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  1. we have created a generation of zombies

    I'm certainly not against smart phones or technology. When I was working auto claims- I could get a customer to take a pic of their damage- send it via their smart phone to me- get the damage estimated in an hour and have a payment direct deposited into their bank account the next day. In addition- you can now take a pic of a check -send the pic via smart phone to your bank account and have it cleared within a day. The practical uses are fine- it's the constant usage and the mind set I must be in touch with someone 24/7 that I do not care for whether for work or pleasure. However, i draw the line at cars that drive themselves- they want to take away all things that I like to do myself. I was down at first on lifelike robo partners until I found out they can be programmed to keep quiet. If only something like that was available on my ex wives I would have probably saved a lot of money.
  2. we have created a generation of zombies

    Sorry Amvet- I don't want to be communicated with on a minute to minute basis . It may improve productivity in your occupation but when i was working it caused a complete decline in any productivity. People were constantly checking personal messages and sending messages to friends and family and thus their use at work stations was banned.
  3. we have created a generation of zombies

    When I was working for a large insurance company in America- Top management barred smart phones at work stations because work wasn't being done- people were sending text messages and checking email instead of dealing with customers. Thee are just too many people who are addicted to these phones and can't seem to live without them. Some people were actually fired after several warnings.
  4. we have created a generation of zombies

    It doesn't matter what generation you are from- if you are working while in a taxi-walking on the street or sitting in a park- I feel sorry for you- life is way too short to tie up every bit of your hours glued to a device of some type. You may not realize it but at some point you will be of an age when you start to question what value you time is because time becomes shorter and other things become more important. If I want to keep up with friends and family- I call them- I refuse to become a member of the impersonal generation. Up to you - but I don't need it.
  5. we have created a generation of zombies

