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  1. Naga new year 2017

    anyone know if its same this jan ( 2018) in Lahe?? no permits needed? fly into Khamti and 4 wd up ( i was in Khamti in 2016) dont want do tour so can sleep in wat or small GH's
  2. for re entry; u need deal with the farang volunteers first ;-( to get ur # thats why takes more time
  3. Cambodia Hat Lek parking my car.

    one thing i learned on driving in Cambodia, take ur front plate off, as they dont know its a thai car coming (plenty of rhd cars) and after u have passed , who cares :-) also if they ask for ur license SHOW them, but dont give it to them ( will cost ya more to get it back)
  4. What is Loei like to visit?

    Nice town, nice province, make sure u go up to Chiang Khan on the mekong for a night.
  5. awwww, poor boy. sometimes you need to do things to make life easier.
  6. some people just dont understand sarcasm.
  7. it is exactly the same as getting a wp for anyone. MY Cambodian gf had a wp same as an American. had to jump thru all the same hoops.
  8. you are soooo far wrong, its TWO VISA EXEMPT LAND ENTRIES/CALENDAR YEAR If u have a 1 year non B or O or ed visa u can enter as much as u like ( same goes for valid METV) same goes for if u have a 1 year extensions and have valid re entry permit!!
  9. plus," i couldn't read it, why didn't they write it in Thai?"??
  10. I used to do that, but now only need 2 re entries/year or so and as u can get a re entry at the international airports before u depart, makes no sense to waste the money
  11. been getting them for 14 years here in Phuket, never needed anyone with me
  12. i had a 30 year lease on the house i built, it ran like 2 pages LOL plus my lease was registered at the land office plus my name was in the back of the Taam Bien Baan
  13. I'm in CM, how to book Thai hotel?

    HUH::: i have the same email ALL over the world, nobody can tell by ur email where or who u are. IF u book the thai price ( sometimes agoda,booking.com) run specials for THAI's. when u show up they wont give give you that price, UNLESS ur thai.