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  1. wth!? i thought it was a brake check, but the pick-up actually reversed into the motorcycle. too bad mr JJ's dashcam has the video resolution of a potato.
  2. they should try lining up at their very own foreigners' immigration counter at KL. i spent 2 hours to get my entry stamp plus another 30 mins looking for my luggage that, due to the very long wait at the immigration, was already jammed with luggages from other flights.
  3. hardly. although there will be a crackdown on motogp racers who shame thailand's motorcyclists on social media.
  4. right. just ignored your racist assumption that i'm white. i'm simply tired of the raice-baiting and virtue signaling you seem to thrive on. losing interest in such doesn't make me a racist. racism only exists among racists. just ask Morgan Freeman.
  5. maybe similar to pavlov's bell?
  6. wrong. because i'm asian and color does not affect my decisions. i can see where you stand on racism. what a shame.
  7. when an article's title has the word black in it and starts with the word white, one just loses interest in reading the rest of it.
  8. when did this actually happen?
  9. they're probably most concerned about chinese visitors who flock to king power. as for the temple-pissing kind, they'd be happy to clobber them on the spot.
  10. irwinfc

    America's image worsens under Trump

    why single out trump? ALL americans are to blame for their worsening image.
  11. let bootlicking begin!
  12. irwinfc

    Asian Roads 014 Idiot on red light

    OP, both you and the motorcycle rider had clear view of each other but neither of you decided to give way. you say he crossed the red light. you entered the box at yellow. you should have waited for the next green to turn. as jesimps stated, it's always the bigger vehicle's fault on thai streets - stupid but true.
  13. irwinfc

    Man who gunned down teen driver gets 10 years

    by your logic, anyone who keeps a knife in the kitchen or a gun at home are murderers. the incident was premeditated because the engineer provoked the latter encounter, not because he kept a gun in his vehicle.
  14. not sure about that. it may just be darwinism at work.