    The reason people are constantly looking at a phone is they have lost the art of conversation or they simply do not understand how to communicate and live and exist in today's World. Most people are afraid to give a verbal opinion to another person lest an argument ensues. Instead- they hide behind social media and the phone. In addition, I find it rude if I am in conversation with someone, including my own family, and they are constantly looking at a phone. Most of the time people are looking at text messages or email- non of which are more important than the person you are speaking with. To me- a phone is to call someone or they call you. While I respect your use of a phone as you see fit- I really don't need a 'smart' phone. I conduct any serious business in person so I can see and feel the interaction with the other person. I do all my research on my computer which is much more effective that using the internet on a phone. Technology is a 2 edge sword- I will never let it control me or need it so much I give up my humanity. They say robots will replace most workers and driverless cars will be the only things available at some future time. At some point if you want a mate- simply order artificial intelligence and program it. Just because technology can do something doesn't mean you have to employ it. Many people actually work because they like it and people drive cars because they like it. I suspect those in power will welcome this type of technology simply because they can make big money from it. Frankly, I would rather have affordable healthcare and life saving medicines before any investment in technology that is being proposed. If that makes me old fashioned- so be it.
  6. This is exactly what is wrong with Healthcare in America. the fact that a pharma company can develop a medicine that can affect the life of a person for the better and then make it so expensive that no one can afford it . the solution is for the US Government to take over this type of research and development and provide life saving and life changing medicines free. Healthcare is a human right and no one should ever be denied healthcare.
  7. There are plenty of words that people of color can't or should not use and that is any word that is considered offensive to other people. My family came from Italy- we don't like to be called 'Wops' or 'Dagos' and no black person I have met has ever used the term. I would imagine that Jewish people feel the same regarding certain terms directed at them as well as other nationalities or people of color. If a term offends someone else- why use it?
  8. I also grew up around black people and while I hear the N word amongst African Americans, I would never, ever use it. As a white person it just does not go over to most black people as something other than a racial epithet, Used by a white person, it simply reminds a person of color of the origin of the word as a pejorative. Black people use it to make fun of it and take the sting out of the meaning but it has way too much history behind it for a white person to use it- even in jest. Why use any type of language that may be offensive to someone else. And that is exactly what Donald rump does not understand. He continues to offend people becuase he refuses to understand hat other people have feelings.
  9. Good grief- now we have a poster who claims Social Security is Socialist and people like myself who are getting it are freeloaders and didn't work for it. I got news for you- I worked for 50 years and had 7.65% of my salary deducted to pay for Social SEcurity and Medicare just as every other working American did. I and everyone else getting Social Security earned it. Yes, if a person becomes disabled before they reach retirement age- they do get disability payments. Would you deny the disabled the ability to live and eat? As far as Healthcare- it is a human right- every industrialized country in the World provides it to all their citizens -except one- The USA. It is no wonder that Trump has the support of the ignorant; the selfish; racists; misogynists; and on and on. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion- sometimes I am truly shocked at how out of touch some people are to reality.
  10. Just read through the list tha poster 2005- put into the record-well done-I remember most of Trump's quotes and in my mind he is not only racist; but a bigot and prejudiced. He actually seems himself as a superior person because of his wealth and looks down on everyone else who is a person of color; poor; disabled; gay; and on and on. Trump actually believes he is not a racist and he believes he is the most non racist person ever yet his own words and actions show just the opposite. He was able to get away with most of this behavior when he was simply a rich real estate developer in New York. However, he is now the President of the US and every word a President says has meaning. What is most disturbing is that he appeals to a fringe element in the US who also believes he is one of them and his actions and rhetoric gives others who are indeed overtly racist and bigoted a license to come forward and act out against people of color or others simply because Donald Trump does the same thing. When he has an opportunity to actually separate himself from this fringe element- he does the opposite and refuses to condemn them. This is truly a sad chapter in American history. While Trump's policies both domestically and internationally are bad enough; his intolerance and racist rhetoric is unbearable. His mantra of make America great again is now being viewed by the World as make America White Again.
  11. If you own a piece of land in Issan and you look around and there is potential traffic to a store- simply copy the 7-11 concept and call your store something else such as 'Somchai Express'. However, if successful- expect competition from a 7-11 or Lotus. They would then try and capture all your customers- however, if you have their concept already- you will have made your money by that time- One thing to be learned when picking a spot for a restaurant or convenience store- imagine what the site will look like in 10, 20, 30 years.
  12. Google 7-11 in Thailand and a wealth of info becomes available some from Thai Visa archives. It appears the key to profitability is funding the stat up and the location and if you are the land owner then you are in the driver's seat. For most people- unless you already own the land- a land purchase in Bangkok would make it very costly to even think of a return on investment. One thing that I read -really caught my attention- if the location you are thinking about is so good and there is no competition why not open your own place- call it whatever you want to and reap all the profits. Of course, at some point, along will come 7-11 or Lotus Express or Mini C and then you will have competition unless all the nearby land is already occupied by other business.
  13. Had a missle actually been launched the North American Defense Command in the Northern US would have immediately known about it and calculated the missle direction; point of landing and time interval. At that point- the protocols for notification would be initiated up to and including POTUS. In this case- Trump received no immediate notification because there waas no inbound missile. He was probably briefed after the fact. There was never any danger of POTUS ordering a retaliatory strike. There is always a danger of a false notification or the reverse but there are other places that track missiles and aircraft and absolute failsafe notification is made prior to any retaliatory strike. Not one person or one location is responsible. In this case- the alert system in Hawaii itself was activated in error- no one outside of Hawaii got any messages. However, an investigation will be conducted and an after action plan implemented to make sure this never happens again. ' The very serious conclusion is that a nuclear attack on the US or anywhere else in the World will cause mass casualties and start an ecological argemmendon. The only solution is to make sure nuclear weapons are never used-
  14. Absolute nonsense- the majority of people in America on welfare are white anglo saxon Americans. No one comes to America to go on welfare. There are some people who enter as refugees or displaced persons that are assisted mostly by church and affiliated private groups. The US Government vetts potential Immigrants for security and financials . Most of the Immigrants coming in now have quite a bit of savings and can take care of themselves. Donald Trump is a racist and a bigot and those who support Trump are abetting his policies. Do you really want a President who is so reviled by the rest of Americans and the World? Trump doesn't even have a mandate to govern. He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. It's going to be hard to remove him but if the 2018 elections change the House and Senate to a Democratic majority and the Mueller investigation shows Trump lied about the Russians, there is a good chance Trump will either be impeached and convicted or resign.
  15. Africa calls Trump racist after 'shithole' remark

    I've been to many places in the World including many in the United States that are less than desirable but they are someone else's home, especially if they do not have the means to relocate. A couple of people drinking in a bar may have referred to these places in a derogatory fashion, even using the same words Trump used However, when a person uttering such words is in a meeting that is attended by many other high ranking officials and is the President of the US- his words have added meaning and potentially represent the country as a whole . In addition, Trump's words have a racist and bigoted edge since his next statement after calling Africa a shithole- were that Norwegians were welcome. This isn't just being politically incorrect-this is an inside look into how Trump thinks. He views people of color as inferior; poor and simply wanting to come to America to live off the Government. His statements throughout the election campaign and since being elected president have been consistent- consistently racist. This meeting waas to draw up guidelines for an Immigration bill- and it appears many in the room wanted to make sure Africa and Central America were included . Trump's ignorant and prejudiced rhetoric continue to make America look as a country that is not inclusive but divisive at a time when America really needs friends and allies. Africa as a whole has a burgeoning economy and hosts over 6,000 American troops, which should be of interest and known to a US President. The problem with Trump is he is ignorant; doesn't study issues or read any of the background needed to make decisions and doesn't care who he offends. Listening to Trump reminds me of decades ago when I was bartending- listening to half drunk patrons waxing about things they knew absolutely nothing about and cursing everything and everyone with their bigoted opinions. Trump doesn't belong in the White House- he belongs in the shit house of the bar I used to work in those many decades ago.