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  1. its 1,700 baht in a bank draft....
  2. phuketrichard

    Considering move to siem reap from bkk after 12 years?

    been many times to sr, (last trip was in July) over the past 14 years after 3 days, enough an cant wait to get out, its very hot in the summer Lots of changes, few for the better, outside of better selection of western foods in the supermarket an restaurants, but its not nearly as inexpensive as Thailand, Pub street is like Khoan san road, so if u like that vibe u'll be ok. easy to find a 2-3bedroom house 10 minutes outside town for under 500 I am a water person so prefer Lazy Kep or 10 minutes outside Kampot on the river
  3. phuketrichard

    90-days-report online

    24/7 BUT immigration officials only work monday-friday 8:30-5
  4. phuketrichard

    No more official Honda dealership (Anupas) in Phuket

    I went in as had problems with my air con; I had replaced the fan up in nan and it was not working right, took it to Maliwan figuring , ok their a dealer they should know whta they are doing. They put double the amount of gas in and it still was bad, took the car to my neighborhood guy an he saw the fan was blowing the wrong way, He reversed the wires emptied the gas,( told me i was lucky the condenser didn't blow up) and put the right amount in and it all works fine i wont EVER take my car back to them PS:their parts prices are nearly 75% higher than honda
  5. phuketrichard

    MOBDRO not working

    as above, woke up, turned on to watch my news and got connection error. cant get any stations yet my box is fine. I cleared my cache (https://www.digitbin.com/fix-mobdro-live-stream-offline-not-working/) and now get "cant load data" anyone else tried here http://www.websitedown.info/mobdro.com just spins
  6. phuketrichard

    minibuses at airport going to Patong

    than go to option 2 :-) Flown into phuket airport many many times, always from getting off to the plane-thru immigration to outside never more than 30 minutes, ( no bags to pickup)
  7. phuketrichard

    minibuses at airport going to Patong

    take the smart bus to Patong, cheaper/faster than mini bus and he wont stop at a jewelry store of course if ur hotel is not on the main road, u'll need walk or take a tuktuk
  8. phuketrichard

    Stay in Myanmar on back-to-back tourist e-visas?

    u spent 500,000 on an elite visa and you dont even live here??The mind boggles AFAIK there is NO limit on the number if tourist visas u can get NOTE; next year u might be able to save the $50 https://www.irrawaddy.com/news/burma/first-tourists-arrive-new-free-visa-system-21-western-countries-added.html
  9. phuketrichard

    Passport lost

    already filed report.... get new photos go to embassy and get a new one. not that <deleted> difficult!
  10. phuketrichard

    Immigration Premium Lanes

    i have been using the old , handicapped, pregnant, monk immigration lane for years..
  11. its a house not a condo and I as a farang cant own land, correct? BUT ur saying i can own my house?
  12. no more than the info on my website
  13. phuketrichard

    Best place to winter in Thailand with a beach?

    winter time; nov- march, checkout some islands off of Trang, Satun
  14. ex communist camp in Phu Hin Rong Kla national park
  15. disagree, My name is in the blue book on page 18, I do not have PR status