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  1. Gen Prawit: Don’t worry I can clarify

    So explain now! You should have explained from day one. Give the people a rough overview of how you came into these possession of these items and then can prove it within your 30 days. Just as a side note - there is not a single good reason for a 'politician' who took over the country because he wanted to stop corruption to be wearing a million+ baht watch. Even if it's fake, you just don't do it. I would say that he must understand people are watching and judging all the time, but I don't think he does.
  2. This is nothing more than the EU pretending that the PM really means there'll be an election in November. Just keep playing along as to make it harder and harder for him to suspend it again. Much like when you know your mate is lying about coming out at the weekend. You keep plugging away at ideas and you watch him squirm 'cos you know he's lying. At the very least you can have fun winding him up.
  3. The EU stance is a fairly simple one; we can continue relations and business as normal when you’re a democracy again. Thailand can can do whatever it likes. Just don’t expect other countries to go along with it and act like there’s nothing wrong. You can’t have your cake and eat it when it comes to the international community. Something Thailand has to adhere to or they can simply stagnate.
  4. He will only explain it to the NACC? Are the ‘people’ not worthy of an immediate explanation? Anyhoo, what will they do to people who speculate? Arrest them? That’s a great idea. Draw even more attention to the matter.
  5. Prawit’s watch could be ticking time bomb

    Every government that’s ruled here has been corrupt. For anyone who thought for a second that this lot weren’t, this is all the proof you need. Why would they be any different? ‘Cos they said they were? Since this watch story has emerged, we’ve seen more stories than ever about ‘zero tolerance’ on corruption. Planting seeds far too late. The government can come out with the best excuse in the world to defend the deputy PM, but the big question still remains regardless of whether it’s the truth or not, “why didn’t you say this from the very beginning?”.
  6. Have a look at this story in the paper we cannot mention. Gdggb posts there now. Their posts are eerily similar.
  7. Jesus! What would this country do if they won the world cup?
  8. Were you 'Gdgbb' on here before? Anyhoo, I'm reading that his name is listed as a 'celebrity buyer'. I'm sure you can enlighten us on how much truth is in that.
  9. 'later gunshots were fired' I get how a fight might occur with drunken colleagues - what I don't get is why people have felt the need to have guns. Sure, might be in the car anyway, but it says a lot about the mentality of a person who feels the need to shoot off a gun at a work party. Nothing to do with hating your colleagues. Purely pent up aggression that's dying to be released. Scary.
  10. So let's say this is the excuse that is going to be used, why not just say this from the very beginning? It would like someone accusing me of stealing and I simply say, "I can explain it". Many days later I come out with, "No, I didn't steal anything".
  11. Normally, when you’re innocent of a crime and you have evedence to show it, you do it straight away. There would be absolutely no reason to wait or even need 30 days. You can see why people are annoyed. And they have absolutely every right to be so. These people staged a coup under the pretext of fighting corruption. The very last thing they want is to look corrupt.
  12. Video: Thais tricked by "farang" roadside con man

    How long should this 'farang' spend in prison? I'm thinking 5 years at least. No chance at parole.
  13. Ah, the old "I promise you but I can't say when'. I used to do that with my mum when she asked me to clean my bedroom.
  14. Dog grooming shop fleeced me, says angry owner

    Bringing a winter dog to a tropical country so he can breed more for cash. Zero sympathy. These dogs don’t belong here.
  15. Bad stuff can happen anywhere in the world. This level of corruption can only be allowed to happen in certain countries. I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not. What I do know is that I wouldn’t trust the police with the keys to my toilet. You can go through life thinking you’re great and honorable, but at the end of the day, your reputation precedes you. This is a universal truth (that does happen everywhere in the world).