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  1. It would be just the same , or worse with a democratic gov.
  2. Good , some clean air , we need it badly . But boring , thunderstorm means computer out and often internet goes down.
  3. Car battery life?

    First battery : 2y 10m , second : 4y 3m , third now 3y 4m and getting weaker . Last year I went to europe for 4 months , and that it didn't take that well. When I don't use the car much , I use my battery charger.
  4. Don't ask me , ask them .
  5. With good vaccines or ineffective ones ?
  6. Vague article . Faulty rabies vaccines .... for who , humans or animals ? Did the vaccines cause animals or humans to developpe rabies or did the vaccine not work after they were bitten .
  7. I thought we weren't allowed to post something from ZH : https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-16/evolution-mobile-phone-explained The burning platform has only the second pic : https://www.theburningplatform.com/2018/03/16/evolution-of-the-mobile-phone/
  8. They give tea money to the BiB at road checks , why not give a couple of hundred Baht's worth of pineapples to the elephants ? Why are food sources fewer in the forest ? There are enough greens to feed them . Maybe they just wanted some juicy fruit as desert .
  9. Not far from the scene of the crime , is the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory , Porton Down, Salisbury , aka UK secret chemical warfare lab . Coincidence ?
  10. International Speeds Very Slow

    It's about the same as usual for websites. But in the last month or so uploading of t_rr_ts (udp) won't go , or badly. ToT squeezing uploads but not downloads ?
  11. As if others can't produce the exact same pruduct.
  12. So two women marry , but only one pays ?
  13. Looks like a setup . Russian elections coming up . The Russian meddling in US elections is fading . Smells like CIA again . Getting the US and the Europeans back in line against Russia . UK getting some Russian gas in this hash winter . More sanctions? Then cut the gas Vlad .
  14. Who cares if Trump has had an affair with a pornstar , even while married ? It's just another attack on him because he is president and some folks can't live with that.