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  1. I ate at the Muslim restaurant just over the bridge and just past the Rimkok rd on the left yesterday. Everythink was really delicious. Friendly family runs the place and good lunchtime crowd, which is usually a good sign. Very clean. They also have a good selection of cars for sale.
  2. Looks like we could have a colder winter this year. 6 northern, 2 northeastern provinces warned of severe cold spell http://nationmultimedia.com/breakingnews/r...newsid=30055644
  3. Where I come from we had a ceile every month. It was also in a hall with lots of straw and a ceile band. Plenty of booze, lots of fags( smokes) and plenty of fights. It was great craic. Is a jitterbug dance something like line dancing? Anyway,you can count me in if anything is organised.
  4. In Muang district, the temperature dropped to 17.8 degrees Celsius. Thoeng district was blanketed in fog and rain, and temperatures dropped to 13 degrees. The temperature on the top of the Phu Chi Fah mountain, a famous tourist attraction in the province, dropped further to 11 degrees Celsius, with chilly winds blowing in from Laos against the cliffs. Operators of hotels and resorts atop the mountain are making preparations for tourist arrivals in the upcoming cold season. In Mae Fa Luang district, a sea of fog shrouded Doi Tung Royal Villa where the late Princess Mother used to reside. The temperature there was measured at 10.5 degrees Celsius. On the Thai-Burmese border, after days of heavy rain, cold winds blew past the top of Hua Mae Kham mountain in tambon Mae Salong Nai in Mae Fa Luang district, causing the temperature there to fall to a chilly eight degrees Celsius. The mountain was covered in mist where vast fields of Mexican sunflowers have come into full bloom. At the top of Doi Mae Salong mountain in tambon Mae Salong Nok, the temperature dropped to 12 degrees Celsius, with heavy fog reducing visibility to only five metres. Chamroen Cheewinchalermchote, the operator of a hotel on the mountain, said the cold weather had come early this year, with chilly winds blowing all day long. As dusk falls, the view of Doi Mae Salong is invisible due to heavy fog, he said, adding that local and foreign tourists have already begun to make bookings for rooms. http://www.bangkokpost.com/News/04Nov2007_news06.php
  5. Seven o'clock this morning it was very cold. Had to get the vest and socks on pronto after showering and when I went outside I had to go back in and get a jacket. At 8.30 the temperature gauge thingy in Rajabhat university was reading 19, don't know how accurate it is though. Any temperature readings this morning?
  6. Wait till January and then the real burning starts. Nearly need to light a fire this afternoon, it's so cold. http://weather.cnn.com/weather/forecast.js...de=522823462547 Current Conditions updated 6:27 AM ET 27° 22° | 10° Mostly Cloudy Sunrise: 6:24 AM Sunset: 5:45 PM Barometer: 29.77" Hg Feels like: 31° Humidity: 73% Wind: SW 3 mph Tonight Lo 10° Rain Sunset: 5:45 PM Tomorrow Saturday, November 3 22° | 12° Rain
  7. Visited MaeSai yesterday and it was quite normal except for the remnants of mud from must have been a large flood. The place where I usually park my car, left of the border crossing, was inacessable due to mud. Plenty of c.ds inside, though its funny the way the way they sell them, through half opened shutters as if they are waiting for a raid. The prices are lower than I have ever seen them. I bought many dvds for 40 baht and my son bought some packs, Lost, Friday 13th and a couple more for 200 baht each. I didn't want to give Burmeese immigration any baht( 500 baht or 10 dollars) and had to go to a gold shop to change money. Thai immigration were speedy and courtious as usual.
