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  1. The other alternative is to return to the original intention of the 2nd amendment, which was "to maintain a well regulated militia" (for National defence), and reword it so that only those who are members of a well regulated militia (Federally regulated) can bear arms. That would be in addition to those who currently use guns for legitimate "work".
  2. It certainly can. As the 18th amendment was when it was repealed by the 21st amendment.
  3. I wonder why they're holding a sign saying "Chachoengsao"? I know, I'll look at the linked article: "We found out that they were Japanese university students who wanted to travel to Bangkok, so they made signs in order to hitchhike and save money." "While we only know that they were explicitly asking for a free ride, we are not sure that they were collecting cash donations." Which is a bit different from: "hanging around by a roadside with signs" as "Begpackers".
  4. Inside home where woman kept 40 dogs before it got too much for her

    Nothing really, but that doesn't matter because it's in the : In Your Face! Have your say on popular trending topics currently in the world. Quirky, fun, interesting. section of the "General" forum.
  5. Tak hunter charged over macaque meat

    Meanwhile, in another galaxy, far, far away: "F*** off copper, I'm too busy"
  6. Because the cost of self indulgence fell during that period. Because people took less and less exercise during that period. That is when the inability to deal with abundance (an abundance that, for the West, has grown exponentially during that period) started to manifest itself among those not adapted (not everyone with the opportunity to become fat is fat) in the nation for which overabundance has become the objective of existence.
  7. " Metabolic syndrome: maladaptation to a modern world: " And what does Darwinism say about creatures that are not "adapted"? I wrote this three years ago but declined to post it at the time: Modern "Progress" has produced all sorts of new situations in which the inability to adapt in a Darwinistic sense can lead to premature death. One being obesity as a result of the inability to adapt to a Western overabundance of food and failing to self moderate consumption. The craving to confound Darwinism (expressed as a determination to create a perfect world in which everyone lives "forever") by compensating for such adaptive inabilities is, paradoxically, putting an increasingly intolerable strain on the ability of the Human Race to maintain itself. Population increase has resulted not just in the absolute (growing) "thinness" of resource, but in disputes over those resources, and friction between multiplying masses of people forced into ever closer proximity to each other. In truth adaptation is not something that creatures "do". Creatures that are born with a difference that "works" survive and flourish........others don't. Let it be. One thing that the world is not short of is......people.
  8. Ease of acquiring a codependent also means 1000s of Western alcoholics flock to Thailand. "Never mind the sex, just get me home, clean me up and put me to bed", is the truth behind many of those much maligned older man/younger woman relationships. But not limited to them.
  9. It is 62 out of 316 Conservative MPs. It illustrates the split in the Parliamentary Conservative Party. And the ratio of Parliamentary feeling as a whole. Which is why (when the polls are favourable and the time is felt to be right) Parliament will seek to prevent Brexit altogether. And who, or what, is to stop them? There is certainly nothing in law.
  10. Woman robbed, injured by Bangkok taxi driver

    Multiple injuries on left arm (dried blood). Much fewer on right arm (fresh blood).
  11. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Yes, his girlfriend. They were on holiday from Chaiyapum. She had been to the massage shop to say hello to one of her friends from Chaiyapum who works there. John had been off visiting a friend of his (who owns a bar in Koh Samui) and returned to find that his GFs (fiancee actually) phone had gone missing. Hope that's cleared everything up for you.
  12. Looks like somebody bought "in at the ground level" in the wrong district. 10 years so far. They will be p****** into the wind for the rest of their lives, like something from Dickens: Jarndyce and Jarndyce - Wikipedia