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  1. Clearly not to anyone else, either. You've had a go at people for assuming by also assuming yourself.
  2. I can and it isn't clear. You seem to think the police 'are' now acting based on that previous sentence. Can you explain how that's so?
  3. She managed to get the dash cam footage in the hope she can get the police to act, or she managed to get the CCTV footage and she managed to get the police to act?
  4. A sad reflection of Thai Buddhism here that the police felt compelled to to go in like this into a so-called Buddhist temple.
  5. Diddums. Prison shouldn't really be too much of a change from the temple for him. No possessions, thin mat for a bed, small cusion for a pillow, etc. He should be happy with this limited stuff seeing as he's dedicated his life to Buddhism.
  6. Look at some of those people crying. They've lost their lucky charm. Who are they supposed to pray to for money now?
  7. My missus drew a kindergarten style map. I think it would be easier now in this day and age to just ask for the name of address and coordinates. My missus said it’s just ‘cos they’re stuck in their ways and don’t know any better. But if there’s someone who should be all about 4.0, it’s immigration.
  8. Thailand 4.0? I remember being in immigration to get my extension with my missus. My missus had printed off a google map for where we live (in Thai). The immigration officer said it had to be hand drawn. I gave my missus that please-bite-your-tongue look and thankfully she did. After we were all done, she ranted for about 5 mins about ‘Thailand 4.0’. She also wondered where all the paperwork goes and is it really secure.
  9. rkidlad

    Pro-election activists are released on bail

    That’s exactly it. Are we supposed to believe that this time next month, etc, speaking out and political gathering will be okay? I understand things can be gradual, but there’s no way it’s suddenly going to be alllwed over night.
  10. rkidlad

    Cops Want Pro-Election Activists Jailed

    The cops do or the junta do? I guess it makes a lot more sense for the junta to want it and have it look like it's really the police who want it. Go ahead - jail them. Turn them into martyrs.
  11. rkidlad

    Outpouring of support for pro-poll detainees

    I suggest the PM takes a long hard look at his right hand man before he talks about enforcing the law.
  12. Yea but, apparently they will hold a meeting with political parties in June/July to discuss about letting other political parties campaign. They just have to pass some bills, etc. Did Brad not know that we are all supposed to take Prayut at his word?
  13. The elections were supposed to be in November and got moved back to February of the following year. There’s only one reason why political parties can’t convene and people can’t speak out. And that one reason is scary.
  14. I read somewhere else that the first crooked cop to pay money got a promotion, but this was just a coincidence because the promoted officer was actually promoted on merit. The irony that an officer promoted on merit actually thought he bought his position. The whole thing stinks.