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  1. I am from America and I am NOT considered a racist by anyone who is leftist; progressive; conservative; Republican or Democrat- simply because I don't use labels. I have my beliefs and if we are in a discussion, I will make an intelligent defense of my point of view and I expect you to do the same. At the end, we may still disagree but there is always a way to agree to disagree without any rancour or name calling. It's called a debate-
  2. The word has been used in the past as a pejorative towards black people especially during the days of slavery and for a white person to use it at any time shows a lack of decorum and also a lack of understanding why black people do not like it. I have heard whites use it in the presence of black friends thinking it is 'cool'. Nothing was said by anyone but I could tell not everyone was laughing. When black people use the word- they use it as a mocking of the racial overtones that it has as its history and sometimes as a term of endearment. Does anyone really think the oppressor has the right to tell the oppressed how to use this word? It's simple- if you are white don't ever use it. It makes life so much simpler and why would you want to use a word that may be viewed as improper.
  3. I have had many African American co-workers and friends and they have at times used the N word- I have never used it and never will even if they don't mind. When used by a white person- the word brings a different meaning than when used by a person of color. Growing up in an Italian family- some kids used to call us dago's which was a pejorative. My father used it as a joke to take the sting out of the word but never tolerated a non Italian using it because it then had a vile meaning. I, also have heard Thai's using pejoratives towards Westerners and other nationalities and it makes me feel uncomfortable but since they know I understand they clarify the comments and make sure I know they are not directed at me. Thais will accept a foreigner who respects the customs and culture but even after 5 decades of immersion I can never become Thai or be accepted as Thai. I have never experienced any type of bigotry or prejudice directed to me personally. I have however experienced it from Westerners of other nationalities and religions.
  4. From what I understand the tax is applied at the retail level instead of the wholesale level and the percentages being discussed are the maximum over a 20 year period meaning a phasein up to maximum allowed by law. I would think that if the tax is removed from the wholesale price and tacked on the retail end- wholesale would go down while retail would go up but I doubt it could be extreme as it would force many people to stop purchasing as well as going to bars/clubs driving away locals and tourists. In addition, if the price hike was too steep there would be wide scale smuggling and home distilleries and brewing. It might be nice if the powers in charge would provide an explanation. If I had a business that depended on alcohol sales- I would need to know pretty darn quick so I could adjust my budget.
  5. There are a lot of people who do not know the difference between conservatives and liberals; racists and neo nazis as well as those prejudiced and simply stereotyping. I have never met a Nazi sympathizer who would endorse what happened during their reign. I have met people who do not like certain races; certain cultures; certain religions; certain skin colors ; certain nationalities. Are they racist or bigoted? Possibly. Will they act directly towards anyone. Most likely never. Most people who are bigoted or even racist don't know anything about the person they direct their rancour to or have even met anyone like that person. They are just ignorant. The solution is simple- if one doesn't like the message do not associate with the person. However, as long as they do not act out against anyone- they are entitled to an opinion. I don't see Brexit or the election of Trump as examples of racists supporting either of these. There are certainly some who are but not the majority. There is a much deeper undercurrent in both the UK and the US and it has to do with income inequality which effects all colors of people. The politicians like to use race; stereotypes and any other kind of negative to gain votes and power and never helping any of the masses. One day the populations will wake up and instead of being separated by prejudices- they will join together and get rid of people who would divide rather than unite.
  6. They are redoing the excise tax on everything and alcohol is one area where it will go up at the retail level but no one seems to know exactly how much. The Government is supposed to announce the rates in August. It seems to be a national secret at the moment.
  7. I don't really believe expats in Thailand are any more Racist then they would be anywhere else including their own countries. I do believe they may be more vociferous about certain things and peoples but mostly it is because of stereotyping. Being American, I believe we are being stereotyped as loud and somewhat arrogant. Since I am a senior citizen- I must be feeble; opinionated and refusing to change; and also not technologically savvy. Other nationalities have their own stereotypes I am neither arrogant or loud or set in my ways nor am I feeble or feel old., and try to avoid being like the stereotype. I could name all the stereotypes for others but that only reinforces it. Some people don't like others because of their race; their religion; their nationality; and a myriad other reasons. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when a person acts on their dislike and prejudices and excludes people based on these prejudices in such things as public accommodation -then that is different than just having a differing opinion. That is outright racism and discrimination and is against the law in most countries. I do enjoy talking with expats of different nationalities and races. Most of the time the conversations is pleasant and revealing. Sometimes, people have opinions or thoughts that I consider wrong or offensive. If I can't change the subject- I drink up and move on.
