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  1. Does anyone know of a car salvage yard in Chiang Rai? I want to find some second hand 12 or 13 inch car wheels here in Chiang Rai. Any make or brand will be ok. Thank You...
  2. Hi, Is it possible to make a straight/clean cut on a piece of 1mm thick sheet metal with a pair of good quality hand snippers? If so, who sells good quality hand snippers in Chiang Rai? Thank you very much...
  3. westbounder

    Having some 1 mm metal bent

    Hi, I need 10 pieces of 1mm thick metal (each 70 cm long), and I need each one bent with a 90 degree angle. The metal I need is only 20 cm wide. Does anyone know of a shop in C Rai where they can bend it on a 90? Thank You
  4. Hi, Is there a shop in Chiang Rai that can repair a small 160 amp welder when it quits working?
  5. westbounder

    BIG Tesco Lotus in Chiang Rai

    Does anyone know why do we not have a Big Tesco Lotus here? Thank You
  6. Has anyone bought or made any MMS Solution for health problems? I need to make or purchase some MMS. I was just curious if available here in Thailand. Thank You
  7. westbounder

    Concrete Floor Paint

    Hi, Just curious if they sell a good quality durable floor paint here in Thailand. A gray color preferred. Thank You
  8. Hi, My 3 year old male cat acts like he is depressed and sleeps constantly, doesn't play anymore and his one eye has a slight drainage. He is eating everyday but is just not acting normal. He has been like this for about a week now. My question is can the cat get over this on his own and possibly be from the change of season? Thank You Kindly...
  9. Hi, I am planning on making a driveway from paver blocks with several holes in them. they are made for making a block and grass driveway. Does anyone have experience here in Thailand on this and could possibly give me some advice on how to lay these pavers as pictured below? I have a basic idea on how to do it but not 100% sure and don't want to do it incorrectly. Thank You
  10. Hi, I'm putting in two 2,000 liter water tanks (side by side with a filter between them). Does anyone have any ideas on how to build a strong enough base for this? Thank You
  11. westbounder

    Gym in town?

    I will say also that Piman near the old Airport is a nice facility.
  12. westbounder

    Kassa Chinese Toilets

    My English friend recommends Chinese toilets as they look sound and are much less expensive. Compared to American Standard they look nicer and toilets seem to be pretty basic anyway. The Thai Watsadu store here is selling a lot of them Any advice? Thank You.
  13. Hi, I need to send a fax to America but I do not know the correct sequence of numbers to dial. I have already tried twice but they never received it in America. After I inserted the Code for calling out of Thailand I then put in the #1 for calling America, then followed by the fax number (3 digit area code and the 7 digit number). Can anyone see what I am doing wrong and help me with this? Thank You
  14. westbounder

    Bangkok Bank at BIG C

    Is The Bangkok Bank at BIG C open on Sundays? Thank You
  15. Just Curious if anyone has seen this same exact tile for sale anywhere here in Chiang Mai? It is out of Stock at Home Sukipan and it is no longer being manufactured. I am in need of this exact 40 by 40 tile. Thank You kindly