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  1. That happened to me with my passport going from Cambodia to Vietnam - only the guy never turned it over. He obviously had no idea what it said. That was back in the early 90s when Cambodia was still really wild.
  2. It is is very different from the old days. It is still owned by John (last I new), but his brother became a politician and he had to change the format from Go-Go to a regular bar. I think some of the girls still "go" with customers, but not sure if they are supposed to.
  3. Up and down, but all the best parts were in Thailand and traveling around SEA.
  4. The prettiest ladyboy I ever saw worked at John's Place in Chiang Mai. She had been the headliner at a famous cabaret show before that. She did not even try to speak like a girl, but was so good-looking she had plenty of boyfriends anyway. I remember one old hand who had seemed impervious to Thai women until he saw her and then professed to be "in love". I don't know if he scored or not or what happened to either of them.
  5. I remember before, during it being built and after. It really was wonderful when it first got going and was never crowded.
  6. Hookers used to always want to do it in the old days. Not sure about now. I stopped doing it pretty quickly as it makes it obvious what they are. I could not care less, but other Thais are going to look at them funny.
  7. When I had a business, a farang flashed some of the shop-girls. We had CCTV, but his back was to the camera. We called the police and they refused to arrest him, because we had no pictures of his actual weeny.
  8. Sounds like Sleep Apnea, but more extreme.
  9. I don't think I knew Dennis Brown, but I remember stories about him in the old days and I certainly remember those sticks. Didn't he have a farang woman for his partner?
  10. That was my point. However, so few idiots do it that it is just something that you have to put up with. Luckily, it was only a few times a week. Most people are considerate.
  11. None of them are really acceptable, but it is probably the connotation with slavery that makes nigger so offensive.
  12. I had a business mostly directed at Westerners with fixed prices and numerous signs posted pointing it out. I never had any problem with Thais try to bargain, but the occasional farang would argue and argue about it and it was always items that I could easily sell for their marked price. It was one of the most annoying things about having a business in Thailand.
  13. NO ONE should use it and that includes blacks.
  14. Not to me. He was killing people's beloved pets. IMO, he deserved worse than he got.
  15. Thais - in general - can't tell the difference between white people, so they must think we are all dumb.