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  1. SunsetT

    Living in an oven

    I go home in April and enjoy a nice cool lousy English summer that everyone else is complaining about knowing that I will return in October for my summer which is the Thai winter. This also cools down nicely for a month or 2 in NE Esaan. I have also learned to make sure I rent a room or house that faces East or North East which after some morning sun remains cool the rest of the day.
  2. SunsetT

    Living in an oven

    Yes dont ever make the mistake of assuming that Thai's think.
  3. SunsetT

    Living in an oven

    Yes it's the humidity that is the killer.
  4. SunsetT

    Living in an oven

    .....Live like a Thai person and eat steaming hot bowls of noodle soup every day to keep cool........
  5. SunsetT

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    ................Riding a flying pink elephant is more likely.
  6. All's well again today and I can gain access as I normally do using Firefox. But no replies to my messages yesterday to Kasikorn Bank or explanation from them! Mind u, it was Friday afternoon and now the weekend! Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.
  7. Thanks tropo, I will remember 'Opera' if I have any future problems.
  8. Yes thanks Scorecard, I have done all 3 already. Phoned 1st and he said no problem in Thailand but he would look into it. No reply to my messages yet.
  9. I have tried Chrome, Firefox on both my laptop and smart phone but I cannot get in on any of them.
  10. I am in the UK and since first trying about 14hrs ago I have been unable to open my Kasikorn bank 'k-cyber banking' online. I can log in and open all the other tabs but the 'k-cyber banking' tab just times out and will not open. Anyone else having a problem with it?
  11. SunsetT

    Khon Kaen car rent 6 weeks over New Year

    http://www.economycarrentals.com/ .....I have used them 4 times for different places in Thailand....Recommended....Great prices and service with everything clear and sorted and excess (if required) paid for before u arrive.
  12. I would agree with u but modify slightly what u say.............. 'money & money'!
  13. Yes, I think the visa cost and criterium seem quite reasonable, but the compulsory Thai insurance is ridiculously expensive for the paltry annual maximum inpatient coverage at age 65yrs of about 400k thb (Less than £10k) for an annual premium of 59/60k thb (£1370) . The only advantage over UK based insurance is that there do not appear to be any excess charges. Also the O-A from the UK is now more attractive in that original documents provided with their copies do not now need notarisation: Note: - Please submit the originals of bank statement, criminal record check, and medical record, as well as one photocopy of each document. In case that an applicant could not submit the original documents, the Embassy will accept the photocopies which have been certified by a Notary Public officer or Solicitors.
  14. Yes indeed! Never mind the winking, he should stick to w * n k i ng which most Benz and BMW drivers are extremely good at.