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  1. There must be something wrong with "notifications" too. I'm getting notice of new posts, then i find the same old posts.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/nov/14/impact-crater-19-miles-wide-found-beneath-greenland-glacier#img-1 Here we got another reason why it's not really worth worrying about 1 or 2 degrees increase on temperature. 12.000 years ago, 'coincidentally' about the time of the beginning of human civilisation.
  3. I have the feeling that strangers who meet on taxis or buses don't interact a lot these days, or at least much less than in the not too distant past. btw, this could be an interesting topic, if it was not limited to Pattaya Baht Buses.
  4. I heard that on Baht buses it's vital to check the Adam's apples of the girls.
  5. That seems to be a rather exact description of any politician
  6. True what you say, but in my opinion there is no way back, young people want a car, air-con, a comfy job in the office, and don't forget all those millions living on farming in the 3rd world, they want a "good life" too. Only a catastrophe can save humankind, it's a paradox, but that's it.
  7. Just saw your editing.. Well, as small as Italy is, the internal politics dynamics are similar, if not the same. He was successful in dividing the public opinion, and, while getting the whole attention from the media, taking away the focus from the real issues, i.e. economy, environment, healthcare, foreign politics etc.
  8. Good that you mentioned GWB, well, i appreciate what you say that now it's 100 times worse.. ..But i think we'll have to disagree on that.. Of course, you know a lot better than me about what's going on in USA, but, if we talk about how other nationalities see America, well, it's not so different than before. Actually, i think it's rather naive to blame everything on a single man.
  9. Well, i also don't want to expand so much into politics, but may it be that is just your perception that has changed ? I say that because i remember quite a few conversations with Americans years ago, and they were quite embarrassed to say they were Americans. Same with Israelis ( i am not anti-semitic at all )... In Italy we had Berlusconi as prime minister, who is similar to T. in many ways, and people were keeping on asking me how Italians could vote for such an obvious clown.. I was not embarrassed, just a bit annoyed from answering the same questions.
  10. If that is your only worry, not much to worry about, most people understand that you and your government are 2 separate entities.
  11. I think it depends on the meaning of traditional
  12. Yes, i agree, probably not all are in the game
  13. Yep, and a English guy using the f word, truly unbelievable.. Next we'll read that the Pope is Catholic, and bears s**t in the woods
  14. You made me curious, i will try some search on youtube.. btw, travelling around Pattaya by Baht bus should be a constant source of funny anecdotes, i hope you will share some.
  15. I guess we can all agree that humour is a necessary tool for survival. As we say in my home country : " the situation is desperate, but not serious ". ..I don't watch tv since nearly 40 years, but as a boy i used to love Laurel & Hardy..