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  1. next time get a thai id card and pay monthly>>>> i have always brought the modem ( usually less than 700 baht) i love their customer service, always helpful and fast.( Phuket) 1 year contract means u agree to pay for one year, why would u expect a refund?
  2. Good tv series

    i'm enjoying "good behavior"
  3. Patong - The Wake

    i live here ( and have been since 1996, yes its changed, but "raped" far from it, its still 10x nicer than Kata, Karon or Patong. with no 3-4 story shop houses lining the whole main road, Still 75% of the people living here were born here, still a small village feel and the locals smile at you. BUT we have 7 7/11''s, a big c, tesco, various mini marts, some decent restaurants, and a few lady bars, 2 days a week night market, 2 days a week day market, still can see trees and green grass and the mtns.
  4. Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    why?? if u pay for express service its MORE than getting it online.... good for the 3 mainland borders and 3 airports https://evisa.moip.gov.mm/ 75% of embassies, its apply in the morning, pick up next afternoon
  5. are ALL these surveys only done on sukumvit road? i was asked once for a survey at Silom center, by a bunch of cute thai uni students, but it was years ago
  6. so they stopped people and the first question asked was "are you a tourist, or do you live here?" if u answered, you live here, they moved on.
  7. i'm American and i am happy here so count me. 5555 not one person asked lives here??
  8. so you get the proper documents...whats the big deal?? on the link you gave it shows exactly what is needed, how much easier can it get?? its no different documentation than Laos requires for Thai registered vehicles now because so many motorcycles have been rented in CM and taken into Laos and sold
  9. 9 Things i wish i knew before going to Myanmar

    read the first two and as they BOTH were incorrect, didn't read anymore
  10. so just send one of ur staff over with the car, they can enter as many times as they wish by land... ur complaining but ur in a unique situation as ur a Farang living in Laos wanting to get cheap ,quality goods from Thailand. as above, does not affect the laos people or laos businesses, ONLY Farangs choosing to live in Laos ( of which i would think are not that many) yet take advantage of what thailand offers there not making any laws to stop legal trade. the new law charging 200 baht is only being discussed as of now
  11. Is this new for ThaiVisa

    BUT for a few days i got a pop up telling me i use adblocker. (i know that as hate ads) and to stop using it, Now i dont see that i get Lazada, poker sites and others popping up when i log onto my kick ass site i get that shit
  12. Laos Visa From Khon Kaen

    ahhhh BUT how would any of us know that?
  13. Laos Visa From Khon Kaen

    why? whats the purpose on stopping in KK? visa on arrival $30-40 only. 1,600 baht ( $48) is expensive
  14. why do u say this> train to Hpa-an- than shared taxi to the border( Mae Sot) Any agent in PP will be able to do 3 tourist visas and than no more Call or write Lucky lucky motorcycles on Monivong in PPand ask them before u head over I suggest you write or call Banana GH in Penang (there on Chula street) and ask them if they can do it or not, always found them very honest KL is not a good place to apply for a tourist visa