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  1. Army told to pay mother of slain son

    Phfft, 1.8 mill, water off a ducks back, one guy could hock one of his crappier watches to cover that...
  2. Well no, it depends if you support the gracious, uncorrupt, country loving, serving the people only junta or the scamming, not real thai, money grubbing lowlife theives that are anyone who objects to the jumta..distinct differences just like 2 ants from the same hole are different..555
  3. They let 3 or 4 children drown everyday, who knows how many road fatalities per day, and on, zero chance theyd care if a few die from some milk
  4. But wheres the fun in that? Improving the human condition never appears on thier radar. Improving thier bank balances and playing childish war games with possible devestating consequences for this whole planet is fun, to interlectual dullards.
  5. Like many things here i assume the worst and happily get shown better if it arises.. There are all sorts of ppm etc type things allowed in food stuffs the world over. Things like insect and rodent faeces and parts..lol (i got banned from a forum for mentioning that cause someone was grossed out by an animal hair on an audio product).... And on that note: Its safe (sic) to assume that most products will be over the allowed amount and its probably only by how far that really counts.. Good luck and safe eating
  6. The only people getting any favors and graces are the uber (undocumented) rich chinese.
  7. And the area they are trying to crush. They only want super rich and dirt poor..they see themselves as gawds and act accordingly. Taky stood up against them and look where he is, (yes yes i know he fillef his boots too, so please dont go there). All this is no news and why i now consider Thailsnd as a 'groundhog day' country, certain developments are running full steam ahead and yet most things are not and repeat day after day...its one reason why after a decade here im out..
  8. Marketing press release in the "news" section? Wonder if anyone else taking over a mom and pop store will be able to outline their path to global domination? In the news section for free..
  9. And the things IS, a society is based on justice, so if push comes to shove, you can have your day in court and have your say.. In the expectation that the judge will be fair... thats not how it rolls in T'land, or many other places for that matter. But here its "no money? go directly to jail...got money? get a get out of jail "free" card"
  10. Ahhh with this, 'nice inoccent thais are victims to foriegn criminals' and 'thailand happiest economy'. I can see the propagander wing is in full flight..
  11. Yes exactly, no one wants to tread on others toes as they all have big boots and have to fill them.
  12. A conviently timed "fall guy" (see the 'timelord' scandal) who will escape justice just with significantly less assets than before. Theres a great cartoon floating around about but would be canned if posted here..fact is they could pull any suitable criminal activity that is currently being 'ignored' to use as a cover for their own devices...rare native animals certainly draws on the heart strings, wonder whats the next step?
  13. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    Why are you repeating yourself? Try reading my reply and then try to understand it first..Trying to dissmiss WHOs scales and readings, who are you?
  14. Air pollution warnings spread to North

    How is it, that, most countries having poor air quality misleading? Its just a fact. Automobile and industrial polution is at unhealthy levels in most medium sized city around the world..its not hard to see, its not hard to find the causes, its not hard to see the poor helth outcomes
  15. Im just sitting here waiting for a freind,........ ..................... ........ ................. ............ ............ ........to die