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  1. Video looks good. My favorite was Chocolate Truffle but have not seen them for a couple of years. Wish they would come back again.
  2. Reentry permits are usually available at main airports but to the best of my memory, those desks are not always open very late at night so best to get the reentry permit when you get your extension. Safe is better than sorry.
  3. Thought I had that 'Gotcha' moment when I read the word 'learnt' in your latest piece. Even now, my Grammarly program is trying to change it to 'learned' which is strange, since this program is always trying to change my American spelling of many words to the British version. However, in your defense, Merriam-Webster does show the following' - "Definition of learnt chiefly British past tense and past participle of learn" So, being a US high school graduate of the 40's, I must eat my thoughts and admit that you are mostly 99.99% correct. Enjoy your column greatly, although I do still miss Mr. Trink's Night Owl to this day.
  4. Many photos of wrecked vehicles but most (they estimate 79%) accidents and deaths are motorcycle involved. Possibly more, and closer up, photos of motorcycle accidents should be in the papers - possibly some of the gore will make the drivers think a bit more! Not too hopeful, but maybe a life or two will be saved.
  5. snooky

    Trump orders strikes against Syria over chemical weapons attack

    Too many posters apparently are not aware that use of chemical weapons has been banned for almost one hundred years. but war has not. This is part of the reason for the missile strikes. Too bad all war cannot be banned but there are always monsters trying to take over as much as they can without any regard for human life.
  6. Altho all war is really hell, it is not specifically banned but the use of chemical weapons is banned by treaty: "The Protocol for the Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or other Gases, and of Bacteriological Methods of Warfare, usually called the Geneva Protocol, is a treaty prohibiting the use of chemical and biological weapons in international armed conflicts." https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/cwcglance
  7. From some of the posters comments, I might assume that the Russians have not only penetrated FB, they have also penetrated this forum
  8. Geez, I'm 89 now, better wait to fly anywhere until my next birthday so I don't get ripped off!!
  9. The pickup driver probably forced him on to the shoulder or the car driver would have just passed him on the left and gotten away
  10. snooky

    What drinking water filter do you use?

    I purchased an RO system here about 15 years ago made by a now defunct company in the US. The filters were changed on a regular basis and had the greatest tasting water until my regular tech moved out of town. Now the filters have been changed, including the membrane. but the water does not have that good taste anymore. I live in the Saphan Kwai area and wonder if anyone else has had a similar problem. The company I bought it from is still in business, they have changed filters and when I complained, they sent a tech out who then told me there was no problem with the water taste. Even my Maa Bahn does not like the water now, she used to fill up some bottles for her own use and does not do it any more. I enjoy drinking good water and most of the bottled water here really s**ks so am not drinking as much as I should. Any thoughts or suggestions besides the usual sarcastic ones about buying a new unit after so many years? Buying a new unit is no problem but how do I know what the taste will be like?
  11. I think most Thai pick up drivers are a bit crazy, as are the van drivers here!
  12. Hmmm, think that might be reversed - the new 'he' will probably be the one getting buggered, if not physically most likely financially!
  13. American soldiers are all volunteers, no conscripts, and many stay until retired after twenty or more years so that will account for older men and women in the services. Don't make comments when you don't know the facts.
  14. snooky

    Jomtien Immigration office new TM7 form

    Strange, I go to Immigration once a year for extension, re-entry permit, and, if the timing is right, my 90 day. Otherwise, 90 day by mail or internet although when I did my last 90 day on the internet, except for the barcode acknowledging receipt, I never did receive anything from them to print out or telling me when my next report was due. The officer printed me out the usual due date form with no problems while getting my extension. Filled out my extension form on the computer and didn't notice anything different with everything completed about ten days ago. Never had to go there to open a bank account either. One day a year does not seem such a burden for the privilege of staying here.
  15. snooky

    Many Helping Hands

    Wednesday morning, I tripped on the sidewalk next to the Saphan Kwai BTS station, fell and bruised my leg. Several people came to my aid, then while sitting on the steps others brought medical supplies, peroxide, bandages, and distilled water for the wound, which was bleeding profusely. An employee of the local foot massage parlour came to assist me and with their help, I got to the nearby hospital, where the wound on my shin was treated. I wish to thank all those who came to my assistance and if possible, hope that someone can translate and post this message on a Thai site. This helps to disprove the many comments on this forum that Thais are uncaring and ignoring of foreigners.