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  1. Why not Vientianne? Not so far for u.
  2. The Buddha will be proud of him!
  3. The height of hypocrisy .......and/or sheer ignorance..........The uneducated latter I think....They dont even understand their own religion!
  4. The only Smart crossing that would stop drivers in Thailand would be one that automatically throws up steel barriers to protect those crossing the road......
  5. Cookin Brown rice in electric rice cooker

    Yep, I refuse to learn how to use chop sticks until someone informs me of something they can do that you cant do better with a knife, fork, and spoon which are far more efficient and versatile.
  6. Payment on Immigration in Thailand?

    The UK consulates used to accept payment by Credit card. Pray suggest a valid reason apart from shifting their small cost for accepting cc to the much larger postal order cost to the customer; the visa applicant.............and, of course, the possibility of tax evasion on these payments. Is the payee recorded when postal orders are cashed. I dont think so.
  7. Cookin Brown rice in electric rice cooker

    If it clumps it is overcooked; the last thing u need with white rice as there is little enough nutritional value and taste in it anyway. The Thais have got it right eating rice with a spoon rather than a knife and fork. Trying to balance a mouthfull of rice on a fork is ridiculous! My missus cooks brown and rice mixed. It has always puzzled me how the rice cooker copes with that but it seems to.
  8. Payment on Immigration in Thailand?

    You even cannot pay by card when making a postal visa application to the London Embassy. It must be cash or a postal order! Whoever heard of using postal orders in this day and age! I didnt even know they still existed! They just love to inconvenience their customers as much as possible.
  9. Seaweed strips from 7 / 11

    You wrap it around then get your lady to eat it.......Its sure to turn you on........
  10. Seaweed strips from 7 / 11

    Was ee down yer in Dev'n buuy?
  11. Why is holding the policeman's dick?
  12. Scientists discover an ‘octopus city’ off the coast of Australia

    Maybe they escaped from the farm of an Australian I once met. He had managed to cross octopuses with chickens to produce money making chickens with eight thighs and drumsticks. I asked him what they tasted like. He said " I dont know. I havent managed to catch one yet"............
  13. The Buddha was a Hindu and Buddhism grew out of Hinduism. Hinduism and some of its deities including Ganesh permeates Thai Buddhism. I told my Thai missus about Buddhas being popular as garden ornaments in the West and she it is sacrilegious in Thailand to place images of the Buddha on the ground. So it is an altitude thing. Similarly wall pictures of the King and of the Buddha must be higher on the wall in the home than any other images like family photos or art. Also the head being the highest point in the body and believed to house the highest chakra is regarded as sacred and it is insulting to touch a Thai head. The feet (walking in the dirt) are regarded as the lowest spiritually as well as literally which is why it is insulting to point them at someone in Thailand or India. In my experience I think this is rarely a concern, as in 12 yrs I have never come across it being a consideration by any Thai. The Buddha heads high on the wall might seem to fit with this, but I suppose it's the large number being used in such a common fashion as wall decoration. I know it is all seems to be mumbo jumbo but there is a logic to it in Thai culture and while in Thailand it pays to be aware of it and try to conform to it even if not respecting it.
  14. She must have 'The Look', but whatever 'The Look' is today, I dont fracking like it!