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  1. irwinfc

    Safe or not?

    surely, he was just pulling your leg. it takes no more than 200 milliamps to kill an adult human being. being able to "measure" 5,000-13,000 milliamps with bare hands and survive, would be nothing short of amazing.
  2. they surely did a bad job with that map's legend
  3. more of these despicable daredevils! no helmet and not respecting right of way, yet he feels he had been wronged. these a-holes can never do wrong! sadly, thai laws don't help by protecting these cockroaches with the "larger-vehicle-is-always-at-fault" garbage.
  4. irwinfc

    Asking a Thai girl out

    just go ahead and take your chances
  5. special road safety measures are just a waste of time and money. just call in the yakuza to implement traffic rules. problem solved!
  6. great idea! but that would leave libbies with nothing to do
  7. just shut facebook down. no facebook, no meddling.
  8. only 7? there are about 50 of them there
  9. run the windows user experience (press and hold Windows key then press Pause/Break) then click where it says Windows Experience Index. let windows run the tests and you'll be able to see which component(s) is/are slowing your system down. another thing to look at is your current power plan. click on the battery/power icon on the system tray. your current setting might be all the way on the power saving scheme. good luck
  10. just let the process proceed as usual. if they do get fast-tracked because of their ordeal at the cave, imagine what others might do just to get the same treatment immigration-wise. they were trapped in a cave and the whole world is elated all of them made it out alive. they also deserve all the support to recover physically and psychologically, but i think that's as far as it should go. giving them extras, would send a bad precedence to people who just want some "attention".
  11. irwinfc

    DTAC is crazy- Explain for me?

    that is dumb move by DTAC. i get offers from AIS 2-3 weeks before my package expires. here's a tip if you want to get the most out of DTAC. call them up and tell them you want to cancel your subscription but you want to keep the number because you're switching to another network. then they'll start offering you insane packages just to keep you. if they don't bite, just go ahead and switch, AIS is so much better anyway.
  12. OP, stop using someone else's sim and get your own.
  13. irwinfc

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    you know it's sunday when you read something that's 50% gossip and 50% unrelated to the title.
  14. irwinfc


    i'm absolutely certain the tsunami hit thailand in 2004 (dec 26th if you must know the date).