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  1. After the beer, that's when the fighting starts!!!!!
  2. Yes I know... She works there as a teacher.
  3. So who would be responsible if the disturbed wasps stung a car driver and the driver then ran somebody over?
  4. What I realy hate is when the shower is in the bath and some of those baths have high sides so getting in and out when there is a lot of water around can be very hazardous.
  5. Wonder what would happen if 5 people photo or video the same bike at the same time? Fined 5 times?
  6. I'm another one that just stayed indoors this year and avoid it.
  7. The majority voted him in so he is still popular with the people and of course the minority will be against him in anything he does.
  8. Yes its up to me to give a tip and not be obliged to leave the coins. So if you got 300 baht in coins for your change you would be happy?
  9. Not exactly the same but I really get annoyed when I get my change and there is about 50 baht of it in coins! I do usually leave a tip but when this happens I just take it all.
  10. Like to join but have to ask the wife, she wants me to be home by 6 pm every night.
  11. Thailand and its people have their own problems just like any other country and they deal with it in their own way.
  12. Better a live coward than a dead hero?
  13. Some of the aborigines I have met are racists themselves but some are quite decent people.
  14. The fastest I went in my GTR was 275 Klm. Supposed to do over 300 but I ran out of road.