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  1. Exactly. Besides a few military guys with police patrols at airports and very sparsely dotted about keeping things in line the tourists don't give a monkeys. Last time I entered a few months back the airport was packed out at immigration in arrivals. I'd not seen it as busy in nearly 20 years of visiting the country. The biggest whiners about this country are liberals peeved that the military stepped in to keep things in line.
  2. Easy to start a business! Easy to lose all that money doing the business too! :)
  3. Because they will keep the rest of the red rabble in line by doing so. Nip it in the bud quick before it spreads.
  4. Pretty much. The military are hedging their bets, getting the best possible timing for Chinese new year time when a decent new government can hopefully not screw things up. If they do, Junta are back in business again. :)
  5. Yeah, because all the dumb<deleted> credit card companies would just give out cards like candy and write the debt off after 5 yrs. The low-lives would move to Spain, Canary Islands and basically be in perma-exile from the UK while the they waited out the clock. It was really degenerate hearing them brag about it.
  6. Well the fact this dead Italian probably threw money around like water had a lot to do with it. Now he's dead there's no longer any milk-cow to provide all that extra income for the village. Anyway, here's my take on it. This French guy showed-up in town, ended up with a thing going with this questionable, ugly Thai woman. Somewhere down the line he was confronted by the Italian himself, perhaps not aware she was even married? Regardless the Italian then gets the bright idea of slashing the French guy who was cucking him down the face. SCARRING him for LIFE. Now I don't know about you, but if some guy did that to me, I'd be out for revenge, especially if I wasn't aware there was a husband on the scene when it started. So after he's endured a life-changing injury the weasel-woman more than likely either engineered the killing of her volatile husband or setup a shady meeting. The 100,000 baht was probably more for wounding the guy and his feisty way of saying sorry? Regardless he ended up getting his throat cut. I personally reckon the French guy didn't kill him but the Thai woman had an accessory helping out. Who was it that sprayed the Yaris black? Looks like a Thai mechanic did it hastily and was in on the action. No one is innocent here, only degrees of guilty.
  7. What is it with the farangs out in Thailand and their garbage-tier wife-quality? A 61 year old farang I can maybe understand having to settle for a bottom of the barrel woman like her. But that French guy is a young dude and out in bum-fck beyond with the likes of her? Jeez, some people.
  8. I think he is on speed or some Yaa-Baa crank the way he is motoring his mouth and jerking about.
  9. mitsubishi

    'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    Yeah, could be, but she's got a lousy attitude and way too dark for my lofty tastes.
  10. mitsubishi

    'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    I've recently rented a room at this apartment. Ever since moving in though the member of staff that works in the office is nagging at me to give her a thai mobile number. Just this morning she is nagging at me as I depart the building. I know I have to give my passport details for a sim card and to check in, but this is ridiculous. I ask her who the hell is so keen on this and her response is: Head Office. Who does she mean? Apartment head office or Big Government Head Office? Has anyone else had this BS to deal with?
  11. mitsubishi

    Rooms under 10,000THB/month in BKK?

    Along the skytrain route? Forget it unless you want to be among the 'burbs, even then it'll be a long walk or taxi-ride.
  12. No, it's more crazy letting retards fly airplanes when it's obviously beyond them. If you think the seaside is a crazy place to have a runway, you should see what it's like landing at Hong Kong Airport!
  13. I think he can count him out of the equation now, she has the kid, will probably not even know who he is in relation to his father anyway. Mission accomplished by the stealer (in more ways than one) woman.
  14. The very image of health, well done Donald! :)