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  1. Lolz. I see about 8 large coaches at 7.30am driving past a junction - belching huge clouds of black smoke and mostly decorated with large patches of unpainted pollyfilla where bodywork has been 'upgraded'. These are not public vehicles. Perhaps instead of 'upgrading' they could focus on setting a minimum standard, and employing a special kind of 'police force' that might take to the roads on bikes or in cars and start focussing on stopping vehicles with a view to take them in for a Ministry of Transport test... Initially, they need to set up special classes - and possibly invest in some neck braces - the purpose of which will be to educate and prevent the 'Looking The Other Way' syndrome.
  2. ben2talk

    Tougher screening for public transport drivers

    Just a simple upgrade on vehicle testing to remove the 80% dirtiest, unfit vehicles from the road would be a start... Next up a youtube account for folks to upload their dashcam video's to catch all the moments that the police are looking the other way. Enforcement wins hands down over any licencing/testing/education. Even with the UK driving test, new drivers are viewed as barely competent... but if you drive in the UK, you learn to drive a little better because otherwise they'll price your insurance out of the market with points, and finally take away your licence.
  3. See, it's lost in translation. It's not 'delay' it's 'extension for very valid reasons' a list of which has been posted for your perusal.
  4. Wrong on so many levels - some of the small 'residential' soi's I used last year were suitable for 40-50km/h due to the houses all having walls and recessed gates... but other roads I'd say 30km/h is very reasonable. Then there's greasy concrete - I once dropped a GSX-R750 at 20km/h because the wheels just refused to obey - the grooves/deisel of the bus-stop area where the road had been pushed up into a ridge, but on decent ridged concrete in heavy rain (which gives a good clean surface), I could manage full braking from any speed up to 60-80km/h with little difference to dry roads. Mobile phone use would be a much much higher concern. Maybe if it cannot be managed, laws to control driver-side window film need to be brought in. However, unless you're going through the police officers mobbing the street, there's no need to worry because they're always looking the other way... #1 Thai culture lesson. How to turn a blind eye. Watch the police outside schools waving overloaded scooters out into busy traffic!!! ROFLMAO
  5. ben2talk

    When Farangs Go Native

    We all know about Romans and little boys... I'd definitely apply the rule if I started a business here - treat them mean and pay them lean. I've seen how much work they're prepared to do for 200 baht...
  6. Nasty - Thais pay a very high price for their freedom and lack of management skills .
  7. ben2talk

    Best automatic scooter ?

    Depends on needs; but I would take with a pinch of salt what people say about the scooter ride - none of them are very much like motorcycles because the engine sits on the back wheel, and the wheels are generally pretty small . If you want a level of comfort, I would say that on the wave, larger diameter wheels will ride over roads more smoothly than any scooter with smaller wheels - ignore what people say about PCX, it is better than many other scooters but I still find it rather bone jarring when the road gets rough - and when I get onto Bangna trad I think that the Honda wave has a better first cruising speed . Most days, I travel 15 km to send my son to school and then ride back home and pick him up after school as well, when I’m working I do an extra 30 km round trip - distance is not an issue , and when the roads are okay, then scooter can manage Fairly well , but it will not cope with problems with uneven services anywhere near as well as a basic standard 150cc CBR
  8. ben2talk

    Best bilingual school in Thailand

    When there was a bird-flu scare some years back, I was 5 months into my KG3 year - with 3 separate classes in separate rooms. The order to cancel aircon before lunch negated my normal plan. English was special time, move tables, close curtains and set up the room for fun and games. Worksheet time (20 minutes at the end) was also fun, and a good opportunity for me to mess around with different styles/methods of completing worksheets and different shading techniques... After the order, we have open windows and kids wondering about the smell of cut grass, listening to strimmers etc. In spite of this, when looking for schools and having explained it clearly to my wife, she still ended up suggesting 'this is a good school, my friends said...'. Most of them look more like prisons!
  9. I'm starting to worry already. After visiting the office for a 'test' and getting messages from mum in her office, I snapped him sitting with his pencil and the office staff had hernias 'ooooh, no no no no photograph'. They also did this when I came the first time - are they paranoid of revealing some super high-secret practices in their boring little offices? The test itself is extremely basic (the same for many schools I imagine)>.. formula questions 'What is your name, what is your nickname'.... He got stuck when they kept asking for his nickname. I call him James because that's his name. They don't seem to understand that not everyone thinks it is necessary to have a name they don't use and then a nickname like 'fat' or 'pig' for everyone else... So he was put under unnecessary stress by this question but handled it okay this time. The next issue is that they wrote out a yellow 'pass' ticket with an appointment date without consulting me, and that date is not convenient. Worse service than a local dentist.
  10. ben2talk

    Best bilingual school in Thailand

    Okay, confusion from IEP "Intensive" also being used for "International". It definitely sounds like the 'lesser evil' at 52k per term - about the only option I found palatable so far! After seeing the material used for Anubahn 1-2-3 I'm really not bothered by the loss... The target is fluent Thai with English as first language for further/higher Ed later here or abroad. Media at home is 99% BBC - all stored on a Plex server. He lost a few big jobs this year because his Thai was weak (we are talking 100-200k for media jobs taking 1-2 days) so I'm thinking Prathom 1 bilingual and go inter a year later. The biggest change I see at Sarasas are the sealed air-conditioned rooms - a new trend and something I saw making huge differences in my bilingual teaching history. Sent from my big slate
  11. ben2talk

    Thai police seek Interpol help to find Yingluck

    Did they call in Interpol for information on how to find the Courts in Bangkok? Maybe Interpol can arrange training in use of mobile phones to assist in sharing locations and locating friends. Does Yingrak use AIS? Did she have a helicopter on standby in the car-park outside the Courts? Was her case heard on the Army's day off? So many questions... Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  12. Apparently the main complaint in that article is introducing gender inequality by referring to her lettuce. Funny that sexism being so prevalent is used againat him. Next up they'll be telling him he should get a real job and stop writing poetry, eh, Prayut?
  13. ben2talk

    Best bilingual school in Thailand

    Maybe confused about IEP. It's a Thai programme with 1/7 classes in English - just a bit of conversation etc. Sent from my big slate
  14. It's about the money - 4 strokes revving 8500rpm had half the power and nothing like the rush of a tunes 2-stroke. I had a GT250 That could thrash your CB750 at 1/3 the cost (but double the fuel and 1/4 reliability and #randomised seize factor). Adrenaline. Honda's Blackbird started tipping the seesaw... I always loved 4-strokes so after the VFR750 Pulling 135mph easily the Blackbird and then the GSX-Rs nailed it. Titanium singers- amazing rpm. From 2000 they just started going stupid fast, remember the talk about 100bhp limits? At the time I thought it was a lot... Now I think you can't have too much if it's well behaved.
  15. ben2talk

    Sarasas primary / high school Hang Dong

    3 years later - what's the story? I'm in Bangna - just looking at a Sarasas here, they started an 'international program'. The way I see it is this - for a CHEAP international (Thai-Chinese, Thai-Singapore) touted as 'non-profit' - you're looking at a 350,000 fee for Grade 1. Sarasas offers the 'bilingual' with third grade English-Thai mirrored classes at 35,000 and now an 'international program' with 80% English teaching, and the other classes in Thai (Thai language and Thai social studies) not mirrored.... so I'm interested in the 'International' as we can actually afford the 54,000 fee. What we could do with is some honest John that actually works in their new 'International' program who can tell us really what's going on. Just remember the alternatives - outside International schools it seems there aren't any good options that won't break the bank.