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  1. Houses to Rent Kalasin or Roi Et

    Lived in Kalasin for the past 16+ years, and that was after traveling all around Thailand to see where I wanted to be.... Rented for 3 years before finding the land that I wanted to buy and designed and built my home... As I told you PM, I know of a nice 2Bedroom, 2 bath place that was built by an American and his Thai wife... Has a really nice Western Style Kitchen, large open living and dining room, and is on 200 telong wah (double sized lot on a quiet, small soi... I have had 5 friends come to visit over the years that I have lived here, and four of the five have ended up moving here after they retired... Pianoman
  2. I am an Old Man, and using an Old Computer (Windows XP) and get the message "This site can't provide a secure connection.... www.thaivisa.com uses an unsupported protocol....: Can anyone help this Old Man the easiest way to correct the problem so that I can log on at home instead of having to use an internet cafe??? Pianoman
  3. Looking to rent house in Kalasin

    Could you share a little more information regarding what you are looking for in a rental house??? Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.... I have lived here in Kalasin for the past 16 years and know the area very well... The best strategy is to spend time driving around and asking neighbors of any properties that appear to be vacant if it might be available... Plus often "For Sale" house can be rented if they have been vacant for extended periods.... Even though property prices have risen over the past years, it seems that rental prices have remained surprising low... 2 bed, 1 bath places seem to be in the 5K to 7K range with almost nothing above the 12k per month level... pianoman
  4. Car hire and hotel in yang tallat

    The Rim Pao Hotel in Kalasin has a semi deceni pool and they maintain it better than many Thai pools.... Also once years ago I was able to hire a van and driver from there that was fairly cheap..... pianoman
  5. Thank you for that suggestion, with my very limited computer knowledge that makes sense logically, now if I can just get the 3BB Tech';s to understand and try your suggestion, taking into account the fact that I don't speak Thai, I have found their English abilities to be very lacking.... But I will give that a try... Pianoman
  6. I have just switched from 3BB's ADLS to their Fiber Optic 50/10 and find that I have problems logging my Laptop onto the Wifi.... 2 of their Tech's tried for over an hour, and finally left saying "your laptop problem".... I have since taken my laptop to multiple locations with Wifi and had no problem logging on to any of them..... I had my computer repair Tech come and try and he could not get it to work either, left saying "3BB Problem".... I am now waiting for the 3BB Tech's to come back, hopefully to change out the router, but I don't have much faith that it will solve the problem... To add to the "Craziness" of the situation, my Smart phone logs onto the Wifi no problem.... Any one else experience such a problem or someone have any ideas other than running lines to the 3 places in the house and under our outside Sala where I usually use the laptop??? Pianoman
  7. Kalasin versus Roi Et

    There is a small group of English Speaking Expates (mostly American & English) who meet up Tues, Thurs & Sat. afternoon about 2PM at the Kalafare Coffee place on the side of the Nom Kin Park lake... Also a group who meet once a week at 1PM at the Supak Hotel restaurant on Thursdays... And for the more European group, I believe they are meeting at the Amazon Coffee shop at the PTT station just outside of Kalasin on the road towards Roi Et... I have lived here in Kalasin for the past 15+ years and would not it for Roi Et or Kaen Kaen... Pianoman
  8. Bus & Truck driving school in Khon Kaen

    I am sorry, but I can not resist saying that I find it very hard to believe that there is a school for teaching Thai's how to drive either Trucks or Buses..... I always thought that Tuk Tuk drivers were Truck & Bus Drivers who lost their jobs due to driving too carefully.... Pianoman
  9. When purchasing a Used Car from another person, what is the proper paperwork and procedure for allowing a legal turnover???? And how is such handled when the Seller still owes money on the vehicle???? Thank You in advance for any and all information and suggestions... Pianoman
  10. Buying Cars in Issan

    It is my understanding that most banks will not loan money for car purchases using the cars as the security for the loans... They seem to want Land rather than the vehicles, so they do not have to deal with selling Repo'd cars... Pianoman
  11. We will be driving down to Pattaya / Jomten from Isaan for several days next week, and would like some recommendations for nice / decent Hotels or Resorts within walking distance from the beach... Also must have decent parking for our vehicles (One Car, One Pickup) Depending on the room sizes and layouts would probably need at least 2 and possibly 3 rooms, for 4 Adults and one Child,,, We are thinking in the 850 to 1200 baht per room, per night range.. thank you in advance for any and all suggestions... Pianoman
  12. Somdet and Kalasin, good to live in ?

    If you drive the By Pass road heading towards Som Det, you will see the Huge New Government Building which is being completed on the left side of the road... It is our understanding that most, if not all, of the Government offices will be moved to that location once it is completed.. And that it is possibly the intended location of the Immigration Office if and when one is opened in Kalasin... Pianoman
  13. Somdet and Kalasin, good to live in ?

    It was explained to us that the Local Government not only pays for the Immigration Office space but also the wages / compensation for the Immigration staff... Pianoman
  14. Somdet and Kalasin, good to live in ?

    Unfortunately those of us living in Kalasin are forced to go to Sakon Nakhon for our Immigration Services... But according to the Head (Lady) Officer in Sakon Nakhon that is going to change to a new office in Kalasin within the next 3 to 4 years... For now it is usually only a once or twice a year trip to immigration for the yearly extensions, as we all do our 90 Day reports by mail... Pianoman
  15. I get into Roi Et about once to twice a month, and would like to find a an easy to find, location for a Decent to Good Western Breakfast... Use to stop at the small place by the lake that a Canadian guy and his Thai wife ran, and even after it changed to an Italian restaurant but last time I was thru town it seems they do not open until much later in the afternoon... Any suggestion that are open as early as 10:am or earlier, and once again not too hard to find, would be Greatly appreciated... Pianoman