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  1. Valentine

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    Cannot remember if Mr India was in there or the next plaza but there is a sign for Click on the right as you head down to the pier
  2. Valentine

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    These are good people, food is well priced & tasty. GOMS had a meeting there once & they donated 10% of their takings from us to our charity fund. Plenty of parking.
  3. Valentine

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    After Woody left a small group continued meeting there on Sundays. Maybe the group has disbanded or meet elsewhere
  4. Valentine

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    Has the restaurant closed permanently or just on holiday?
  5. Valentine

    Good tv series

    A good source for torrent dowmloads
  6. You think there are no Thais making money out of this, they are raking it in.
  7. Thinking something like that too. Maybe he is on the outer these days
  8. The billion loss will only be spread among the few that have been making huge sums by cornering the Chinese market & having them use their hotels, latex & jewellery shops, restaurants etc
  9. Valentine

    Unsafe boats grounded in Phuket boat safety crackdown

    To be honest a few years ago when I last ventured to the road tax place there were a few buses lined up awaiting inspection but seems there is never any follow up. You are right, being pro active does not figure in any planning. As another poster suggested. how can anyone help guarantee their own safety if they have no knowledge of which boats have not passed. There is likely a list somewhere but not publicised
  10. Valentine

    Unsafe boats grounded in Phuket boat safety crackdown

    How about doing some rigorous inspections of tour buses & see how many pass
  11. Valentine

    Chalong underpass

    Was there similar time yesterday but before leaving Nai Harn checked Maps which showed 56 minutes to get through so went via Kata instead which took about 15 to 20 minutes
  12. Cannot find any news clips related to the accident. Wonder why?
  13. Valentine

    Chalong underpass

    Been both ways this morning from West (no cars waiting) & back from Viset (just a few cars lined up to get through). Have seen that mini vans cannot make the U turn in one go at Soi Anuson & buses go a little further up to make a 6 point U turn when it has been widely stated they need to access Chao Fa East from Thanon Kwang or the road that cuts down alongside Wat Chalong. Yesterday saw a bus coming out from the pier road took 2 goes to make the left turn.
  14. I would say they have been talking about this tunnel for at least 20 years. Various committees have delved into the ins & outs with quite large sums of money already spent. This will continue to drag on as the vested interests & local communities get involved in wanting their share. There was no time frame set.
  15. You should know better. This has been going on forever, it is not strictly a junta trait