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  1. Trailer Park Boys remind me of the Three Stooges - in a much more modern setting.
  2. To me, the Western food in Bangkok is decent, but almost never great. However, compared to mediocre restaurants in California, the ones in Thailand can be a better deal. There are reasonably priced restaurants in America that are exceptional, but they are few and far between.
  3. All this stuff was situation normal when I first moved to Thailand in the 1980s and everyone knew it. It sure took a long time to start affecting powerful Thai men.
  4. The Big Kahuna was the name of a REALLY good movie with Danny Devito and Kevin Spacey - well worth finding if you have never seen it.
  5. I agree with you and most Thai women I meet think that same thing. However, in my case, I like both and often prefer white skin. I never liked it until I lived in Thailand for a while, but it usually looks really nice, not sickly like on some Western girls.
  6. Anyone want to explain how it is better than streaming from a site like 123.movies? I hate having to download an app. to watch.
  7. I have to admit that I am getting old. That looks like over-kill of fat and meat to me. I would have loved it back in my 20s. I would prefer a smaller burger with really good quality beef these days.
  8. I am VERY impressed. I have met many celebrities through working in luxury hotels but - other than Mohamed Ali - none as famous as those. Also, I am a big Beatles fan and Led Zeppelin too. Jimmy Hendrix was never a favorite, but still pretty cool.
  9. I like the ones with rice mixed in. They taste good and are lower in saturated fat.
  10. That means that I actually have something that makes me interesting to them. At my age, that is nothing to complain about.
  11. If I remember correctly, didn't Janis Joplin "get lucky" with Tutsi once upon a time? Seems like I remember that rumor from the olden days on Thai Visa.
  12. I have adopted numerous cats and dogs that wondered in off the street. The first thing we did is bring them to the doctor for medical care and to prevent them from having babies. Without exception, they became faithful and loving companions. I do not understand why anyone would prefer that strays starve to death instead of being provided with food. Usually they are in that situation because of an irresponsible human being.
  13. I can't help it. I know tattoos are fashionable these days, but I hardly ever see anyone whose appearance is improved by them. I usually just feel sorry for people wearing them, because, for most people, it decreases their opportunities. For a guy who wants to come across as a criminal or a tough guy, they might help, but even the military has restrictions on them these days. For women, unless it is something tiny or they are a rockstar, IMO, it is nothing but a liability.
  14. I am no expert, but from what I understand, a lot of them have different missions from each other and some are best at that particular mission. The SAS and the Seals are the most famous, but not necessarily the "best". Personally, I am partial to the USMC Force Recon - they beat the hell out of me in boot camp!