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  1. Some security guards here do take themselves way too seriously. I remember walking along the pavement in front of an apartment and I was suddenly stopped by one. A bit confused as to why I was stopped, I looked at him and then looked back. I saw a car approaching and indicating to turn in. I just brushed him aside and kept walking. There was plenty of time for me to walk out of the way, and even if there wasn't, I'm the one walking on the pavement, the car can wait 'til it's clear of pedestrians.
  2. I see motorcycle riders go past on the pavement of the police booth near me. Never once seen a police officer get out and do anything.
  3. I've noticed lately that they thank me for refusing a bag. Glad to see the message is getting through. Even if it's just a little bit.
  4. Thailand has one of the highest road fatalities in the world - where are the survival instincts there? But sure, I'll pass your message of 'go with the flow' to people who've needlessly lost loved ones on the road. It will surely help with the grief.
  5. Thailand’s number 2, everybody......
  6. Desperate times when the only person you can find to endorse you is a young child who has no idea what b***** she is spouting.
  7. A pair of absolutely abhorrent morons. And the court are going along with this.
  8. Shhhhh! The PM has a perfect opportunity to say he prayed for the rain.
  9. Yes, Buddha and the spirits only punish those caught doing wrong in temples. They seemingly don't care about the rich minority who do far worse on a daily basis.
  10. It's 2019 now, guys. Why should anyone have to wait for anything?
  11. Yes, I imagine being able to show your license after an accident would be useful.
  12. If there are no problems, have a vote. Let the people choose. It's a very simple concept.
  13. It’s always really depressing when you take the time to separate your rubbish and then witness someone lazily stick all their crap in whatever bin is closest to them.
  14. Of course it wasn’t. This is a show after all.
  15. rkidlad

    Thailand ready to play role in Kim-Trump summit

    Sure. If there are free and fair elections and a real government is formed - maybe. Baby steps, mind.