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  1. Hold on possum....you're going a bit overboard.
  2. Now her nose will be even smaller and flatter!! Admirable thing to do, helping out the family, but I have to wonder why a cash strapped family has 10 kids?? Maybe unable to afford contraception, but it's a lot cheaper than raising a kid.
  3. Nobody will miss the continued supply of ukelees!! Guitars?? Maybe. Now if it was a warehouse full of saxophones, that would be a different matter.
  4. People die from heart attacks at even much earlier ages. No mystery, heart disease, and a whole lot of other diseases kill people long before their three score and ten. The cause may yet prove to be something else, but if he was on medication for heart disease, it's a starting point, and very likely what killed him.
  5. Productivity is NOT shrinking. If the value of all goods and services (GDP) produced in a country is increasing, productivity is increasing. Debt is another issue. Never mind.
  6. There's a generous 'Victim Compensation Scheme' operating in Australia. I agree with your last sentence, and perpetrators should live in poverty for their entire lives, paying ongoing compensation to their victims.
  7. We agree on something Al. Amazing!!
  8. Married?? Marriage is an institution!!
  9. "As part of my education"?? How patronizing!! I don't need any left wing education thanks. I may end up as delusional as the rest of you!! Seriously, we can find links all day, and through the night, that will counter each other's points, and I see no gain in that, and my time is waaaay too valuable to do so. I have stock markets to keep an eye on, and with the current volatility, there is serious money to be made. More importantly, this banter is off topic, the title of which is "Booed in Berlin for praising father, IvankaTrump says fine-tuning role"
  10. No interpretation, or adjustment, of the figures is required, cost versus consumption. The article is quite explicit, and this is what is says "Walmart's imports from China cost 400,000 jobs, says study"
  11. The link says "gdp-growth"!! See the link for the definition of GDP.....please. "P" for "product" (all the goods and services produced within the country's borders). If product has increased, productivity has increased. http://www.investopedia.com/terms/g/gdp.asp Not worth engaging.
  12. I just knew there would be a 'logical' explanation. There must have been polling going on otherwise there would be NO figures to compare with, so it would be 15 out of 15, or 15 out of 21, back to when polling did start??? You missed that minor point. No point in continuing now that the thread swampers are here. Enjoy arguing among yourselves.
  13. That's not going to happen bumling because the left can't come to grips with Clinton losing. If the left had turned out in greater numbers she may well have won, but that didn't happen, so we now have to put up with constant bitching, unless of course, he's impeached, AND found guilty, and there are plenty saying he will be. Let's wait and see. I read a few days back that he has the 15th lowest approval rating of all presidents, after 100 days in office, so that leaves 30 others. He's exactly a third on the scale.
  14. You know whether the Chinese workers are being underpaid? Or paid less than they should be? A great number have jobs as a consequence of Walmart's involvement in Chinese manufacturing. I would prefer that Americans do the work, but we're told constantly that it is a global economy, not an American economy, or British, or European. Would American workers work for less? I doubt it, nor should they, but the world has never been different, with manufacturing being done by huge, and multinationals in the country with cheapest labor.