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  1. Ulysses G.

    Flavored grek yogurt in Chiang Mai

    They have some good brands of locally natural yogurt with Acidophillus at Rimping. I'm not willing to pay 3 times as much for imported Greek yogurt and do not like it anymore than the regular stuff anyway.
  2. Ulysses G.

    What are your eating habits? Lifestyle?

    My experience is that it's not so simple. My childhood dinner table conversations often had different opinions being put forward on a variety of scientific topics by my father, a world acclaimed Biochemist and his friends which included people at the top of their fields whom quite a few we're Noble prize winners. Even using the same study results they would come to different conclusions and had no trouble intelligently, to put it mildly, argue deep into the evening. You might have a point. I guess that nothing is for sure, but, if the preponderance of scientific evidence says that MSG only bothers a very small number of people, that too much salt causes high blood pressure or that too much saturated fat is bad for the heart, IMO, it is worth listening to.
  3. Ulysses G.

    What are your eating habits? Lifestyle?

    I have a similar story, but my one time was after eating airline food on a trip from Thailand to Nepal. On the other hand, I have freinds who claim to get it after going to some of the best Western restaurants in Chiang Mai.
  4. Ulysses G.

    What are your eating habits? Lifestyle?

    You can't prove anything you want with real scientific studies. You can "prove" anything you want if you rely on opinionated nuts with their own agenda and a website to promote it.
  5. Ulysses G.

    What are your eating habits? Lifestyle?

    I agree that microwaving does not destroy nutrients any more than other cooking methods and so do most scientists. The real culprit for lost nutrition isn't how you heat veggies, but how much water you use. Boiling and pressure-cooking cause nutrients to leach out of veggies and into the cooking water. Most scientists also agree that MSG is only a problem for a tiny percentage of the population and that a gluten-free diet is used to treat celiac disease and that most other people who avoid it are deluding themselves because avoiding gluten is fashionable right now.
  6. Ulysses G.

    What are your eating habits? Lifestyle?

    There are tons of places selling Thai vegetarian food here for 30 baht for 3 dishes and brown rice. They are about as healthy as you can get (other than the oil and the non-organic factor).
  7. Ulysses G.

    where too now ?

    I agree on Archer's Sunday Roast. Their English breakfast is also one of the best in town and the price is right.
  8. I always tell him that it would be easy to get a job, because he speaks English so well. He usually loses interest in me after that.
  9. Ulysses G.

    Number of tourists in CM in September

    I have always thought that the end of August and month of September is the slowest time of year for middle class Western tourists. However, I am not sure that it is the case with Chinese tourists and they are a big presence these days.
  10. He used to bother the businesspeople on my street a few years ago. If you did not give him money, he would do a little ceremony out front afterwards. I always got the feeling that he was casting some sort of a curse.
  11. I would say closer to 20 and his English was really good when he first started. He knows me and always asks for money although I have never given him any. He is harmless, but annoying if you realize what he is up to.
  12. Ulysses G.

    Pun Pun restaurant at Wat Suan Dok closed

    I'm glad to see it was not a permanent closing. I am much more impressed by the atmosphere than the food, but I know that a lot of people love the place.
  13. No. That is because prices are going up.
  14. Ulysses G.


    They are trying to attract foreign customers. It has nothing to do with other shops.
  15. Ulysses G.

    Rice Pudding

    I'm not a rice pudding expert, but Butter is Better's tastes good to me. The chocolate pudding is good too.