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  1. Cost me, or more correctly, my private health insurance, under A$30,000 last year for a complete knee replacement in Melbourne.
  2. When I see some of the incomes Americans earn, I think it still exists!!
  3. Very astute observations Thakkar.. Maybe payment can be made by the Mexicans foregoing their wages?? You confused me though.....trifecta or quinella, two quite different things.
  4. I knew the technology had been around for some years. High unemployment in Mexico, so perhaps jobs for all?
  5. Not MY wall Al, nor do I have any interest in it, so your poke about 'communicating it to people like me' is not valid, and just plain foolish. I was commenting on a post that mentioned varying the angles for best absorption. I had read that technology is available for panels to be able to track the sun throughout the day, thereby maximizing the captured solar energy. Go provoke somebody else seeking a hostile response so you can report the poster. Not my style.
  6. And can track the sun throughout the day.
  7. I note you didn't quote my entire post, because I said, "I really don't care whom you compare with whom", etc. I then used Obama and Clinton as an example. You do understand quoting 'an example'? Perhaps not....never mind. Not even a nice try.
  8. Well dig out the graphical data on that, or any other new president. I really don't care whom you compare with whom, but what is interesting is that often popularity/acceptance/etc falls for a new man in the chair and as he beds in, the level rises. I'm sure there are exceptions, just as there are for every situation. I didn't comment specifically on Obama, but the trend when the leadership changes, so rather than compare Trump in his first months with Obama in his final months, it's more valid to compare with other presidents at the same stages of their administrations.
  9. I think a more valid comparison, or certainly a parallel comparison, would be Obama with Clinton when Obama first took office. I do know that Obama's approval/popularity soared in his final couple of years, and it's not unusual for approval to drop when a new leader takes office because the voters don't know what to expect. Percentages will no doubt vary, but broadly, those are traditional trends. I don't have the time or level of interest to trawl through the net looking for similar graphical data, but I'm sure it's there somewhere, and you will be able to find something that expresses a contrary view. You really need to compare apples with apples, not apples with durian.
  10. Another worthless pos gone to rendezvous with 72 virgins. <deleted> a dead man can do with 72 virgins is beyond me.
  11. The thread is going nowhere, same old regurgitated crap. Mods, please do us all a favor and kill off this boring, repetitive rubbish.
  12. Here we go again......the popular vote. It's been done to death. The Republicans won under an electoral system that has existed for a long time. Would you be acting in the same childish way if Clinton had won under the same circumstances, i.e, won on electoral college votes but lost on the popular vote? I doubt it. Let's just leave the voting system out of this. The election is long over, Republicans won, Democrats lost. The US isn't much different from many other countries, close to 50/50, and not a huge portion of voters need to change the way they vote to influence the outcome. That's not news.
  13. I believe the expression is.....the sort of face/head you would never tire of kicking. However, I'm happy with somebody/anybody punching the hell out of him. The problem with an idiot of his level of maturity is that he will see posts such as these as favoring him, taking an interest in him, rather than accepting he is a real tool. He believes that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. He's just another Doi Suthep vegan type moron.
  14. Is there no end to this imbecile's self indulgent, immature grandstanding? But he has 3 million followers!! Another 3 million bottom feeders at the shallow end of the gene pool, and confirmation, if I needed it, that a large percentage, possibly as high as 95%, of any country's population have IQ's not even reaching double figures.
  15. So somebody, the mythical 'somebody', paid the police to kill him, all organized within hours?? Seriously, some of the posters here should be writing, or perhaps that should be trying to write crime novels. I find nothing unusual about a 26 yo facing many years in the slammer choking/hanging/asphyxiating/whatever himself. Desperate people do desperate things.