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  1. seems agents are again allowed to assist with getting a license. am heading up to Cambodia in july for elections, will use the Surin ( Osmach) crossing
  2. head to Myanmar and sample Yangon for a few days...
  3. phuketrichard

    Seek Cheapest Option to Establish a Utility Account

    HUH: i purchase things online all the time ( sing scb card and my US credit cards) both thru lazada, amazon and ebay. Never needed to show anything in the way of where i live, other than provide a billing, shipping address.
  4. Omni towers up soi 4, https://www.omnibangkok.com/en/ serviced apt with kitchens,aircon, internet and pool
  5. NOPE< He needs to now fly to Laos ,Cambodia, Burma etc and hope they will grant him the visa, He CANT return to Thailand as that would void his working status, ( assuming he has a wp which is only valid with a non B visa/extension) and he would need start all over. Drag but....
  6. phuketrichard

    Seek Cheapest Option to Establish a Utility Account

    electric bill goes to the house owner.. Water bill- no idea, never had one in Phuket :- get a local cable set up and than cancel Most internet u need sign a contract for a year...HD prime no bill, but u need internet to sign up ( can use it on ur laptop so dont need a android box) Online payment ? i use my scb atm card for online payments ( airlines, lazada, etc) Drivers license??
  7. phuketrichard

    Re Entry Permit at Airport Without Air Ticket Onward ?

    at phuket, where they issue the re entry permit, is AFTER immigration so ...
  8. phuketrichard

    Trip from Nong Khai to Chiang Rai by car

    yes, have done it a few times an will be dong it again in July, but opposite the below. forget google times!!! for the route i do u'll need rent a car, or a car and driver for a few days, but well worth it. but from loei take the road that follows the Mekong ( 1268- 1123-1243-1162-101 )to nan head north on the 1080-1148 to Chiang kham- than the 1210 to the 1093, stay the night at Phu Chi Fa, an see the most fantastic sunrise in Thailand ( if its not raining) than up to Chiang Khong-Chiang Rai In the whole north i dont think i ever pay more than 800 baht /night
  9. above is the one i always use,+get my insurance thru them, after they give me the certificate ,zip down to the office and get my yearly sticker.
  10. phuketrichard

    money questions

    $$ is the defacto currency, U'll only use Riel for small things and get it back if ur change is less than a $1(apx 4,000 riel=$1) Bring $$ or take them from any atm ( charges $5 or so + ur bank charges, Money changers in all tourist cities will change most currencies. 95% of atm cards work.
  11. if u have ur booking ticket with you and a good reason why your leaving, you can get by with 45 days in advance..
  12. phuketrichard

    Motorcycle-Tour from Cambodia to Thailand

    1st, bike need be in his name, so he needs the registration book in his name if not he wont be able to leave Cambodia,much less get into Thailand
  13. phuketrichard

    Phnom Penh Nightlife?

    there dozens and dozens of hotels on the riverside, (checkout the map on agoda.com) street 90 all the way to the Palace, Being on the riverside in the early evening is great,all the khmers are out walking, people selling food, people doing aerobics and its very pleasant, take a sunset cruise for less than $10. Friday/Saturday night market upon street 108 and riverside