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  1. Fix his teeth, buy a decent razor and trim his eyebrows.
  2. anterian

    Firecrackers Don’t Deter Krabi Swallow Swarm

    They are assembling prior to migrating, hopefully to a place where people will appreciate their consumption of winged insect pests.
  3. Reuters has in many articles shown itself to be anti Brexit, so I take all its comments with a large pinch of salt.
  4. The Aussies seemed to be taking a long time making their minds up, so Canada jumped in.
  5. And And one day you find that when you kneel down someone has to help you back onto your feet.
  6. 40 years ago I faced a career choice, teaching or the Civil Service, foolishly I chose teaching.
  7. Yet Thais can glue sticker adverts on my patio uprights, with glue so strong it rips off the paint when I remove them. Double standards again.