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  1. A severve beating and probable long term concussion effects pretty much explain a lot about him..
  2. Arr yes but its alway some dangerous forigner coercing the poor inoccent thai...the continuation of "no thai would do that" systematic brain washing thats all pervasive.
  3. Never realised 'vow' meant ignore. .
  4. No doubt a nice 'little' earner for someone conected to someone who both have fingers in the garment industry pie all at the expense of the people. So its hardly an elgalatarian government thing that you sort of impart, in fact supplying schools is an obvious and lucrative area to skim and skimp, again all at the peoples expense.
  5. Kawasaki W175 and 175SE

    Looks like the old Boss 175 engine is back in production. Good news for mwah, i have one..
  6. They dont know and you can be sure they wont agree to anything and will drag it out and not pay any awarded compensation....They would rather sully and cost the whole nation than lose face themselves, and for who privately, will have little to no consequences.
  7. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    Yes one would think very very few 22 yr olds are in that position alone with that quantity, oddly, lol, you rarely hear of others being sought or caught..
  8. And theres a reason that the multitude of deaths of tourists are for the most part ignored by western gov, cant ruffle feathers when they want economic accesses and gravy trains for bumocrats.
  9. A guy i knew, westerner, living in nth issarn said he stopped buy glassware and crockery after about 3 or 4 sets had been broken...i would think youd need to speak to local headman and see if he will speak to them, shirly all the other neighbors dont like it.
  10. Unsuprising, even in small sports events things are done to see certain people win. Been on the back end and seen/heard of lots more..
  11. I know i jump on those that pull the "but it happens in xxxxx country...But fact is most of the top 1% in every country is unusally wealthy, and strikes me that the more you get the more you want and the less scrupulous you become and the better you can be unscrupulous.
  12. "And run" was a figure if speach, not meant in the literal way..i often use coloquials and slang that others might misunderstand but i prefer a more colorful prose..
  13. Pretty sure the trough is more yella than danga by now, just a few pesky ones left that might make triuble in the future to tie up in court for years to come..
  14. I doubt many inside dash cams are water proof, but maybe the mini sd card survived and caught what happened, but that seems like an awful lot of work for those involved and xould take weeks and weeks to even think about taking that course of action. Unless someone can whip up a social media storm.