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  1. Cham Yeam/Hat Lek IO scam

    last entry, with my thai car was last dec, Paid $30, no questions asked for more They do always ask my Cambodian gf for 100 baht to enter her own country. LOL
  2. my Name on utility bill

    mine is as well on the last page (page 18) but it needs be on the first page to get the electric in ur name Tried it for my house Yellow taam bien is not used for electric bill ( or so i was told)
  3. Phuket property glut?

    NICE joke, drive around, see all the EMPTY, half finished shop houses, condos, see the TERRIBLE traffic over Patong hill ( as now instead of 1 big bus they are replaced with 6 mini bus's) which will get much worse when the high season gets here. Traffic between Kamala and patong really bad now> drive the kathu- bypass road to Tesco and look at the 100's of shop houses empty Yes new central mall due to open, which means the current number of shoppers (just cause a new mall opens does not mean more shoppers), will have Twice as many places to not spend their baht. Could go on and on... PS Jan 23 2016 to oct 14th is NOT 2 1/2 years 55555
  4. my Name on utility bill

    he asked about a house NOT a condo
  5. my Name on utility bill

    water bill yes electric No taan bien baan, MUST be in ur name which as a farang cant be , so even if ur married no Cable Yes Internet yes
  6. Advice needed for a trip to Angkor Wat

    I went thru Poi pet in may, no problem in or out Tuk tuk for travels around Angkor Wat is $15-20/day Plenty of places to stop and eat chicken, cat fish and sticky rice and and buy cold water around the temples ( it gets hot walking around) DO go to the EXCELLENT Korean built Museum BEFORE you head to Angkor DO buy the book, "Ancient Angkor" in a shop or from one of the kids for $5-10 USE US$$$$ ATM's feed out $$, get $290 or something so u get smaller bills (SCB charges 100 baht /withdrawal) FLY air asia, pay 60 baht extra and get a seat closer to the front and ur off the plane to immigration to buy ur visa DO take a trip on the Tonle sap lake out to Kampong Phluk This is the OFFICIAL site for visa online: https://www.evisa.gov.kh/ $36+ CC charge lived in Cambodia back in 2008/09 and have been traveling there since 2002 at least once/year. Many times drive my thai plated car in
  7. Advice needed for a trip to Angkor Wat

    1. yes ,100 baht /day secured parking on the right side 200 meters before the border. 2.not sure about bus's, but taxi's run all day for $25-40 (2-2 1/2 hours) 3.Thai Baht ONLY in Poi Pet, in SR ( and the rest of the country) you want US$$$ 4. not sure 5. visa on arrival for Cambodia is $30 DON'T talk to anyone or allow anyone to tell you otherwise or suggest to help you. (it will cost ya :-) )
  8. Camping Vehicle for Two in Thailand?

    only campers i have seen around Thailand had Chinese or foreign plates on them I had a VW vanagon in the states and loved it
  9. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    have stayed in 30-40 different hotels/gh's throughout Myanmar (price range 5,000 kyat to $75) have yet to have an in room safe :-) My passport stays with me always/ as to all places accept tourists, well i travel alot in country and dont just stay in the big cites (and its wrong for you to assume 99% of people do) an more than once i have been refused to check in places and not just back packer places.
  10. patong immigration still closed?

    they can do 90 day reports & re entry permits, ( if u fit into their requirements and ALL ur paperwork is in order++) and also issue certificate of residency ( at a cost) for getting drivers license or buying a bike or car.
  11. patong immigration still closed?

    open, but for anyone on a long term visa/extension, best avoid and use Phuket town.
  12. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    true, not all hotels can take non Burmese.
  13. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    been 6 times in the last 3 years from the far north ( khamti) to the far south ( Kwathoung) east (lashio) to west (Chin state) and have been asked for my passport at some northern airports and buying tickets for boat travel , and a few checkpoints ( i traveled by motorcycle) also u need show it whenever u check into a hotel http://phuket.zenfolio.com/f125862719
  14. Bring back Slurpees
  15. Is is safe to visit Myanmar as a tourist

    For Mrauk U the airport is in Sittwe, you need travel by water or land ( 3-4 hours) to get there. But its safe, if it was not you would NOT be allowed to travel there