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  1. Ulysses G.

    I think I ate red ants by mistake.....

    The chalk works and so do the little houses with poisoned food that they bring back to their nests and kill the whole colony. The houses usually get rid of them for quite a while. Maybe better to avoid both if you have pets though.
  2. I am in America. You can get in trouble for downloads, but not for streaming, so I stick to that.
  3. I added it almost immediately - before you claimed to have clicked on it and formed your opinion.
  4. I posted an article which you dismissed because you didn't like the source. You did not even mention the study in your scholarly critique. I only linked directly to the study a few minutes ago. You should not comment on things you haven't read.
  5. I'm sure you studied the scientific evidence closely in the 7 minutes since it was posted.
  6. Ulysses G.

    Anthony Bourdain

    He wrote some excellent books. I have a feeling I would not like the guy if I knew him, but there is no disputing his talent.
  7. Then click directly on the scientific study link - nothing to do with the Daily Caller. https://www.thenewatlantis.com/publications/number-50-fall-2016
  8. Facts don't care about your feelings. There are only two genders. http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/22/journal-transgenderism-not-supported-by-scientific-evidence/ However, I reject any any notion that a "transgender" woman or man should be rejected a job because they are transgender too.
  9. Ulysses G.

    Keto and Back

    I bet he still has to severely limit his carbs though. There is no cure for diabetes. It sounds like he arrested the disease.
  10. Ulysses G.

    Can a foreigner become a monk in Thailand ?

    I've met Phra Peter Pannapadipo numerous times. A nice guy. I always thought the monks he is talking about - begging for money and food - are usually Chinese.
  11. Ulysses G.

    Anthony Bourdain

    I am watching one with him in Burma right now. It is the only country in South East Asia that I have not explored thoroughly, so enjoying it. I have been to the border town across from Mai Sai numerous times, but not the real Burma, I can tell.
  12. More like she will not be able to forget it. Amphetamines are very powerful stimulants. I wonder why they would have given then to her, Speed would not make her more compliant.