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  1. They must have just invented fir lined flip flops.
  2. What's wrong with Thai so called men. Is it they cannot except no or different opinions some times. Why take their own evil out on someone else. Most are just small men with small men syndrome. Hope the incident gorgouse child finds peace. Bless her.
  3. Silly man of Course it's ok to beat the shit out of inecent Falang . Then give him a big fine after. This is the Land of Smiles don't forget.
  4. How many Falang are supporting a Thai Family . Seems that Thai lady's hate Thai men . But most have opened their legs for them and dropped a few sproggs for the Poor Falang to take care of.
  5. Birds use to crap on my car. So I stoped dating them.
  6. Contact your bank and let them deal with it.
  7. I think the Thai word for this is DOLLAIR .
  8. What ever dribble they come up with about what we will lose. They forget the biggest thing we gain is self respect .
  9. Totally agree let it be. But harmless anything but. They bite wipp you with their tails and claw you. The mouth is full of bacteria and it has just been discoverd their bite has poison in it . We have one near us in Sahmut Prakan must be nearly 3 mtrs long.It lives in a stagnant pond in a temple.People come and feed it with chicken carcasses.
  10. Yes but you don't enter the Spirit of the idiotic water throwers. You must repeat after me. I am an old fuddy duddy. Bet you use to like Songkran.
  11. Thought it would be on draft. Rather than bottled. Well easy cum easy go.
  12. One of my Nabour Son has just got 15 years for selling drugs. I say keep up the good work Bib.
  13. Put money on it being Yabba related. One of the side effects is they think they can fly. Now that would make a Good Song title. I Belive a can Fly . ( Ironic).
  14. Think the underlying reason is they don't pay any tax.