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  1. Well, i have to confess, i'll never try a relationship with a bar girl again.
  2. Wealth is relative, compared to Mr. Rotschild we are all bums
  3. Yep, understand, yet life is too short to be bothered about the behaviour of other people.
  4. Hi, i am Italian too, and i like living in Thailand (not in Bkk) . I find ironic that you condemn the arrogance of rich Thais, and then you come on TVF to flaunt about your wealth. That said, i think you're just having a bad day, and you need to vent off a bit..If you see something you don't like, just look the other way, plenty of things to be happy instead of drowning in sorrow.
  5. My guess is neither are completely innocent, but of course, it's the "lady " who went ballistic. Exchange of rude words is fair imho, attacking people is not.
  6. Unbelievable, isn't it, the free mind Westerners out on a mission to condemn a Muslim for drinking a couple of beers. Mind boggling if you ask me.
  7. I don't go much to bars nowadays, but, while it's true that many tourists behave poorly, and the Thai staff is almost always reasonably tolerant, there can be, in certain occasions, a sort of "breaking point", when suddenly, somebody can be punished too harshly for the misbehaviour of many before him. Now, i don't find very normal for waitresses to break pool cues on the heads of the people, at the very least it's a poor business strategy.
  8. I don't understand all this religious obsession of other's faith or lack thereof, do you follow all the precepts of your religion ? Have you even got a religion ? Why would you care , unless you are a fanatic ??? ..
  9. He thought he was in the right to do so, i think, but the moto-taxi guy was thinking different. Honestly, given the choice of paying the fine, or get a kick in the face and pay the fine, the former is quite convenient.
  10. mauGR1

    What on earth happened to Nana Plaza?

    They have a way of dancing around the truth, don't they ?
  11. Very mysterious indeed
  12. mauGR1

    Bangkok Taxies... Worse than ever?

    Apart from the overtly moralistic stance of yours, i think you have a good point here.
  13. It's a form of greeting, there is nothing wrong in answering politely to polite greetings.
  14. Well, sorry to hear that, everyone will end badly or worse, cheer up, there must be something positive if you look harder. ..