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  1. When purchasing a Used Car from another person, what is the proper paperwork and procedure for allowing a legal turnover???? And how is such handled when the Seller still owes money on the vehicle???? Thank You in advance for any and all information and suggestions... Pianoman
  2. It is my understanding that most banks will not loan money for car purchases using the cars as the security for the loans... They seem to want Land rather than the vehicles, so they do not have to deal with selling Repo'd cars... Pianoman
  3. We will be driving down to Pattaya / Jomten from Isaan for several days next week, and would like some recommendations for nice / decent Hotels or Resorts within walking distance from the beach... Also must have decent parking for our vehicles (One Car, One Pickup) Depending on the room sizes and layouts would probably need at least 2 and possibly 3 rooms, for 4 Adults and one Child,,, We are thinking in the 850 to 1200 baht per room, per night range.. thank you in advance for any and all suggestions... Pianoman
  4. If you drive the By Pass road heading towards Som Det, you will see the Huge New Government Building which is being completed on the left side of the road... It is our understanding that most, if not all, of the Government offices will be moved to that location once it is completed.. And that it is possibly the intended location of the Immigration Office if and when one is opened in Kalasin... Pianoman
  5. It was explained to us that the Local Government not only pays for the Immigration Office space but also the wages / compensation for the Immigration staff... Pianoman
  6. Unfortunately those of us living in Kalasin are forced to go to Sakon Nakhon for our Immigration Services... But according to the Head (Lady) Officer in Sakon Nakhon that is going to change to a new office in Kalasin within the next 3 to 4 years... For now it is usually only a once or twice a year trip to immigration for the yearly extensions, as we all do our 90 Day reports by mail... Pianoman
  7. I get into Roi Et about once to twice a month, and would like to find a an easy to find, location for a Decent to Good Western Breakfast... Use to stop at the small place by the lake that a Canadian guy and his Thai wife ran, and even after it changed to an Italian restaurant but last time I was thru town it seems they do not open until much later in the afternoon... Any suggestion that are open as early as 10:am or earlier, and once again not too hard to find, would be Greatly appreciated... Pianoman
  8. Sorry, but I was a bit confused by your post.... Are you considering / looking for a Teaching position or for the opportunity to Tutor Students??? Most of the Farang Teachers at the Goverment Schools offer private Tutoring to students evenings and weekends, but I have been asked many times by various Thai friends and neighbors if I would consider Tutoring their kids... Pianoman
  9. Sorry for this post, but I couldn't resist making it.... Somdet's "Big C" is really a "Little C".... But then again I consider the "Big C" in Kalasin as a "Medium C" when compared to the "Big C" in Khon Kaen... Also regarding Village Farangs, I have known many over the years here and I would estimate that more than 80% if them are gone within 2 years, either to larger areas or back to their home countries... Most find it way too Slow, Boring and inconvenient... Pianoman
  10. Rising property prices can be both a curse and a blessing depending on which side of the equation that you are on... When I bought property and built our house (10 years ago), we paid 300,000 baht for our Lot, and spent another 960,000 baht building our 3 bedroom, 2 bath home... Friends tell us that we could now easily sell it for between 2.5 to 3 Million baht... I know of some smaller 2 and 3 bed, 2 baht houses that are available or have recently sold in the 1.5 to 2 million baht range... Pianoman
  11. I have lived in Kalasin (City) for over 15 years, and truly enjoy it here... When I first arrived there were only about 5 or 6 other Farangs in or around the city, but now seems to be possibly 50 or more, not counting the one's who only come for a month or two a couple times a year... Whether that is a good thing or not is up to interpretation... When I moved here there were only 4 7/11's, and that was the only place to get anything even close to "Western Food"... Now we have Lotus, Big C, and a new Makro opening in a couple of months... Plus I heard that they will start on a New Robinson's Mall sometime this year, due for completion next year... I truly have enjoyed both Kalasin and the people in it, including the Farang's from Europe, Australia, the US, etc... As for Som Det, it has always been the semi-city where you either turn right to go to Mukdahan or go straight, over the mountain to Sakon Nakhon... I think that I would find it a little too small and boring for my taste, but there are many Farang's who enjoy living in even smaller villages.... Pianoman in Kalsin
  12. It has been years since I was staying in Bangkok and had the opportunity to visit both on a regular basis, but back then it seemed that the main difference between the two was that Foodland carried more items imported from Europe, and Villa carried more items imported from the US... Pianoman
  13. For us Platinum Package subscribers, the promised "1000 Trueyou Points" according to their own agreement, amounts to only 100 baht cash value... Plus up here in Isaan there are virtually no merchants where you can use "Trueyou Points"... The lesser package subscribers at least get an up grade for a month, worth about 300 to 500 baht... Pianoman
  14. I have been a Platinum Package Customer for 10+ years, started back when it was "UBC" prior to them changing the name to "True".... I am definitely not pleased nor satisfied with the Dropping of HBO from their packages... I tried to explain my dissatisfaction to my Thai Partner by explaining to her that with HBO it was like getting to eat at a 5 star hotel several times a month (when there was a Good Movie to watch) and the rest of the time like eating at MK or Pizza Company... Now with the channels offered in exchange for the HBO packages, it was like being stuck eating at KFC and or the Food Court, but still having to pay the same price as the better Food / Service offered before... Once I put the example of "Food" into the equation she totally understands my frustration... True saves money yet charges the same, as True Customers pay the same for far lesser quality viewing experiences... There have been multiple mentions of different compensations offered, but the only thing that I have seen or been offered is "1,000 Trueyou Points", which when you read thru their contractual agreements, relates to an actual cash value of only 100 baht... And that can only be spent at Trueyou Merchants of which I cannot find any up here in Isaan... In the Bangkok Post article today True says only about 1% have cancelled their service since the change, so they figure most a "Happy" with the change... It's just that most people like myself are taking time to research and evaluate the alternatives (of which there not a lot) prior to cancelling their Truevision accounts... The Internet TV options seem to be decent, until you factor in the possible "One Internet Gateway" that the government is considering... Which would put Truevisions back into a Only Choice situation once again.. Pianoman
  15. We were stopped at one of the ever present Thai Police Road Blocks just outside of our home city of Kalasin... He checked my Thai Drivers Lic., Owners book for the Truck, then told my wife that it was now (like it was a new law) illegal to Smoke a cigarette while driving in Thailand... He was nice, polite and offered to let me go with a "Warning" for this time???? Anyone else heard of this "New" Law???? Pianoman