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  1. Except the Goddard Institute used to be headed by Hansen, who invented Global Warming when he discovered Venus was the same size of Earth (albeit with CO2 thousands and times more concentrated and an atmospheric pressure ninety times that of Earth but these are mere details). He handed the job over to his spiritual love child Schmidt who ran a climate hysteria web site that was predicting the end of the world on a weekly almost daily basis. Yeah right, totally impartial.
  2. nglodnig

    Watching Netflix on old TV

    Hmm I got one of those and while youtube videos are fine (short duration ones) whenever I watch Netflix the chromecast jobbie often drops out (reboots) every 10-15 minutes - really annoying.
  3. After they blackmailed my wife for 10000 baht flying CNX BKK DUB for excess ALREADY CHECKED-IN baggage I would rather fly Aeroflot
  4. nglodnig

    Sunday lunch Chiangmai

    Papa Rock just of the 108/121 intersection used to be good - it has moved to Kad Farang Hang Dong and I haven't tried it there (yet) but I assume the roast is still OK - good roasties and yorkshire pud