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  1. Ulysses G.

    More staff issues ,be warned

    Nothing wrong with treating employees well. However, make sure they deserve and appreciate it.
  2. I'm guessing that is the same one that was teaching there around 30 years ago when I learned Thai. It K. Malee still there? She raised exotic cats with her farang husband (Ed?).
  3. Ulysses G.

    Cat finds bag of 'cocaine and heroin' and brings it home

    I had a cat that jumped up on the counter and pissed directly on a gram of excellent cocaine while staring into my eyes. That can never pissed anywhere but its kitty-litter box at any other time, so it sure seemed deliberate. It was actually my girlfriend's cat, so maybe something to do with jealousy? ?
  4. Didn't know this brand was well-known internationally - was never tempted to try it.
  5. Ulysses G.

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    I never had a pork-chop in Thailand that tasted like the real thing (in America). They tasted like pork, but without the unique taste that pork-chops have at home.
  6. Just like the Thailand-hating expats on this forum. I hardly ever meet people like this in real life.
  7. No. We don't. We usually get the dregs when it comes to long-term relationships. Thais always laugh at us about picking "ugly women" and - in general - they have a point, but I would say "plain" is closer to the truth.
  8. Laos has to import a lot of things from Thailand. They do not produce much themselves.
  9. Ulysses G.

    Retired foreign couples, do they exist in Thailand?

    Thai Visa Poster of the Year Nancy L. and her husband pretty much fit the bill, although they could be a little younger. They might not bother with a car though. I think they have a local driver.
  10. Ulysses G.

    Good news for Taco Bell fans in Bangkok

    It was Taco Time. Taco Bell is better.
  11. Ulysses G.

    Landlords caught on camera demanding sex in return for free rent

    If both parties consent, who cares? ?
  12. Ulysses G.

    33% of Japanese Men in Survey Prefer Sitting Down While Peeing

    Older guys often can not control their urine flow. This prevents accidents.
  13. I agree, but sometimes you find one who is a looker for being 33.
  14. Maybe, but better than almost any bread in Thailand, cheap and easy to find. Paris would be better.