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  1. rkidlad

    Ob/Gyn May Have Sexually Abused Dozens: Lawyer

    “During checkups, I have to insert my finger or fondle the breasts. It’s my own medical procedure. I’m not a skilled doctor so have to use this way to heal them.” “I love all my patients. Not in an adulterous way, but in a caring way,” he said. “I call all my patients ‘baby’ without bad intentions. By nature, women like gentleness too.” Dear Lord above us. And he's still working.
  2. What a funny story. A man breaking the law by having illegally registered vans then makes false claims to try and blackmail some cops into turning a blind eye, is now seen in pictures smiling with police officers as if the crimes he committed mattered not one jot. Moral of the story? Big Joke is a virtuous and forgiving god police officer.
  3. Why? Isn't that what democratic and free and fair elections are all about - the right to choose.
  4. No one is saying he’s guilty. But what I will say is that by having several women accuse him, and not having a female assistant with him even if just one time, doesn’t look good at all.
  5. By doing an investigation and holding judgement on the alleged victim. This is sexual assault we're talking about. Not GBH. Stop comparing cases with other countries. The doctor didn't have a female assistant with him. You say he's a fool. Maybe he didn't want a female in there for the very reason he wanted to sexually assault this woman. We simply don't know. What we do know is by not having a female assistant in the room with him, he loses huge credibility. By not having a female assistant with him, he should have been suspended straight away pending an investigation.
  6. rkidlad

    Govt sops to poor raise questions of propriety

    He's really laying this on even more now. Just more and more of, "Don't say I'm doing this!" "Don't make it about politics". There are supposed to be elections in little over 3 months. How can this be about anything other than political purposes. If he really wanted to help people and maintain any form of integrity, he'd wait 'til after the 'elections'. Shameful. This is exactly why free and fair elections are so important in any country or culture.
  7. You should be this Dr’s lawyer. I’d implore you to have more empathy and try to better understand the dynamic (especially in countries like Thailand) between males and females, doctors and patients, and sexual assault victims and their attackers. It’s isnt always black and white. It can be extremely complicated and nuanced. You just have to understand why. Stop always trying to apply logic to cases where people may well be severely traumatized.
  8. I believe in due process, but when you have several people accusing you, the right thing to do is step down and let the investigation take its course. He shouldn’t even have the choice. His bosses should have made it for him.
  9. Why is there a picture of big joke just staring into thin air while standing on one foot?
  10. Surely there's something written into the law where you can't park in front of someone's driveway. There should also be common sense not to do it. Saying that - on my old soi, people who were too lazy to walk a few steps to the restaurant at the beginning of the soi, would park their car right on the corner of where you turn in. Would cause so many problems for people wanting to turn into the soi. Is it selfishness or is it a complete lack of awareness? I think the two traits aren't actually that different.
  11. Find this taxi driver and shower him in garlands. Just remember to take pictures. If you forget to take pictures, it will all have been a waste of time.
  12. Did anyone who claims to have a half a brain really think this would go any other way? We know this guy is super rich. We know the police can be bought. It was obvious from the beginning what would (or wouldn’t in this case) happen.
  13. For exactly the reason I stated.
  14. Look at my original post. Read the analogy. Understand what it means. Go from there.
  15. I’m talking about genuine tourists and expats who read these stories. Not your friends who come through immigration. No one said anything about genuine tourists or expats getting stopped coming through immigration.