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  1. Man Murdered Over Parking Spot

    Yep. If it wasn't a knife, it would have been a fork In the stone age, it was stones, or so i'm told.
  2. It's not funny at all, and i feel so disappointed when somebody makes fun of tragic events. Just think of the immense pain of the relatives and loved ones. I remember once, on my first trip to Thailand, climbing a waterfall in CM, just to find a group of young tourists on the top, having great fun walking and laughing on the very slippery edge of it... I said to my companion, let's go down quickly, suddenly there was no fun at all. ..But, i have been climbing mountains, and i faced death a couple of times, i guess some young people need that experience, which sometimes ends in the wrong way. RIP young guy.
  3. I agree, but i don't allow too many of them in a room, i want to keep them in good health
  4. Great idea Donald, then, as soon as a teacher shoot a kid, give a gun to everyone of them, problem solved !
  5. ... When the floor is squeaky clean, but there are cobwebs hanging from the ceiling
  6. I understand your point, i just beg to differ. To know the truth is a priority for me, and a few others.
  7. Well, truth may hurt, but ignorance hurts more.. But that's just me.
  8. Definitely, if he was a friend, i would tell him, and i would expect a real friend to tell me... Otherwise friendship is just meaningless.
  9. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    So, a man was killed, and i am seeing countless, pitiful attempts of humour from the posters here. .. Will you ever get a life ? We have not many info so far, please try to show some respect to the victim of this crime.
  10. It's not a "low" opinion, but rather close to reality. Apparently the women very much in general, are wired to take as much advantage as they can from the men in general. ..Read Briffault's law..https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/machiavellians-gulling-the-rubes/201610/briffaults-law-women-rule
  11. Shame on the murderers, hope they get what they deserve. RIP Mr. De Stefani. Unfortunately , our 'developed" competitive societies have made us so hungry for love and affection, that many of us fall prey of unscrupolous women in Thailand, and other countries. All it needs for them is just smile and open their legs. The solution is simple, never think with the small head.. But it's not that easy sometimes.
  12. What have they been drinking, i want to try some
  13. I dare to guess he won't like it if he's a old and bitter guy
  14. I have the impression that the caning brigade is out in force again. Some people obviously cannot discern between vandalism and street art. Pity the guy was interrupted in his work, it could have looked nice with some white and yellow spot added to that filthy wall.