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  1. I have in both my inner and outer kitchen. Bought it here in Donsila. The shop is on the left side of the road if you come from Chiang Kong. (route to Paya Mengrai/Wiengchai) 900 Thb per sqr. mtr but in black it is more expensive, arround 2.000 p.m. So althogether not that expensive. You find also various shops on the highway in CR
  2. Aquaponics.

    I live in Chiangrai, but I thought there may be online shops here in Thailand
  3. Aquaponics.

    Anyone can help me with some addresses where to buy the props to start aquatonics?
  4. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    Speaking 4 languages is normal to me. Being an "old school" Dutch we were teached Dutch, English, French and German the hard way. So even after almost 50 years I can speak these languages reasonably. I also learned Spanish because a friend of mine was a very good teacher and Bulgarian because one of my wifes was Bulgarian. (Yes I had a pretty good life). Not learning Thai, although I really tried has to do with two things. First, if you speak almost perfect Thai to a Thai, most of the time they don't (won't) understand you. Second, the problem is reading Thai. I mean reading Bulgarian (same as Russian) is far less hard than the Thai alphabet. I tried one course, advertised here on TV. They start with the Thai alphabet. The only thing Thai say is: Hoho, that is not how we learned our language. I stick with my reasonable 5 and excellent 1. But to think: I am proud of that? No way. For the "old school" Dutch it is normal to Know 4 languages.
  5. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    Well you just did
  6. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    I think that Walen has a very big problem if all the 'students' were attending classroom. A very big part of them are just their customer because of the visa. I am not telling something new, this has been written already a few times.
  7. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    Brian, post nr 34, 36 and 42. I can see them
  8. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    I can second that. For instance to write that Your visa is the best in Thailand... are there less good visa?
  9. Walen School - Chiang Rai

    Why all this fuzz about a school? As far as I know people on this forum already speak Thai or don't want to learn it.
  10. I have an Ibex (disco 10 firmware)
  11. Anyone knows a good one for android tablet? Sygic does not work on mine.
  12. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Where is the Teak house? I cannot find it on the map
  13. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Well today someeone wrote they are fantastic so... if you Or somebody else cross the border in next future, please bring one for me.
  14. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Scea, next time you cross the border can you buy one for me? I am really too chicken to cross the border
  15. Good Restaurants in Chiang Rai.

    Yes Don, This whole thread is one big commercial promotion. All the contributers in this thread had meals for free for the whole family as well as the drinks. Please realize there are more restaurants with beautiful dishes! At least we can choose from the recommended ones.