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  1. I have had Siinet for over a year and to me they are great (reliability/cost/speed wise). They have been out one time to install. They have never contacted me by phone. Bills arrive by mail, I pay online, keep updated on services and packages via their Line group, and when I wanted an upgrade my package I just visited their kiosk at Central and they did it remotely in two working days. On the few times when they have been down generally there have been complaints about the lack of answering call centre calls, as they tend to give updates via Line so it seems unusual for them to cold call. What you are describing sounds very odd. I would be more concerned that it is nobody connected with Siinet that is phoning you at all. It would be well worth your effort to go to one of their kiosks and explain your concern. At least then you will know if it is them or not. And if it is not that is a whole new set of concerns.
  2. Looking to buy super cheap second car

    Not sure of your price range (or auto/man or engine size etc) as most of the yards I know do not sell cars under the 200k Baht mark but the CM FB Buy Sell Swap page has a vehicles fairly frequently with a broad price/make range so might be worth a look. https://www.facebook.com/groups/305872182829627/ also FB pages like https://www.facebook.com/chiangmaicar2you/
  3. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Does anyone know how accurate and reliable these figures are for CMIS (or indeed all CM sites when they can go down for 24 hours easy). It seems that it (CMIS) is consistently much higher than Yupparaj Wittayalai. They are not that far away from each other (say max of 2.5km straight line) and no significant topographical features between each other, bar the river . Is it possible to get so different readings in such a relatively short distance given measure is purely generalised burning rather than something always happening at one site? As an example in the last 48 hours CMIS for PM 2.5 has a min of 91 and a max of 370 whereas Yupparaj has a min of 53 and a max of 196.
  4. Renting to Chinese?- A heads Up

    Similar event at Karnkanok six months ago, I thought I had seen a report in TV as well.
  5. Renting to Chinese?- A heads Up

    CM108 reported problems in an upmarket Moobahn earlier. Cars and mini buses arriving all hours and parking and blocking the road and adjacent driveways, loud noise parties, karoake...this went on for weeks with a set of Chinese renting the house and then being defacto tour guides. It was the Thai neighbours that eventually had a gutfull and called BIB and other relevent authorities. Chinese insisted that all "guests" were only visiting extended family members and not staying there overnight. Either way lease terminated and it closed down and the warning went out in the Moobahn (and CM108) similar to OP.. It was not exactly an Airbnb or single bedroom condo type sublet. Neighbours made several complaints before actioned as owners in Bangkok.
  6. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    It certainly looks bad in the city but as at a afew minutes agothe http://aqicn.org site for Chiang Mai Municipal City Hall and Yuparaj has not been updated from 3.00pm yesterday. The GAIA station which is cited above at 207 (now 298 so nearly in the Hazard area) is Phrao about 100km away. Would be good to get some current city figures, but as said, looks really bad now.
  7. Swimming Pool Noodles

    Also see them often at the Sportsworld stores at KSK, Promenada, and Festival
  8. fire sale at rimping condo???

    As Winnie alluded to earlier we have to compare apples with apples (when comparing price of land in Nakhon Bumphuk to a condo in Rimping). Not all condos will have a farang premium, and where there is one it will not be a uniform 30 percent. There are some condos in Chiang Mai that are bought out, highly desirable farang wise, and do not come on the market often, and when they do are sold quickly at a premium. These I would include Twin Peaks, Peaks Garden, Flora, Embassy House, Skybreeze, and even Rimping etc. Places with good location, good management, fully sold out, and at the top of the Faranq quota. There are other places where you can see quite easily from DDproperty and other Thai sites that the prices are uniform for Thai and Farang (where the Farang quota is not borderline and there is more supply than demand). The cassic example for me here would be Riverside, and perhaps Galare Tong, Suphanich amongst the established places I do know of one Farang/Thai couple that bought into Skybreeze in the Thai spouse name just to get in that building when it was teh only option available, and they both feel that they got a bargain as it was priced in the Thai quota, where the attraction for older buildings amongst affluent Thais for condos, in Chiang Mai is perhaps not the highest. The you have some of the spruiked Farang orientated refurbs like PP and SR where there is a premium for the refit to Farang tastes rater than as a function of Farang quota.. Newer places are generally Thai/Farang equitable to start off with, and then it becomes a function of Farang demand or Thai oversubscription before you see significant variations in pricing. Personally I like all of the condos named above to varying degrees close to the order mentioned (with the exeption of Riverside which does nothing for me size. amenities, location, management wise and SR/PP).
  9. Update on CM nightlife...

    I quite like Golf, buy only became really familiar when i moved to CM. I developed similar interests in Beer, Cake, Apple, Cream, Jam, Milk, and Cartoon. Plenty of fun in CM for sure, but consistently regular and vibrant nightlife for younger (or even older) tourists is limited in venues and closing and holiday closures.
  10. fire sale at rimping condo???

    Is this the place you are talking about? http://perfecthomes.co.th/property/condo-sale-rimping-condominium/ Has been on the market at that price for a while. There is a large variety in the units at Rimping. Some have been extensively renovated. some not so much worn as not updated, still the original built in furniture, bathroom tiling, air con units. I do like that Rimping is one of the few condos that has really large sized and funtional blaconies. There is another larger "renovated" unit on sale for close to 79.5k baht per sqaure metre. Not sure as a fire sale as I thought was always on offer at that price. Having said that I do not know what it was actually sold for., Even at the asking price it was a bargain to me, and would certainly increase in value with a good renovation/modernizing. Cannot beat the location and views. Always diffilcult here confirming what price was advertised is what price was offered is what price was sold at.
  11. Update on CM nightlife...

    As a side there has been some significant work been done on StarSux over the last few weeks and still going on in the day time. Lots of construction type stuff, and the front of the whole building looks completely different now.. Perhaps it might be moving up from last place where it has languished for a decade or more. Bit of a worry bods running round in bars/clubs/restaurants/ toilets with cameras though filming bar girls, punters, and diners?.....but no shot of author.......it aint gonna stop I suppopse.
  12. Never been to Canada.....
  13. Me? Why the Buddhist temples, the food and the culture of course
  14. I would think you would have to go back to October 2011 for the really numerically significant increase in vehicles and the Thai government rebate that was put in for new cars. Every man and his (soi) dog went out and got a car and the 5 year rebates started to be redeemed just last year. After the scheme was closed just after a year of operation there was a collapse in new car purchases that still has not caught up. It has also been the main contributor to the increased consumer debt in Thailand...money to borrow cars. Think Bill Clinton's everyone must have a house regardless of ability pay but on a more mobile basis. Not unknown for people to have 1 million baht plus vehicles living in shanty housing with no running water or lecky. Cash for clunkers without even a clunker ....
  15. They are going to need a much bigger immigration office and more staff.....