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  1. At the end of the day do you really think the majority of Thais actually give a hoot about this?
  2. I left the USA in April 2015 and since then I would qualify for exemption under this rolling period. I am assuming I would owe the shared responsibility for the tax year 2015 since I was in USA January -April 2015? BTW.... while it has been said by executive order that the shared responsibility penalty need not be collected, I am going to file the exemption anyway just to be sure someone somewhere doesn't change their mind retroactively. Something like this might get struck down in a court or be a part of some larger piece of a puzzle legislators use as a bargaining chip.
  3. What on Earth do you need 100TB of backup space for?
  4. ssl

    SSL (secure sockets layer) is the old protocol and it is now TLS (transport layer security). This is the way your computer talks to the server to determine if the server is who it says it is and not 'someone' else. Once the connection is determined to be who each other thinks they are, the protocol then routes traffic through port 443 on your computer which is the port for encrypted http. (https) Once the https protocol is established your data is encrypted. Everyone should install HTTPS Everywhere if they can:
  5. Generally I try to follow my father's advice: What someone else thinks of you is none of your business.
  6. Were you by chance using these computers elsewhere before moving to Samui? I don't use netflix but I would imagine there is a configuration panel to selects a local server? Maybe you are logging in to a previously used server far away? I use digital ocean for some VPSs and I test latency at times between the North American, Europe and Singapore servers and there is a huge difference in latency and download speeds. +--------+--------------+-----------------------+ | Region | Latency (ms) | Download speed (mbps) | +--------+--------------+-----------------------+ | sgp1 | 0.037 | 11.661 | | lon1 | 0.230 | 02.363 | | sfo1 | 0.239 | 02.449 | | ams3 | 0.240 | 02.173 | | fra1 | 0.244 | 02.278 | | ams2 | 0.285 | 02.258 | | nyc1 | 0.295 | 01.837 | | nyc2 | 0.304 | 01.692 | | tor1 | 0.304 | 01.883 | | nyc3 | 0.316 | 01.726 | +--------+--------------+-----------------------+ I hope the table formats correctly! Latency - lower is better Download speed higher is better. Look at Singapore with 11.661 Mbits down and New York City 3 at 1.726 Mbits down.
  7. Met on TF? next step is video chat on Line or whatever app you prefer. Consider having a cheap second phone, separate email etc for keeping your privacy if things go south.
  8. A timeline of Earth temperatures. It is a long scroll down to the bottom..... but worth the effort:
  9. You might try hitting 3 keys ctrl-atl-del and bringing up a box where you can choose 'task manager' I think this will give a page of 'resources'. I don't use Windows so I'm doing this from memory. This should allow you to view network traffic in Bits/Bytes per second. You might find something there. You might also look in the same panel under resources to see if anything is excessively consuming CPU cycles or memory. Example watch the CPU graph when you start one of the applications you have trouble with. As someone else mentioned, often times the supplied driver from the manufacturer does not play well with the kernel. Doesn't windows have a certified driver data base you could check with? Windows 7 updates stopped a while ago and it could be that the manufacturer doesn't support Win7 even if printed on the box.
  10. Are your neighbors having the same problems? If not then take it to your friendly virus/malware/trojan cleaner professional.
  11. I'm not sure about Mint and using keystrokes to switch input methods but in Ubuntu the key combination is left Windows key and spacebar. Hold down the left Windows key (between ctrl and alt) and tap the space bar and see if this works. If you have 2 inputs available this toggles between the two. If you have 3 or more it changes to the next input method on the list. Maybe the applet has issues and the key strokes will work. Be sure to do upgrades on your system as well. Some of these bugs get fixed quickly.
  12. This is karma coming back to visit from half way around the world. In Los Angeles I know several Thai families that have bought large square foot homes to live in and also to remodel and rent rooms to others. This violates zoning laws as usually these properties are in single family areas. Since the zoning is violated there can be no issuing of a building permit. No issue of a building permit... that cuts outs out any licensed / registered building contractor. Which in turn becomes construction not in compliance with building codes. You know how the electric wires are run along the wall in Thailand? Same Same in these places. 3 wires for ground? Nope. In fact one room I looked at had used bulk wire that one would use for a lamp plug. No conduit or Romex wire here!! The list could go on but you get the idea. Its all about enforcement because people are going to save (or cheat) money if they can. If the state/city etc have no means of enforcing the laws how can they do so? This is also karma coming back to those in the west who bitch about government overreach and intrusion into citizen's lives and work to defund these government programs that would protect the property owners. (I think it is time to put on my flame retardant suit.)
  13. Does anyone happen to know how long the rate has been 20thb ?
  14. Yesterday I was stopped 3 times on the way to immigration at 3 points on the moat. I have Thai drivers license so I was waved on. Later in the day I had to return to immigration so I decided to take different route. I was stopped at yet another checkpoint. 4 in one day. For a few hundred baht and a couple of hours getting a Thai license is well worth it. Get both if you can.
  15. To make a long story short: The only time there was a 'middle class' was when 2 world wars and a great depression took the wind out of the sails of the wealthy elite. The New Deal and Great Society were the 2 main driving forces. Since Reagan there has been a very successful push to discredit the US government's role in everyday lives. The wealthy elite have come to take that money back. When it comes to economic policy all anyone really needs to know is: The people are broke, governments are broke and banks/corporations/wealthy elite are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. Back to original topic... how long after the application is filed can I expect to wait for any phone calls. I'm planning on a trip to USA. This phone call will help determine if I file before, during or after the trip.