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  1. Here we go again - you're making huge leaps with no evidence. The sensible folks are waiting for more news... The crazy ones are busy judging on the basis of a few crazy comments. Take care about accepting reports about a 'minor knock' he ran away from.... is any of this story true?
  2. I was given similar advice after a fairly minor affair turned into a major 2 year slog. In the end, I paid a 4000 baht fine in court - it really wasn't so serious. But everyone told me that, if there are people around that can take care of things, there's no benefit to your hanging around. It kind of goes against the grain, but some crazy old guy ran into me riding my bike in a soi, and I ran away because there were LOADS of people watching... a bit scary. Later on I met the police, very polite they were - and met the family in hospital who were polite at first and then a little greedy. They turned down an offer of 10k to send him home for a holiday for a month (His job around 5000 he said) and ended up with medical costs only. Sure, no need to stay at the scene if there's others there (busy road or whatever). They'll soon track you down when they want to talk.
  3. That's the latest input - though I'm not totally convinced of any of it just yet... If the police shot out his tyres, then he's completely blameless. Even in Western countries, USA and UK at least, if the police use stinger or cars to stop a runaway, they're responsible for causing injury. They are expected to let them go and make a later arrest if it gets to be life threatening. Whatever this Ozzie has done, he doesn't deserve to be blamed for damage caused by them shooting out his tyres.
  4. Sure, there could be a few murderers and rapists amongst the boys in brown - maybe even some drug traffickers.
  5. Like the reporter that asked me 'how did you know the guy was taking photos of the girls under the toilet doors' recently... the same story then popping up in various 'respectable' web and news sites later in the game... Yes, right on.
  6. Maybe it is better if members stop speculating until I have a little bit more evidence to go on. We have had two sides of the argument, people who believe that if he is guilty then he should be banged up for life and now people who believe that the police are not so squeaky clean as the previously imagined. Remember also that the world is infinite and they may also be other contributing factors which came along before the police! Let us just start with his blood alcohol level.
  7. This makes a little sense... however, there's often no reason for not allowing left turn filtering - if it's not blocking other traffic entering the same road (or at least filtering into a merge lane so that filtering traffic doesn't block the flow). The ability to operate a 'short right filter' would obviously entail fitting a separate set of 'filter' lights - you're going to upset Sixpack talking like this, he is sure they can't afford it from the paltry sums collected by offenders grabbed in the police operations. At the very least, busy junctions need slightly more sophisticated furniture to enable more advanced control and timing adjustments - just a string with lights over each lane would work fine.
  8. Right. Australians trust their police, don't they. They trust Thai police in the boonies, don't they. The Thai police are very trustworthy and you should always stop for them. People shot dead by Thai police are all bad people, aren't they. Is there ANY other country that endorses police drawing weapons and shooting at truck tyres when there are women driving bikes with kids out of school?
  9. The police shot his tyres and led to the death of a woman and a few kids according to our updated pictures... Now what we need to know is what led to him being chased and having an accident. I'm not ready to forgive him yet - but I'm not ready to convict him of wrongful killing on the limited input we've had so far. There's no 'evidence' yet. If the police shot tyres, then they're quite capable of coming up with evidence, so I'm not going to join the rest of the idiots in jumping to conclusion based on 'evidence' coming up on ThaiVisa or newspapers.
  10. I like to sit back when there's a countdown - depending on how many bikes and how much visibility I have - maybe about 2 car lengths, so when the light turns green I have 30km/h already and just need to push it up to 60 to be maybe 1/2km ahead up the road. In the car, I get bored with bikes not being in the left lane when they're clearly moving slower than traffic (e.g. doing 50 when the road ahead is clear and I'm doing 80). I also never leave less than a full car length in front of my car in the soi's, so that when traffic stops the bikes can skip past a few cars in the queue and not be stranded overtaking with nowhere to pull in. Yes, I know - a real hero
  11. Horrible? Really not just scared? Are you sure about that? He might have been a complete scumbag. He might have been a family man afraid of losing something. There are many reasons people may behave irrationally after accidents. You know, I met two people who were both judged and executed in these forums. They were both very nice people, with genuine reasons for behaving the way that they did. Stories on here were mostly distorted and biased. You are not aware of all the facts. You're also wrong to call this 'murder' as you don't know the circumstances. Assuming the policeman chasing him was on a scooter good for maybe 90km/h he might not even have been speeding!!!
  12. I'm going to get flamed here - but here goes. You can look into it when you come, but don't get too worried about it (depends partly on where you're going, if it's Pattaya then all bets are off). Since 2001 I rode bikes almost daily here - from scooters to my GSX-R750. I had accidents and went to court once... Insurance always paid, and I had no problem with my licence. I would avoid Pattaya though... and I wouldn't recommend anyone with less than 5 years of experience riding bikes in the UK doing it here...
  13. If behaviour is to be changed at a junction, then a very obvious visual overhaul is required to make it MORE than obvious to casual observers. Simply adding a sign in an area that most drivers won't pay attention to (having maybe seen the same sign there for 10 years they're not likely to notice subtle changes). Where they actually WANT people to take notice, they'll put up a nice bright LED sign that flashes and demands attention, so when the light turns red, the LED sign can show (and even flash to attract attention) a green turn left or a red turn left sign. You can purchase similar signs in markets here for about 500 baht. The cost of 1 day stopping cars/bikes and collecting money would be more than enough - and such a sign would mean no more police standing in the road stopping traffic and creating more obstacles to traffic flow.
  14. Agreed. Firstly, we must try to understand (easy for me, I've done it myself) that after an accident it's possible to become very afraid, to panic, and to carry on thinking that we can sort it out later on. Secondly, if police chase you in this country you might be afraid to be caught. It happens often even in the UK and USA. Police on TV shows asking people thy chased 'why did you run from us? we never hurt anyone' well ROFL to that. Thirdly, while you're busy condemning this guy - you have no idea what he's like. Maybe a nice guy who has mental issues, a touch of panic is all it takes. Now it's all over for him and I can't imagine even wanting to punish him with what he now has to face up to, what happened due to his actions... So just quit the judgmental attitudes and have a little empathy. Until we really understand (and news articles are very frequently inaccurate and misleading) then just show some humanity.
  15. We have established that the SIGN is not clear, it is not easily understood, and it is NOT a standard sign recognisable by all people. A red arrow pointing left, or right, or straight means 'STOP' for that specific direction. Everybody understands this. It is also very clear that Pattaya is by no means short of funds - this could easily be managed - all junctions should use the same lights protocol. One light for each lane/direction, or one light for ALL lanes and no filtering allowed without a specific 'filter' light. If you think that it is not clear, then your intelligence is clearly - and by a very long way - insufficient to indulge in communications in the forum on this subject. You are clearly either an extremely stupid person, or you're simply trolling. Everyone else can see this, why can't you?