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  1. euroflash

    Thailand Elite membership details leaked?

    Yes, I think that is definitely a possibility.
  2. euroflash

    Thailand Elite membership details leaked?

    Maybe I should No, I am quite happy to have it although I don't use it often these days.
  3. euroflash

    Thailand Elite membership details leaked?

    Yes, now you mention if, I do remember receiving calls from "financial advisors" who apparently knew I had an account at Bangkok Bank when I lived in Thailand. But now I am not an "affluent TE member" anymore LOL. I bought that TE card many years ago when I arrived in Thailand and still had some funds to spend
  4. euroflash

    Thailand Elite membership details leaked?

    I have forwarded the email to Thailand Elite. Will update if they provide information. UPDATE: Received a very fast reply from Thailand Elite that they take this very seriously and are looking into it.
  5. euroflash

    Thailand Elite membership details leaked?

    I certainly hope that is not the case.
  6. I have received an email from a company that trades memberships of services such as Thailand Elite. The email was sent to my registered email address at Thailand Elite and clearly states that they know I am a member of Thailand Elite. Since this is not public information, I would really like to know where they got my personal information from. This is pretty disturbing I think. Below is the content of the email. I wonder if anyone else has received it as well? --- Greetings from Clubresell. Clubresell is a unique, simple and trusted platform providing Membership Resale Services and we have facilitated more than 100 over membership transfers globally. We specialised in reselling memberships for owners quickly, legally and easily and we always have an extensive list of buyers ready. Our resale service for membership type ranges to many different types of membership and some of our top memberships include ChindAsia Club, Singapore Island Country Club, Thailand Elite Privilege Club and many more. We noticed that you hold an old Thailand Elite membership and we would like to sell it for you. Clubresell has facilitated several Thailand Elite membership transfers and will be happy to assist you further in expediting the resale. Being one of the top transfers that we facilitated, we may have potential buyers already waiting. Kindly get back to us if you are interested as we will need to request several details before proceeding to match you with a suitable buyer. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me at +66 (0)61-584-9202. Kindly reply to acknowledge receipt of this email. Thank you. Regards, Mr. Marcus Soh (Broker and Sales Management Officer) Clubresell.com Mobile : +66 (0)61-584-9202 https://www.clubresell.com
  7. euroflash

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    I moved back to Northern Europe three years ago after 11 years in Thailand. I am still trying to figure out whether to stay here or move back to Thailand. I moved back mainly to try to find a real job, but now I work online, so that is not really a factor anymore. I tried to make a list of pros and cons of Thailand and my home country and the result was 6-6! So it really is a difficult decision in my case. While I do appreciate the more civil life here, I still hate the grey weather and high cost of living. I also miss the more simple life in Thailand. People in my country seem to complain about such small issues that pale in comparison with the real problems of this world. But I certainly don't miss the visa hassle and dirty streets. At least here I can stay forever. The jury is still out in my case...
  8. No way this guy runs sex tours in Pattaya. He looks like your typical investment banker to me.