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  1. As I said to another poster, what do you suggest is a better metric than reported cases?
  2. Why would you kidnap someone, commit serious crimes on them and then just let them go?
  3. So what do you suggest is a better metric?
  4. Although I'd like to see rapes at 0%. Thankfully, they are steadily declining. A few stats: Most victims are women between the age of 16-20 (22%) Most attackers are school and university students (12-13%) Most attacks occur in Bangkok (26%)
  5. As difficult as it is sometimes, teachers do have a duty of care. Dismissing the teacher in this instance was appropriate. I would also suggest they should do the same to the director. It also highlights a major failure in Thai society and that is how 'problem youth' are dealt with. I am not excusing their behaviour at all. They should be removed from society and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But unfortunately I've seen it in too many schools..the kids aren't taught to overcome adversity or given the tools needed to do so. If there is a breakdown of the family unit, or parents are alcoholics or dead or whatever the case may be, kids are virtually abandoned, instead of having any kind of support put in place. The teachers don't want to spend time dealing with difficult students or teaching them how to behave. It's 'out of sight, out of mind' and they often group together with other problem youth to encourage each others dangerous behavior.
  6. akirasan

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Well this should shorten the lines at the atms outside
  7. This reeks of the last place I worked at before I moved to Thailand. If a serious safety incident happened, they weren't so quick to address the actual issue, rather they put more effort into trying to stop people talking about it. It's an interesting time that we live in, privacy is becoming scarce, and people are only one click of a button away from being broadcast to thousands of people. It seems like Thailand 4.0 is struggling to figure out how to handle widespread accessibility to free information.
  8. They're just upset because the gun wasn't pixelated.
  9. That was a 4chan troll. They do these campaigns every now and then to expose how stupid the media has become and you bet the media picked it up and ran with it.
  10. This marks the downfall of morality in this country, mark my words. Next we will see billboards of women showing bare ankle. Anyway, seems like its been quite a successful advertisement, with widespread coverage and thousands of people seeing it and talking about it.
  11. God I hate driving here.
  12. My err.. neighbour, grew one that was 2m high which was a problem because his fence was only 1.8m tall. Given the right conditions they can shoot up pretty quickly, so I'm told.
  13. akirasan

    40 billion Baht could be spent in next election

    Gotta bring happiness to the politicans people somehow
  14. Thanks RTP, for saving us from plants