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  1. Nickymaster

    Bigger bike for 185cm rider

    Versys 300 G 310 GS
  2. This can only be taken care of at government level. Prohibit 7/11, Big C , Tesco etc etc from giving out plastic bags and things will at least improve. BUT the big rich bosses from those supermarket chains DON'T care what happens to the environment because they only care about PROFIT. And the government seems to be controlled by the elite and the consumer doesn't care. Soooo, what are we worrying about?!
  3. Nickymaster

    Ducati hypermotard 939

    Have a look here. All Thai bikes. 939 and 821 might have different suspension http://www.dbigbike.com/บิ๊กไบค์มือสอง/category/22-hypermotard
  4. In the western world maybe. Education, culture and then law enforcement. If people think it is ok to drive and drink you will never decrease accidents. Better law enforcement alone will not do much. Hence this thread.
  5. It makes me sad too but Thailand is a special place. It's just too easy to blame the government. Of course law enforcement (in general) is a joke but many Thai people just don't care or think about the consequences of their actions. Many live for the moment and are extremely happy when they drink. Alchohol is often all they have to get some happiness. I have lived here for many years and have worked with many Thais at many levels and their mindset is very difficult to change. They will just jump in a car take their bike when they have been drinking. What I hear often is: Drink, Drink, Happy, Happy.
  6. I doubt that 333 is worth something but you can always try. It might mean something to somebody. Cars and bikes are a very different story. Bike numbers don't really have a value. Getting a "special" number often is for free. I choose 88 on my bike and it was for free. Three digit numbers where also for free. If you have a single digit it would cost you 50,000 thb but that was a couple of years ago. Nowadays it is more difficult to get a special number. Maybe not even possible anymore.
  7. Nickymaster

    Ducati hypermotard 939

    1. True. Sold the 821 SP when it was resealed but stopped selling the 939 SP. 2. Only the seat is/was lowered. Basically on all Ducatis sold here. 3. Buying and servicing in Bangkok (main branch https://www.facebook.com/DucatiVibha/) is always better if you have the time to ride to Bangkok. 4. Based on past releases, IF a new (or updated) model is realeased it will be at the EICMA show in Italy in Nov this year and will the be available mid 2019 in Thailand.
  8. Don't dress too sexy is just an advise. The same advise many parents would give their daughters. You don't have to listen to that advise. Therefor I don't understand the "don't tell me how to dress" .."movement". Again, it's not an order, just an advise. Have a nice songkran.
  9. Nickymaster

    BHP Kawasaki Ninja 400

    ...Apologies for all the typos. Just woke up...
  10. Nickymaster

    BHP Kawasaki Ninja 400

    Would never take a small bike on a trip through Thailand. You have zero power to get yourself out of trouble. You are basically a sitting duck. I like to sit higher and be faster then the rest. Don't want to be overtaken by cars left and right. I think only people who right serious bikes understand.
  11. Nickymaster

    BHP Kawasaki Ninja 400

    http://www.kawasaki.co.th/en/motorcycle/ninja400 33.4 kW = 44.8 hp
  12. Nickymaster

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/05/treasury-set-to-borrow-nearly-a-trillion-in-2018-and-more-beyond.html Tax cuts that mainly help the rich. Trumpism? Does that meen just keep borrowing? Personally he went bankrupt 4 times. To big to fall might be another strategy he is using for the US. Maybe the Chinese will give the US some more money..
  13. Nickymaster

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    I think you got the point that his trade tactics are not working. You CANNOT bully the EU and the Chinese. He made a lot of money scaring and destroying small guys but at this level it is NOT working.
  14. Nickymaster

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    He backed off from imposing tariffs on goods from the EU and China. And now they are looking to increase trade together in order to buy less from the US. When you bully someone and you fail this person or country will start looking to buy from other countries instead. This will only increase the deficit more. Very simple. The US will be punished for their fear and intimidation tactics.
  15. Nickymaster

    SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    Yeah I meant special elections