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  1. Snake ID please

    Maybe take the dog & dead snake to the vet ? ( for the dog's eye)
  2. As a christmas present : maybe distribute them for the needy ?
  3. Tell them to bring gas masks for the smoke.
  4. So she has been living under house arrest in Turkey for 3 years , wow what a punishment !! Now she returns to Thailand , and gets released on bail . That will teach those nasty terrorists !
  5. I wonder if such an "editorial" about obama would fly ...
  6. I care ! ... But I'm not on facebook.
  7. Was this a monsanto ad ? Never mind our health then.
  8. Now why would a "warlord" be part of a sting operation ? Doesn't he as a boss have people to do the traficking ?
  9. How come she's pregnant ? Jail party?
  10. Yeah , you don't want ordinary people get rich . Only the rich can get richer with the help of central bankers.
  11. The only terrorist left are the US backed ones.