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  1. Valentine

    Good tv series

    I really enjoy the Cal McGregor character in Rake
  2. There is a death penalty here but has not been carried out for a long time & if you confess you may still receive death but will be reduced to life. Singapore seems to have no qualms about carrying out the death penalty although I am sure they still have addicts & dealers
  3. Valentine

    Phuket Airport toilets dubbed ’Best in Thailand'

    Traveling Chumphon to Phuket last year stopped at a PTT station where they still proudly displayed their sign as winners of Best Public Toilet Of The Year although can't remember the year posted on the sign but it was quite a few before 2017. However, the toilets were still scrupulously clean. I have always found the toilets in the domestic terminal to be well cleaned
  4. Valentine

    Alert over use of amoxicillin in orange orchards

    I shudder to think what is on or in the local fresh produce & then we have huge supplies of fruit & veg from China to contend with. Regulating authorities cannot be trusted due to incompetence, laziness, corruption or all of the above. You never hear of any tainted produce being seized & destroyed
  5. Be interesting to see if the dinosaurs have any idea how to court the young voters
  6. Not that this is any excuse but the customer was getting aggressive by throwing oranges at the vendor & therefore fearing for her own safety.
  7. Valentine


    Some rugby games which I cannot get with True I watch through a website called vipbox. I used to be able to get it with my smart tv but now the website only opens & will not go through to the content. I can still see the games with my PC but not on my tv. Any ideas. Thx
  8. Your cynical post belies the fact she has given much back to help people from that tragedy.
  9. Valentine

    Hope floats for Chalong Underpass opening by April

    The other day that Tesco had only half dozen cars parked but it competition from Makro, Supercheap & the bigger Tesco on West out paid to it. I spoke with the battery shop owner on the entrance to Kan Eng 2 who told me his business is way down, manager at SCB said business was down. Supercheap has its own special U turn which helps but the car park used to be quite full & does not seem to be so now