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  1. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    You can criticise whomever you like. The joys of open and free chat.
  2. YEAH! Boycott those luxury German cars and designer clothes & handbags! Here's an idea. Don't like being held to a standard then sell to China or North Korea, etc. Oh, is protesting okay now? I mean this does come across as very political.
  3. Prayut finalising plans ahead of Trump meeting

    Well, if it surely will happen, Forrest Trump will surely be waiting on the edge of his seat.
  4. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    Speak out against Islam by all means. It's a religion, it's not a person. Incite violence towards anyone then no. No one can do that - especially monks.
  5. Yes, this is a massive problem......for the celebs. For the general public, be sure to judge these people and make yourself feel better. As for the corrupt politicians and army, way to stay out of any spotlight.
  6. Ultimately, yes it is. I've lived in Thailand long enough to know how things work. If some shop workers tied some PVC pipe in the back of my pick-up truck, I'd know to check and probably just do it all again myself. Most important reason would be to make sure I don't harm others; 2nd reason would be not to get into any trouble if it does. Some people say that not trusting or not having faith in some other people is a negative attitude. It's not always the case - I'm making a rational decision based on what I know, reputations and common sense. It's good to be optimistic in life. Just don't be ignorantly optimistic. I feel sympathy for the lady, but the PVC piping is her responsibility. Ce'st la vie.
  7. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    Ah, early next month like elections late next year..........maybe.
  8. Only a select group of hisos get to say who's tarnishing reputations.The irony being that they're the ones who are usually tarnishing the scared reputations.
  9. My god. What a way to live. Being judged by people who are up to god knows what.
  10. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    Thaksin has tweeted a couple of times. If he didn't know where she was, I'm sure we'd have read something. It would be too hard to kill her and not have people talk.
  11. I submitted my report yesterday at about 10.30 A.M. Was the easiest time I've had of it. No freezing or stuttering when entering the information, and I got through the first page straight away. As of now, it's still 'pending'. Just checked now and it's been approved. No email to confirm so assumed it wasn't done yet.
  12. More selfies, please. Maybe also a blog about his workout routine, his favourite food and how does he remain single.
  13. I'm so impressed. Subjectively attractive people doing their jobs and making the news because of their looks. I've read stories about people with disabilities doing amazing things, but I've always thought, "Yea, but you have to do that to get by". When attractive people do mundane things like teaching, cleaning, helping their fellow human beings, I'm much more impressed. Even though they're above such pitiful jobs and tasks, they do still do them anyway.
  14. It is all very confusing. The best one was from a newspaper I cannot mention. They said, and I'm paraphrasing, 'Imported wine over a 1000 baht will now become 110 baht more expensive. Wine under a 1000 baht a bottle, most of it local, would be 25 baht cheaper'. Most of it local? Does this mean all local wine and imported wine under 1000 baht a bottle? I don't see many local wines in the supermarket. They're all French and Italian, etc. I've never spent less than 400, or more than 800 baht for a bottle of wine. I've never bought local wine. Anyhoo, I bought a bottle of Italian wine at the weekend and it was the usual price. Missus asked the wine lady about the taxes and she didn't even bother to pretend to BS. Just said she didn't know.
  15. Yes. Mother Teresa was a bag of s***. But this is Thailand and this is about their government's attitude towards refugees. Thailand is over 90% Buddhist. Most I meet claim to be practicing. This isn't about human flaws that we all have. It's about pure and utter hypocrisy. There are good people and bad people in life. The worst people are the ones who claim to be good but really are not. At least the bad people who admit they're bad can say they're not completely full of s***.