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  1. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    I renewed my license today and was pleasantly surprised. Previously they wouldn't issue a 5 year license with an elite visa, was specifically told when renewing 2 years ago it had to be a non-imm visa only (oddly enough told it had to be a long term visa to get a 5 year license???) I was expecting another 2 year temporary. Anyways I don't have to go back for 5 years now :) Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. Driver's License Procedures Chiang Mai

    As an Australian, does anyone know if a stat-dec from the Australian honorary consul is accepted in lieu of a residence certificate? I have used one before, but maybe 4 years ago and at the time he wasn't sure how much longer it would be accepted as proof of residency for a drivers license.
  3. I've had similar experiences. The visa remains a bit outside of passport controls status quo and I continually get met with confusion. I recon the thaielite meet and greet people are there just as much to assist immigration as they are to assist you.At CNX, I recommend to only go through the Thai only queue (even though it's the furthest from the escalator and the baggage carousel), it has the thaielite placard on the counter and the IOs at that counter seems to be more aware. A few days ago I went through the Thai only queue, and besides the initial confusion because I'm not Thai, the IO was very helpful and was all done correctly. Unlike 6 weeks back, I went through a standard foreigner queue closer to the baggage carousel and the IO wouldn't recognise the visa and began interrogating me about why I had so many stamps and what I was doing in Thailand and that I needed a proper visa blah blah blah. I had to ask to speak to his supervisor, after a few words my passport was stamped.