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  1. dickyknee

    Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    I renewed my license today and was pleasantly surprised. Previously they wouldn't issue a 5 year license with an elite visa, was specifically told when renewing 2 years ago it had to be a non-imm visa only (oddly enough told it had to be a long term visa to get a 5 year license???) I was expecting another 2 year temporary. Anyways I don't have to go back for 5 years now :) Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. dickyknee

    Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    As an Australian, does anyone know if a stat-dec from the Australian honorary consul is accepted in lieu of a residence certificate? I have used one before, but maybe 4 years ago and at the time he wasn't sure how much longer it would be accepted as proof of residency for a drivers license.
  3. I've had similar experiences. The visa remains a bit outside of passport controls status quo and I continually get met with confusion. I recon the thaielite meet and greet people are there just as much to assist immigration as they are to assist you.At CNX, I recommend to only go through the Thai only queue (even though it's the furthest from the escalator and the baggage carousel), it has the thaielite placard on the counter and the IOs at that counter seems to be more aware. A few days ago I went through the Thai only queue, and besides the initial confusion because I'm not Thai, the IO was very helpful and was all done correctly. Unlike 6 weeks back, I went through a standard foreigner queue closer to the baggage carousel and the IO wouldn't recognise the visa and began interrogating me about why I had so many stamps and what I was doing in Thailand and that I needed a proper visa blah blah blah. I had to ask to speak to his supervisor, after a few words my passport was stamped.
  4. dickyknee

    Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    sorry to say, they need the original and they keep it. you're going to need to get another cert to purchase a bike.
  5. Who in the airport takes care of your luggage for 20thb lolThis is a troll post... The guy made the username for the sole purpose of trolling thaielite threads.I think he's actually employed by thaielite, he does such a good job of selling the card for them.
  6. ---------------------------------The program is NOT the same program that was started 13 years ago. That program effectively died years ago and went bankrupt, except that a different government and a different group of politicians revived it by pumping more public money into it. I am not opposed to the program, I just think that on the basis of its history anyone depending on the program is walking on very thin ice. I do believe that based on Thailand's spotty political history there is no way to be sure that 5 years from now this new program will have either he funds or the political support needed to keep it going. From what I hear they are having financial problems again keeping it going even with the new "slimmed down" benefits package which is much less than the original package they announced years ago. It is up to you, but based on history, I don't know if this new PE visa program will still be around in 5 years or not. As the Thai bargirls say, "Up to You". "From what I hear they are having financial problems again"Where did you hear that?
  7. "How about if it was one of your family or friends?"I can't see myself wanting to blow up a whole bunch of innocent people because of that. But you would? Never said it was Justified, Stated that motivation to commit more terrorism is coming as more people turn their heads and ignore the human rights abuses the military is constantly inflicting on the population with their endless "propaganda machine" Keep suppressing peoples right to vote, right to Free speech or to associate in gatherings of no more than 5 people, Keep charging people in military courts with no appeals to the verdict, Keep it up Thailand and I am sure there will be more of this to come. Respect to the innocent victims who died and the ones who have died the last few years in prison for text messages, You tube videos and Facebook posts. sounds like you're justifying it to me.
  8. "How about if it was one of your family or friends?"I can't see myself wanting to blow up a whole bunch of innocent people because of that. But you would?
  9. dickyknee

    Yingluck criticises draft charter

    obviously, if you were breathing her fresh air you'd see her back.Good? Top form? What ever floats your boat.
  10. dickyknee

    New Italian Restaurant, Niman Area

    I hunted down Koh lanta when they moved from behind spotlight/tha phae to nimman. My options expanded, yet I thought they stayed the same so i moved on. I don't live west-side.
  11. dickyknee

    Why is Zoe in Yellow closed ?

    Meh, still more violence in Northbridge and Freo on the weekends. More deaths by drunk drivers than Zoe security if your the type that plays the ggs.
  12. dickyknee

    Legal Status of these so called digital nomad?

    You're talking rubbish. Read my post above as I don't want to type it all out again, however, the gist of it is this. ED visa scrutiny is not down to online workers and online work has never ever in anything I've ever read been attributed to people working online. er, um... Read my post again! I was defending you.Up to you to be an auto-<deleted>.
  13. As he explains that gas is being rapidly depleted, what do you suggest? Heavy fuel oil gives about the same CO2 output as anthracite, with much more other toxins because the lighter elements have been refined off. Diesel is far more expensive. Got to start looking at green technologies and investing in them.Going to take a long time and may be expensive but the alternative of further heating the planet is not sustainable. Not just Thailand that needs to do this. Has to be worldwide and has to be a genuine commitment made towards changing how we obtain and use power. Will it happen? I doubt it, long term thinking does not seem to be something countries think about when it comes to energy. Cost in terms of finance they understand, cost in that they are destroying the only planet we have is not an issue. Such as ? which techologies which would provide the amounts of MW needed to power a country such as Thailand Solar power to cook lentils doesnt quite cut it i am afraid Not yet and if it is ever to get there, there needs to be investment and development. The current choices are damaging the planet. We need to start taking the alternative, less polluting solutions seriously. Short term, yes the polluting choices are the ones we have become dependent upon. However to choose coal, the option that produces the most greenhouse gases, is just stupid. Over to you then i have asked 3 times that you suggest some viable alternatives and you you keep coming up with is soap box rhetoric Currently thailand consumes at peak demand over 20,000 MW (stand to be corrected) and over 70% of the fuel comes from natural gas, when this runs out how do you make up a short fall of so many MW using greenie power ? Even building nukes its a difficult shortage to fill even building say 2000MW units give a typical PWR takes between 8 to 12 years to construct and commission You don't bother reading much of others posts do you? I said I know that green energy is not yet ready, repeatedly. I also said we are still dependent on polluting power sources and have to use them. The choice being made here though to build a coal plant is stupid as it is the most dangerous option in that it produces the most greenhouse gases. It's cheap but the cost in financial savings is at the expense of the planet. It's the worst possible solution. unfortunately (because I wish sustainables could do it) it's apples and oranges. base-load supply on demand vs power on availability sustainables.Curious to know if sustainables could fill the gap, or they need more base load supply. If the second is the case, a bunch of wind turbines and solar panels aren't going to do it atm.