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  1. Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election

    Sadly from one of them western nanny/police states. Czech republic , Poland & Hongary maybe the only european countries left for us to go .
  2. My fingerprints are in my passport. When Thai immigration scans my passport at the airport they have them.
  3. Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election

    Yes an iron curtain around the western nanny/police states. The eastern euro's are not to blame for that.
  4. They should vote on something important like getting rid of the ridiclous censor on JAV's ! ( no I'm not).
  5. Billionaire Babis scores big in Czech election

    He has a hot wife too .
  6. He didn't say what kind or make of the "truck" . Thai prizes for second hand are often ridiculous. It could be a european luxury "truck" of course. This one is a 16 year old second hand car , in Thailand with relentless sun , bad roads and Thai kind of maintenance . If it's a Thai made truck , 500k is way off.
  7. Haven't been there for a while ( retirement extention) , but I parked my "Porsche" on the field behind the police station .
  8. No it was a justified Buddhist bash.
  9. Rescuers save young elephant caught in canal

    There is a follow up on another thread . They say the animal is about 15 years and in bad shape . Too old to do much about his behind legs. 26 hours in the mud , far too long , Thai vets .... hopeless.
  10. A 16 year old truck , still worth 500 K ? Is it made of gold ?
  11. It's becoming more and more like the police state we're trying to escape from. Thailand was the land of the free , with trafic rules "up to you" . Now everywhere these stupid 80km/k with camera signs and radar guns.
  12. Highway 1 is bad , unless you keep driving in the right hand lane. 11 is good , no problems near Phrae-Uttradit .
  13. Second class insurance is good too . Enough protection , and a serious accident with a 16 year old second hand car >>> buy another. Self caused damage is for you , but are you really going to spend much money on the repairs ?
  14. Looks like Catalonians strike back with a bankrun. https://twitter.com/catalannews/status/921118744436461569 Clever move if a great number of people do it. I thought of not paying taxes to Madrid , but that could backfire. A masive bankrun would be better.
  15. Must be from the stash Obama gave them for the Iranian deal .