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  1. I think duel pricing is called discrimination in another country.
  2. I remember when they relocated the bank Cards to India, Some where sold by corrupt people working at the place that made them , so expect some dodgy visas
  3. I live in Samut Prakan , An Industrial area , I speak Thai, , you're the one that's delude, just a sex predator, who has convinced yourself that they like it, get help
  4. 'Crazy' Apartment Staff lady?

    Just Ask for hers and say you will call her if any problems,
  5. EU still open to Britain changing mind on Brexit

    It's about 19 unelected men who cannot be sacked or reprimanded, making decisions , Behind closed locked doors in secret for 500 million people, Nothing to do with Money. That's what the majority voted to leave.
  6. What do you know about Thai Females getting jobs, Have you any First hand experience, I have , Females are to young to work at 17<18 > to old at 30, Only get Jobs where they are treat like slaves . Poor pay and conditions with sexual innuendos from Supervisors and Managers, Along with trying to compete with cheap labour from the surrounding Countries, They are probably the only breadwinner because the Thai Partner has done a runner leaving the female to look after children and probably elderly parents, Some Guys as you say to ease their self gratification, In actual fact they are Abusers, Some guys form a opinion about these girls while living in a brothel, Get out of Pattaya and see the real Thailand.
  7. British man missing in Thailand

    He has been found dead not far from where he went missing.
  8. you can already get Thai Noodles in Most European Countries,
  9. 2nd hand motorbikes in Bangkok?

    You would get a better deal in Pattaya, cheaper than Bangkok,
  10. roosters in temples and near monuments?

    for good luck.
  11. visa debit card stolen & used in udon thani

    typical the Poster asked for Help , and gets criticism,
  12. Don't eat at the Airport,
  13. Except when there is a delay in your flight.after you have been waiting the regulated 3 hours for your flight.
  14. More than 420 children went missing last year

    I think more than a few have run away from One parent to the other, And not been reported to the police, so get classed as missing. Speaking from Experience, The wife s Daughter who was 14 at the time, Use to live with her Thai father, He use to come home drunk and beat her, 0ne night he came home and took a piece of wood and started to beat her, She ran away to her Mother's house in the middle of the night, and never went back, So is she classed as Missing.
  15. Where to buy copper water pipe?

    Have you tried copper brake pipe, can get from garage supplies.