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  1. Medical marijuana does nothing to make the user high, it’s in fact the marijuana plant that has had the hallucinary chemical removed. This one , the oil, is simply for chronic paid relief.
  2. Can’t comment on the uniform given that teachers have to wear at schools here in Thailand but I can comment about the comment of “no foreign teachers teaching pe”. the reason there’s no foreigners taken on specifically for pe. Reasons a threefold, 1. The pe teacher traditionally takes the male students enrolled in the raw daw (army cadets) either for their weekly meetings and this cannot be done by a foreigner. 2. The pe teacher traditionally is in charge, or takes the classes for the weekly scouts rubbish, err, meetings and again, foreigners aren’t allowed to run these classes. Third reason is that, here in Thailand, there is NO actual pe lesson as we in the west know it. PE or, physical education, consisting of running, push ups and general exercise are not taught in thai schools, what the Thais know as pe, is what we know as sports.
  3. What more can we expect now that a blatant racist has been given the job of chief of immigration? We’re all the same people worldwide, never mind black or white or any other color in between, we’re all born the same way and die. There’s good and bad in every one of us no matter the color or where someone is from.
  4. What a rediculous statement. Africans can do border crossings in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, in fact, many countries close o Thailand, many even visa free, like Malaysia and Singapore.
  5. It’s impossible to get a visa based on supporting a Thai child when the child, when born, won’t be a thai citizen. The citizenship upon birth comes from having a Thai (citizen) mother and the mother isn’t currently Thai, thus the child won’t be a thai citizen through simply being born in Thailand doesn’t give thai citizenship. Best visa you could hope for to apply for is a single entry non-o which would give 3 months validity upon entrance to the country which would then give time for the baby to be born and the child’s mother to receive her Thai citizenship. After this you can apply for an extension based on suooorting a thai child.
  6. Falcon

    Did I buy fake Tramadol?

    I have a load of these direct from the hospital, don’t really do anything to relieve the pain at all. I take 2 at a time and feel no benefit from them whatsoever. Not sure if fake capsules, but, as I already said, directly from the hospital, or just really inderdosed.
  7. If the school haven’t addressed the bullying issues and insist on you at least paying the boarding fees whether your child stays or not, why not think about taking him out of the school and placing him in another. Depending on where you live, there should be at least a couple of good options. I certainly wouldn’t, and don’t, accept bullying of any kind at my sons school nor would I be told what I can do and not do with my own son. I can never understand a parent putting a child in boarding school anyway, regardless of age. We had a child to watch him growing up and be there for him, not to have him shut away living in a school and only see him now and again but we’re all different I suppose.
  8. As long as a product is making the government money, it’s oerfectly acceptable (cigarettes, alcohol) but when it comes down to private people and companies making a little something and the government getting nothing from it, they want to start fining and imprisoning the seller/user. Rediculous but happening all over the world unfortunately, not just in Thailand.
  9. It’s getting a lot more difficult for the general public to live freely for the simple reason that prayut wants to keep everyone quiet under his rule and simply because of the upcoming (one day) elections, he doesn’t want things to slip from his grasp before and even after the election happens.
  10. No idea in the procedure but I do wish you and your wife the very best of luck in your endeavor and hope that at it prices easier than a foreigner trying to adopt a Thai born son or daughter of his/her spouse.
  11. Certainly would be a great move for the young people of Thailand if the conscription was ended. Be great for my son too. They’ll probably never be allowed to get in to power but good luck to them (and us) on this point alone.
  12. Do you have a full price list somewhere either in line or that you can send out please?
  13. New rule that you need a witness every year came in in November of last year. Doesn’t need to be any kind of official/government worker, just typically your next door Neighbour or someone else that you know who is willing to go with you to the immigration office and sign. The photo together with the immigration officer should be outside your house as it’s noe another rule that the immigration officer visit everyone making making an application for extension based on marriage, regardless if first application or 50th as it has to be done every year! We know the immigration officers well and even they are pissed to having to do the house visits as it takes time one for them to travel outside of work hours to each and everyone applying.
  14. Are Thais able to renew passport, etc. there too to save going in to Bangkok?
  15. Falcon

    Teacher hit my child

    Why would you let a person hit your child? It doesn’t matter whether at school or outside. For me, the school can tell my son off for doing something wrong but they will never hit him. I would personally go and confront the teacher at line up in the morning and do the confrontation in front of the whole school. I certainly would never just sit down and accept it.