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  1. It might be worth to point out that marriages can become very complicated when there are 3 people in them
  2. Don't forget the ladyboys !
  3. Maybe, but it doesn't sound right to brake and just launch metal bars like rockets on the other cars. It seems they were not secured at all.
  4. It's a known fact that fear can turn into extreme anger
  5. ... Let me tell you one thing, your post is so negative
  6. There is something called " safe distance " , which is a unknown concept on these shores. It seems obvious that the load was not very well secured.
  7. .. or she was just very very angry..
  8. A heart warming story, nice to see there are still good people around.
  9. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    @ Madusa What are you on about ? I never mentioned God. If you think monks should not pray, pls go tell them.
  10. Driving and using a phone is much more dangerous than driving while totally drunk, and it's very difficult for road police to catch them. Now in Europe there are strict laws against DUI, but not much they can do against the idiots who text while driving. Lately i had 2 risky situations myself, both times i blew the horn in anger, the idiots didn't even hear it.
  11. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    well done, monks should pray for peace, not incite more violence.
  12. I think he refers to years of relationship