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  1. The good thing would be USA, stop the war machine,stop sanctions and invading countries,arming so called rebels to topple legitimate elected governments.,start looking in their own back yard. Keep china and all the world trading, if you cant compete get out the market,Asia will dominate the writing is on the wall
  2. Yes where are the skripals , 100% fit up by MI5, not 1 piece of verifiable evidence linking the 2 russians, my country should hang its head in shame.
  3. myfriendu

    Australian man dies in Ubon Ratchathani

    RIP hope you did not suffer too much Austin.
  4. RIP so sad they just cant control themselves . soldier beaten to death. monk beats a child to death Teacher beat a child with a stick in front of the whole school, because her younger sister drops litter on the floor. These people who hold senior positions, should be setting examples, will they ever evolve their emotions im afraid not.
  5. You have your own opinion, none based on facts, utter bullcrap from western media.you have never lived there one more fact.
  6. They got off lightly, caught in a act of terrorism, they have no right to have their own state,same as Rohingya,s have no right to have no state in Burma.
  7. The mindset is so wrong, pathetic, the younger child should have only been told, pick it up and put it in the bin,dont do it again. That Innocent older child must have been traumatized, sick pathetic loss of face crap, i hope the father has a word and does the same to the teacher in front of the whole school.
  8. myfriendu

    Late night Walking Street fracas caught on camera

    After trying to walk away , they want him to go back into the comfort of the bar behind closed doors and have a chat about money.
  9. Good advice I only go in a van if they have those lucky amulets, they can go as fast as they want I just know everything will be ok ?
  10. So your saying lie to them and treat them like retards,
  11. I have to agree with all facts you mentioned about this wicked man, trump would not have gone even if invited he has too much honor and could never pay respects to a guy with such low morals. Trump is the greatest president ever, you ask him he will tell you himself.
  12. I have to agree with you trump was stating facts that you cannot argue with.
  13. No they dont LOL , even worse if you understand the language, makes me cringe some of the things I hear in shops and restaurants. I once asked a driver to slow down, who was playing on his phone, he went in a rage and chucked me the mrs and kid out at the side of the road, worse he still wanted paying he was told to go where the sun dont shine. Lucky the bib were quickly on the scene and all it cost was a contribution to their Christmas party.