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  1. Chalong Circle Underpass

    Maybe the land next to 7/11 where they have the night time stalls is being kept for the terminus.
  2. Epsom Salts

    They are a good outfit with a good range of quality products. I buy chia & body balance (helps keeps my knee getting worse plus general good feeling) from there amongst occasional other items.
  3. Epsom Salts

    Yes I am sure still cheap even after shipping, customs, packaging, but they would be hard pressed to store & sell 20,000 packs. Anyway, I hope you get some relief soon. Be great if you could get off the diuretics.
  4. Epsom Salts

    The link I posted shows 485/kg. They only do online but based in Phuket.
  5. Epsom Salts

    Can buy online here which will save you a trip https://healthfoodthailand.com/en/home/174-epsom-salt-.html
  6. Samkong underpass flooding just bad timing

    A couple of weird parts to this story. Italian Thai did not build that underpass & strange the electrical system was only built to last 2 years for the duration of some insurance contract.
  7. Epsom Salts

    The old herbalist shop is/was just 2 shops up from the corner of Thalang & Yaowarat Rd. It's a classic place with old wooden drawers containing all sorts of herbs. The father used to be very knowledgeable & hopefully he has passed it on to his family as I believe he has passed away. He was a very nice person.
  8. Vachira Hospital

    On my infrequent visits to Vachira it can seem like bedlam until you contact the right person to take care of your needs. This is not so obvious at times but last time there after spending a lengthy time on the 2nd floor (this is where I was supposed to see doctor) waving my papers around & getting nowhere I finally was forwarded to a desk near the downstairs reception where the lady was most helpful. Wait times can be long unless you have an appointment for a specialist or procedure. If ever bitten by a snake Vachira should be the place to go as they are the only hospital that have the full range of anti venom.
  9. The select few that have the cheap Chinese tourists locked into visiting their overpriced establishments such as latex, jewellery, day trips & so on (they all have Mandarin speaking helpers) are making all the money as very little is allowed to filter through to the local economy. It does not matter what the Baht numbers show, very few actually get to hold it. Other languages such as English & Chinese can help in many industries not only tourism. The real fear from the elite may be that if the local populace become too proficient at English is that they will broaden their minds to what is happening outside which will cause them to question their current status much more. Thailand is still a beautiful place with beautiful people & any scams that happen here also happen elsewhere. The old tenet "let the buyer beware".
  10. I have had dormant (not been used for a long time) accounts in the past but the bank always sends out notification that the account will be closed & even then still allows plenty of time to act.
  11. Where can i buy refridgerated probiotics?

    Try this https://healthfoodthailand.com/en/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=probiotic&submit_search=
  12. See some which have an obvious suspension problem as they have a lean to one side.
  13. New legislation Smoke-Free along the beach

    They would just get stolen.
  14. From the news item “The bus looked so new on the outside, but the engine was a different story. “So many of these buses are like that,” he added with a laugh. Therein lies the rub. Nearly all the large tour buses are in similar condition & would be interesting to know just how old they are.
  15. Chalong Pier Road

    I think it was a stroke but anyway you are right as the "chippy" only worked because of her who was a very lovely lass.