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  1. They did ...That is why Trump is Prez & Not Hillary
  2. “the pot calling the kettle black.”
  3. There is the real problem as usual regardless of who is president
  4. With all due respect.... You should find his post compelling as it is true & he is living in the USA so is giving you actual/factual info You have been asking for years this question & mention/quote much hearsay & articles but "that" is not factual It may be similar to all the move to Thailand where you can live for $500 articles (albeit in reverse cost wise) Yet folks who actually live in Thailand laugh at as those articles are so far from reality Well this is similar because, 1- You are not an average American so many things you quote will not apply to you ( If you were then you would have a lifetime of US income,401K etc & probably not be worried) 2- If you are under the poverty line (something like $13,800 per year) There are as Kim1950 pointed out many options for free medical care 3- Counter to what you may have heard folks are not left without care/meds etc in the USA Having a crazy relative does not have to apply to you You have asked here for years asked about it & it will never resolve or be an answer for you Same as a person asking for years about moving to Thailand It is something that needs feet on the ground..Deals you will never see posted in articles you quote exist. If I were to believe any of these articles well I could never live where I live because it would be well beyond my range...Yet here I am So it comes down to doing...You need to decide & do it or not If you really want it you will find a way to resolve it in USA If instead deep down you think you prefer Thailand then it is fine to accept it fully Good Luck
  5. The weirdest thing about this thread are all the vile short timers. These guys came like roaches out of nowhere too ashamed to login under their usual TVF accounts to blast this guy/vlogger I could care less about all of it but find it pretty amazing that these newbies have such a hard-on for this guy 1770 posts mostly from these roaches ...vloggers themselves perhaps? But about what?? This is LOS right? Land Of Scams...We read it a million times over the years Sweet little girls with fake boobs who scam...old folks who scam, monks who scam, cops who scam, politicians who scam Some of those sweet girls get millions & millions of baht, new houses,cars, buffalo repairs etc etc etc Yet here is some guy/vlogger running a scam who knows..The roaches claim it..... but from what I read he asks folk to donate for xyz causes Nobody twists their arms...steals their atm cards...uses sex to twist their minds.... I watched 2 of his deals & he seems pretty soft sell actually for a master scammer as described in these posts You roaches think we are such fearful hopeless little kids here that we need you roaches to tell us 1770 times how this man is gonna tear us a new hole in our wallet? Perhaps you roaches think we are all as stupid as you are? Perhaps you have been so abused in LOS you see a cause to champion here? In any case carry on as I guess it is all you have...Like that weirdo stalker (snake hunter guy?) with all his you tubes Man what a waste of oxygen on you roaches
  6. I am glad to hear that & to tell the truth it has been years since I looked closely/followed . So is it above water now? Enough buyers per month that the FED need not buy any of their own paper/debt? Would be interesting to know how many years will it take to catch up for the years the FED was buying what 80 billion a month+?
  7. Not really right? Because the US ran out of (sufficient) buyers long ago Wasn't a lot of the debt bought by the Fed Reserve themselves? "Monetizing Debt" During QE/Bailouts etc etc The whole thing boggles the mind as if they are buying their own dent with another IOU Is it any wonder that all Fiat Currencies eventually fail? This one due to Central Banks may take longer but eventually will also implode (my guess & hopefully after my time)
  8. We surely are not rich but had planned from early on. Also building our own home in USA is a fraction of what folks pay to buy. Like I said in previous post keeping a home does not have to cost & instead can be a source of income,
  9. Actually the subject of thread is "Pros and Cons of Living in Thailand vs. the USA for older Americans" In Thailand of course there are a few ways for folks to own land but I am not interested in Thailand's Land The house we own is in my wife's name as it should be as it is basically on family land given to her & I would want it to stay that way. The condo we owned & sold was in both our names & yes you can own condo's in Thailand if it makes up the 49% foreign ownership of condo quota As previously mentioned as an investment & basically a way to live free it worked out fine for us. YMMV As to why keep a house in the USA if not living there 1- It can be the best investment of your life if in a great area & paid off as it is building equity nicely 2- It can be rented out as we did with ours while living years in Thailand for years. That rent was more than enough money to live in Thailand + home continued to build equity back in the USA 3- we came back to USA after years in Thailand easily by giving tenants 3 months notice. Easy to say you will live out your years in Thailand but future has a way of changing Nothing wrong with "secured" investments & paying rent as you do I'm sure. We just went this way as it worked for us.
  10. To each their own & you make your choices for what works for you... In our case it works great for us. We bought a Condo in Chiang Mai in 1997 Sold it in 2016 for 2.5 times the price we paid. Plus we had use of it for 19 years so no rent paid. Did you pay anything for rent in last 20 years? We also still own a house in Thailand up north in the country but will not sell that as it is near family. Same with our home here in US no problem as I built it years ago myself & since it is paid off we also never pay rent here as it builds equity...Which here is about 4x what it cost me to build already. As for floods or fire ...well I imagine that is what insurance is for...But we live on a mountain so no floods. But do what you need to do & enjoy
  11. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Problem is Thailand has so few patriots & so many tyrants....tree might die
  12. Very true this & something I have always said. By 60 you should be paid off housing wise no matter what country you live in. It is a BIG economical advantage if all you have are basic expenses with housing paid off. But for folks that are not paid in off in the USA I cannot imagine how they will do it once retired on SS etc. I guess they can also look at reverse mortgages or selling & taking their equity elsewhere In that situation I imagine it is very much easier to afford a condo that you can buy outright in Thailand for under 1million Baht/ $31,000 But then again your rights with future management etc/ owners fees / maintenance fees/ etc can be iffy at times unless your condo has good management/owners committee Then again everything goes in cycles. While the US is pricey now there are still deals to be had. On the other hand Thailand is a buyers market right now as it approaches what looks like what the US went thru in 2007-2010
  13. Can't Reach US Social Security Site

    My guess is SS is offline when closed for security reasons. Long ago I was a systems admin at a large Unix mainframe & we also had to go offline when closed due to sensitive data. Hackers who would try to get into sites such as these will always attempt during closed hours to give them time to hammer I had one worker who was previously employed by large pharmaceutical company in France He told me as that companies meds research was worth billions they would only open a secured connection with sister sites for just a few minutes a day for high speed transfers of data
  14. Yes I don't think anyone is confused as most of us have already lived in both places which is why we view the "Home Country Forum" section of Thai Visa But as this is a thread about Pro's & Cons' of living in Thailand vs USA for older Americans it is important to note this requirement by Thai Immigration of having 800k Thai Baht/$25,361 USD in a Thai Bank or show you have 65k Thai Baht/ $2060 USD income per month has to be satisfied yearly to obtain a retirement visa 1 year extension (Or roughly half these amounts if married to a Thai National) How you go about that is your choice & yes you need no income to live in Thailand but...You need to satisfy the requirements for a Retirement Visa Anyone comparing the two places will need to consider this Thai Immigration requirement for their yearly Visa Extensions