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  1. Yes, and driving/riding perfectly does not necessarily makes you safe, i learned to expect any s..t any moment, driving defensively they say.. In this case, i would fine both of them.
  2. I drive a car and a motorbike. A car driver should understand that a little mistake can easily kill a motorbike driver. A motorbike driver should understand that many idiots are driving cars.
  3. It's thinking with the wrong head that makes us stupid
  4. It must be said though, if not for them, we wouldn't be here :)
  5. To answer the question in the OP : " One doesn't need to tell a woman that she's right, she knows that already "
  6. I won't discount that insecticide theory at all, i am not expert, but the symptoms could be similar to food poisoning.. ?
  7. 555 nope, i don't want that on my car, although i like to do fantasy painting inside my house.
  8. The Coffee Pouring Puzzle That’s Messing With People’s Minds

    Funny that i thought about that possibility, but i didn't see it !
  9. The Coffee Pouring Puzzle That’s Messing With People’s Minds

    I would say the 4 too, but it seems a bit too logical, so i expect to be wrong.
  10. I just love those graffiti on trains, they bring joy to my eyes. Unfortunately, it's a crime, in a society where plenty of thieves, rapists and murderers are walking free among us. I wish all the best to the guys, hopefully they'll get out soon... ...in the meanwhile, all the outstanding citizens can sleep peacefully.
  11. Thai Visa Brigades

    The " my wife loves me " Brigade.
  12. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    I would transliterate " kep tang " ... English speakers often complain about Thai transliteration. It's the English transliteration of its own words which is confusing to other language speakers, imo.
  13. Yep, and blame it on the street lamp.
  14. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Yes, i also get often that kind of positive reaction, still, friends who speak Thai better than me, get the kind of reaction described in the OP. It could be that they expect a foreigner to speak English, and they get confused...