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  1. proof or troll? sux to be called out so easy, hey?
  2. ..lol...."not normal" you do realize in a few years it will be you that is "not normal" hope you are around to face the biggotry you so profoundly express..
  3. whilst not casting aspersions on the young man, an aspiring doctor from a big city, a few good looking nurses from ban nok and its gonna be a race on who can get prego first if hes not carefull..
  4. so thai schools are better than scotish and ballroom dancing is bad.. right, got ya..you really gone bush.
  5. ad in the nice deal of making hand me downs or trade in second hand clothes much less common , i speak of embroidering names on shirts.. in everyway on every day they scam a little and big too
  6. yes, rabies infected soi dogs have more rights and recieve gov help..
  7. agreed, i have been subjected to amazing help, from total strangers with no thought of recompense.. eg: out of benzin, already pushed bike 400 metres with around 1km more, said people asked what the prob was, went and got benzin and then would not accept payment for that petrol... that said, ive recently been subjected to horrible gossiping and derision, with in ear shot, day after day, rude ignorant pigs who do nothing but play "lucky numbers" day and night..as usual this place is a dicotomy, on one hand astonishly good and the other totally disscusting.
  8. yes but i would geuss it might be profiled to certain people/families and others might not feel the heat, speculation yes but par for the course..
  9. 555 such lacking thought, such know nothingness, such pointless trolling.... you getting paid for the rubbish you post? anytime you want proof let me know, but you'd have to dump a whole load of cash at my preferred charity..first...
  10. one things fer sur, encroachment is rife all across the country. im out in those areas and it plain as day where it as happened. you could place money that any place that ajoins the kingdoms land has probably been encroached. and people in charge in these areas know about and obviously get a %
  11. the junta havent impacted on thais,? oh my gawd the most ignorant post of the year....lol...troll ..or what ever.
  12. im more of the line that it is primitive, a behavior that will one day be laughed and ridiculed. i find it incredibly sad that these things still exert so much power over so many.. im quite confident i can mock and deride any diety and not be further 'punish3d' for my dis belief..
  13. an "action plan" here is, going to the best place to eat lunch on the "commitees" budget. for as long as it can viably done..
  14. Oh dear an ant is crossing an 8 lane road, sorry the election must be delayed until this ant is seen off. Sorry we cant hold elections when ants are on the road, Please understand it is for the safety and well being of all thai people.. aka any excuse will do..