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  1. SunsetT

    i have lost weight already living in isaan

    Singha Light is good if only more places sold it. Or course the healthiest and most thirst quenching drink in Thailand is plain soda water and ice with fresh lime wedges squeezed into it. Dont order 'soda gab manao' outside cos they load it with salt and sugar, but most restaurants will bring a bottle of soda and lime wedges separate if u or your missus asks.
  2. Trouble is so many on here jump to false conclusions without bothering to read any of the links provided. All the information is there if you take the trouble to read it.
  3. SunsetT

    New Tesco Lotus

    It depends if there are enough farangs to warrant their stocking them. In Nakhon Phanom with relatively few Expats, I usually dont notice the western stuff until it winds up on the 'reduced' trolley and then they dont stock it again. Once I saw boxes and boxes of Tesco own brand Teabags, just like in the UK, on there which no one previously knew they sold. I was just about to return to the UK for the summer and when I returned to Thailand there was no sign of them anywhere. It would of course help if they advertised new western products. Someone spotted Colman's English mustard not long before I left in April but I bet it has disappeared by the time I go back. Similarly Macro and others were selling lamb when they first opened but not now. Even fresh beef has mostly disappeared leaving only a few frozen steaks. I can understand why because before I used to see shelves full of reduced fresh beef every Saturday afternoon in Big C.
  4. No you've got it wrong, showing affection and the kissing of cheeks (lol), will continue to take place just as it always has done for all ages behind the closed doors of short-time hotels......as they are the mainstay of the Thai economy......555.
  5. Of course kissing the cheeks of the same sex is appropriate.........dib dib dib, dob dob dob ...... As for myself, I just love kissing the cheeks of the opposite sex, usually before going downtown for lunch.......!
  6. Try Kasikorn Bank in Central, Udon Thani. They are not my branch but have good English speakers who are always helpful with things my branch in Nakhon Phanom dont seem to understand. It was good reports on the ease of opening an account in the main Kasikorn Bank branch, Udon Thani, which spurred me to open my account in Nakhon Phanom, which was also easy, but that was 10 years ago and they had a very good English who opened the account for me. All that was then required was a passport and address.
  7. As others have said elsewhere, it still varies from branch to branch and probably boils down to whether the manager is farang friendly and/or if they have any staff who speak Tinglish. Some just dont want the hassle. So try another branch or branches.
  8. SunsetT

    Building a wooden house

    Here you go......Scale it up.......Quick and cheap.......lol:
  9. Steering with his xxxx while driving at 70mph?
  10. Endsleigh would only be assessing the risk to Brits travelling, not the risk to any other nationalities. They also specialise in insuring students so this would indicate that Thailand only has the highest risk for backpackers not all British travellers visiting Thailand: "Endsleigh Insurance is a Cheltenham-based UK insurance intermediary specialising in the student, education, graduate and sport markets. It is the preferred insurer for several unions and professional associations"......from Wikipedia.
  11. Im just completing application forms in the UK for an O-A Long stay visa. The form asked for 'Purpose of current visit' and 'Evidence substantiating your purpose of visit'. Im not sure what to put or whether to just put 'Long Stay' and leave 'Evidence' section blank or put 'attached' referring to police check, medical, and bank statement documents. I am 65 and retired and could put 'enjoy my retirement in Thailand' or 'considering permanent retirement in Thailand', but Im worried they will push me on to an 'O' visa which I dont want. I could put 'visit girlfriend or fiance' or stay with same. Knowledge of previous applicants and/or advice would be appreciated please.
  12. Note the order is to 'resolve' the case, not 'solve it'!
  13. SunsetT

    SURVEY: Will major flooding be a problem?

    No it wont! The Three Gorges Dam is not on the Mekong. It is on a completely separate river which flows East not South.
  14. SunsetT

    SURVEY: Will major flooding be a problem?

    Thats why many traditional Thai houses were on stilts.
  15. Was this Swampy or Don Muang? I suspect the latter where people seem to get more hassle from immigration. I have been coming for 12 winters to Suvarnabhumi with tourist visas and all the in and out 60 and 90 day stamps. Quite often I return for a mid-summer 30 day tourist exempt visit but have never had any bother or questioning. Last time last year I waited patiently as the IO leafed through my passport then he said 'where is visa?' I said 'no visa' and he irrately stamped me with a 30 day visa exempt. I, of course, should have told him so he wouldnt have wasted his time looking for one. Maybe u did similar and he was angry about it which resulted in your problems.