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  1. If movies and TV shows have people smoking as much as they did back then, it just looks weird to those of us who did not experience it. Smoking in elevators. Smoking in restaurants. Hard to believe hardly anyone complained at the time.
  2. EVERY recent president has campaigned on moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and then ignored their promise. Say what you want about Donald Trump. He keeps his campaign commitments. The man has balls.
  3. When I first came to Thailand in the late 80s most of the bargirls smoked, but I don't think it is stylish anymore. Part of the reason is probably the laws have changed and they can't do it in the bars to look "cool".
  4. Poster of the year.

    Jingthing's legacy.
  5. Thailand or Philippines? Who has been to both?

    They bought food from the vendors who wandered through the train at different stops. Pretty good quality and dirt cheap.
  6. Not to be Forgotten

    Me too and about the same time.
  7. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    I owned a restaurant for a while and a competitor used to post terrible reviews to boost his own business and they were so bad it was really obvious. He got arrested for murdering someone and the bad reviews stopped completely. I never trusted Trip Advisor much after that.
  8. Thai Embassy issues travel warning for Jerusalem

    The Palestinians only want Jerusalem because it is so important to the Jews. Jews have been living in Jerusalem continuously for three thousand years.They have constituted the largest single group of inhabitants there since the 1840s. Jerusalem contains the Western Wall of the Temple Mount - the holiest site in Judaism and Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab entity. In fact, it never served as a provincial capital under Muslim rule. The Palestinians are never going to get more than a small part of it and likely not that.
  9. Carls Jr Central

    I lived near the West coast HQ for a while. I remember CJ being much better when I was young. I tried In and Out burger once a few years ago and was not crazy about that either. I think old age must have affected my taste bud as I don't like a lot of fast food that I liked before. I can't stand cheap candy and snacks, but still like plenty of the higher quality stuff. Too bad, because it is mor expensive to eat.
  10. Hanoi – The Cheapest Way To Travel

    I lived there a while ago. It does get chilly, but not every day. I remember going swimming on Christmas and again at New Years, but it was cold in between. You should definitely bring a jacket. I don't remember rain at this time of year, but it was a long time ago.
  11. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    I see your point, but I have met a few that love living here. One was management at AUA many years ago and was quite attractive, intelligent and lots of fun. She ended up marrying a Thai movie star half her age and they seemed to get along splendidly.
  12. Hanoi – The Cheapest Way To Travel

    I think Restaurant Bobby Chin is near there. He does a lot of fusion food and it is excellent. However, he is really famous now, so not sure about the prices. His first restaurant was in the condo next to the Hanoi Hilton restaurant and it was about $5. for an amazing meal, but that was 20 years ago and he was not known internationally yet.
  13. Poster of the year.

    Transam is good. Tutsi Warrior is another deserving party.
  14. I found that sucking on one Tums or Rolaids - calcium carbonate - when I had it would usually make it go away. I had friends bring them from overseas. Another help for me is using a small amount of coconut oil in my coffee - 1 tsp. It stops it from being acidic and does not bother my stomach at all, even on an empty stomach. Coffee use to really bother me. My reflux has gone away pretty much completely without drugs over a period of time.