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  1. a public flounce, here on Tv wow aint seen one for sometime! bet its just another adolescent move and he will be back lurking in no time
  2. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Its not a "news" channel, its either a prejudice enhancer or comedy channel depending on what side of the fence you sit.
  3. Yamaha MSlaz150

    Its quite interesting to see the re appearance of smaller sports bikes. Twenty odd years back they had the NSRs, KRs, TZR's and further back RGVs etc, which were all dropped. and a long period of "quiet" so to speak. Being old school the looks of these bikes dont appeal, the "arrow" look first used on MX bikes doesnt work for street bikes imo. that Exmotion just looks ugly to me. BTW who dreams up these names, Ex motion? doesnt sound great to a native English speaker, M Slaz <deleted> is that all about? Excitebike anyone?
  4. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    No, try re-reading the thread, happymans point was about the overall spending and he used a couple of specifics for reference only and i'll repeat that, for reference only. That the other member started bringing in details about one ministries budget was off topic and pointless, something you and he fail to grasp. I can tell ya its damm hard work around here when you have to explain things word by word and post after post.
  5. Anupong said he would order the permanent secretary to set up a committee to investigate all officers involved in the lease approval and find the wrongdoers. If anyone were found guilty, he would be punished, said Anupong. No Anupong, its not "if" its who is guilty and then it becomes: is it someone you can, want to or will charge. So much BS goes on here as "legitimate business" between private companies and government agencies that the country is floating in it. Glad this one has partially turned around,
  6. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    what have you proved? in this thread about military spending but please continue with your off topic rant because you got called out and your ego cant handle it.
  7. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    for people in the military with no pressure to perform its all money for nothing and such a nice way to feather the nest, which of course allows them to afford the best schools, the best health care, the best cars, etc etc beside the fact that they just dont GAF about anyone outside their tiny sphere.
  8. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    Why do members bother posting this type of stuff? Really, try to study up on things before posting lest you feed into the saying of "best to keep you mouth shut and be thought a fool, rather than open it and be proven one"
  9. And thats exactly how you should have stayed. It quite easy for me to spot 'your' type, they look awkward on a motorcycle and dont ride very well.
  10. Two men arrested for drug possession in Nong Khai

    huh? there's likely 10's of arrests like this each day and even more if you count those who paid an on the spot. and lets not forget "what about the children" thrown in for impact!! and sensationalism!! and emotion!! lame..
  11. Shirely a bank should put her in charge of short term investments, they normally employ crooked methods?
  12. Cut to the chase Midas. what are you selling?
  13. Logging suspects arrested after fatal shootout

    foreign nationals are the best recruits for the locals involved, for many reasons.
  14. At least 5 times a day here, and probably more like 10 but I dont always hear them. (Busy road)