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  1. The question of how (generally poor) Thai people perceive foreigners wealth (what constitutes "flaunting") and how foreigners (living among those Thai people) perceive their own wealth (and what constitutes flaunting) is well worth a discussion away from the emotive arena that has been set up on this particular thread. I was told by a Thai person, 8 years ago, that it takes surprisingly little (by forum members oft expressed economic expectations/standards) to be perceived as arrogant and overmighty.
  2. Because by that time the "cause" will have "shot it's bolt". But that is not guaranteed. Which is why I said probably not.
  3. A vote which has no strength or legitimacy in constitutional law. Effectively not part of the process of democracy in the UK. Thus UK democracy is not in the least bit threatened with dictatorship as a result of ignoring it. Perversely it was the Conservatives who threatened to usurp UK democracy, by attempting to push Brexit through without consulting parliament, as if the referendum was a legitimate instrument. UK democracy is, you see, Representative Democracy. That is that the mob elect MPs to make decisions for them . If you want to make a Direct Democratic vote, one that changes policy, you need to apply for Swiss citizenship. Or move for constitutional change in the UK that changes our system to one of Direct Democracy. You were misled and lied to by the Conservative Government, purely to serve their own, internal, party needs.
  4. You can certainly campaign for one. It's a free country.
  5. Yes, it has been done to death. There is nothing especially "individual" about your situation. Same old: they're different and you don't know how to deal with different. Why do you people plunge around the world thinking everyone, everywhere is going to conform to your "back home" conditioning?
  6. Enoon

    Saw this odd Toyota yesterday

    That's it folks. That's the nearest thing there is to a "Thai" car industry. Everything else is the contemporary equivalent of indentured labour.
  7. The Gospel of St Daily the Mail, Chapter 1 (the only one), every verse.
  8. Which would have no less "legitimacy" than the "referendum".
  9. It is only a matter of "taste" among "investors" that causes it not to be so. Some have a taste for poker, some for the horses, some for bingo.
  10. Which is what I thought. According to "Liveleak" : "reportedly a mixture of oil, diesel and gas" "gas" = Petrol? Petrol used to thin the mixture and make it more easily spra...oh....oops. It was always oil and petrol in my Molotov days.
  11. Hopefully the citizens of Mastic, Long Island, will be able to come together and help each other rebuild their shattered community after this dreadful tragedy.
  12. California Criminal Jury Instructions #1017 (Oral Copulation of an Intoxicated Person) explains the context and meaning of the phrase.
  13. Enoon

    Honor someone going to stay at the temple.

    Buddhism in Thailand is Theravada not Hinayana. Women do not touch (or have "remote" contact) with monks as that may lead to arousal of the monk and distraction away from a pure path. Monks are also not supposed to touch other males except in specific circumstances. Women in Buddhism - Wikipedia "During a 2014 interview with Larry King when asked if he (the Dalai Lama) thought we will ever see a female Dalai Lama he stated "Yes! That's very possible." he recalled telling a reporter in Paris many years ago that it is possible mentioning that there are some female Lama's in history dating "...six or seven centuries ago, so it is nothing new." Criticism of Buddhism - Wikipedia "Sometimes in religion there has been an emphasis on male importance. In Buddhism, however, the highest vows, namely the bhikshu and bhikshuni ones, are equal and entail the same rights. This is the case despite the fact that in some ritual areas, due to social custom, bhikshus go first. But Buddha gave the basic rights equally to both sangha groups. There is no point in discussing whether or not to revive the bhikshuni ordination; the question is merely how to do so properly within the context of the Vinaya." Dalai Lama