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  1. I find extremely difficult to find a laborer who can lay tiles straight .... (I'm in pattaya) I just paid a guy 15K baht for 30 sq m, he did a decent job - not perfect, but I am happy. That included mortar to lay the tiles down. This was floor and walls (bathroom). I probably overpaid, but it beats to have to do it 3 times (like I did once before) because they do a shit job. rudi
  2. 36 mm Socket/wrench ?

    Thanks, Dan, that's a great idea !!! rudi
  3. 36 mm Socket/wrench ?

    Ohh, sorry, I am in Pattaya !!! rudi
  4. 36 mm Socket/wrench ?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a 36mm Socket/wrench, which is kind of deep inside, deeper than the standard sockets. I think one of those like the ones for spark plugs would work best. The thing is that I need 36mm, appears as nobody has them ?! Attached is a picture. It's for removing a grohe shower controller thermostat .... Any pointers appreciated !!! Many Thanks, rudi
  5. Grout Sealer

    Many thanks for the replies guys ! I have not see the webber products in local stores, now that I have a label, I will try again !!! I wonder, will the generic TOA water sealer work as well ? rudi
  6. Grout Sealer

    Hello ! I've been to every hardware store in Chonburi/Pattaya area, looking for a grout sealer. I can't find a single salesperson who knows what I am talking about, and I my self am not sure either, lol. I want to protect the grout in the bathroom from moisture and eventual discoloration. Anybody has a grout sealer that is available here in Thailand? Could you please post a picture of the container/label (with visible brand/description, either Thai or English ? Many Thanks ! rudi
  7. Alternatives to tiling ??

    Thanks guys !!! rudi
  8. Hi Guys ! I am remodeling a bathroom, and thinking to not tile the walls. The reason is that I simply can not find somebody who will do s a decent job. So I am looking for suggestions, what alternatives do I have ? Oil-based wall paint ? Anything else I can do to make it look nice and it being simple to implement ? Thanks ! rudi
  9. Most of the time, the helmets Thais wear are completely useless anyway ... so why bother at all ?
  10. FYI, Driveway Cleaning

    That's a good point. I have been wondering about a sealer. The tiles I have a composite type "Kenzai" brand. But the grout is plain concrete/cement. luudee
  11. FYI, Driveway Cleaning

    It adds sand. See the clear tube that goes into the sand bucket? Think of it as a poor mans sandblaster ! :) luudee
  12. FYI, Driveway Cleaning

    It's not mold. It's more of a calcium (I have a well) and dirt deposit. Mould could be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide (that's what I use in bathrooms). Dirt could also be cleaned with just the pressure cleaner without sand. But these tiles (as well as sand wash) seem to attract some hard deposits that can not be easily removed. luudee :)
  13. FYI, Driveway Cleaning

    Hi Guys, This is just an FYI post, hopefully, it will be helpful for others. For years I have been looking for a way to clean my driveway. No cleaner would do it. I was successful once using hydrochloric acid, but that was not a good solution. Now, finally, I tried this little sandblaster attachment for my Karcher. Look at the pictures, freaking amazing !!! The attachment I bought on eBay, for $30 USD, including shipping. They have them for many different brands. Cheers, luudee
  14. Air conditioning question

    As others already suggested, get professional help to clean the unit. Try to find out the manufacturer, and then search the web for their service contract. Request the original manufacturer to send a service team. This is what I did for my Diaken inverter and Diaken Casste A/C. It will be cheaper in the long term. All Thais will claim, that they are "Engineers" and can fix everything. I wasted 3 months and lots of money on the drive by guys. Now I only use manufacturer certified techs ... rudi
  15. Electric oven recommendations?

    I wasted so much money by trying to save money and buying cheap crap. Now I have a top of the line Siemens over for over 3 years and am very happy with it. It was in the 50K baht range and well worth it ....