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  1. Many Helping Hands

    Wednesday morning, I tripped on the sidewalk next to the Saphan Kwai BTS station, fell and bruised my leg. Several people came to my aid, then while sitting on the steps others brought medical supplies, peroxide, bandages, and distilled water for the wound, which was bleeding profusely. An employee of the local foot massage parlour came to assist me and with their help, I got to the nearby hospital, where the wound on my shin was treated. I wish to thank all those who came to my assistance and if possible, hope that someone can translate and post this message on a Thai site. This helps to disprove the many comments on this forum that Thais are uncaring and ignoring of foreigners.
  2. I submitted and one business day later it was approved. Now what?? I tried clicking on the 'view' button and only got a blank page - with or without the pop up blocker on. I see no signs of anything further to click on to get future dates as everyone seems to be talking about. I did not receive any emails from immigration either. If someone could please give me the actual return address from immigration, I can do a further search as I get so many emails it is difficult to search. Especially since my computer was in the shop for five days while I was down with the flu. There are over 240 pages of comments, kind of difficult to go through all of them to find one complete answer to the whole process - I did go through ten pages................ Thanks for your help.
  3. I am surprised that no news commentators have ever mentioned the worst aspect of pot smoking - the awful stench that it produces smells worse than three-week-old baby diapers full of poo. And it gets into the clothes of the smoker, making them smell worse than someone with body odor who has not taken a bath for three weeks. The rest of us who do not smoke this s--t are going to have to endure many hours of this crap. Not anywhere near as bad as alcohol, where we only smell the user after he has fallen down drunk in the street and we can just run a street sweeper over them to clean them up a bit. Should be banned from all public places, outside of office building and any place where large crowds congregate
  4. I originally had a visa extension in the early 90's when the requirement of income was only 35,000bt per month. Mine lapsed because I was a day or two late returning due to work commitments. When I finally got a new extension Mr T had upped the requirement to 65,000bt per month. I have been told that had I kept the original extension going, I would have been grandfathered into the old rate - not sure about that but as you can see, things do change here so it is better to keep the present extension rather than running into difficulties later on.
  5. He did put out some good music - my personal favorite of his was 'Arai Gaw Yuam" - hard trying to find a video of it though! Shame people get messed up through fame, fortune, and talent.
  6. Much easier to do the retirement extension and get reentry permits - then you will be good for another year without worries about visa's etc. That would be my choice. Come and go as you please.
  7. I know I will get a lot of flak for this but many folks only ride on the back of motorcy taxi's to get to the end of their soi's from the bus or train stops or vice versa. Most of the motocy drivers do not carry extra helmets, most folks will not carry a helmet around all day for a 2-4 minute ride to or from their homes. Plus even if the drivers carried extra helmets, how many passengers would put them on considering they were worn by hundreds of previous riders, several of whom may be infected with lice or other things. I realize how dangerous it is without helmets, but does anyone got a decent answer for this quandary other than "wear a helmet"??
  8. This poor girl had absolutely no time to react except to start to steer away, but then how would she be able to project the trajectory of that bouncing tire? R.I.P. to her and condolences to her family. One of the worst accident that I ever witnessed in my 35 years of bus driving was on the Penna Turnpike where an eastbound truck lost a wheel similarly, it bounced into the windshield of a westbound tractor-trailer, killed the driver, and the truck crossed the median strip and hit an eastbound truck head on which was loaded with jeeps, jeep engines and assorted parts which were scattered all over the roadways.
  9. Check out this story in the San Diego Gay paper (where they come from) and read the comments - they are as disgusted as we all are over here and agree punishment should be given to them. http://sdgln.com/news/2017/11/28/local-married-gay-couple-arrested-bangkok-exposing-buttocks-temple
  10. The video only seems to show the car blocking the ambulance from entering the soi. How could the car driver know if it was an emergency or not even if the emergency lights were not on? The car should have gotten out of the way immediately.
  11. Not to mention Silom or Suriwongse tourist areas, especially in the evening.
  12. Three car (carriage) trains are long outmoded here. New York carries many more passengers but mainline trains there are mostly eight and ten car lengths. Instead of just lining the pockets of the various contract holders, cars should be added to both the MRT and BTS in order to serve the present and potential passenger loads. Before someone tries to correct me, I know that most, if not all, station platforms can only accommodate six train cars. More room = more passengers, passengers squeezed together and having to wait for three or four trains in order to board = more people in their cars and more traffic jams. And PLEASE, no more of those awful Chinese built trains which on the BTS seem to be constantly trying to test your balance abilities when coming to a stop.
  13. Guess you haven't ridden the BTS or MRT lately - they will have to reduce the seven seats across each section to five pretty soon. So many fat kids coming from school they will need special cars for them and lucky if you can see beyond the girl (or boy) in front of you when walking down the footpaths - one butt blocks the view!
  14. Not meaning to be disparaging, this is the ThaiVisa forum and it is assumed members know a bit about Thailand. RCA is a very popular entertainment area for younger folks in Bangkok. I would think most large cities in many countries have similar names for these types of areas.
  15. Yes, it is ridiculous but unfortunately, it is true, mostly because of the age of 80 or over! BTW, if you still know of the company that gave you the quote, please advise - Thanks!