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  1. cracker1


    Thai Authorities love forming committee's
  2. Never heard of this fellow "Sam Smith 28 Years old" but appears he had a successful song once. May be I am a bit old as I enjoy the Beatles and Stones !
  3. Couldn't get any news about this event from this site and as I do not use Facebook, ask what was the purpose of the news heading ?
  4. cracker1

    Soi 8 Bars

    Thanks for the info.
  5. cracker1

    Soi 8 Bars

    Anyone know if Kiwi Bar and We4u Bar have relocated since their buildings were demolished recently, and if so, where ?
  6. I have been in Samui several years and always buy Samsung products. Not because I think they are superior to all others but because Samsung have their own very good service centre on Samui. I had a TV that needed a new screen and delivered it to them about 10.00 am one day. They advise the part needed to come from Bangkok and at 3.00 pm the next day called to say it was ready for collection. Yes less than 1.5 days from problem to solved !
  7. Has there been any information on how the boys will be extracted from the cave, bearing in mind the many days it has taken the Navy experts to get in through the dirty water ?
  8. Sae-Tieaw, also delivered four very large high-pressure water pumps branded as “Palang Zing” (racing performance) and capable of draining up to around 7,200 cubic metres per hour. Why did it take 7 days to get these high performance pumps to the site ?
  9. cracker1

    Card in the mail from 3BB

    For the past few years, 3BB email my account to me each month about 10 days before due and I set up a direct internet payment for the due date. Works well. Wish I could get PEA to do the same ?
  10. cracker1

    Grab enhances preventive safety measures for users

    I am a registered Grab user but have had no advice from Grab about this service. Anyone else received notification of it ?
  11. A good reason to obey the law and wear a seat belt at all times !
  12. If you get treated badly by a service provider protest with your feet and take your business to another.
  13. cracker1

    The Kiwi - what's going on?

    The Kiwi and some others adjacent including We4U bar are / have been demolished. Anyone know where We4U has moved to ?
  14. You will definitely be in trouble with Immigration Police if you are caught WORKING.
  15. Hi burgerking If I was you and wanting to transfer ownership of your property to your daughter, and worried she may sell quickly, I would register your interest, perhaps by way of a mortgage (about 50% more than it's market value) at the local Land Office. This will show on the Chanote and any prospective buyer will need to pay the residual mortgage before gaining possession. Your investment will then have some protection. PS, If you do this then each year you should go to the Land Office and check the title has not been changed