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  1. The "Tram" will be newly painted baht busses .... People are reading to much into this, lol
  2. Thanks for all the information. In my system, it does take some time/draining before the pump starts up again. And it takes a little while after the tab is closed for the pump to turn off, as it is building up pressure. I am not sure if my current tank has a membrane, but I assume it does. The Grundfos tank that I am planning to install one day definitely has one ... rudi
  3. Here is the list I maintain on my computer, with some comments ... rudi Hardware House ------------ Thai & English Hardware, Tools, Equipment, etc The Toolmart ------------ Thai/Some English, Online Store Hardware Mart -------------- Thai only, Online Store Hardware, Tools, Equipment, etc International Machinery Parts Company ------------------------------------- Thai only Hardware, Tools, Equipment, etc Tang Enhance Expand Merchandise (TEEM) -------------------------------------- Thai only, Online Store Hardware, Tools, Equipment, etc Krieng Thai Watana (KTW) ------------------------ Thai/English, Online Store Hardware, Tools, Equipment, etc Seven Fife ---------- English only ?! Professional Kitchen appliances AMCI/Champ ---------- Mostly Thai, Professional Kitchen appliances Lazada ---------- Thai/English, Online Store Home, Appliances, etc Cdiscount ---------- Thai/English, Online Store Home, Kitchen, Computers, Phones, EVERYTHING
  4. I really like this RTV Silicone (pictured). Many application, great stuff ... Is it possible to liquefy it a bit ? Is there a solvent or something like that ? I'd like to put some into a small syringe and apply it to some smaller areas/parts ... Also, I would like to figure out a way to make an open tube last a bit longer. I always seal the open end and put it in the fridge, and still, after two uses it seems to have all hardened up. Many Thanks, rudi
  5. Yep, that's what I have it set for ! Thanks guys ! rudi
  6. BTW, what should be the ideal air pressure of the pressure tank ? Mine is set to the desired pipe pressure (e.g. pressure switch setting). Is that correct ? I actually have a Grundfos pressure tank in the back of the garage, I got it a couple of years back with the intention to replace the cheese made one. But so far the Chinese made one is holding up, I was given 6 months warranty on it at it has been almost two years now, lol ... no water coming out of the air valve yet ... Thanks, rudi
  7. So that means I am back to square one ! :) Nothing will help to remove the hammer? Rich has suggested a soft start/stop ... I thought about a soft stop ... that should be easy to try out, just need to find one here in thailand ... any pointers guys ? Thanks, rudi
  8. Should I send you some Xanex ? I can figure out a way to mount the new NRV on the suction side. The pump is not bolted down and the PVC plumbing can be easily adjusted in lengths ... I'll try adding the new valve on the suction side when it comes ... BTW, do these Grundfos pumps require any maintenance? Mine has been in place since March 2008 .... Thanks, rudi
  9. Yes, the current NRV on the discharge side is holding up so far ... So if I add a second NRV on the suction, that will reduce the hammer? Thanks, rudi
  10. Here is a small video of the hammering ... rudi
  11. Sorry, Sipi, I don't understand. I thought this is what Grollies was actually suggesting? A swing-style NRV on the discharge ... What did I miss ? Thanks, rudi
  12. Guys, here are a couple of pictures of the setup .. it is very simple ... I'll try to add a few more tomorrow ... rudi
  13. Thank you for the detailed reply grollies ! Let me try to reply in a slightly different form ... I will address your question and make some corrections to your message only: The OP states that every time he closed a tap the system hammers the NRV. But he has a pressure tank downstream from the pump which should have an accumulator to act as a shock absorber and the system should gently pressurize until the pressure switch shuts down the pump. Actually, I have never said that the hammering is when I close a tap. :) The hammering occurs when the pump stops. The pump is controlled by a pressure switch. Two reasons for this not happening could be: 1) The pressure tank is not operating correctly; 2) The pressure tank is too small for such a big pump. The pressure tank is a 200L (I previously said 150L, it's actually 200L) Pressure tank, rated for this pressure and system. I do manually monitor the air pressure in the pressure tank and adjust it if needed. The pressure tank is not flooded or otherwise damaged. This is a working system, it works like a charm (except for eating the NRV, lol) !!! The moment a tap is closed, the system is pressurized nearly instantly to full pump head pressure caused by the large volume the pump discharges. This correct - this all works! Ask any O&G Process Design Engineer if a NRV should be placed on the suction side of a centrifugal pump with a flooded suction and the answer will be 'no'. In addition, any fittings (bends,tees, isolation valves, etc should be a minimum of 5 x diameter of the suction pipe. For a nominal 1.5" pipe that should mean 200mm (ok, 187.5mm) of straight suction pipe going into the pump. Both intake and discharge piping are 2" ... When the NRV fails, the pump continues to run? You sure? Even with a failed NRV, the pump must cycle on/off not run continuously? As the NRV fails water pressure will decay back through the pump until the system drops to below set pressure at which time the pressure switch will start the pump. Once the system pressurizes, the pressure switch will turn the pump off. Yes. No water is escaping, and the pump is still primed ... I can't explain it either .... What does the OP do when the NRV fails in the middle of the night? Run out and manually shut the pump off? Keep on sleeping, lol .... I'll find out in the morning. I have workers that might wake up and turn the system off, otherwise, it will keep on running ... Does the pump cycle on/off during normal use? It shouldn't. If a tab is open, the pressure will eventually drop and the pump will start. When no tab is open, no water used, the pump does no cycle ... Do you have a better diagram with all pump discharge pipe included. The diagram is 100% complete. :) There is no discharge pipe, I don't even know what that means :) I assume the pressure switch is connected to the pressure tank? It's connected near the pressure tank on the right-hand-side pipe ... It's location shouldn't that critical, as the pressure should be equal everywhere on the right-hand-side ... You are buying a new NRV, hopefully 2"? You could install this on the pump suction and then use an eccentric reducer (concentric if you can't find one) to reduce down to 1.5" but make sure the NRV and fittings are installed 200mm from the pump suction connection. I'm a bit confused, all my pipes and NRV are 2" ... .... Keep us all updated on what you do and what happens. Every day's a school day! Will do. PS Put some pressure gauges in the system. I have one next to the pressure switch! Thank you for your time ! rudi
  14. Yes, I will post an update when I fix it ! I promise! I have now ordered a stainless steel swing check valve, and will implement the changes when it gets here ! Thanks, rudi
  15. Many thanks, sipi ! Much appreciated !!! rudi