  8. Unfortunately, the Consular officer believes that the purpose of the visit will end in marriage and not a return to Thailand. There is plenty of information in the internet on reasons for denial- in fact- I believe they must quote the section of the law that was used to deny the Visa. You might want to consider applying for the K Visa (fiancee) if that is your ultimate goal or simply re-apply for a tourist Visa with strong paperwork indicating you have no intention of marrying while in the US and making sure in the interview that point is made clear .
  9. Tillerson is a real manager and while I don't like his politics- he at least speaks with decorum and insight as well as having an understanding of foreign leaders and their policies. he is working for the ultra megalomaniac in Donald Trump who must be assuaged by every decision so Trump can look like a 'winner'. Trump is a disaster and a loser - knows nothing about foreign policy and is surrounded by alt right minions who want to isolate America with border walls; tariffs and an ultra conservative America First policy which will eventually cost America its allies and jobs and get America into a real war with either Iran or North Korea.
  10. The bill does not have full Republican support because some Senators know it is flawed; it will throw millions off the insurance rolls and what is in the bill itself is not popular amongst the American public. As flawed as Obamacare is there are many portions that are popular and have brought millions into the system. If the Republicans really cared about people they would work with the Democrats to put together a real universal healthcare bill which is single payer and paid for by the Government and Medicare taxes. Americans who work are already paying for healthcare. This type of healthcare gets rid of insurance companies and forces the prices down of life saving medicines. The reason it won't happen is that Trump and the Repubs are beholden to greedy insurance companies and Big Pharma. Instead- a flawed bill will be passed that throws millions into the uninsured rolls; health costs continue to rise and the politicians; insurance and pharmaceutical companies stay fat and happy while Americans continue to die . However, there will always be billions of dollars for increased defense budgets and $10 Billion aircraft carriers. Good Lord- this is not the America I grew up in or that my father fought a war to save.
  11. Unfortunately, it is Donald Trump's complete lack of proper decorum and his constant lying and manipulation of the truth that is causing fear everywhere. How about decreasing the defense budget and providing the savings to fund healthcare and prescription drugs.
  12. The corruption in the West is much worse than Thailand and the lack of any morality in the West is apparent. Thais will eventually take care of those things they feel are important. This is about foreigners- especially Westerners coming here and behaving badly. It's almost daily that this happens and the Thais are sick of it and well they should be. It is their country .
  13. Can be sunk easily by placing explosives strategically on the ship- Google- USNS Card- Aircraft Carrier sunk in Saigon Harbor, Vietnam- May 1964 by 2 Viet Cong sappers- went to the bottom of the sea This ship is a complete waste of money- and an example of everything wrong in America. It is a sin to spend this kind of money when Americans have no universal healthcare and are dying from a lack of Government support.
  14. I appreciate your perspective. Thais may show some skin on social media because they think it is private but in public there is no way they would do that. Little do they understand that social media is the worst place to show their true colors. Anyone can see it and often times there is a negative reaction. Western embassies view such media as Facebook and make Visa decisions based upon what is shown. I do not bring my Western ideas to Thailand and I actually believe Thailand is in grave danger if they accept Western mores and customs as opposed to traditional values. The West has become uncivilized as far as everyday living. Why do you think we all came here?
  15. I am quite serious about my post- Thais do not have sex in public nor do they kiss in public and seldom even hold hands in public. There is an outward conservatism as evidenced constantly in news reports. This is not a question of morality but of customs and culture. I have never seen a Thai person -other than bar girls- show much skin in public and I have been here many decades. I have travelled the whole country big cities to small villages and it is the same- no bare breasted women; sex behind closed doors; and a generally conservative attitude towards dress. If Westerners want to have sex on the beach and display public nudity- do it in your own country. As an American- I wouldn't want to see it in my own country and most Americans are the same. In fact, in the US a person would be arrested and charged with indecent exposure and in some states placed on a sex registry list.