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  1. For me, the main criterion is whether or not it will fit in my pocket, and the majority of smartphones won't. The last one I bought a couple of years ago (which is my current phone) was a Samsung S5 mini dual SIM. It's big enough for most stuff, and it fits in my pocket. I can't see the point of having a 'mobile' phone that you have to carry because you can't fit it about your person. For me, the essence of mobility is something you can drop in your pocket and forget about unless you need to use it.
  2. nisakiman

    Mont Clair Red WIne

    That would normally be in the evening, and you'd stagger out of the restaurant to your vehicle (with bed inside) and crash for the night.
  3. nisakiman

    Mont Clair Red WIne

    Ah, that brings back memories. Whenever I was driving in France, I always looked for the roadside restaurants with a two acre car park. There would usually be several semis parked up already. The atmosphere was always great - hugga-mugga with the other customers on the trestle tables; large portions of good food, and an endless supply of wine. It always rather reminded me of those Viking feasts as portrayed in the movies, with everyone sitting at one or two long tables, carousing. Much talk and laughter and a haze of cigarette smoke. It was wonderful!
  4. Anyone these days who is unaware of the fact that you never, NEVER make jokes about bombs when anywhere near airports or aircraft has to be a complete moron. I don't know how many times I've read about people being arrested for making a flippant remark about bombs while waiting in the check-in line or whatever. Yes, it's an over-the-top reaction to a stupid attempt at humour, but it is what it is, and anyone who is unaware of that shouldn't be flying at all.
  5. nisakiman

    The Mother in law

    My in-laws have never intimated that they want anything from me. The MiL even quietly returned the sinsot to my wife a couple of days after the wedding. And they already have a very nice house which Pa built years ago on a piece of land he bought in central Ubon (for 25,000 Baht!). I generally give them a few thousand to cover expenses when we stay there, but that's it.
  6. nisakiman

    Shirtless Falange in Restaurants

    In a poolside scenario, as in a beach bar/restaurant, I don't think being shirtless is a faux pas anywhere. It's quite normal. However, under any other circumstances (that is, away from the immediate environs of pool or beach) it's definitely not on to go shirtless in a restaurant. If I tried it, I think my wife would divorce me! But if it's a pool / beach restaurant? Meh. So what. It's a different situation.
  7. nisakiman

    Mont Clair Red WIne

    That's because Thais don't normally drink wine unless they are HiSo, and then the price is pretty much irrelevant. I would guess that the majority of the lower end wine sales are bought by expats, who come from a wine drinking culture. I know that when I'm in Tesco or Big C (both in Bangkok and Ubon), the vast majority people I see browsing the wine racks are farang. The Thai customers tend more towards the spirits racks. That's a generalisation, of course, but wine doesn't figure large in your average Thai household.
  8. nisakiman

    Soundproofing condo hallway door

    Probably the best suggestion here. Just requires putting up a strong rail above the door. The door is probably an MDF (maybe 8mm max) faced hollow construction with that lattice cardboard stuff filling a timber frame, so no soundproofing properties at all. Soundproofing can get very expensive. Back in the eighties I had a business in London that specialised in building and refurbishing recording studios, and a major part of that work was in soundproofing and de-coupling studio and control room. The doors they used for the control room were a four-man lift, had magnetic seals all round, and would come from the manufacturer already hung in a four sided frame. I believe there were a couple of layers of lead in the multi-layered construction. I seem to remember that back then in the mid eighties they cost about £1500 each. Dunno what that would equate to today, but not cheap! No, as I said, the best suggestion is to hang a padded bed cover over the door. It will be cheap and easy, and provide quite good sound insulation.
  9. Not very reassuring if you're on the 7th floor.
  10. Rather than mindlessly attacking the car with a shovel, she would have been better off just smashing one of the side windows, releasing the handbrake and pushing it out of the way.
  11. Likewise here in Greece. My daily table wine is a local (Nemea) Merlot, 12.5% ABV, currently the 2016 vintage, which I buy in a 10 litre box. While not a 'fine wine' by any stretch of the imagination, it is very drinkable, and serves well as a table wine. It's certainly better than all the cheaper(?) end of wines in Thailand. And what do I pay for 10 litres of very nice table wine? The princely sum of 18.70 Euros, about 730 Baht.
  12. nisakiman

    Bad news for "Vapers" from Harvard

    The alleged connection between vaping and 'popcorn lung' is non-existent. This is just a click-bait headline generated by the anti-smoking, anti-vaping propaganda machine. https://antithrlies.com/2016/02/04/diacetyl-in-e-cigarettes-what-we-can-really-say-not-much/
  13. I'm sure all their compatriots in the south will be eternally grateful to them when either 1) the lights go out, or 2) their electricity bills double. Wind and solar are all very well, but if the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine they tend not to produce electricity. Plus both have a big environmental impact, particularly wind, with its requirements for rare earth minerals for the magnets. http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/environment/baotou-a-toxic-lake-created-because-of-a-thirst-for-technology/article/430511 But of course, because 97% of rare earths mined come from far away in China, the environmental damage doesn't impact on their lives, so can be safely ignored.
  14. You really are quite remarkably naive.
  15. Because of course with drugs being illegal, this sort of thing never happens, does it? Thank heaven for the drugs laws. Oh, wait a minute....