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  1. All together in the same bus......on their "day off".........singing "we're on our way to Rajabhakti Park"? it's not "a nice day out" girls and boys. Oblique/covert approach, feints, infiltration and concentration at the last possible moment.....It's all on the Net guys. Better luck.....no......better planning next time. (And don't tell all your Facebook friends about it)
  2. Enoon

    Anyone else never feel safe in the UK?

    When did anyone ever want, at any time in living memory, to go to Tottenham.....Tottenham?, and meet the locals? For Tottenham read: "all the places in the UK that nobody ever wanted to visit, but anyone with any brains or sense always wanted to get away from". My place of origin (but not my place of upbringing, my parents had brains and sense) was one of those long before the first curry house opened there.
  3. I am confident that the police have discounted it as the cause of the murders in this case. And all the others that I have read about in these pages. I don't recall people saying that it's strange for people to get murdered in notionally Christian countries, so why similar comments keep popping up here is something of a mystery in itself. (Very big on turning the other cheek and not hurting people was Jesus.....the Christian bloke)
  4. Although his "Orcvote" is assured (see post #9) he will ensure that virtually any candidate who is "NotHilary" will be elected for the Dems. Republican voters (who may not feel themselves able to vote as did George Bush Snr last time) have the option of abstaining, as did George Bush Jnr.
  5. It marked this (the words on the original plaque): "Here on 24 June 1932 at dawn, the People's Party proclaimed a constitution for the country's advancement." The plaque which "mysteriously" replaced it says: “Loyalty and love to the Buddhist Triple Gem, the State, one’s family, and an honest heart for the King are good tools for the prosperity of the state.” Given that the replacement plaque is not location specific, one wonders why one that was had to be taken away and....."vanished"
  6. That grotesque, mismatched, overwrought mess of a facade would be an eyesore, worthy of instant demolition, anywhere.
  7. I wonder how business is doing since women started avoiding the book store, in case they were the object of his sad, obsessive, "love"? An unemployed nutter......what a catch for any woman. "The love drunk man says it doesn’t matter if his mystery woman isn’t interested in him, as all he wants is to find closure." It's been all over the media mate, no one has shown up, I think you've got your answer. I would strongly urge anyone who does think they ought go there and "give him closure" to have a bodyguard in attendance.
  8. Not until the government fails in a major legislative objective or is so weak that it becomes incapable of doing anything (is the very simple way of describing the triggering process).
  9. They think that bits of junk are "lucky". They brought that belief with them from China. They're not being conned, it is considered to be "truth" in Thailand (the Thai PM has a different "lucky" bracelet for each day of the week). It's not like a trade description regulation is being violated. Or are these not "real" pieces of "lucky" junk? Are the stories they are told about them not "real" fantastical myths from the past? What's the problem?.....the volume of sales, the prices?.....or their idiotic belief?
  10. Someone trying to stop a vengeful Thai ex-boyfriend from brutalising the Thai woman with whom that someone had a "close relationship"?
  11. No Donny, you're thinking of the plot of "Sicario 2". And no terrorists where arrested because there weren't any, it was mistaken intelligence. And it was a MOVIE, not NEWS.
  12. This is going to be a bit hard for you but: No, it doesn't.
  13. Change will not come from any parliament or from within the corridors of power. That is not what they are for. The Thai State seeks only to streamline the processes and components by which it achieve its unchanging core objectives. Ideas about "How it could/should be fixed" (by that same State) are all delusional hope and fantasy. The change will come from "external agencies". The old saying for foreigners in Thailand is as valid as ever: Do not put anything into Thailand unless you are prepared to lose it there.
  14. And now it's all gone wrong. And now the finger is hovering above the reset button. You and the others can keep on squawking about the "vote" for the rest of your lives. Time moves on. re·al·po·li·tik /rāˈälpōliˌtēk/ noun noun: realpolitik a system of politics or principles based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations.
  15. No it isn't. It took the wrong turn 2 or 3 generations ago. It's now living out it's terrible, tragic destiny.