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  1. Well if you give them SS , unemployment benefits , SNAP/EBT , they don't want to work anymore . 93 million americans are out of work. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/aug/31/donald-trump/donald-trump-says-us-has-93-milion-people-out-work/ Hiring seasonal workers , that go back to their country (H-2 visa) is a solution. Not Trumps fault the 93 million don't want to work.
  2. Most plastic bags at markets are so thin , they weigh next to nothing, so not much plastic and easy to burn. Nearly all food items at the market need to go in a plastic bag. What about the Farmhouse kinds of bread ? Thick plastic is necessairy to keep the bugs out and the bread airtight. A lot more plastic to package liquids , from water to shampoo bottles, ... there is no alternative.
  3. The foreign minister is absolutely right. Good to see that it's not only Geert Wilders' PVV that understands that multi-cultural societies are violent , but some people in the conservative VVD party of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte , understand it too.
  4. The trip to Singapore costed much more .
  5. Gold seems to follow the Yuan lately . China is a big buyer of Gold and with the trade war they devalue the yuan to compensate and get the price of Gold down via the paper market , so they don't have to pay more .
  6. Another Trump bashing thread ! These are as numerous and boring as all the cave rescue threads. At least they are fading away. Trump spoke some truths we all know and of course that upsets the media , lawmakers , ....
  7. Trump had a great meeting with Putin because the media and the global elite (and people on this forum) are hysterical. These are the same people who have enabled terrorism to flourish, unlimited wars, condemned generations to poverty, stolen prosperity & misinform the public to control outcomes. Trump 2020 .
  8. Trump was absolutely right , again. Telling the truth about US meddling and the fake investigation that is dragging along without any proof. Trump 2020 !
  9. From the news : Putin landed in Helsinki about 40 minutes behind schedule, and was expected to head directly to the summit. The two leaders will hold a one-on-one with only interpretors, followed by a working lunch accompanied by advisers. Really ? Such an important summit and only less than a day of meetings ? It should be at least a couple of days .
  10. Only one country with common sense.
  11. Saw the 80's one , it was pretty good TV . So now a remake but with cellphones ... yawn.
  12. Why ? Because I am in Thailand and forum rules , I can't answer .
  13. Trump was right to ignore protocol.
  14. If so , isn't one morally & legally obliged to pay ? Morally not .