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  1. It doesn’t. But it does come under the ‘look at me, everyone’ jurisdiction that every higher ranking police officer is under.
  2. It’s weird - I miss the days of living in the UK with only 4 channels. You’d look thorough the TV guide and get genuinely excited about a movie being shown. You’d sit around with friends and family and watch attentively. Even going to the local video shop and picking a video based off its front cover and synopsis. It was definitely more special. We’re spoilt for choice now. So many choices yet still can’t find something to watch on many occasions.
  3. To which Prayut replied, “what do you think this is, a democracy?” Sadly, many people only take notice of injustices when it happens to them. It’s called the selfish gene.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I never said you did buy one. I said ‘buy’ not bought. How would I know if you had typed it slowly? What difference would that make anyway? I typed the word ‘buy’ quickly. It’s still the same word. You’re typing not speaking. Sorry, my bad - it was the screw-tips and not heads. So the same sentiment again, don’t buy one with the ‘screw-tips’ protruding. It’s a buyer’s world out there.
  5. Well, buy a cheap helmet that doesn’t have screw-heads protruding from the inside padding.
  6. Like another poster said, if you can afford a bike, you can afford a helmet. At the very least put a helmet on the child. You can get them for about 200-300 baht. Considerably better than nothing. As for the Range Rover comment, I’ve seen plenty of kids in nice cars not wearing seat belts. Seems it’s not only the poor who have a disregard for health and safety. Sometimes ridicule is the only way to get some people to take notice.
  7. Yea, Prawit works night and day for Thailand. The PM kindly asked him to take a break and work less, but Prawit just doesn't know how to stop working so hard. They had to use 44. There was no other way to get this wonderful man to stop.
  8. Everyone knows that when it really comes down to it - sentiment trumps law and health and safety.
  9. It was a lovely gesture ruined as soon as he put it on Facebook.
  10. I actually agree with these laws. The sight of young people being happy and showing affection and love towards each other just reminds me of how miserable, unhappy and lonely I am. And this will not do. I will not be made to deal with my own issues. If I'm unhappy, everyone else should be, too.
  11. Yea, ‘social media has taught us that’ means that if we didnt know already, we certainly know now. I’m well aware of how narcissistic people are.
  12. Yeap. A lot of people on this planet are narcissists. Social media has taught us that.
  13. But isn’t this a huge loss of face for Prawit? What will this mean going forward? I still laugh at his excuse that he borrowed the watches from a dead friend. Seven year olds could do better than that. Absolutely ridiculous and even more ridiculous that most of the public seemingly don’t care.
  14. Good job most members on here are not preoccupied with it being an 'accident'. An accident implies there's no one to blame. Most members are 'preoccupied' with it being careless/reckless driving.
  15. Well, she wanted attention and she got it. No such thing as bad publicity. Corruption is obscene. This is simply narcissism from the 'model' and from the people who say they're offended.