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  1. ok cool; but he does not have his passport>> correct? how will he get an extension? An officer will meet him at immigration and allow him to apply for an extension? So ur saying an extension is granted if ur out on bail nowadays?? I am curious> was he released in Koh Tao or was he transferred to Samui?Does he need stay in Koh Tao?
  2. One of my ex partners was in jail in Phuket in 2015, while there, his visa expired, his passport expired.he was not allowed out to do anything. After his final court; was made to pay his fine, pay for his and an officers plane ticket to Bangkok, ( taxi to Oz embassy to pickup emergency travel doc ), Pay for his flight back to Oz. Have had more than few acquaintances not allowed out of jail to do extensions and all were deported after their court cases. everyone in jail here in thailand has a prison account.in Phuket you just visit the jail and say u wish to have xxx baht placed in the prisoners holding account which he can use for whatever inside
  3. to get a visa extension he NEEDS his passport
  4. totally untrue; had a gf once busted in pattaya back in 84, 2 joints, got fined 10,000 baht and 2 months in jail. Bail can ONLY be set by court NOT by Police, so in jail he sits till monday morn, ( at earliest) Court will be held in samui Hopefully the judge will have pity on him ( but dont expect it) an fine him and tell him to leave. Make sure you have someone willing to put money into his prison $$ account so he can get food and extras while he waits. Expect AFTER court and he pays his fine to be made to pay for an officer to accompany him to bangkok where he will be put in immigration jail before he is deported. Not to alarm you but,,,,https://kohphangannews.org/general-news/koh-phangan-island-big-trouble-in-tourist-thailand-1674.html
  5. as above, the fewer people involved the easier it is to pay and leave..Kho Tao police do this all the time... sure u can stand up for ur rights, ( say in jail till court pay for a lawyer, pay for bail, be released on bail and forced to remain in Thailand till ur court date, end up on overstay, ( cause u dont have a passport and cant get an extension) etc etc but why???
  6. good, they understand he wants to pay and thats what matters, tell him hang tight, be polite, smile and say he is sorry. as soon as he has paid, go get his things and leave the island if he cant change his ticket and fly right home, get a room and stay low key. no drinking, NO talking about this to anyone........ hopefully there wont be a next time...
  7. and some of us live here, know how it works and HAVE been or know someone that has been, in exactly the same situation>>> pay Up as soon as u can, once the courts, embassy, lawyers are involved, he will spend time in Jail, might have to remain in Thailand, ( and be on an overstay), do jail time with a small fine.... Is it all worth it??
  8. shift change,,,,as soon as he sees an officer tell him to speak softly and nice to him and say he is ready to pay... DONT sign anything as soon as he is released leave town
  9. PAY as fast as u can, the longer u leave it, the more people involved that need to make a % of the fine. BAIL to the police means "pay us and leave" DONT involve a lawyer!! Price will go up
  10. Once u get that response,,doubtful it will ever go thru. Its telling you, for whatever reason, to report in person.
  11. I have this, other than the letter from the US embassy declaring ur income, ( costs $50) they have NEVER asked for anything else.
  12. HMMMM just came back from shopping at villa in Chern Talay, Phuket, bill was 719.75 baht got 1 baht change :-)
  13. Recent drives into Cambodia ?

    of course they ask to see the original Blue book in thailand..( customs NOT Immigration) . They always do at every border......
  14. It was 15 years ago today.....

    Joined in 2004, seen lots of changes as moved to phuket in 85 so far have not been banned