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  1. Well, if it comes from Prawit's mouth......
  2. Who’s we? The rich elite?
  3. NLA rejects all Election Commission finalists

    Ha Ha! I read somewhere else that all the candidates were qualified, but they have no experience in this roll, therefore; they couldn’t be trusted to perform properly. If you’re gonna use delaying tactics, at least come up with better excuses. Why on earth are candidates who can’t be trusted even allowed to go forward.
  4. I would change the word 'efficiently' to 'ethically'. The kid at the back doesn't have a proper chair. Hopefully the new fund can help with this problem.
  5. What? If people wish the junta to stay in power then they have to go and vote for them. Maybe they can go to the ballots and simply tick ‘no’. That will show themselves. “I want the junta to stay in power, but I don’t want elections”. Reminds me of a girl I once dated who would complain of being hungry and also complain she’s too lazy to go and find food. These people are best ignored.
  6. Why is anyone in government wasting a single second talking or even thinking about this nonsense? Elections already.
  7. Maybe these low-skilled workers who have their jobs taken by robots could become robots themselves. They can be programmed to support the junta.
  8. I thought the government elite 'were soldiers' but are now 'politicians'.There's always a link to any government and their army. The government is their boss (normally). If the army chief doesn't want people to think he's there to meet the Shins, maybe go a day or two later. Simples. Much like when something is "easy to explain", then you explain. <removed>
  9. Thailand: a pillar and bastion of one's right to privacy in selective sensitive matters.
  10. Ah, is this where our resident self-loathing farang members tell us you can't criticize this kind of behaviour because "this is Thailand". They tell us there are no universal rights or wrongs. It's all relative to their set of moral values. Seems to me it's all relative to the whims of whoever is in charge that day.
  11. Roads are roads. They’re primarily for cars. Whether a main road of a street road. Again, it’s not easy just reversing and doing three-point turns on small sois. There is no other way round sometimes. Unless of course you feel people should turn around, get back on the main road so they can get stuck in traffic again, and then approach their ‘home’ from another soi. All because some people wanna put their tables and chairs in the middle of a road so they can party. You can like parties all you want. That doesn’t mean you have to inconvenience other people who just want to get on with their daily lives. I like listening to music loudly and with good quality. I bought some expensive headphones. It’s not black and white.
  12. You can’t compare 50-70s America with Bangkok 2018 gridlock. If parents want their kids to have room to run around, they have to move out of the city. This is true anywhere in the world. Anyhoo, I’m talking about people blocking tiny roads (sois) so they can have a party. If you’ve ever driven down the small sois, you’ll know what a pain they are to navigate. What they don’t need is anymore obstacles blocking them.
  13. Sorry, why is the army chief giving this explanation?
  14. Just let them do their jobs. Let them keep collecting more and more evidence while the public slowly cools down and hopefully gets distracted by something else. Behind the scenes envelopes have to be exchanged. Will take a bit of time in a big case like this.