to do it sooner or later. Life is tough. I wonder how she made it this long.
  2. I don't like Cher as a person and I don't like most of her music. However, I think she is a really good actress. I will give her that.
  3. We will just have to wait and see.
  4. I hated the beginning and only watched about 15 minutes of it. I hardly ever do that. The one that actually won the Oscar was much better, but, to me, it did not deserve it. IMO, it won only because of political correctness. There were much better films last year.
  5. The beautiful, feminine, available girls are number one, but the charismatic people, natural beauty and so on help too.
  6. Doesn't look miserable to me. He just looks like he is not smiling.
  7. I concur and I enjoy both lead actors.
  8. When I joined in 2004, SBK was just a regular member. Doctor Patpong was the most famous mod back then.
  9. In general, I don't like James Bond movies for some reason (too silly?), but Sean Connery seemed like the coolest James Bond and I actually enjoyed Pierce Brosnan in the role for some reason. Those were the only ones I watched since I was a child.
  10. Loved The Grifters. Not crazy about Blue Velvet.
  11. The old one with David Bowie? I liked it, but the book was even better. Whitley Streiber wrote it before he went crazy and started claiming to have been anally probed by aliens. He was a major talent up until then.
  12. Who cares how many wives he has had? In Thailand you can get away with it. Back home, you would have to be very rich. Up to him.
  13. I have lent money to a good number of Thai women and been paid back. However, I was their employer at the time, so that made it harder not to return the money. They could have just quit though and I could not have done much about it. I only did it if I was willing to lose the money, but I never did.
  14. Google it. I have found it before.
  15. Have no problem with it as long as no animals are harmed.