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  1. Ne interesting to know if NACC probes have actually resulted in convictions & actual punishment. They always seem to on some probe but never hear about the end result.
  2. Non Chlorine swimming pool systems

    They still need a small amount of residual chlorine.
  3. Until it's done! 1 day, 1 week, <deleted>.
  4. Wat Chalong Festival

    Drove past there last night about 8,30. Straight through. In past years I recall long tailbacks at times.
  5. Yingluck 'trying to meet Japanese PM Shinzo Abe'

    The junta need a proper PR company. Mr T was always way out in front when it came to PR because he was willing to pay good money for it. The Dems PR machine has been spectacularly useless as is the one from the current government.
  6. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    Those who deal with immigration regularly know that things can change on a whim. I used to ask what papers were needed for 1 year extension & reply "same as last year". So when I go with everything "same as last year" it is not enough. Either need something extra or they change the specs on how they want it presented.
  7. Anyone else

    Used to get slight stinging feeling in Patong going back to early 2005. One of my daughter's was more susceptible & would come out with some rather large welts although was OK prior to that as we visited the beach often
  8. Good tv series

    Have recently enjoyed Reign, Good Behaviour (Lady Mary of Downton Abbey fame plays a drug addicted, alcoholic, con artist) & Dark which lives up to it's name & one of the best shows I have seen a long time.
  9. Yingluck and Thaksin spotted shopping in Beijing

    More free publicity
  10. Raw sewage released into Phuket's Patong Bay

    I hope nobody gets stricken down with anything because of the discharge. Wonder who authorized it.
  11. Kombucha & Keffir

    Chia is a good one to go with those as it is a prebiotic but has many other benefits
  12. Kombucha & Keffir

    Villa Market used to have keffir, not sure if it still does. You could try this as well https://healthfoodthailand.com/en/new-items/822-green-tea-kombucha-yogi-.html
  13. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    Sorry don't know. Never tried it. This is the question I asked a volunteer about re register address. "What paperwork do you need if you happen to be staying in the home owned by your Thai wife in which case you do not have any rental or lease agreement. In that situation you just need a copy of the tabien Baan, your wifes ID card, and sometimes they ask for a copy of your marriage certificate. Then just a copy of your passport, current visa, last entry stamp in to Thailand, and TM6 Departure card & a filled out TM 30 card (just the top half, signed by the wife." This situation obviously does not apply to everyone. I did it recently & they did not ask for marriage certificate but best to have an updated one just in case, which can easily be done at the Amphur office.
  14. Notification of Address- Phuket Town

    It is for registering your address after you have been away.