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  1. That was probably the driver running after his bus......
  2. Yes, in the West they only do re-enactments to jog the memories of possible witnesses when they cant catch the criminal. Thailand always manages to get everything a r s e about face, i.e., wrong!
  3. .....Factories and tourism! They just dont get it do they!
  4. Kee Mao

    'potty mouth'?
  5. Im having trouble identifying body parts; 3 falang ladies with legs and one large fatty protuberence which looks like a t i t. If so, why the fuss aout their legs?
  6. Thanks! I never knew that....Also not wearing a shirt while driving. Probably rarely necessary in Thailand where all cars have aircon, but I have done it in the UK in vehicles without aircon.
  7. Not when u hit 60yrs old! As an aside........Jimmy Connolly's advice for the over sixties: 1) Never pass an opportunity to take a pee. 2) If you get a hard on, use it! 3) Never trust a f a r t.
  8. Yes there are....The Thais call the Ground floor the 1st Floor. (They get everything wrong!) So in the photo the garages/carports are on the 1st Floor and there are 4 floors above = 5 floors. ....Maybe they found his shoes or half empty glass of whiskey, or cigar butts on the 3rd floor.
  9. What type of snake is this ?

    R u sure? The OP's snake seems much lighter merging with its white underbelly. Moonlover's snake has very little light skin showing.
  10. If claimed on retirement this year at 65.
  11. Sorry ginjag! U r right! I must be getting senile! Of course it is actually £159.55. For some reason my brain was telling me it was £59.55! Luckily Im not dependent on it so it had not really registered yet.
  12. £86 is £26 more per week than the full basic UK State pension if claimed this year!?!