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  1. What a horrible and vindictive thing to do to another person. Truly awful and abhorrent.
  2. No one’s having a heart attack. People are just reiniforcing their low opinions of the police here.
  3. Ah, the old answering a question with question. But I believe he asked the wrong question - it should have been, "What's wrong with spending 15 million on toilets and stores?". But I guess he knows what he's doing. You'd think this place might steer clear of anymore negative attention after what happened before and what it represents. Zero shame.
  4. Why Zuckerberg needs to come here

    Yes, Mr Social Media. Come here to this fantastic ‘nexus’. A land where you can spend 0 days in jail for murder and huge fraud, etc, but can be imprisoned for years for online comments. And if that doesn’t wet your whistle, the PM would save a huge amount of face if you’d help him out with his little fib.
  5. Salary deductions to begin for student loans

    That may well be true. But anyone going on to earn 100-200k a month after ‘a few years’ would be the absolute exception. For most this is not the case at all.
  6. Well, even if the police had integrity and honour, they’d actually have to know and understand the laws they’re supposed to uphold before we could really start with reform. They are clueless.
  7. The 'graap' is the biggest show of respect you can show someone apparently. I prefer not to graap anyone and simply not be an a****** in life.
  8. Only 4? Corruption is ingrained here. It's at every level. Have a look at how other countries reduced it. Well, that's if you really are being sincere. So........you won't be looking at anything.
  9. Salary deductions to begin for student loans

    As one girl said to me, "I went to uni for four years for what? To start off on 13k a month?". Really don't know how people survive here, especially in Bangkok. I guess necessity really is the mother of all inventions. That and brainwashing people into believing this, and many other countries' systems are a good idea.
  10. That's it. Many people may have thought him meeting Mark could have ended badly and meant FB being shut down here. That would really wake the people up. This information caused a lot of my local friends 'confusion'. This can only be bad in such a temperamental time. Off for a word with khun Prawit, me thinks.
  11. I guess after meeting Forrest Trump he thinks he's some kind of international big man. What a stupid thing to do. Saying you have a meeting with the CEO of Facebook when these words when never ever uttered. Should be utterly embarrassed.
  12. Digital TV Seeks Relief For Its Expensive Failure

    In an age of internet and free TV, these genius couldn't foresee that expecting a mostly poor population to pay premium prices for low grade TV wouldn't work out. You invested lazily, ignorantly and arrogantly, and now you want someone to bail you out? No chance.
  13. Yoo think too mut. One step at a time. Officials think the rains will cease because they want them too. If they don’t? Well, that’s just unfair and defamation lawsuits filed against anyone who thinks otherwise.
  14. Recently spoke to a girl in her late 20s who told me she makes 7k a month. 3500 is for rent, and she had to support her parents, too. This number seems ridiculously low, but I don't see why she would have lied. Anyhoo, in Bangkok it must be an absolute miserable experience for many when it comes to money. I hate to think about how bad some have it. Absolutely depresses me. At least I have a clear conscience that I am definitely not part of the problem. At least genuinely wanting people to have better lives puts you in part of the solution.
  15. Wasn't it the PM himself who said this meeting would happen? Brilliant. I did wonder if this was really going to happen. I look forward to the 'misunderstanding' comments from god knows who in the government. How do you misunderstand someone saying they want to meet when they didn't say that?