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  1. No one said, especially me, that this doesn't happen outside Thailand. We know these things can happen anywhere. Please don't pettifog and digress from the story we are all commenting on. The massively obvious and glaring issue here is the fact the taxi driver was a 'convicted' double racist. His criminal history was not checked for whatever reason. This is a 'government registered' taxi. The buck stops with them when they don't enforce laws and make companies do proper checks. If you allow people to be lazy and cut corners, guess what? They will. This is why we have governments. So, it's ultimately up to the government to be doing checks on these cab companies to make sure they're adhering to their end of the deal. People are so indignant over this because it was all so simple to prevent. Check the driver's criminal history. If this had been done, this taxi driver wouldn't have been allowed to drive a taxi and we wouldn't be berating the taxi company and government.
  2. Sure. Of course he didn't. Telling a woman that she should have been accompanied by a friend 'after' she's been raped isn't mitigating at all. The only flaw in this advice is we still can't travel in time.
  3. It is always advisable. What isn't advisable is telling the poor girl after she's been raped "you really should have been more careful". It's not what someone who's just been raped wants to hear. They wanna hear 100% condemnation for the rapist. The attitude of lecturing a victim after the fact only only gives someone thinking of committing rape more justification in their head for doing so. How would you feel if you got drunk, passed out, and some guy raped you? Would you want people saying "well, you shouldn't have got so drunk".
  4. Yes, women! You should always have a chaperone. Don't be stupid in thinking you can do things by yourself. If you don't have a chaperone and you get raped, you must share some of the blame with the rapist. Not 50-50, that would be unfair. Maybe 70/30? Blame can be negotiated based on the woman's innocent actions and how dumb they were. Leave the poor rapist out of it.
  5. As far as I understand, an arrest warrant has been issued. He killed this police officer on September 3rd 2012. Police have said that the arrest warrant has a 15 year life, and they've retroactively started it from September 2012. (Makes perfect sense). So now, the arrest warrant only really has a 10 year life (you couldn't make this up) Next step would be for this law to be changed. Instead of arrest warrants having a 15 year life, let them be only 5 years. This way Boss only has to wait 'til September of this year and he will continue to be a completely free man. Also, the police get to save face . 1 spoilt brat and inept police force (1-0) 60 million plus people. Isn't life wonderful?
  6. Okay, so what happens when a 'democratically' elected government come into power. Can Thai people then begin to criticize or will that be not allowed?
  7. The government are culpabale as this is a govenement registered taxi cab. A proper check of the driver and this wouldn't have happened.
  8. Yes, this sentiment is fine when criminal checks have been done. There's only so much you can do to check that someone is fit to be in a job. If their record and history is clean, and they then go out committing crimes after, then you can say "there are good and bad people in every occupation'. What is not acceptable is not checking or ignoring someone's criminal history. Especially a two time rapist who is then entrusted to safely drive around a young woman on her own. Most readers are indignant towards the attitudes of those responsible.
  9. Why not include free taxis for life to really add insult to injury?
  10. Don't worry, little people. With a picture of the PM on your living room wall, wearing his army uniform and standing next to some submarines on stilts, everything will be fine.
  11. Yes, every occupation does have good and bad people. In my occupation I had to provide a criminal check from home and from here. I've never committed any crimes so my criminal check came back clean. If it had been reported that I had committed a crime, I wouldn't have got the job. This is why we do criminal checks. To lower the chances of having truly bad people in jobs. Especially jobs where you work for the public. Remind me again - what checks were done on the double rapist? But 70,00 Baht returned - let's all forget this silly nonsense of bad taxi drivers until it happens again.
  12. He said "where pedestrians can cross in safely". I think we can safely infer that he meant provide 'more' crossings that are 'safe' as opposed to the crossings we have now where it's everyman for himself.
  13. There's been a lot of fear allaying today. If only they could articulate themselves better. Even just to think before they speak.
  14. What on earth are you up to in Thailand? Yes, him being rich is a factor. If he were poor, he'd already be in prison, and this whole situation would be moot. If you drink alcohol, take drugs and then get in a car (not any old car but a super car), you are then fully responsible for anything bad that comes from this combination. That would be like me loading a gun and then spinning the trigger ring round on my index finger. "Duh! I didn't mean to shoot and kill anyone. That was just an unfortunate accident" I'm sure the family of the victim will excuse my carelessness. You know there are some people who when get they caught for a crime do put their hands and say "yeap, that's on me". It's called remorse. It can be an important factor when being sentenced. Judges love nothing more than giving custodial sentences to abhorrent criminals who don't care about anyone but themselves. Only an idiot wouldn't do anything to stay out of prison? No! Only an idiot would put themselves in that position in the first place because they make reckless and selfish decisions in their life.
  15. Talk, talk and talk. How about the culprit who killed a police officer in his Ferrari. Has an arrest warrant even been issued yet after 5 years?