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  1. I arrived at Suzannasbum last Thursday week evening and from joining the queue to pushing my trolley with suitcase out into the million welcoming signs of Level 2 took just 25 minutes! I can honestly say Ive never seen an immigration officer move his hands so fast. I half expected him to hand me my passport grinning and say "Hauhhuhhuh! Juz like that!"
  2. Yes.....It makes me ashamed to think of what foreigners 1st impressions must be when they arrive at this s * * t hole for the 1st time. And when leaving they r even too mean now to provide trolleys on the departure side.
  3. No tips crossing at Nakhon Phanom now. They even stopped the extra $ for crossing at weekends many years ago. But they had one hell of a scam going with the Vietnamese coming in; I think it was one year before the coup. I arrived at Thakhek bus station about 11am to get the bus back to NKP. Unusually there was a group of 50+ young Vietnamese with suitcases waiting along with the usual Thai and Laos locals. As I waited the numbers swelled as minibuses arrived every few minutes from Vietnam. When the Thai/Laos NKP bus arrived there was a bit of a scrum to get their suitcases loaded underneath and I couldnt get the bus 'steward'/'bouncer' to load my bicycle which I usually take with me for a night or 2 in Thakhek. The next Laos bus arrived sooner than usual, along with more Vietnamese, and the same thing happened again with the bus steward and driver both ignoring me. I complained to the Laos lady ticket office supervisor and she said I must wait for a newer bigger Thai bus which had more room underneath for my bike, but when a Thai bus arrived the driver wouldnt allow my bike to be loaded. Later I realised because it took up the space of about 4 lucrative Vietnamese suitcases. This farce continued, with me thinking I was going to have to abandon my bike in order to return home, until, getting desperate, I quickly and assertively loaded the bike myself as soon as the 4pm bus opened its doors. I expected it to be removed but it wasnt and I was allowed to board the bus along with the throng. Then from my seat I noticed that even though Id seen an agent with their passports buy tickets at the counter for each minibus group arriving, as each Vietnamese passenger boarded they handed the bouncer along with their ticket a 100thb note. When we reached the bridge I noted they each again handed over 100thb to the Laos IOs and again to the smily Thai IOs on the other side (in previous years Id seen them shout and herd the Vietnamese like cattle). There was also unusually another Thai bus waiting for them on the other side of the bridge that they had to reboard and pay another 100thb to get to NKP bus station and reach the buses to Bangkok where, one of them told me, they were all going to work. The buses were also running every 30 mins rather then the usual hourly service. They they also were packing them on like sardines, I counted 123 reboarding the 40? seat bus I was on at the bridge. Some serious money was being made that year, but it all stopped after the coup.
  4. SunsetT

    Bangkok Hotel Features Hitler Hotel Room

    Imported from Germany?
  5. SunsetT

    1st OA visa.......

    I was aware but thank you because I thought the border run had to be just before the one year entry stamp expires and not one year from the issue of the visa. Can others clarify please.
  6. SunsetT

    1st OA visa.......

    Thank you gentlemen!
  7. I have my 1st 1 year O-A visa and would like to know what to expect, apart from the queue..., and what to check when I arrive at Swampy..... Will I get a full one year 'admitted until' date stamp, or just a 90 day stamp until I must report to immigration, or will I get both? Thanks.
  8. SunsetT

    Surat Thani where to live

    Anywhere except Koh Tao!
  9. SunsetT

    Taxi Driver - Nakhon Phanom - Mukdahan

    There is a taxi meter company with an office in NKP but Im in the UK and dont have the # to hand. Try googling it. It should come up. I would think theirs will be a fixed rate.
  10. SunsetT

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    Another example of how appalling the Thai education system is!
  11. SunsetT

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    That is way to sensible for Thailand.......lol.
  12. They are stupid and dumb but through no fault of their own. If we were Thai and had passed throught the appalling Thai education system we would be too!