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  1. one of many that have gone missing, tho most would be "sold on" not become ant and lizard food. unless someones fallen foul with someone "above" the dsi reopening is all dog and pony show in the hope of a better human rights score..
  2. a few things here that do not add up. a uni president would not be seen dead in a " home made car" unless it was some specialized off road thing. how did you travel so far and not learn that he was the president? ive done the paper plane class and i got 4 or 5 designs.
  3. and yet they still produce satang coins, one of the most bizzare idiotic happening. im pretty sure that creates toxic polution...someone in very high places must own the factory.
  4. wrong, things like poor safety, poor driver training, poor workmanship, poor roads, poor policing, poor courts etc. etc. are all aspects of how corruption destroys a country from the inside out and anyone of those can jump up and bite you on the bottom at any time.. accepting it is like saying "bite harder and deeper it isnt hurting enough yet"
  5. australia relatitively poor record? in relation to who? a daily bad crash makes the news, really? thailand could run a 24hr bad crash news service and then some.. not a big difference with other countries, well if you are talking about the worst 5, but far far from the best 5. and btw as incompetent as im sure many are, rescue services and hospitals dont want dead bodies, they cant pay. about the only part you got right is the last part.
  6. well obviously, no thai gov has tackled it..... hard to tackle ones self. many just wish they were on that gravy train.. 1 form of thainess is "get while the gettings good" another is accepting things as they are. ingrained + accepted = not likely to stop.
  7. geuss not enough money was flowing to the top' which in any organized crimmy is the golden rule... got sick of seeing directors doing 'better' than themselves..
  8. See youre not looking at it right.. doubt theres any general without quite large sums, so they cant be charged as unusually when they all are.. it all works out for the good of the people..if you believe them..
  9. dear oh dear, the ole "but it happens in xxxx countries" ...you do know "we" know that.. .such a laughable non reply that is trotted out by those bereft of any cohesive relevant point on a regular basis... do you just like to read your own posts?
  10. i would say petty jealousies and competing interests styme many many projects here. although they bang on about 'the greater good' and 'for xxxx and country' you see very little in practice and it every family/clan for themselves..
  11. palleese!! jungle is much nicer looking than kms and kms of pineapples, creating toxic land.. i would say you cultivation that land so you can 'own' it..as is the case here..i see tens of thousands of rai being 'cultivated' when its obviously unproductive... and of course plenty of productive land and the oversupply that ensues as we see here...
  12. Someone I know said he went thru 9 "check points" , buriram to pattaya... . . . idiots prevail innocent people die cops pocket bigtime.. ....
  13. this is english john, djamie reincarnated etc etc, a CBT. they are paid to incite reactions to their rediculous posts..block them... do not reply... they soon get flipped by the the admin. for me easy to spot, cause they are either a cbt or so off kilter they cant possibly function in internet forum society for any length of time.. kinda get bored keeping others informed of these low grade 'marketing' tricks.
  14. and how many actual society destroying corrupt gov officials should be in prisons, 50%, 70%? fact is as society decays and social reforms are not in place, more and more turn to drugs and many end up in prison.. case in point the current powers that be are quite happy to see that increase in use, they are top of the food chain and have the kitchens.
  15. proof or troll? sux to be called out so easy, hey?