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  1. Songkran??I think to much Chang.
  2. They like liars,like Clinton.
  3. Lovely temp. At home.I have 3 ac's,so no problem.
  4. There we go again. Everywhere in the world and is getting worse.
  5. Is it that simple Steven.Don't stick you nose in Muslim countries..What about Libya,Afghanistan ,Irak?
  6. When she was a Muslim everybody could understand it.
  7. Well done,Thai police.
  8. These Airbus are a lot better then Boeings.
  9. Together with the Euro.
  10. Close that one...."..I mean the school......hehe
  11. I'm interesting to be a member. What are the benefits on the airport?
  12. However, cruelty and neglect of animals still occur daily throughout the world. The approach of the holiday season sees many animal welfare organizations get an influx of dogs and cats brought in to be put to death during this time. Healthy, happy animals belonging to Muslims are also brought in to be put to death.
  13. Clinical Evidence for the Efficacy of Baking Soda in Cancer Therapy. Google a bit and find a lot of benefits from Baking soda,including cancer.
  14. They have confessed and I'm not Sherlock Holmes.Congratulations to the police.
  15. In Cha-am the Pcx is 80.000 baht.The order takes 2 weeks. The Forza 160.000 baht and available.