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  1. Robots, robots, robots...............employers love robots, the State even encourages them. Unemployed people? No problem, they'll just crawl away and die in some sewer won't they?
  2. Suggest you get that translated into Thai, project it onto a screen, strap the "government" into chairs, wedge their eyes open with cocktail sticks and leave them in front of it for a week. Hand out copies to the general population.
  3. The evidence is in what you quoted from the OP. Some people will have understood immediately (given her age) when they read it. Had she been 25 it might have been thought drug "confusion".
  4. Better post a "reliable" source for the Trumpsters: Democrat Doug Jones scores shock upset over Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race (Russia Today)
  5. Day or night........one day you will have to do it. You will be driving along a 2 lane road, a heavily loaded truck will be coming in the opposite direction. A bus will pull out from behind the truck and overtake very slowly. Your choice is to: 1 Head-on the bus. 2 Swing to the right and try to clear the bus and truck and possibly make it to the empty (maybe) right verge. 3 Easily move to the left verge .............and kill the (helmetless) motorcyclist/samlor driver that is heading towards you using the verge as a road.
  6. Posting this of Maria Lynn Ehren (her facebook/wikepedia names) as it provides the best preview of the Thai Air Force Museum that you are likely to see (in a music vid anyway): Maria Lynn Ehren (มารีญา) - Come Along [MV] - YouTube Did you know?: Marias favourite philosophers are Hume, Kant and Kierkegaard.
  7. Fragile male ego also rearing it's head in UK The Femicide Census - Womens Aid ANNUAL REPORT 2016 Victims (of males) :113 69% (n=78) of women were killed by a current or former intimate partner. 77.4% (n=24) of women killed by their ex-partner or ex-spouse were killed within the first year that followed that separation. 31 (27.5%) killed by ex. What is your equivalent figure for Thailand?
  8. I learned my lesson about cycling down steep slopes when I was 6, in the garden.......on my tricycle. I suppose he is of a generation that was "protected" at that age.
  9. He was probably thinking: "Ich bin ein Jerusalemer" last week.
  10. It's a matter of context. In the hands of any other POTUS (even Herbert Hoover) it could be inspirational. He's seeking (for his own cynical ends) and failing to get, that "Kennedy" moment: "We choose to go to the Moon....etc"
  11. Duuuh, it's not the "Middle East". It's the millions of ordinary, law abiding, non-violent, non-extreme Muslims in the EU who just became politicised and susceptible to "turning" because of what Trump did. Geddit?
  12. Only if it is done "impolitely": "Sexual intercourse, or any other act, or the commission of any other act in order to gratify the sexual desire of another person in a promiscuous manner in return for money or any other benefit, irrespective of whether the person who accepts the act and the person who commits the act are of the same sex or not." However, a clear definition of the phrase "in a promiscuous manner" is not provided.[25] Under the act, persons who solicit sex "in an open and shameless manner" (a phrase that is not clearly defined), or who are "causing nuisance to the public" are subject to a fine of no more than 1,000 baht," Which is why it endures and flourishes. Fill yer boots lads.......but out of sight and "nicely".
  13. Pattaya (because of its very high, aged, foreigner population) is the equivalent of the elephants graveyard for elderly (he was 67) western males in Thailand. It also has more than it's fair share of alcoholic/unhealthy/"troubled", etc foreigners. Elephants do not die because they go there. They go there because, one way or another, it's "time". One thing that Pattaya isn't, is a place of "mystery".