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  1. Why should I? You take it up with em'. I'm just commenting on the matter!
  2. I did not mention the establishment, remoaners nor Soros. I've never had such a hat and if I did have one I would not be seen dead wearing it. May's deliberately been dragging her feet and there is no way it should have taken her two and a half years only to get where we are now. Thats more than half of the time it took Europe the fight The Great War. Don't get all exited that's just a comparison I'm not going to bring WW1 into into the topic.
  3. Being stabbed in the back is what one must expect when a committed Remainer is entrusted with brokering the terms of a deal to have Britain escape the dictatorial tyranny of the EU. The vast majority of Tory MPs are Globalists and Remainers and it's all those betrayers of the nation and the electorate we should blame for what's happening. You've only got to see how May simpers and grins and gets all touchy feely in the company of Barnier and Juncker and Co when she meets them. "Don't worry chaps, I know what I'm doing. Britain's going nowhere" she's telling them. May is a ‘globalist’ and always has been. That’s why she supported the Remainers and voted against Brexit and leaving the EU. And that's why the Tory party selected her to conduct the fiasco we're current witnessing.
  4. They're just worried about the exchange rate that's why! Other than that they couldn't care less about our staying in or leaving the EU. Two of my ex pat pals who live in Pattaya know little about what's becoming of the UK and care even less but all they're bothered about is the GBP going down to 35 baht etc and they readily admit it. But they take it as one of the pitfalls of abroad and don't bleat about it on a daily basis. Another one had a magnificent pension but has seen that go down by 18,000 baht a month since June '16. He just shrugs and has much the same attitude as the other two.
  5. I live in London and we would certainly noticed an influx of nearly three quarters of a million people especially if they'd been 'marching'. We certainly knew it when the 'Don't Attack Iraq' demo took place although it went off peaceably. We also noticed it when Whitehall was blocked off by demonstrators for most of the day from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square on the 14th July 2018 over another issue. which also went off peaceably.
  6. I'm replying to 'em. It's what happens on an internet forum. If someone considers certain posts are off topic or uninteresting it's their choice whether or not to read them read them. Some peoples' lives revolve around these matters mine usually doesn't but I'm going to stand up for what my beliefs are when I consider it necessary. I'll call it a day when I think we've spent enough time going round in circles. We all get dizzy eventually.
  7. Why don't you write a couple of paragraphs informing me of where I've gone wrong and why. You just read the post and tell me about the mistakes I've made and how I've displayed ignorance. it will take you five minutes. I'll be truthful with you I'm unlikely to read any books you may 'direct' me to. I've probably read 'em anyway. If I advised you to go and read a certain book on a subject you'd probably tell me to get stuffed. These forums don't work like that.
  8. Indeed you could be; which is why I said "Unless you are in your 80s...…" Thats really none of your business and nothing do with the topic being discussed. I could be in my 60s or I could be 100. It's totally irrelevant and nothing to do with you so have some manners. If you are, then your ignorance of 20th century British history and the events leading up to and during the Second World War is completely baffling. That's just another claim on your part that's totally bereft of evidence. What have I said that's baffling or ignorant. I've made enough posts you must be able to put your finger on something somewhere.
  9. She was born in 1903. 116 years ago. You don't know how old she was when I was born and you don't know how old I am. I could well be in my late 80s for all you know.
  10. Our getting involved with European affairs covers our getting involved in WW2 just as much as getting involved with the EU. They're linked and our involvement in the war could have been avoided if we had adopted a more sensible strategy. WW2 cost us an arm and a leg and our involvement with the EU is doing the same albeit on a smaller scale. The EU was a direct consequence of WW2 whether you consider it to be so or not. That's just your opinion.
  11. If something is drivel it's untrue or in this case historically inaccurate. What have i written that is untrue or historically inaccurate. And what have wheel barrows got to do with it. You still have not explained that piece of nonsense. It's no more relevant to the topic than is Tommy Islam whoever he is or tin foil hats!
  12. The topic is about our involvement in Europe so how is my post off topic and why is it 'drivel' if the EU was formed to prevent another European War. If you claim something is drivel you must say why or it's no more than an unsubstantiated assertion. What on earth do wheelbarrows have to do with the EU, now that is off topic.
  13. I've never said that we would have won on our own. I said that we should have kept out of it and by keeping ourselves armed to the teeth with a modern air force and what was the biggest navy in the world we would have had little fear of an invasion from anyone especially Germany. If Germany had declared war on us it would have been a different matter. Hitler had no beef with us he'd said so. His ambitions lay in the East. And lots of ordinary Britons opposed our getting involved in WW2. None of my family wanted another turn out with the Germans they'd seen enough in '14 - '18. They had no interest in what historians had to say. they were more concerned about what people whether they were prominent or not had to say who were around at the time and lots of them were terrified of another war. The politicans and arms people weren't though. My mother had seen the Zeppelins over London and the great fear was aerial bombing. But the men had to go or be put in jail. Chamberlain and his govt declared war but none of his politician pals had to go out and get killed in it. Few people even knew where Poland was and cared less. Poles are now flocking into the UK nicking our jobs, Germans aren't. What was the point of getting involved. We'd lost a good part of a generation of young men in the Great War, nearly a million lives wasted. Those who were made to risk their lives were not so keen on the idea as you would probably have been.
  14. After the battle of Britain in 1940 any supposed threat of invasion of the UK was thwarted.. Hitler attacked Russia in mid '41, the US joined in after Dec 41 and Singapore fell in Feb 42. And that was only when the US and the USSR joined in the war. Until then we stood alone but we had the RAF and the RN which Hitler had no answer to. The Graf Spee and the Bismark were sunk as soon as they took to sea and we had won the Battle of Britain. You can't argue the point so come out with nonsense about tin foil hats and unicorns. And to think Remainers call the Brexiteers uneducated. Please show us some evidence of the education you people constantly brag about having had and tell me how the Germans would have 'got round to us'. If you can't just say so, there's no shame in that.
  15. It's completely on topic. WW2 is the event that led to the formation of the EU that we are in the process of leaving.