  8. Floods disrupt Thai-Burmese border trade Mudslides block road in scenic Doi Suthep POST REPORTERS Chiang Rai _ Flash floods, triggered by run-offs from overnight rain on a mountain, disrupted Thai-Burmese border trade yesterday and caused damage worth millions of baht. The popular Indochina market in Chiang Rai's Mae Sai district was inundated, as was the Thalor market on the Burmese side of the border in Tachilek. Vendors raced against time to beat the rising floods by piling sandbags to protect their goods, as water rose to 150cm in some areas, officials said. "The flood is more violent than last year," said Pakaimas Viera who runs a duty-free shop in Tachilek. "Many goods are wet, with damage probably worth millions of baht," she said. The heavy rainfall is the result of tropical storm Lekima, which has lashed the North and Northeast since late last week, causing deaths and damage to households and vast areas of farmland in many provinces. Many villages in Mae Sai and Mae Chan districts have been hit hard by the storm. A fierce river current also damaged a bridge in Muang district, according to Chiang Rai governor Amornphan Nimanand. Residents fish in flooded fields near Wat Klong Rua in Phitsanulok's Wang Thong district. Some roads in the district were flooded after heavy downpours caused by tropical depression Lekima.— CHINNAWAT SINGHA This bridge was washed away by raging floodwaters in Muang district of Chiang Rai yesterday. — — THEERAWAT KHAMTHITA In Chiang Mai, mudslides blocked part of a road leading to the scenic Doi Suthep mountain. Officials yesterday warned of another mudslide in the area.
  9. as regard my previous posting in this issue I have no personal gripe with the establishment concerned nor do I even know the owner. I posted a comment about my personal opinion and a friends experience re.proposal of growing of Jalapenos. I didn't even know that the restaurant owner and Jalapeno business person were the same. Everyone is entitled to promote their business here and I believe Thaivisa Chiang Rai is looking for a sponsor, a good way to promote. I like this statement though. ''Chiang Rai is in need of responsible restaurant owner/managers who are willing to produce a good meal with consistant quality, quantity, good service and at a reasonable price''
  10. Going to work this morning , there was a nip in the air with a slight breeze. Is winter season coming? Hope so.
  11. Congrats on your post and wecome to Thaivisa and especially Thaivisa Chiang Rai. I have to agree with you, this restaurant has seriously deteriorated. It was once an excellent place but unfortunitly no longer merits any praise.
  12. Goski: Pepper growing is a good hobby as well as very interesting. Thailand presents some difficult issues for growing Central America type peppers. Look forward to meeting you. Don Some local farangs were asked last year to grow Jalapenos for a local, farang owned factory who sell them to a large sandwich company in Thailand. They had to buy the plants and compost from the company but after all costs were added the growers were actually losing money. Sounds like a bad idea.
  13. With the utmost respect there are many fine eating restaurants in Chiang Rai and I personally do not include your restaurant amongst them. Your posting seems to be an effort to get more business for your restaurant and though you are entitled to ''blow your own trumpet'', I would not rate your restaurant in the top 50 in Chiang Rai. This is my personal opinion and good luck to your venture in Chiang Rai or elsewhere. Surely an eating club should not be based in one specific restaurant but should sample the culinary delights of all restaurants in Chiang Rai.
  14. A rental agreement, with full address , details and signature of owner should suffice. If you havn't had a previous Thai driving licence you will only get a one year licence to begin with.
  15. http://etna.mcot.net/query.php?nid=31907 Thai-Myanmar Tachilek border crossing stays open for trade CHIANG RAI, Sept 28 (TNA) – It was business as usual at the Chiang Rai-Tachilek border crossing Friday and Thai authorities confirmed that the border checkpoint in this province remained open despite the Myanmar regime's violent crackdown on popular protests against military rule. Col. Sompong Chaengchamras, chairman of the Thai-Myanmar Township Border Committee (TBC) said the Myanmar TBC assured that the Tachilek border crossing, at the Thai-Myanmar town well-known for its low-cost market. will remain open. Both Myanmar and Thai nationals needed to cross the border for trade while tourists travelling in the northern provinces of Thailand also intended to visit the bustling Tachilek market in Myanmar. Myanmar authorities stressed that tourists remained safe in Myanmar's Tachilek province, and that the violence being shown elsewhere had not affected the border area. Meanwhile, some Myanmar nationals were seen crossing the border to buy necessities in Thailand's Mae Sai district as usual, while tourists travelled from Thailand into Tachilek. Persons and vehicles must pass tight inspection at the Chiang Rai-Tachilek bordercrossing before entering Myanmar. Security forces swept through Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon), Myanmar's main city on Thursday, killing nine people including a Japanese journalist, and arresting hundreds more in a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests. (TNA)-E110