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  1. The mothers of most of the Brits who died in mysterious circumstances on Koh Tao have raised a petition to the British Government......................... https://www.change.org/p/2095179/u/22126248?utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_campaign=205905&sfmc_tk=%2fDuQ%2b2UZhNkTj%2f6sdoIbakjFDx%2ftyZTh9GrgckBGA12qUwOpNGV9yuH9y37VwbEw&j=205905&sfmc_sub=186434355&l=32_HTML&u=37913048&mid=7259882&jb=15
  2. It wouldnt surprise me if these dumbarses mistakenly think that vaping is drug use.
  3. No, I think the headline is spot on. There can be no clearer example than this that 'when your number is up then your number is up'. But I do hope that it does all come down to a karmic brownie point bank balance. Also, whenever my number is up, I hope that Im taken out as instantaneously and painlessly as this lady was.
  4. Stop asking 'Why' in Thailand! Stop it! Or your head will explode...........Or u will end up like this...........
  5. Problem is with me getting older is remembering what I have kept and exactly where I have kept it. I recently went to a lot of time and trouble finding and buying an obsolete German double-glazed door bolt catch. I eventually found one on Austrian ebay. Prudently, I ordered 2, keeping one for possible future need. My pleasure in eventually receiving it and restoring the door to it's former efficient German glory was shortlived when just a week later when clearing out a rented garage I found a small jiffy bag containing an identical new door catch and the invoice for 2 I had already prudently purchased some 10 years ago!
  6. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    ....And driver training and testing.
  7. My Thai lady does the same while pointing into the air and using what is obviously Thai phone semaphor! But she does have a sense of humour and smiles when I start to mimic her every action in front of her.
  8. Many people still yell even with the phone to there ear.......and ride a motor bike at the same time. Last night walking along I could hear what I thought was a Thai couple having a full blown argument somewhere up ahead with an obviously very angry woman yelling hysterically. A minute or two later the angry woman passed on her motorbike, phone to ear, still yelling angrily at full volume!
  9. Yes, and more specifically one's brain is probably particularly susceptible to the radiation. A brain pickled in Chang may well be immune to this......................or already damaged beyond repair so why worry..........
  10. Yes. A bit of sign language with a smile might have achieved the desired outcome. If not just plain simple patience in waiting for the Thai guy to move on; no doubt in less than 5 minutes.
  11. When I opened my Kasikorn Bank account in 2010, all that was required was my passport and an address. K Bank was recommended at that time by others on this forum, but it was said that it varied from branch to branch depending whether the manager was farang friendly.
  12. In Thailand sadly many many more than 'some'. Dont underestimate the level of 'stupidity' here due mainly to the appalling education system.