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  1. If other TV posters are correct that he can not speak English it seems very strange that he is in charge of the Tourist Police ?
  2. An excellent decision that I hope is maintained and enforced.
  3. I regularly buy Portobello mushrooms at Makro in Samui.
  4. If she has set up "Internet Banking" then she would not need to use the ATM card ! You need to check further.
  5. cracker1

    14,000 taxi drivers arrested in 12 months: police

    An appalling lack of effort showing less than 40 offences per day ! With the hundred's of police on duty in Bangkok every day, and the thousands of taxi's, I would expect to see more than 1000 arrests daily.
  6. Local police chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch told Pattaya News that the orders had reached his office and he was busy disseminating the information to his men. It's a sad indictment that Pattaya Police Chief needs to be told to be nice to tourists ! There really is no hope.
  7. I think the person that trained these staff members, perhaps, needs replacement ?
  8. I can not understand TV promoting this Business ? It may be a very respectable one ? I have tried to connect to the web page in the above story and can not see a phone number, so what the hell is this thread about ? Is it owned by TV executives or are "Brown Envelopes" involved ?
  9. I have tried to open this sites web page but impossible ! Anyone succeed ? www.omalleysbangkok.com
  10. cracker1

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    And you trust a Thai Bank to take money from your account when they choose ?
  11. cracker1

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    Back a few years PEA website allowed me to pay directly from my bank but that system does not seem to work now ? Plenty of mentions about Bangkok Bank internet payments but anyone know how to pay from SCB account ?
  12. Can buy RHD Mustang new in New Zealand now.
  13. I guess there are no complaints from all the drivers who drive with a Thai Driving License, so should we ignore the negative comments regarding the proposed changes ?
  14. cracker1

    Cancel PEA direct debit with bank??

    I would think that as you have given your bank authority to pay accounts presented to them by PEA in your name, that you should just advise your bank that you have now withdrawn your permission. After all by you telling PEA not to take from your bank account would be like telling the fox not to take from the chicken house !