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  1. How many have actually been in a Thai Government Hospital, Like most Hospitals in the world they are under pressure and usualy A&E is full, some genuine some not so, The Staff at the Hospital probably where doing their best, its unfair to criticise them , Only they know the real facts
  2. His decision whether right or wrong , good luck to him , Been there done that, regretted it later but thats hindsight, best of luck for the guy hope he works it out. You/We can give all the advice we can even if 100% right but its his decision ,
  3. What happens when the person in Question applys for a Visa to visit Thailand , does it not ask place of Birth on request of a Thai visa
  4. If you have a Thai id card, Yes you are eligible for conscription, But you can buy yourself out, If your eligible and just dont return to Thailand for conscription you will be arrested at the Airport if ever you return to Thailand..
  5. Britain wants our money back too. Britian protected France by paying into Nato since 1946, France started paying in the 70s.
  6. Even if it was 51 to 49 there is still a clear winner.
  7. You dont know what your talking about, I spent hundreds of £, or thousands of Baht on private Bangkok Hospitals. Two years ago, Even posting a thread on here, asking if anyone knew what my symptoms could be, The last private hospital i attended in Samut Prakan did not have a clue, i got prescribed 10 vitamin tablets and two isotonic drinks, I gave them back to the Doctor, after paying 25000 baht for them , telling him he needed them more than i did, The final straw came one morning at about 2 am, I woke up delirious my wife took me to a GOVERNMENT hospital close by, I arrived at 2 20am, they took blood samples from me, I was injected with painkillers and then slept till 10 am , I was wheeled into a room with a Thai Female Doctor , She told me i needed to come in for observation and tests, I like you had no faith in Thai government Hospitals, I said give me a week to think about it, She then said you will be dead in a week if you dont come in, I had swollen liver spleen and kidneys and that my white blood cells were too high. I had leukemia, She told me to go home as I would get better treatment in the UK , I was on a plane 5 hours later, i then spent two weeks in Hospital in England, She was spot on with the diagnosis. I have great respect for that doctor who worked in a Thai Government hospital,
  8. We the public want to walk, but our elected people are letting us down , As for owing them money , i cannot remember them paying us any when we joined the Common market.
  9. How can they when 19 Are unelected, cannot be held to account , or sacked,
  10. As posted before, Most Tv posters have to have their sense of Humor extracted, to join , and not have a Father,
  11. i can ,, Cut backs, Immigration, and meddling from the EU courts,
  12. Ironic that England has the Magna Carta, nearly every Country in the world uses parts of it, many Countries Jurisdiction about law is based on it. And the EU muppets have the nerve to say Britain will struggle,
  13. Being on Thai Visa for so long makes you cynical, you have to ahve a sense of Humor lobotomy.
  14. At least you know the Poor are getting help, and not some gang master,