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  1. Air conditioning question

    As others already suggested, get professional help to clean the unit. Try to find out the manufacturer, and then search the web for their service contract. Request the original manufacturer to send a service team. This is what I did for my Diaken inverter and Diaken Casste A/C. It will be cheaper in the long term. All Thais will claim, that they are "Engineers" and can fix everything. I wasted 3 months and lots of money on the drive by guys. Now I only use manufacturer certified techs ... rudi
  2. Electric oven recommendations?

    I wasted so much money by trying to save money and buying cheap crap. Now I have a top of the line Siemens over for over 3 years and am very happy with it. It was in the 50K baht range and well worth it ....
  3. Has anybody used WEA health insurance? Their premiums appear attractive to me, just wonder if there are any gotchas ?! Thanks, rudi
  4. These idiots need to be told that when the road is wet it will be slippery. The "Mai Pen Rai" attitude will not help .... Make the driver pay for it all ...
  5. Liquid sandwash mildew stain remover.

    I too use Hydrogen Peroxide ... also works in the shower, hard to reach places ... Works like a charm ! rudi
  6. Pool pump and white plastic valve

    I think you install it on the inlet, to help the pump "auto prime" ....
  7. Sandblasting Driveway

    Nope ! Tried it, doesn't work. rudi
  8. Grating

    This does sound intriguing! I'll try to post some pictures of the rock trial ... one of my contractors was here and I run the idea by him, he said he will bring a 1m piece of stainless grating for me to try & play with ... rudi
  9. Sandblasting Driveway

    Thanks to all of you for the replies. I went ahead and ordered one of those wet sandblasting attachments for my high-pressure sprayer ... It was $30 USD free shipping, from China ... we'll see how well that works .... Bleach doesn't work, I believe that I have calcium deposits from my well water on the tiles ... Thanks, rudi
  10. Grating

    He he he .. I once (long time ago) used "sky" blue ... they just got less blue and darker (dirty darker) from the sun ... I always thought the cream color ones are the better choice, and I think from discoloration perspective, I do like them the best (of all the bad choices). But mine are getting brittle now ... rudi
  11. Sandblasting Driveway

    Thanks for that suggestion, I will take a look. I have a high power washer, and we can't get it look decent. Tried all kinds of cleaners, and as I said only acid has worked so far. rudi
  12. Grating

    Thanks for all the replies guys ! Why black ? How is that any better ? Watch out for calcium deposits if you use granite. May be that is not a problem for you, but my water has a lot of minerals and that gets stuck on everything. When I retiled my pool, I used "glass tiles" and they look like crap just after a year. My worker actually managed to scrape the deposits of without damaging the tiles, but it's a hell of a job ... Let me know if you ever find a "decent" pool builder, lol .... This is an interesting idea. I could have a stainless steel structure, instead of pine wood, and cover with stones above ... I might try making a 1m section and see how it looks ... Thanks, rudi
  13. Sandblasting Driveway

    Hi guys ! I have a driveway made out of those composite material tiles. They are incredibly difficult to clean (water stains/calcium deposit). The only thing that really works well is acid - but that messes up my stainless steel fence. So I am thinking to sandblast them. Any opinions on that ? Does anybody have a portable sandblaster int he Pattaya area ? Thanks, rudi
  14. Grating

    Yeah, in theory, this sounds and looks great ! But as you know, in practice it will be a disaster ! 1) I will most likely only get the cheap local stainless steel, even if I pay for the better quality stuff 2) To have the locals to make 60 meters of that stuff and be consistent (e.g. make it look good) will be impossible ! I saw (online) some grating made from hardwood - I almost called my carpenter, but then thought about the maintenance, my outside wood furniture requires and decided against it as well ... The plastic crap, is I think the best (easiest) solution and will look good for a year or so ... lol Thank you ! rudi