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  1. Schools as designated hazard waste drop off points? and what school programs on how to sort it....
  2. 41 years and counting Dirtbikes since 15, many years racing MX, some road, I had to much road rage as 17 yr old commuting to 80ks to work and back, so I did very little, till I came to T'land. Had trials bikes and done enduro, minimal track work. Many years ago even had a Suzuki Thailand and local dealer backed race team and turned a Suzuki Raider and a Honda Cr125 into one of the best Super cup bikes around. (pictured) Now with to many bikes, not enough space, nor money, some have to go, firstly my best bang for buck bike/s my NSR 150 SP (built 1 out of 2 and have a complete rat bike for spares) (pictured) Besides the fun of riding, I quite enjoy getting to places very few people get to. (last pic Prasea Dam) Some great stories here, cheers and keep biking
  3. fanboiz are just so lame been down this road with many who cant deal with critisism of their irrational love for a company's products
  4. Yes its to easy to balk fanbois with low expectations and even lower usage levels who dont understand much more than "yay yay i love xxxx company" marketing
  5. what do i care if you believe me? but of course i troll forums to make false claims about crap products from deceitful companies all day long just for kicks
  6. speak to any 20 something tech kid, you might get the gist. im using complex timing related musical instruments almost daily, i certainly know when something is off beat or slower than before, these updates are multi faceted. The constant intrusion of "update now" is a fcking pita that IS NOT necessary for MY needs, but I CANNOT turn them off. Dumb phones are what they are, always asking you something that you should not have to bother with, but if you're fine with a inanimate object forcing you to waste time then have at it.. most people arent tech savy and are actually quite easily fooled by the "latest" crap.
  7. fact is the os runs slower, is what i said is that what you call slow reading comprehension?
  8. I am a tech person, personal comp since 82, high musical instruments since the same year.; Tech companies are producing more and more low grade crap with beta software. Garnin absolute rubbish, hence my re-naming garbagmin DSI, total disrespect for its cutomers Sony, a shadow of its former self Sangsung, now known as Shitsung Shit 7 here, easily the worst ph ive ever had and then its also faulty, The O/S updates have slowed it down considerably (which is how they insidiously "force" you to buy the new model) this is not just a shitsung scam, crapple do it amongst many others
  9. more like money, which equates power, which equates influence, which equates positions positions of power, influence and money, a nice circle for those holding hands. (yes its worldwide to those "but it happens in xxxxx corruptry)
  10. nope, FB food pics are on topic when talking about Thai girls and is in line with the direction that others had taken this thread its fast paced i know,
  11. that could have its own separate ranking: FB food pics... But in my book anyone who posts a pic of food they are about to eat should be sent a weeks worth pics of what somali children, syrian refugees, prisoners in ban kwang have to eat, just for perspective..
  12. just wrong SO wrong, you must know nothing..555 (jkg okay?) no mention of food, easily 3rd or 4th ime pick up your game dear fellpw..
  13. "piss up in brewery" paalease ("piss up' being ozztralian slang, and piss means booze and up means..... ah everyone should know that by mow) but yes you're correct....
  14. the rose color makes everything lovely and lol that over played lame and pointless "go home if you dont like it" get back to us when you have been here longer than 5 mins