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  1. Thank you so much for this info ! :) I will not try this than rudi
  2. Just a rug, haven't tried with Scotch-Brite. Will try that ... rudi
  3. Maybe it is worth getting this: (make sure you get a 220V unit) rudi
  4. Thank you Neal, we have tried Wenol, and are not very happy with it either. Brasso is a bit better, but still not "agessive" enough ... When the Thai guys initially installed it, they had a spray bottle with some clear liquid, that would remove any dirt and make the steal shine. That particular shop has disappeared since then, and other stainless shops I have visited refer me to Wenol or Brasso. Back then I didn't think about asking them. I just remember that they DID not use gloves or facial covers. rudi
  5. All you guys with the stainless steel gates, how do you maintenance the stainless part ? Do you guys repolish it, or do any other type of cleaning? What do you use ? My worker polishes mine with Brasso, but they just don't get that "new" look anymore .... (they are about 15 years old now) rudi
  6. I have one rule in these type of a situation: Imagine you are dealing with a spoiled 5 year old. Respond accordingly ... rudi
  7. Duck is nasty. It has enough acid to etch the top layer of granite. Happened to me as well. Depending on how long she let it sit, it can be just the polished layer or deeper. You might be able to repolish the grant and get the stains out, but the polishing task is no that easy. Not sure anybody in Thailand can actually do it .... rudi
  8. I did as other have suggested here, researched wich unit I want online, and then ordered in from Lazada. Came in 3 days ... luudee
  9. If you take care of the s/s, the cheaper one will be fine ... Clean it with some wd40 once a week, and it will last ... rudi
  10. In my experience, there are several reasons for this type of failure: 1) Blader tank is leaking (air or nitrogen). This means that the membrane might have failed, in wich case refilling it will only provide a temporary fix; 2) If your water is hard, you might have limestone build up in the pressure switch intake. I don't think #1 can be fixed except by replacing the bladder tank. The second problem might be fixable by removing the pressure switch and cleaning the intake with a limestone remover, or by replacing the pressure switch. Good Luck ! rudi
  11. Thanks for sharing your experience David B ! The hose I showed in the picture above is a 304 Stainless Steel, according to the marking on the package. What is not clear is which part is 304 Stainless Steel. Many other brands will say stainless steel, but the inside parts are brass. I assume they refer to the mesh outside? I will pay more attention the brands I buy. In the past, I valued Haefele very much, as their fittings and such are usually really good quality. But their hoses (with 10y warranty) had the inside part made from brass. I'm not an expert in these matters, I will keep on trying! Time will tell, lol Again thank you for your message! rudi
  12. Yes, indeed. I have my own well, and the water is very iron and calcium (limestone) rich. rudi
  13. So I went to every major Hardware Store on Sukhumvit, from Thai Watsadu to Boonthavorn, and found the below version at Boonthavorn. 189 baht for 20" long. It says stainless steel, but if you look closely into the opening, I can see something yellow/gold color. Will be interesting to see if these will last longer ! rudi
  14. Yes, I know I have a high iron content in my water. Even stainless steel will start to rust after some time. But these things I am using are made from brass. As far as I know brass does not rust (or oxidize in any other way). I too pump my water into a holding tank first (going through a sand filter), and then have a constant pressure pump to my house from the tanks. Thanks, rudi
  15. We have tried various amount of the Teflon tape, trying to put as little on as possible, but still maintaining the seal. It is screwed in pretty much to the end. This actually brings up a good point. The PVC fitting has a bit of "dead area" before the thread begins. I am considering to cut that off ... rudi