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  1. Please keep in mind,SOMETIMES thai immigration will not allow u back into thailand the same day u exit at Poi Pet
  2. phuketrichard

    Kanchanaburi border crossing

  3. you wont be able to board without a Myanmar visa.. what additional visa requirements? there are NO NEW visa requirements for Myanmar.get ur visa online
  4. get the ais fiber package.. 100 mbs 699 if u have a ais tel#
  5. phuketrichard

    I am Being Blackmailed and want to prosecute this Skank

    the op is one stupid SOB
  6. phuketrichard

    Phuket Immigration : Who can sign the TM30 ?

    was at Phuket immigration yesterday morning to get a re entry, Many people were trying to get their notification of residency, ( they didn't make me get a new one, even thou I had just returned from a trip to Cambodia) maybe 10% had a POA signed by the landlord and the rest were sent away. Get your paperwork together BEFORE you go to immigration BTW was in and out in 15 minutes this time !!!
  7. VERY sad, he was a nice guy and served good food knew him since Brian tried to rip hm off for the land back in 85 where K hotel is
  8. this makes no sense tome, why didn't u just stay one night in a hotel at the border> Note ONLY FLYING into sr do they enforce the stay 24 hour BS.. and it states below SR airport!! At poi pet if u enter Cambodia they will charge u 300 baht if u just want turn around and head back to thailand other borders.....no problem ITS NOT a law PS the also charge Khmers 100 baht to leave Cambodia.....:-)
  9. phuketrichard

    new rip off now at pattaya immigration

    need re entry permit
  10. works fine for phuket, I use chrome
  11. there are plenty of apps in google play store for English- Khmer spoken and written. i have one on my tablet and my Khmer gf understands the spoken write in english- read it in Khmer and hear it spoken in Khmer and vis vis Just back from a long trip thru Thailand/Cambodia by road, i find the locals in Cambodia outside the main areas as clueless about everything as the Thai's are Both are addicted to FB an social media
  12. phuketrichard

    Good tv series

    for ebooks try http://www.libgen.io/ I use an android box and AIS fiber 100mbs BUT am now getting speeds alot higher Only699/month!!! great for watching tv/movies using Supremacy, placenta, at the flicks.... addons
  13. I know, but as i was in Kep heading to Pattaya to exit at Pailin or poi pet would have meant a 10+ hour drive..via Phnom Pehn ;-( and than back down to patts
  14. fyi; Drove from Osmach to Kampong Chan- PP-Kep-Kampot-Kep- ( a few times),up Bokor mtn, Koh Kong exited from Camboida back to Thailand at Hat lek, NO problems except the roads are worse now than they were 2 years ago. Terrible in fact, to bad the Chinese are not giving someone some $$ to fix them. Was stopped at the border and told that since i entered at Osmach I need return to Osmach to leave, well i said they allowed me in so... anyway as i know that if u enter at KK u need pay 100 baht/day u keep ur car in Camboida so offered them 2,000 baht for my 20 days. OK you can go...:-).....ahh corruption is alive and well in Cambodia... u do not have a hassle if u leave at Pailn or Poi pet
  15. The beach is not nearly as nice as anywhere in Phuket,and off season ( now) there are rough waves, NO beach side bungalows but there plenty of $25-50 range up the road with air con, swimming pools,etc You can get fan bungalows ( think Samui 1975) on Rabbit island for under 300 baht.... I entered at Osmach, (no trouble) leaving Kep today back to Thailand via KK