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  1. The police don't care about catching and punishing criminals. They're in it for the glory and the ill gotten gains. Police will pursue suspects if there is money to be made, pressure from the public, or a big case where they can have photo shoots and point their fingers. Absolute zero integrity in the job. There needs to be one top cop who has the final say. But of course, like children, they all wanna be in the spotlight so they all have something to say. Meaningless words to boost their fragile egos.
  2. WOW! Is he actually in prison for reals? If so, this is great news. People who think others are so negative about the justice system here will see first hand how positive people will be if this is real.
  3. Thanks for that. I will no longer judge a case on its merit and merely not comment as it happens elsewhere. brilliant. I'll be sure to tweet Saville's victims with the great news.
  4. Strange how people joke about male rape in prison and women cutting off men's genitalia with swords. Would be the complete opposite if the other way round. If your husband is cheating on you, leave him. Nobody owns anyone. Marriage isn't a buyer's contract.
  5. <deleted>! Same old tired lines come out again and again; "I know who did it, but I'm not saying" "His first name begins with 's'" "I said it wasn't a bomb to trick the bombers into bombing again at a hospital" (Okay, I paraphrased but that's basically what happened) Most people are such narcissistic idiots that if they're never told then they'll never know. And they come out with rubbish like this.
  6. Well, it was the fear of god. I'm an atheist, but when I was a kid, I didn't know it was all b*****.
  7. When I was a kid, Jesus was our free babysitter. Now it seems iPads, etc, are the new free babysitter. Just plonk your kid on a chair with a tablet and you get peace and quiet while you live 'your' life. People often ask why I don't have kids - I say it's because I love my free time and I'd be a selfish parent. Some people like me go out and have kids, and yet somehow I'm the odd/bad guy in society.
  8. Oh, great. I can't wait to see all the press and police lining up to greet him as he turns up at the police station at his leisure. Lots of cameras flashing and smiling that will lead to no charges, but will be a great ego boost for the police. Children playing at being adults.
  9. Sometimes my missus or Thai friends will ask me what a word or phrase in English means. Sometimes there is no context, so I'll ask for this person to give me some context so I can honestly answer their question as best I can. So often I get that look of, "Jesus! You think too much. Just answer my question. It doesn't really matter what it means" I guess it would be easier to just say any old b***** and be on my way, but I don't want to get into bad habits.
  10. I very briefly caught a scene in a Thai series where a man was attempting to rape a woman. Well, he was holding her down for a prolonged period of time and trying to kiss her. He seemed quite indignant that she was not being consensual. After their little one-two, he finally stopped. It seemed like once everything had calmed down she jestingly said "What are you like, you horny bugger?' and it was just back to normal (whatever normal is for Thailand and Thai series) Anywho, the point is that all was forgiven after his attempted rape. It was just seen as some harmless horseplay. This to me is seriously offensive as it completely makes a mockery of how disgusting and vulgar rape is. But by all means, please be sure to cover up alcohol labeling, or even better, no alcohol at all. We want these shows to be as unrealistic as possible.
  11. Can you imagine the international backlash there would be if the government went after a Westerner for insulting the PM online. It just wouldn't be worth all the aggro. A lot easier to just lock up poor locals and use them as example. It seems nobody cares about them.
  12. True. I end up carrying mine in my bag 'til I can find a bin. Still have emotional scars of being whopped round the back of the head if I ever dropped litter on the floor.
  13. Oh, please no. Don't start giving stats like "the investigation is 92.5% complete" I remember that nonsense from last time they didn't have a clue.
  14. Well done to this lady. Litter in the drains is a huge problem as you can see from yesterday's flooding. We can all do our bit by simply putting our litter in the bin. But I don't think I need to be telling any fellow members this.
  15. Pavements. They're called pavements. If people wanna call them sidewalks then go nuts. They've always been pavements.