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  1. Enoon

    when you die - the bank wins

    Right robbo. Looking for heirs is not the banks job, how do they know you are dead? It is the job of the Executor of the Will to tell them and with the legal authorisation that Executorship confers on them ensure that the estate is distributed in accordance with the Will. That is the case in the UK SCOTT: Do you know what a "Will" is?
  2. The socio-politics of Thailand in a..........pineapple skin. "Staple Economies"......the foundation of colonialism.....external and internal: "The term staples refers to resources or crops produced in mass quantities for sale or export. There are two types of staples: primary and secondary. Primary staples are goods produced predominantly for export, such as rice and tobacco. In the colonial period these crops grew in tropical and semitropical regions on plantations where indentured servants or slaves planted and harvested the crops. The Navigation Acts protected these crops that were essential to the trade between the colony and the homeland. Secondary staples were produced first for personal use and second for sale in both local and distant markets. Crops such as corn and oats grew in temperate zones where farm families with a few servants labored."
  3. Enoon

    White Fortuners Tailgating

    "Secretive" once but frequently "in yer face" now: Ichthys - Wikipedia
  4. But that would have meant the Vios driver.......giving way. Unthinkable. The driver went for the closing gap, in front of the other vehicle (as they always do) because it belonged to him.
  5. If you are prepared to wade through the data of the UK ONS (Office of National Statistics) I think you will find that about 50% of UK households would be unable to support themselves for more than 2 months (perhaps less) if employment incomes ceased. That does not take into account how state benefits might ameliorate their situation.
  6. PM May tells Mr Prayuth how much she enjoyed meeting Ms Yingluck during her last visit to the UK, and that she is looking forward to the Thai cookery lessons that Ms Yingluck has offered to give her during her next one (of many).
  7. And the vast majority of refugees have become neither. They have remained what they were...........ordinary, but traumatised, people. I will also "just say" that (in case you hadn't noticed that I had "just said" it). Although you can tell that I had "just said" it because the words are on the page for you to read. They are the words that you read "just" before I told you that I had "just said" them. All clear now?
  8. The planets gradually approach their moment of alignment.
  9. There is another Westerner in my village who (although not a native english speaker) is fluent in english, intelligent, imaginative, open to ideas and lacking in extremist social/political views. That'll do me fine for now.
  10. Because the ordinary Thai is generally stoical, good natured, patient and prepared to "grin and bear it", the regime has to try just that much harder to rouse his/her anger. This they are doing. Be patient Westerners.........it'll be worth the wait.
  11. Enoon

    Over-manning over here

    Most of the people in the photo are paleontologists listening to one of their fellows talking about the Triceratops that was unearthed on a Denver construction site. You certainly saw what "fits your preconceptions and prejudices". https://www.denverpost.com/2017/08/31/construction-crew-that-found-thorntons-triceratops-fossils-considered-heroes/
  12. Enoon

    FINE for no helmet

    .......is worth two in the bush? .......never won faint heart? Doh...I give up....what is the last part of that "well known phrase or saying"?
  13. "First Einstein came for the Chinese, then the Nazis came for him"?
  14. Both parties were in "blind faith" mode.
  15. In a country where there is very strong possibility that someone in front of you will act like a t***, it is a very bad idea to drive as if the road in font of you is (and will be forever) clear and nobody in front of you........will act like a t***. Perhaps the deceased driver momentarily forgot that.......or perhaps it had never really "registered" with them in the first place.......and it was just a matter of time?