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  1. The original series is the only one that did it for me.
  2. Out of date topics

    I wish they would have kept the "cheapest farang in Bangkok" thread open. The one where one guy monopolized a seat in one of the Emporium restaurants (the Oriental coffee shop?) and did all kinds of crazy stuff. I always wondered what happened to him.
  3. They cost $15. to watch at a theater where I live. I'm afraid I don't have lot of empathy for the movie industry. They may not make the same huge profits they did before, but they do OK.
  4. I thought "Get Out" was OK, but don't understand its popularity.
  5. Would a good girl do that?

    Give her a cigarette and she would fit the bill.
  6. Would a good girl do that?

    Depends on the girl. They are all different. However I don't know why anyone would want their girlfriend to dress like a slut in public. At home is a different story.
  7. IHOP Says Opening at Siam Paragon on April 16

    Lots of good stuff on there. I also like British breakfasts though.
  8. I was like that when I was young. I only liked white women (there was nothing else where I grew up). However, after living in Miami for a few weeks, I changed my tune. Cuban women are really hot. It took a few few years until I became attracted to Asians, but never turned back after that.
  9. IMHO, a Jingthinger experience would have to involve something Jewish and gay. Otherwise, it just wouldn't work.
  10. No word for it, but the only thing I can think of would be some powerful psychedelic drug that I might want to try just once - DMT - or an unattractive women that intrigues me for some reason, but I know I will never go back.
  11. I like it. I am guilty of sometimes saying thank you in English AND Thai when talking to Thai people, just to sure I am polite.
  12. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    That is VERY unlikely. Pharmaceutical heroin costs almost nothing to produce. Good quality weed requires a lot of cash investment.
  13. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    It is somewhat true. One can overdose, but on regulated heroin that would be easy to avoid as one would be sure of the dose. The other main concern would be how one took the drug as infections are very possible with a needle unless done in a sterile manner. However, all in all heroin is much less dangerous to long term health than alcohol if used responsibly.
  14. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    Tell that to someone puking their guts out for days when going through cold turkey.
  15. Drug addicts could be given heroin to stop them stealing

    Gambling is not a physical addiction. Opiates are. There is a big difference.