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  1. Maybe in the interests of being fair and balanced they could hand the verdict down at the US embassy in Bangkok. Seems it's fine for people to gather outside there for political reasons.
  2. I'm not understanding the many reports from government officials about crowds gathering for Yingluck verdict. Is it okay to gather or not? I don't think they've been very clear.
  3. I think you missed the point of me asking. I know why. I've read the reports. It was a question aimed at someone who hadn't.
  4. It's called debating. If you don't do your research, you get dismissed.
  5. To paraphrase a well-known newspaper here; 'Officials found a laptop already signed in with a list of names and accounts for customers and clients. Officials don't believe the names are of any Thai nationals" Phew, that's a relief. Imagine if someone very big and important from Thailand were on there. They'd have to go and arrest them and it would be all over the newspapers. I'm not asking you to do any research for me. Until you can answer my question, I will assume you don't know and you haven't read the reports properly. Based on this information I will dismiss any ideas of yours.
  6. Not expect an answer 'cos you don't know? Read up on these things before you post comments criticizing how other members rationalize their thoughts based on reading the information.
  7. Answer my question. What's the warrant exactly for?
  8. Well, you've assumed I'm stupid. So let's go with this dynamic. Now, what exactly are the warrants for? Please do tell.
  9. So tell us all what the actual arrest warrant from the FBI is for?
  10. Not in Pattaya nor Issan. Would have been easier to guess I'm in Bangkok considering this is where most expats live based on it's geographical size. I'm not drunk and I haven't overheard anyone say anything. I have my own thoughts and can make my own calculations based on my education and the fact I don't have the brain of a conditioned child. You seem to assume that people can't/shouldn't be able to think for themselves. His business may well have been 'invisible' but his money wasn't. If you've ever lived in any apartment or moobaan here, you'll know that neighbours gossip. They don't have to know you, but they will gossip about you. Being a young, rich farang with a Lamborghini will definitely raise eyebrows and cause chatter among the locals (hiso or loso). There are many rich 'farangs' here. I'm yet to meet one who has a 35 million baht sports car. Maybe because they're way overpriced and 'farangs' see them as a huge waste of money. I've met rich farangs here who have been incredibly smart and savvy, and I've met ones who are thick as s*** and you question to yourself how they made so much money. This young man could have killed himself at anytime. There is zero reason to believe he killed himself straight away without even seeing where all this was going. You know - let me speak to my lawyer first, let me call in some favours, let me speak to my wife first maybe and tell her what to do to stay out of trouble. Here is a man who made a lot of money from calculations. You really believe he just accepted his fate as soon as he was in that detention cell and didn't think to maybe wait. Even if he knew for sure the odds were completely against him, human nature and hope alone would have given him reason to 'at least' play it out and see where it was all going. Again, I don't believe it for a second.
  11. Labourers from Myanmar, etc, earn a pittance but are integral to many of Thailand's industries. I'm all for making them legal, etc, but the government must understand that these people have nothing. They live hand to mouth and send what little money they have back to their families. Having to suddenly stop work or be let go, then having to travel home with little or no money, having to take unpaid leave while you wait for a capricious government to keep changing the rules simply because they want to appear to know what they're doing when they really don't have a clue - Thailand doesn't deserve these people. I would say that this might be a lesson for Thailand but it won't. People only ever learn important lessons when they want to learn. Otherwise, they live in their own little world detached from everyone else. Time to stop preaching the virtues of Buddhism and start teaching the virtues of empathy.
  12. Sorry, but anyone who believes there is no foul play here lives in cuckoo land. There's only a certain amount of times a group or institute can do something wrong until your brain starts alerting you that this group or institution cannot be trusted. It's not called being negative - it's called human instinct. We have this instinct as it helps us stay alive and out of danger. We've had it from the beginning of time. It's a survival tool. Zero chance this guy accumulated this wealth, showing off his nice big house and cars as a 'farang', without anyone asking questions or sniffing around. It would have been a smart move on his behalf to have so-called 'important people' in his pocket. They get paid to turn a bind eye, or more than likely be in on it, and he gets protected from any prosecution. This is how criminal organizations flourish within a corrupt system. You really think he just killed himself this quickly? He didn't want to wait and see if anyone could help him? He had a s*** load of cash and collateral as a bargaining tool. I'd have given it all up to walk. He didn't think to see how it would play out until he took the most drastic action to commit suicide? Here's a man who played the odds in his criminal work and was rewarded handsomely. You don't think he's going to keep trying his hand while in the land of smiles? Unfortunately for him, the Americans came knocking. And when they ask for a farang to be extradited, the Thais aren't going to say no. No matter how hiso or powerful you think you are here, there is always someone more hiso and powerful. He didn't have the connections to get out of this and he was far too much of a risk to be left to leave the country and spill the beans.
  13. Thanks, Thai Ron. Don't speculate because you're in someone else's house. Great! That sort of mentality could never lead to any kind of abuse. Sounds like a self-loathing apologist's utopia. So he lived this lavish lifestyle but knew that it would all end one day at the drop of a hat and he'd have to kill himself straight away? Wow. What an amazing life he lived knowing that each day could be his last. Makes you wonder why he didn't think about it and maybe move abroad, stop being so ostentatious with the sports cars, etc, and come up with a plan better than "live life like it's your last day". A rather odd philosophy for someone so young and capable. You've obviously been conditioned to believe whatever authorities tell you. I've been conditioned to connect the dots - regardless of where I am.
  14. Yeap. I imagine this guy had lots of dirt on some very high up people and he would have sung like a canary to get a good deal in the States. I don't believe this guy hanged himself for a second.
  15. Jesus! What's with all the pointing pics? Does it convey a message of power? "He must be powerful. He'a pointing at people and looking angry".