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  1. .....AND you are so prone to being hit or hitting anyone and everything that decides to walk out, or run out, or pull out, or ignorantly stick their bonnet out in front of you from the left side!
  2. Beung Kan - What's of interest?

    I wouldnt call it a city, more a town....Go there for a long weekend with the kids occasionally, to stay at The One Hotel where we all can enjoy their Waterpark, with beer and good food by the pool. Can walk on the Mekong beach when the 'tide' is out In Winter with pleasant mountain views of Laos. Thats enough for me!
  3. 10-Year Visas Now Available: Thai Immigration

    Stop asking 'why?' in Thailand or your head will explode.
  4. On arrival in Thailand on an O-A visa, is there any need to report anywhere within a certain time, as when I arrive in Thailand I travel a bit and usually dont get to my address for about a month. Or does one just report to the nearest immigration office to my address after 90 days? Also, after 90 days, I will most probably be in a different province (for New Year) from my address. Can I report to immigration there or does it have to be the province of my address? Thanks.........
  5. Dumbest country in the World!!!
  6. No! ....................lol
  7. I am preparing to apply for an O-A visa from London and as well as asking for bank statements to be certified or notarised, their website states that bank statements must be accompanied by "the original reference letter from the banking concerned". Does anyone have experience of what they actually mean and if it is enforced? Thanks. While I am here could someone kindly tell me how much re-entry permits cost; single and multiple entry, and how long are they valid for? Also, on arrival in Thailand on an O-A, is there any need to report anywhere within a certain time, or does one just report to any immigration office after 90 days? Thanks.........
  8. Time to evacuate Asia ?

    .........It has worked so far..........Only problem is if we allow a madman access to the red button and he gets mad, goes mad and forgets MAD.........But that could never happen could it? .................. ............Could someone please carry out a Risk Assessment! They solve everything dont they!
  9. Dont ditch your water bottle at the security check. Empty it and hang on to it. You may need it later........
  10. It makes me want to puke!!!
  11. Yes put prices up and encourage more people to use public transport reducing CO emmissions and improving air quality and public health.
  12. Not everyone wanting to visit Koh Chang resides in Pattaya. Air Asia now have flights to U-Tapao from Udon Thani which should be perfect to connect with this service to Koh Chang.
  13. 'Normal' and 'responsible' ? ..........in Thailand?
  14. ......At least he died doing something exciting that he loved and wasnt just another Thai RTA statistic..........RIP.